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Amazon Ad Management Services from Consultus Digital

Are you tired of struggling to make your Amazon ads stand out and drive sales for your business? Look no further than Consultus Digital. Our team of experienced digital marketing experts specializes in Amazon ad management, providing a range of services to help your ads get noticed and increase your return on investment.

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Services We Offer

  • Campaign creation and management: Our team will help you create effective ad campaigns that align with your business goals and target the right customers. We’ll also monitor your campaigns on an ongoing basis to ensure they’re performing at their best.
  • Keyword research and optimization: We’ll conduct thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and effective keywords for your ads. We’ll also optimize your ad copy and landing pages to improve your ad’s performance.
  • Ad testing and optimization: To ensure your ads are as effective as possible, we’ll test different versions of your ads and optimize them based on their performance. We’ll use tools like A/B testing to see which ad elements work best and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Bid management: We’ll help you manage your ad bids to get the most out of your budget. We’ll monitor your ad performance and adjust your bids in real time to maximize your ad’s visibility and drive the best possible results.

Why Choose Consultus Digital?

Our team has years of experience in digital marketing, with a focus on Amazon ad management. We have a track record of successful campaigns and happy clients.

No two businesses are the same, so we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to Amazon ad management. We’ll work with you to understand your unique business goals and needs, and tailor our services to suit your specific situation.

We offer a full range of Amazon ad management services, from campaign creation and management to keyword research and optimization, ad testing and optimization, and bid management. We’ll take care of all aspects of your Amazon ads, so you can focus on running your business.


Our Results

At Consultus Digital, we’re proud of the results we’ve been able to achieve for our clients. Our team has a proven track record of success, with many of our clients seeing a significant increase in their return on investment from Amazon advertising. Here are just a few examples of the results we’ve been able to deliver:

  • Industry: Outdoor gear and apparel
  • Challenges: Low sales and high cost-per-click
  • Results: Consultus Digital helped Client A increase sales by 200% and reduce their cost-per-click by 50% through targeted advertising campaigns and optimization of their product listings.


  • Industry: Health and wellness products
  • Challenges: Low ad impressions and poor ad placement
  • Results: Consultus Digital helped Client B increase ad impressions by 300% and improve ad placement through the use of keyword research and bid optimization strategies.


  • Industry: Home decor and furniture
  • Challenges: Low sales and high ad spend
  • Results: Consultus Digital helped Client C boost sales by 500% and reduce ad spend by 25% through the use of data-driven targeting and ad copy optimization.

How to Get Started

Ready to take your Amazon ad performance to the next level with Consultus Digital? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our Amazon ad management services. We look forward to working with you!


Get Up To A $15,000 Grant To Start Amazon Ad Management Development

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