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In the age of online shopping, there’s one eCommerce platform that comes out on top, performing as the world’s biggest and most rewarding digital storefront: Amazon. With over 300 million global users, Amazon is by far the world’s largest and most successful eCommerce platform—and for brands like yours, the perfect place to reach customers and fulfill their shopping journey.

But with over 1 million small to mid-sized businesses selling on Amazon and 44% of people shopping on the platform at least once a month, you can’t take any chances. An Amazon storefront in this sea of competition alone isn’t enough to gain a competitive edge. You need Amazon ads to push your products to the top of search and be every customer’s number one choice.

So, are your Amazon ads performing at their best and offering the highest return on investments? If you’re struggling to make your Amazon ads stand out and drive sales for your business, look no further than Consultus Digital. Our team of experienced digital marketing experts specializes in Amazon ad management, providing a range of services to help your ads get noticed and increase your return on investment.

At Consultus Digital, our Amazon ad agency offers a turnkey marketing solution, designed to take the work out of ad management on the platform. When you entrust your Amazon ad management to us, you can focus on delivering the best in-class finds on the world’s biggest eCommerce platform, while we do all the bidding, targeting, and optimizing. From strategy to execution and analysis, get the most out of every dollar with our Amazon ad agency.

Why Is Amazon Ad Management Important?

Amazon advertising is a powerful tool that gives your brand the competitive edge ahead of millions on the world’s largest eCommerce platform. But to deliver boundless conversions, you need expert insight and capacity.

Here’s where Amazon ad management comes in. From market research and ideation, to campaign development, execution, and analysis, you need the unparalleled expertise of an Amazon ad agency to get the most value from your ad dollars.

Check out the top reasons to trust the experts with Amazon ad management:

In-depth research

Expert Amazon ad management starts with expert keyword research and analysis. This includes finding out the top-performing keywords that your competitors are ranking for—and you can outbid them on. By targeting the right keywords, you can boost your brand’s visibility and capture the market for the most popular items sold on Amazon.

In-depth Research For Brand Visibility - Consultus Digital
Full Life Cycle Campaign Execution - Consultus Digital

Full life cycle campaign execution

Following extensive research, the next step in Amazon ad management is campaign development and execution. From crafting copy and designing visuals, to selecting targeting options and placements, your Amazon ad agency will offer all the expert support you need to ensure effective advertising.

Campaign optimization

Setting up your Amazon ads is one thing. To drive performance and sales, you need to consistently monitor and just campaign settings. Amazon ad management ensures your campaigns are expertly optimized, while you focus on running your business.

Campaign Optimization - Consultus Digital
Future Proof - Consultus Digital


And most of all, effective Amazon ad management goes beyond your immediate campaign needs. While you focus on your business, an advertising agency keeps track of the latest developments in Amazon Advertising and tests new features to implement in your campaigns.

What is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon advertising is one of the most flexible and essential tools for eCommerce brands. With a wide range of formats and targeting options, Amazon ads are designed to help you reach the right customers at the right time. And the best part? It works exactly like the PPC advertising tools you’re already using, but focused on ensuring that your customers complete the ultimate conversion action—making a purchase.

Amazon ads are essentially sponsored listings. When customers search for a product on Amazon, ads push your product to the top, making it the number one choice for customers and boosting your brand past the competition. With just a subtle label that says “sponsored”, you’re guaranteed to capture customers’ attention at the start of their journey.

Thanks to this visibility, you can earn rapidly increasing impressions and clicks that lead to sales. No more competing with thousands of organic search results and hoping that the competition doesn’t outrank you. From exact matches to related items, Amazon advertising allows you to meet customers at various points of their shopping journey, from consideration to purchase and long-term value.

Does My Business Need Amazon Ad Management?

There’s nothing stopping you from exploring the Amazon Advertising platform. But when you’re at the helm of a growing brand, do you still have the time, resources, and in-house expertise to manage your Amazon ads?

Here’s where an Amazon ad agency comes in. With full-service Amazon ad management, you can enjoy unparalleled peace of mind knowing that your campaigns are seamlessly running and time to focus on what matters most to you—selling. A complete Amazon ad management solution is exactly what you need to increase your brand’s visibility, drive sales, and build valuable customer relationships.

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Audit and setup

Whether you’re already running Amazon ads but they’re not performing well, or you’re just getting started, an Amazon ..advertising agency can handle the entire campaign life cycle for you. From uncovering why you’re not selling as much as you should be, to ensuring that your advertising account and campaigns are set up properly, you can sit back and let Amazon ad management do the hard work, with top results.

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Market insights

Opting for Amazon ad management helps you unlock large-scale data about your target audience that you’ve.. never known before. From researching your target audience’s shopping preferences and behaviours, to applying these insights to your campaigns, an ad agency ensures you’re advertising to—and converting—the right audience.

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Tracking and optimization

It’s one thing to know how many Amazon users have viewed your ads, but another entirely to derive actionable insights. But ..with Amazon ad management, you can count on your partner agency for seamless execution that includes constantly tracking campaign performance, testing new ad content, and optimizing your ads.

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Scale up

Effective Amazon ad management doesn’t stop at delivering clicks and conversions from your current campaigns... More importantly, it helps you scale up, expand your reach, and consistently grow sales.


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How Does Amazon Advertising Work?

For eCommerce brands in pursuit of a solid conversion funnel, it’s impossible to ignore the power of Amazon advertising in amplifying reach and driving impressions. Simply, Amazon ads offer an advantage unlike any other—a steady stream of customers, established trust and relationships, and deep knowledge of shopping behaviours and trends. And now, that advantage could be yours.

Let’s break down how it works, starting with Amazon ad formats:

  • Sponsored products: The most popular type of Amazon ads, these sponsored product listings appear on shopping search results and product pages.
  • Sponsored brands: With placement options on both desktop and mobile, you can feature your brand in shopping results, complete with a custom headline, logo, and products.
  • Sponsored display: Using the power of automation, these Amazon ads feature instantly generated ad creatives and are targeted towards relevant audiences based on their shopping interests.
  • Stores: For brands on the Amazon Brand Registry, Stores ads support multiple pages, allowing you to showcase your best-sellers, limited-time offers, and seasonal collections, complete with videos and graphics that enhance the shopping experience.
  • Audio: Play your ad on free Amazon Music accounts.
  • Video: Play your video ad in between episodes or before a movie starts on Prime Video, Amazon’s video streaming platform, as well as out-stream off the Amazon network.
  • Custom ads: These Amazon ads offer tailored advertising experiences, created in partnership with Amazon Ads account executives.
  • Amazon DSP: Use Amazon’s demand-side platform for programmatic advertising, leading to automatically tailored and targeted ad buys.
  • Amazon attribution: Learn how non-Amazon ads drive shopping results to help optimize your advertising strategy.

Now that you know the best ad formats for your advertising goals, unlock the power of marketing on Amazon with these features:

  • Flexibility: Amazon advertising offers a variety of formats and targeting options designed to make your ads smart, engaging, and cost-effective. Choose from a wide range of advertising options with customizable features, including a variety of ad creatives and placements.
  • Customizable budget: Choose how much you want to invest in Amazon advertising. With total control over your budget, you decide how many ads you’re running, how much you’re bidding, whether you want to adjust these placements to optimize campaign performance.
  • Real-time insights: Monitor your Amazon ads and find out about their performance in real-time. Through detailed analytics, you’ll see which ads are leading to the most conversions and where you can invest more to inform ongoing optimization.

What Are The Benefits of Amazon Ads for Businesses?

As the world’s leading eCommerce platform, Amazon has built a reputation for utmost convenience and reliable purchases among customers and immense growth and low costs for brands.

With its reach, Amazon ads hold an average conversion rate of 9.39%—much higher than on any platform. A good number of these conversions take place on the first page of product search results where 35% of shoppers click on the very first listing. For eCommerce brands like yours, there’s no place you’d rather be.

Are you ready to reach a steady stream of customers on the hunt for the best Amazon finds? Take a look at the biggest benefits of Amazon advertising.

Search rankings

Amazon ads don’t just allow you to compete with the most popular and relevant products appearing on search results. Instead, they help your brand appear at the very top,.. edging out the competition and placing your product right in front of customers who are ready to buy.


Higher conversion rates

What’s even better than increased visibility? Follow-through. By placing your product in front of the right customers, Amazon ads won’t just deliver impressions, but.. conversions, in as little as 24 hours. Ads motivate customers to act right away, thanks to easily finding what they’re looking for and saving them from hours of browsing and comparing similar items.


Increased efficiency

Amazon advertising is smart. With automated ad buying through Amazon’s demand-side platform along with powerful campaign analytics and massive amounts of data on preferences and trends, it’s easier than ever to achieve high-performing ads and ensure that your campaigns are constantly being optimized for better results.


Cross-platform advertising

Products sold on Amazon aren’t just visible on the platform—they’re also across the web. From ranking on Google searches to being displayed on social media, Amazon ads for ..your product enjoy increased reach across  platforms.


Cost-effective ads

With an average cost per click of $0.91 in 2023, Amazon advertising certainly offers tons of value for every advertising dollar. And since budgets are customizable and.. campaign settings are just as flexible, Amazon’s PPC model is incredibly cost-effective for every marketing budget. As a bonus, you don’t pay via credit card, since advertising costs are directly deducted from sales.


Device friendly

Amazon ads are designed with today’s eCommerce shoppers in mind, often browsing and quickly ordering on any device they’re on. Thanks to Amazon Advertising.. offering various campaign formats tailored to devices, you can easily reach customers on any device—and manage your campaigns on them, too.

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How Much Does Amazon Ad Management Cost?

Advertising on Amazon is one of the most cost-effective, essential marketing tools for every eCommerce brand. For less than $1 per click and campaigns costing anywhere from $5 to $10, Amazon ads offer far more value in return, thanks to rapidly increasing sales.

But behind every successful purchase and happy customer is utmost dedication to managing your Amazon ads. This is why Amazon ad management is crucial, providing you with full campaign life cycle support, from audit and setup, to execution, tracking, and optimization. With Amazon ad management, you get the support you need to launch campaigns that make an impact on your target audience and ultimately result in increased sales.

So, how much does Amazon Advertising expertise really cost? Let’s break it down:

  • Management fee: Amazon ad agencies typically charge a management fee, which is a percentage of your monthly budget. You can think of it as regular housekeeping—getting an expert’s eyes on your campaign performance at all times and next level insight into areas for optimization and growth.
  • Market research: Before creating ads, your Amazon advertising agency will scope out the competition. They’ll examine the top-performing keywords in searches for products like yours, the search volume, and your target audience’s shopping preferences and behaviours in order to develop a strategy that works.
  • Expertise: Perhaps the second biggest reason behind a lack of time and resources, Amazon ad management taps into your agency’s expert knowledge built up over the years. You’ll want to work with an experienced agency with a strong record of successful Amazon Advertising campaigns.
  • Strategy: And finally, get down to the details. Amazon ad management offers a turnkey solution that includes campaign development. Major factors to consider in terms of cost are the number of ads you’re running and the extent of the work it involves, from audience targeting to copywriting, design, and testing new ad formats.

What Other Services Complement Amazon Ad Management?

Amazon ad management may be bread-and-butter for eCommerce brands like yours aiming to expand your reach and promote long-term customer value, but it’s not all there is to eCommerce advertising.

The reality is, Amazon Advertising is just one piece of the puzzle. To increase your reach across the web and drive more customers to your products on Amazon, you need a comprehensive, custom-crafted digital marketing strategy.

Check out everything you need to get the most success from Amazon ad management:

  • SEOLike the broader search across the web, Amazon Advertising is built on a solid keyword strategy. And with Amazon ads for sponsored product listings potentially showing up on Google, you need to make sure that your listings themselves are SEO-friendly. By combining Amazon Advertising with organic search marketing, you can boost your chances of displaying your ad to the right audiences and strengthen your organic positions.
  • Paid media: Amazon ads are geared towards audiences already on the platform. But for many customers whose shopping journey begins with a Google search or clicking on a Facebook or Instagram shopping ad, you need to be able to reach them at that point and direct them to your product listing on Amazon. A combined Amazon ads and other paid media approach is similar to utilizing SEO, with the added bonus of increased visibility and less competition than organic search rankings.
  • Social media marketing: Don’t forget about the power of social media to promote visual interest and captivate your target audience with immersive and interactive brand experiences. For most retail products, a curated and active social media feed boosts your chances of getting customers to check out your Amazon store, or even shop directly on the social platform. Plus, with the star power and authenticity that comes with influencer marketing, you’re sure to convert more followers to happy customers.

The Consultus Digital Method

At Consultus Digital, we’re big fans of eCommerce, and we’re dedicated to helping eCommerce brands like yours succeed, particularly on Amazon. With Amazon Advertising, our guarantee is increased visibility ahead of millions of competing products and high-impact customer touchpoints at the most crucial points in the shopping journey. From higher impressions to conversions and ultimately, sales, you can count on our Amazon ad management agency to deliver a turnkey growth solution.

This is our method to results-oriented Amazon ad management:

Your journey to high-performance Amazon ad management starts with detailed research into the keywords that your target audience uses to find similar products. We’ll look at the targeting options that give you the most competitive advantage, as well as opportunities to capture the competition’s market share.

Next, our Amazon ad management agency will develop your custom-tailored advertising strategy and resulting campaign assets. Our experts will set up your ad account and campaigns, craft copy, and design creatives. From strategy to execution, you can count on a seamless Amazon Advertising experience designed with your priorities and utmost convenience in mind.

Our work doesn’t end with your ads going live. Consultus delivers on the entire campaign life cycle, including tracking, analysis, and optimization. We’ll constantly monitor your campaigns to identify any issues and trends and adjust your bids or ad creatives accordingly. Our goal is to maximize every opportunity to convert views to high-quality leads.

And finally, you can trust Consultus to provide comprehensive reports that detail campaign campaign performance. Get a complete picture of your Amazon Advertising results, including impressions, clicks, and conversions. You’ll also find out whether it’s a good idea to invest more in your ads to drive more sales.

What To Look For When Hiring an Amazon Ad Management Agency?

Amazon Advertising is at the heart of your eCommerce brand—one of your most important tools and reliable customer funnels. With hundreds of millions of customers you could potentially one day reach and some of the highest conversion rates up for grabs, you can’t leave the management of your Amazon to anyone, or to chance.

An Amazon ad management agency is exactly what you need—and not just any agency. After all, they’re your partner on the road to building a successful eCommerce brand on the world’s largest eCommerce platform. And while there’s no shortage of Amazon advertising agencies, you need only the best.

Here’s how to find an Amazon ad management agency you can trust to deliver successful campaigns and drive your sales:

it’s the best place to find out what exactly they offer in terms of Amazon marketing and whether these match your needs. Plus, it’s also a good indicator of their copywriting and creative skills and approach to keyword strategy.

Learn about Amazon advertising campaigns they’ve delivered to confirm the quality of their work. Checking the agency’s portfolio also gives you a better sense of products they’ve worked with and their knowledge of your market.

You should be meeting with their leading Amazon ad manager and creative team to make sure that they bring the necessary skills for successful marketing on Amazon.

This should include a detailed Amazon Advertising strategy and the metrics they use to track campaign performance. Make sure that all the fees are properly laid out, so you won’t be faced with hidden extra costs.

  • Most importantly, ask your Amazon ad management agency about their approach to campaign tracking, optimization, and reporting. They should clearly inform you of the number and types of reports and be able to explain all of those components in detail so you have all the information you need to verify performance.

Why Choose Consultus Digital As Your Amazon Ad Management Agency?

At Consultus Digital, we love the convenience of shopping online, and we understand just how much eCommerce has changed the game. Even more so, we’re dedicated to ensuring brands like yours sell more and faster, thanks to the unlimited potential that Amazon helps unlock. With even more promising returns from Amazon Advertising, we believe you’ll be unstoppable.

Our experts at Consultus are here to handle all your Amazon Advertising needs. We’re committed to delivering a complete Amazon ad management solution, from audit or ad account setup, to campaign lifecycle management, and long-term growth. Our guarantee is expert-driven, performance-oriented Amazon ad management, built for success.

Consultus Digital brings unparalleled expertise in Amazon Advertising, and the broader digital marketing landscape. From in-depth research to staying on top of evolving trends and ongoing optimization in line with best practices, you can count on our Amazon ad management agency to deliver best-in-class client service and the ultimate value for your budget.

As a leading Amazon ad management agency, we’re powered by all the latest tech that enable seamless campaign development, execution, and analysis. It’s how we stay on top of every development and ensure that you’re always getting the latest campaign data and actionable insights. With our tools, it’s easy to future-proof your campaigns and set up your brand for long-term success.

At Consultus Digital, your satisfaction and growth are our success. We believe that we grow together, and it’s because of this that we work nonstop to deliver results that matter most to you. Beginning with meeting your dedicated account manager, to comprehensive reporting and ever-growing sales milestones, our Amazon ad management agency guarantees utmost transparency, accountability, and a growth mindset unlike any other.

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