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We take the time to truly understand you, your customer and your industry. We don’t send you questionnaires to fill out on your own because we’re with you every step of the way. At the end of our process you’ll have a strategic internet marketing roadmap aimed at achieving your marketing goals.

Trying to build up your business and your brand voice takes a lot of work, we’re going to show you some reasons why you need a social media strategy for 2020. Having a presence on social media can provide a ton of benefits and ROI for your business, but it can also be overwhelming if you don’t know how to use it or how to get started. Using social media correctly helps builds hype, generates brand awareness, creates a thoughtfully engaged audience, and allows you to connect and create long-lasting relationships with customers and prospects. Let’s get into it!

Define Your Goals

What do you want or need social media to do for your business? Gain fans? Gain followers? Create sales? Once you define those goals more clearly, you will have a better picture of how you need to go about achieving them. These goals can be set in advance, but you should be able to change, add or subtract, or update them along the way. It’s important to note that these goals will ensure you have targets in mind and are working to support the broader vision of your business. Mans hand defining social media strategy

Create A Social Calendar

Clearly define all your social collateral and schedule it in an easy to use way. This may be a physical calendar, a digital calendar, or using one of the many third-party software’s, like Hootsuite. Your social calendar should be a living and breathing digital version of your business’s persona. It should look and feel how you want to present your brand or business and should include key messaging, sales tactics, and important information that is useful to your existing and potential customer base.

Utilize Your Current Network

With social media, it’s usually a slow start. Ensure that you’re leveraging your current networks both in business and in other personal social media channels, and ensure you reach out to all your past clients and customers letting them know that you’re on social media. This enhances the connection you have with them and allows them to see a different eye into your business. Make sure you ask your clients to follow, like, comment and engage with your posts, and re-share content when it resonates with them or feels right. This helps keep the conversation open, and allows for a lot more eyes to be on your business! Mans hands holding social media strategy icons

Be Consistent

Consistency is key! Be sure to fully commit to using your digital strategy and social media, and go full-force for the new year. This helps build momentum for your business and may differentiate you from competitor brands or independent identities. Ensure you’re active on social and digital platforms every day and that you’re interacting with your community.

Build Your Community

Building your community is the most important thing you can do as part of your digital strategy, and it’s all about creating long-lasting relationships and connections. Build a communication plan and a quick FAQ document that will better allow you to assist your community. Ensure you’re being real, and raw, and sometimes-unfiltered to create an openness with those who are listening and to show your clients and customers that you CARE.

Have you thought about how social can elevate your brand to the next level?

Have you been wondering how to add social media or digital content to your marketing strategy? It takes little planning and execution, but the results can be well worth it. It’s important that you streamline your goals, set yourself apart from others like you, and stay true to your brand voice. Learn more about how we can help your business here and what services we offer at Consultus Digital! Contact Us today! Did you find this article helpful? We always appreciate your feedback.    

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Read what clients have to say about Toronto's best digital marketing agency