5 Tips for Facebook Ads Creation

tips for facebook ad creation

When you’re advertising on Facebook, you need your ad to stand out, be enticing, and be more interesting than other posts that your target market may see on their newsfeed. After all, if you saw a Facebook Ad that had only a like button and some text about a company you’ve never heard of, you are unlikely to give that any attention… especially if you were watching a funny dog video that your best friend tagged you in!

Facebook Ads give you the ability to create a defined audience of the type of people you want your ad directed to, such as teenagers living in a certain city or business owners of home renovation companies. Once you specify your target market through the Facebook Pixel tool, you pay for the amount of impressions served, or clicks on your ads and determine the various placements where your ad will be shown on Facebook, Instagram, and their partner networks i.e. newsfeed, sidebar, stories, messenger etc.

The most engaging type of Facebook Ads are the ones that have standout visual elements and attention grabbing captions and headlines that stop Facebook users from scrolling past those ads as they browse. When you think about the type of Facebook Ads that you’ve engaged with in the past, you’ll find that they likely had great copy and an offer that you, at the very least, considered for a moment. The best kind of ads offer you something that you would be interested in, usually for free (useful information, trial subscriptions, special offers), instead of just blatantly asking for a “Like” or purchase – there needs to be something special about your call to action that will lead the user to your desired action.

The marketing brains behind the most successful Facebook Ads know what will entice their target audience and they understand that this touchpoint is the beginning of their consumer relationship with you. A few steps still need to be taken to turn you into their customer, like sending you marketing emails, offers, discounts, and so much more.

1. Determine your Target Audience and Campaign Objectives

Because you are paying for performance and often impressions served, you want to make sure you reach your target audience with your Facebook Ad. You don’t want to pay for advertising that shows up on the newsfeed of just about anyone. This means that you’ll need to create a Facebook Pixel that is absolutely accurate, defined, and very specific. You can even target based on income levels and other behavioural characteristics to narrow in on your ideal customers even further.

2. Write Interesting Ad Copy

Now that you’ve defined your target audience, you will need to write copy for the actual advertisement. The best performing ads contain copy that is captivating, interesting, and even humorous! Ideally, your ad copy should be concise and communicate your business’s value proposition– that is, what you can do for them that meets their unmet need. Then, you can lead your prospective customers to what actions you want them to take next.

3. Create a Tempting Offer

Realistically, many people are not going to make a purchase the first time they hear about your business. For the majority of successful Facebook campaigns, many provide their prospective customers with some kind of offer instead of directly asking for the sale. Maybe it’s a free drink at your coffee shop that recently opened or a tempting coupon offer.

4. Amp Up Your Social Media Presence

Now that you’re getting all this traffic from your Facebook campaign, you want to ensure that your social media profile is updated with interesting content for your new followers to engage with and share. You also want to include any relevant information that a customer may need to know about your business, so now’s a great time to update your biography to tell your customer everything they need to know about you and your business. Of course, make it captivating, comprehensive, and interesting!

5. Send Newsletters to Subscribers

If you are collecting email addresses from prospective customers in exchange for your offer, you need to make sure to send out email marketing campaigns on the regular to keep in contact with them! This will help keep you top of mind once the relationship has been strengthened and they’re ready to purchase.

6. Extend the Sales Cycle with Retargeting

Most forms of digital ads do not typically convert on the first click and visit to your website – especially if the product or service is a big ticket item like a vacation package for instance.

This is why it’s important to continue to serve ads to users who have clicked on them before, interacted with your Facebook/Instagram profiles and posts previously, or better yet who have visited your website but for whatever reason, did not contact you or make an online purchase, through Retargeting.

Retargeting allows advertisers to tag users who have visited your website or social profiles, and continually serve them ads for brand and product recall, and extending your marketing and sales message to the consumer so that they are finally convinced to take a desired action – and buy!

A successful strategy with retargeting ads is offering an additional 10% discount in your ad image/copy to add extra incentive to buy, or showcasing the specific products on your e-commerce website that the user previously browsed, a specific pair of jeans for example, for a personalized advertisement.

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