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Business Report Icon ROAS increase of 2900% in addition to a 33% CTR increase | Bow City Storage            Business Report Icon Harmony Resorts reported a 6% conversion rate and an increase in ROAS of 74%            Business Report Icon Ontario Business Central Inc. reported a 41% increase in revenue along with an efficient 16% increase in ROAS.            Business Report Icon From ZERO to $420K in Online Sales Within 10 Months for Spieth America           
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The only place for your business should be at the top and Google Ads Management takes you there. Consultus Digital, Toronto’s top choice among Google Ads agencies, makes it all happen.

Utilizing a smart keyword strategy, the right Google Ads campaign places your business at the top of search results, where you can enjoy an average CTR of 7.94%, as customers are four times (or 63%) more likely to click on ads on Google than any other advertising network. This drives more website visits and conversions, customer queries, and sales, providing an ROI of 8:1.

And it’s not just you racing to the top. With Google owning 92% of the global search market share, more and more brands require the latest and most effective search engine marketing to beat the climb up organic search results through SEO and rank at the top right away. That’s why among hundreds of Google Ad agencies in Toronto, you need the right partner that provides cutting-edge ads management, from campaign development, all through constant optimization.

The Consultus Digital Process


At Consultus Digital, we understand the value of a sale to our clients. That’s why we pride ourselves on our best-in-class Google Ads Management strategies, which have increased our clients’ returns on investment every time. Your dedicated Account Manager will help your business reach new heights using our Consultus Method.

Detailed Keyword Research

The first step in any effective Google Ads Management strategy is researching the best keywords to bid on.

There will be highly competitive keywords in every industry, which will be costly to bid on. However, through detailed research, niche keywords with lower competition can be identified. These search terms still generate traffic but will cost less to bid on than other terms, which can improve your return on investment.

Detailed Keyword Research - Consultus Digital
Optimized Ads - Consultus Digital

Optimized Ads

Once the keywords have been identified, your Google Ads will be properly optimized. This includes writing compelling ad copy, optimizing your schema markup and coding to provide users with more options when viewing your ad, and tweaking ad structure to help improve the chances of generating a click.

Dynamic Bidding Strategies

As your Google Ads campaign goes live, your Account Manager will begin compiling data on how it performs. As time goes on and your ads are served to more users, your Account Manager will be able to identify trends in how much money is being spent and on which keywords, and adjust your bidding strategy accordingly. This will prevent money being spent on keywords that aren’t gaining any traction and push more money towards those sending you higher quality leads.

Dynamic Bidding Strategies - Consultus Digital
Comprehensive Reporting - Consultus Digital

Comprehensive Reporting

We provide every client with a detailed report on the results generated from a Google Ads Management campaign. This includes the number of leads, the average CPC, the number of times your ads were served, and how much money was spent compared to how much was generated for your business. These figures can be used to inform strategies for future Google Ads campaigns. If you are looking for the best Google Ads Management Toronto has to offer, Consultus Digital is the place to go. Our in-house experts have the tools and knowledge you need to start appearing at the top of Google when your customers are ready to make a purchase. Contact us today and find out how we can help your business grow.

What is Google Ads? How does it work?

Google Ads is all about getting in front of customers — meeting them at the start of their shopping journey, at the very top of search results, well above organic results. It’s a paid placement for results, like clicks and calls. By cutting through the noise, you position your business for maximum visibility and instantly direct customers to your website and latest offer.

How? Every Google Ads campaign is built on keywords. With a Google Ads Management agency in Toronto, you can quickly target the most relevant and competitive keywords that customers use to find businesses like yours through ads that convey attractive offers and enticing calls to action. Combined with your bid and the ad’s Quality Score assigned by Google, you can appear at the top of searches and pay only the Cost Per Click (CPC).

But it’s more than Search and Maps. Today, Google Ads supports various ad formats for different types of content. From YouTube videos to shopping recommendations, and app downloads, Google Ads offers the widest range of advertising capabilities designed to convert.

Explore the possibilities with various Google Ads formats:

  • Search: The most popular Google Ads, these text ads appear at the top of search, allowing you to easily connect with customers searching for specific products and services.
  • Display: In partnership with Google’s vast network of advertising partners, display campaigns allow you to show ads on various third-party websites, on Gmail, and mobile apps, and enrich the shopping experience for even more customers across the web through images, videos, GIFs, text, and more.
  • Shopping: Designed for an optimal customer experience, shopping campaigns target customers’ exact needs and preferences in greater detail than standard text-based search ads. Show product images, names, prices, and store names, resulting in qualified leads among ready-to-buy audiences.
  • Video: Run a quick video pre-roll on YouTube search, or overlaying banners. Capture customers’ attention right before they watch, utilizing screen time for targeted product recommendations.

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Is Google Ads Management
right for your business?


With 92% of the global search market share on Google and three out four marketers (78%) advertising on both Google Ads and social media, it takes more than just the basics of PPC campaigns to earn maximum conversions and revenue. In this ultra-competitive advertising landscape, you need expert Google Ads management to craft best-performing campaigns and a long-term digital ad strategy.

See how expert Google Ads management builds a steady pipeline of increased traffic, customer calls, purchases, and lasting trust, from first impression and click, to long-term revenue and market advantage:

Lead And Customer Acquisition Icon

Lead and customer acquisition

Google Ads management revitalizes lead generation, with a renewed focus on hyper-targeting and personalization. With smart bidding and keyword optimization, our Google Ads experts can drive more impressions and clicks, capturing relevant traffic that generates qualified leads and purchases among ready-to-buy audiences searching for the exact products and services you offer.

Multiple Ad Formats Icon

Multiple ad formats

Enrich your campaigns with multiple ad formats across mobile and desktop. Capture customers’ interest at every stage of the buyer’s journey, from text-based ads on search, to images, YouTube video pre-rolls, and app campaigns, with constant optimization of the customer experience.

Maximize ROI Icon

Maximize ROI

With one of the highest ROI rates at 8:1, Google Ads help you reach target audiences instantly and generate conversions. Expert Google Ads management ensures you achieve this ROI rate through data-driven keyword optimization, bidding, ad format, and audience targeting strategies.

Customer Insight Icon

Customer insight

Learn more about your market with in-depth audience insights. Expert Google Ads management provides in-depth insight into customers’ shopping habits, location, devices used, demographics, keywords used, and more to optimize your campaigns and marketing spend.


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Why are Google Ads important?

It’s no secret that with 92% of the global search market share, Google is the search platform for just about anything — most importantly, the buyer’s journey. Simply, your customers are on Google, utilizing its ecosystem of apps and services to browse and buy. It’s also why over 80% of global businesses trust Google Ads for PPC campaigns, and are doing the same to meet customers at every step of their journey.

But are you among the over 1.2 million businesses that leverage Google Ads to promote products and services yet? Here’s why you should be:

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Get more leads and customers
An effective Google Ads campaign does more than help you reach more leads and customers — it helps you target the best ones: searching exactly what your business offers and ready to buy.

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Unbeatable ROI
With Google Ads, you only pay for results — highly targeted and personalized for each customer segment, resulting in more quality clicks. Google Ads delivers one of the highest ROIs at 8:1.

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Campaign flexibility
Google Ads offers the widest range of ad formats and capabilities for every budget. Discover virtually endless possibilities for reaching new and existing customers across the Google ecosystem, locations, devices used, types of content, and more.

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Fast results
No more climbing up organic search results. Not only does Google Ads place your website at the top of search results, it also delivers direct results based on targeted campaigns. Get detailed campaign metrics like CTR, CPC, and best-performing keywords to drive continuous optimization.

How can you tell if your
Google Ads are performing well?

schedule a discovery call

With one of the highest ROIs among digital marketing tools, Google Ads offer endless possibilities for maximum audience reach, lead generation, and conversions. But is your campaign delivering the results you need? See how expert Google Ads management in Toronto offers the best results across campaigns:

Cost Per Conversion Icon

Cost per conversion

Maximize your budget when you spend less on each click and conversion and engage more leads ..throughout the buyer’s journey.

Quality Score Icon

Quality score

Secure your spot at the top of search results and across prime ad spots, like video pre-rolls across ..Google’s ad partners. Earn leading quality scores with relevant ads and optimal user experience.

Cost Per Click Icon

Cost per click

With a smart bidding strategy — like striking a balance between the most and least competitive.. keywords, using long-tail keywords, and maintaining an optimal Quality Score — you can lower your cost per click and maximize your ad spend.

Click Thorugh Ratio Icon


Measure the number of clicks against impressions. The most optimized ads are highly relevant to customers’ searches, resulting in higher clicks and ..conversions across ad groups and campaigns.

Top Vs. Others Icon

Top vs. Others

Find out how well you’re doing against the competition. Compare ad performance across placements, and generate valuable insights.. for optimization.

Negative Keywords Icon

Negative keywords

A strong Google Ads campaign is two-pronged, targeting relevant keywords and keeping out unqualified leads through negative keywords. Identify keywords you don’t want to bid on to ensure an optimal conversion rate and cost-effective advertising to the right audiences.

Negative Keywords Icon

Total impressions

Know your audience and reach — how many see your ad against the number of times it was displayed. Your Google Ads agency can help you gain more impressions by constantly optimizing your ad spend, bidding strategy, and ad formats.

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Who needs Google Ads Management?

Manage your campaigns — all in one place, with expert recommendations for maximizing visibility and conversions. Google Ads management is exactly that: designed to take the hard work out of creating, launching, tracking, and continuously refining each best performing ad:

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Run campaigns backed by expert, in-depth knowledge of the Google Ads platform, best practices, and the latest industry trends.

Tick Icon

Constant, data-driven campaign optimization based on keyword performance, CTR, conversions, and expert recommendations to ensure optimal ROI.

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Earn valuable time back to focus on core business practices, with full confidence in best-performing ad campaigns to deliver new qualified leads and customers.

How much does Google Ads Management cost?

Google Ads management is an investment in your brand’s long-term visibility and customer acquisition strategy. See the components — and unparalleled value — of expertly crafted and optimized PPC campaigns, delivered based on your budget:

  • The size of your campaign, such as the target audience, their demographics, location, interests, and shopping habits.
  • The various ad formats and creatives integrated into your campaign for maximum customer reach and interest across desktop and mobile.
  • Market research and expert recommendations for constant optimization in line with keyword performance, CTR, CPC, competitor performance, and industry trends.

What happens to my current Google Ads Management service if I change providers?

Are you looking to move to a better Google Ads management agency? Launch your most successful PPC campaign yet with a smooth and easy transition to a new Google Ads agency in Toronto. Here’s how:

  • Check your Google Ads dashboard. Do you own the account and have admin access to it? Make sure it’s set up properly and registered under your business.
  • Get a full snapshot of your campaign performance for benchmark data
  • Remove your old Google Ads management provider’s access to your account
  • Grant access to your new Google Ads agency and set their permissions to manage your account.

How to know if your Google Ads Management agency is doing a good job

  • Complete setup and/or audit of your Google Ads account based on your campaign goals, target audience, and budget
  • Improved campaign performance, measured in clicks, impressions, and conversions, and cost-effective lead and customer acquisition
  • complete Google Ads management strategy, including creating assets, keyword research, and hyper-focused audience targeting
  • Qualified leads are generated through effective targeting of the most relevant searches, resulting in increased conversions and purchases among ready-to-buy audiences
  • Timely reporting on campaign metrics, data-driven insights and expert recommendations for constant optimization to improve performance.

What can you expect from Google Ads Management?

Even the basics of PPC campaigns can deliver modest results. But it’s expert Google Ads management that makes all the difference. It’s all about unparalleled expertise and undivided attention.

From setting up your Google Ads account to campaign development, launch, and ongoing tracking, a dedicated Google Ads agency is hyper-focused — on audience targeting, maximizing your budget and ROI, and leveraging the latest industry tools and techniques. Earn back valuable time for focusing on core business processes. Let our Google Ads experts in Toronto take the lead — and your business to the top.

  • Keyword research for determining the most competitive and best-performing search terms and phrases to target, based on volume, competition, budget, and campaign goals, with attention to negative keywords to avoid unqualified leads
  • Optimal budget and bidding strategies to maximize cost per customer acquisition
  • Refined audience targeting across geographic, demographic, and psychographic characteristics to ensure maximum reach and conversions.

  • Create ad groups and ads, including copywriting and creative direction
  • Conversion optimization of landing pages for maximum lead generation and conversions
  • Conversion tracking in line with performance goals, using contact form submissions, call-tracking, and website analytics
  • Ensure compliance with Google Ads standards to increase Quality Score.

  • Live campaign monitoring, including bid strategy and ad format adjustments to ensure optimal performance
  • Monthly reporting on campaign activity and performance, with expert recommendations for shifting your budget strategy to maximize conversions
  • Optimize ad creatives and format, audience targeting, keyword research and bidding in line with the latest industry trends.

What to look for when hiring a Google Ads Management agency

Every Google Ads campaign is a collaboration — from creatives to analytics and customer experience. Ultimately, your success rests on choosing the right partners to collaborate with. See how a highly rated and experienced Google Ads management agency in Toronto makes all the difference:

The best Google Ads management agencies in Canada have earned the distinction of being Google Partners. Certified Google Partners bring verified expertise to every campaign, from knowing the ins and outs of the Google Ads platform to best practices in PPC ad campaigns and digital marketing.

Your Google Ads management agency has a long roster of happy and satisfied clients who are now doing better business with increased revenue — and they have more than enough clients to meet Google’s spending requirements. They’ll have a portfolio of past successful campaigns, verifiable data on campaign metrics, and a five-star rating.

Choose a Google Ads management agency in Toronto that’s transparent with its processes and reporting structure. You can count on them to provide expert recommendations, implement industry best practices for campaign development and optimization, and present relevant reports based on consistent tracking of crucial campaign metrics.

Every brand and Google Ads campaign is unique, but your Google Ads Management agency should be transparent with its pricing and fees. The best agencies allocate your budget efficiently, from ad spend to a competitive management fee.

Why choose Consultus Digital as your content marketing agency?

At Consultus Digital, we know good Google Ads — designed for optimal clicks, conversions, and customer value. As Toronto’s leading Google Ads management agency and certified Google Partner, we’re committed to delivering results that matter: fully optimized PPC campaigns with a measurable impact on your broader digital marketing strategy and revenue streams.

See how we deliver, from campaign development to customer satisfaction:

Consultus Digital is a certified Google Partner — a distinction we earned because of our proven expertise in leveraging the Google Ads platform to develop leading campaigns, and generate clicks and conversions. As a Google Partner, you can trust us to ensure that your ads are always in line with Google’s latest advertising standards and industry trends.

At Consultus Digital, we share your business goals. We know how much each click means and what it takes to get one at the best value for maximum ROI. With us as your Google Ads management partner, you can trust that your campaigns are always fully optimized and running smoothly, delivering results that directly impact customer acquisition, lead generation, and actual revenue.

Our secret to becoming one of Toronto’s top-rated Google Ads management agencies? It’s simple: we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. With your dedicated account manager, you can count on us to deliver personalized client service at every turn, from account setup to monthly reporting and regular updates, all geared to provide expertly tailored recommendations to your industry, the size of your company, and business goals.

What other services complement Google Ads Management?

Expert Google Ads management brings more clicks, leads, and conversions, but it’s only one component of a complete and long-term digital marketing strategy. Build a comprehensive, custom-crafted advertising strategy with the right combination of services that enhance ad performance and the overall customer experience.

  • SEO: Google Ads bring instant clicks and immediate results for your most crucial campaigns, pushing you at the top of the most competitive searches. But this needs to be supported with a long-term strategy. This is where SEO comes in—constant reinforcement of organic rankings, allowing you to dominate all the prime spots.
  • Landing Page Development: Send customers to an engaging, well-designed landing page once they click on your ad. Get a conversion-focused landing page that builds your sales funnel from Google Ads clicks to actual revenue and customer value.
  • Social Media Ads: Combine the power of Google Ads with social media ads. Maximize PPC campaigns across digital channels for optimal reach and conversions across FacebookLinkedInInstagramTikTok, and more.
  • Remarketing: Track customers who clicked on your ads across the web. Combine Google Ads management in Toronto with remarketing to bring customers back to your latest offers and complete conversion actions, especially e-commerce.
  • Programmatic AdvertisingLevel up your standard Google Ads with an all-new type of display advertising across affiliate websites. Display targeted ads on high-traffic websites with relevant audiences and maximize conversions.
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