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Marketing Service | LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising is a highly targeted and effective means of raising brand awareness, promoting products or services, and connecting with other business professionals.

Over 94% of B2B marketers utilize LinkedIn in some capacity to promote their brands, and LinkedIn is frequently rated as the top social media platform for lead generation. For the right business, LinkedIn advertising can put your company on the radar of decision-makers at the companies you want to do business with.

Much like Facebook Ads, the quality of targeting options on LinkedIn is unparalleled. With LinkedIn ads, you can target by industry, company, job function, and more. Consultus Digital can help you maximize the power of this professional platform.

What Are The Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn advertising may not be the most popular social media advertising channel, but it’s the bread and butter of B2B brands. When your target audience is composed of industry leaders, brands searching for vendors, and other professionals, LinkedIn ads are one of the most effective vehicles for lead generation and conversions.

With 49 million people searching for jobs on LinkedIn weekly and ads proven to reach 14.6% of the global population, LinkedIn offers a uniquely engaged audience of thought leaders and decision-makers. Here are more benefits:

Professional audience

LinkedIn advertising caters to professionals and industry leaders. For B2B brands, this is the perfect audience — decision-makers and influencers with higher education and income levels. These are key markers that your brand’s audience is composed of individuals who can make major purchasing decisions and wield high purchasing power.

Professional Audience - Consultus Digital
Audience Targeting - Consultus Digital

Audience targeting

Unlike other platforms that only offer geotargeting, keyword targeting, and interest or behaviour targeting, LinkedIn advertising allows you to target industry-specific variables, so you can always reach the right demographic. Ads can target job titles and functions, seniority, company name and size, industry, skill, and degree type, among other characteristics, to ensure engagement and conversion.

Unique ad types

Along with the standard display, text, video, and carousel ads, LinkedIn also offers unique and highly engaging ad formats, such as InMail and sponsored content. As a result, there are more channels for reaching audiences, with stronger impressions and click-through rates.

Unique Ad Types - Consultus Digital
Lead Nurturing - Consultus Digital

Lead nurturing

With all of these advertising capabilities, LinkedIn ads allow you to nurture the leads. Through the Lead Accelerator feature, you can track high-value prospects, publish ads that cater more closely to their interests, and launch a remarketing campaign to recapture website visitors and move these leads along the sales funnel.

Account-based campaigns

Based on your target audience, you can also add huge lists of target accounts, and LinkedIn will automatically identify profiles that match these. As a result, your ads are guaranteed to cater to the right audience, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Account Based Campaigns - Consultus Digital

What Is LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world, with over 610 million users across the platform. LinkedIn advertising – or LinkedIn Ads – is the self-serve advertising platform available on LinkedIn.

The ads take on many forms, including sponsored content on users’ timelines, targeted direct message ads, and display ads that appear to the side of a user’s screen throughout their time on LinkedIn. These ads can be displayed on desktop and mobile versions of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Ads are managed through the LinkedIn marketing platform with highly customizable creative options and deep targeting. Based on your business goals, there are a variety of different LinkedIn ad styles and formats that can be utilized during your ad campaign.

The Consultus Digital Method

Consultus Digital is one of the leading LinkedIn advertising agencies in Toronto. We offer completely customized and expertly crafted campaigns designed to increase brand awareness and drive conversions for your business. Our team of in-house experts achieves incredible results using our Consultus Method.

Audience Research Icon

Audience Research

Before any LinkedIn advertising campaign, your dedicated Account Manager will perform in-depth research about your target audience. Following discussions.. with you about who your ideal customer is, combined with our research, we will put together a custom audience with the highest chance of converting during the campaign.

Bespoke Content Icon

Bespoke Content

Our team of in-house creative experts then drafts optimized copy and visual assets for your LinkedIn advertising campaign. Each piece will be unique.. for your brand, crafted specifically to help maximize your chances of meeting your business goals.

Dynamic Management Icon

Dynamic Management

Once your LinkedIn ad campaign is live, your Account Manager will monitor it and make tweaks to ensure it performs as well as possible. This can.. involve shifting targeting to better-performing demographics, adjusting daily budgets, and scheduling ads to appear at more productive times of the day. At Consultus Digital, we always aim to ensure you get the best investment return.

Comprehensive Reporting Icon

Comprehensive Reporting

After completing a LinkedIn advertising campaign, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of its performance. This includes performance metrics, ..reach, and the number of conversions generated. We will also provide expert assessments on what can be done in future campaigns to improve these results further.
If you are ready to experience the best LinkedIn advertising agency Toronto has to offer, contact Consultus Digital today and let us help grow your business.


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What Other Services Complement LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn advertising is one of the most crucial channels for B2B brands and various others aiming to cement their reputation as industry leaders and hire talent. But it’s only one part of a complete suite of marketing and advertising solutions. For best results, you need the full support of these digital marketing tools:

  • Google ads: Get the perfect complement to LinkedIn advertising with Google ads. Capture high-value audiences on LinkedIn and on search to increase traffic to key product and service offerings, and reach a wider audience.
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads: Complete your suite of social media advertising channels. Use Facebook and Instagram ads to drive increased clicks and conversions. Expand audience targeting beyond LinkedIn’s capabilities to reach target audiences through their social networks, interests, demographics, and other characteristics.
  • Remarketing: Build a funnel back to conversion pathways through retargeting. Trigger ads for audiences as they browse the web after interacting with your ads or visiting your website. Keep your brand in full view while they consider shopping decisions, ultimately leading to increased conversions.
  • Social media marketing: Make LinkedIn advertising part of your broader social media strategy. Get a fuller view of your brand’s performance across platforms and identify unique opportunities for audience engagement per channel.
  • Landing page designComplete the conversion pathway from LinkedIn Ads to your website. Provide the full customer experience with a LinkedIn Ad that directs audiences to a curated experience on your website and generates conversions.

Does My Business Need LinkedIn Advertising?

Did you know that brands using LinkedIn advertising have already seen a 33% increase in purchase intent and two times higher conversion rates? That’s why it’s no surprise that 79% of content marketers recognize that Linkedin Ads deliver the best results.

If it’s still unclear whether you need LinkedIn advertising, let’s set the record straight: LinkedIn Ads are a real game-changer, and you’re missing out on leads every minute that you’re not running personalized ads on the platform.

High Value Audiences Icon

High-value audiences

LinkedIn advertising has a very wide reach, particularly among decision-makers and key buyers — from millions of professionals and senior-level influencers to opinion leaders,.. c-suite executives, and more.

B2B Businesses Icon

B2B businesses

If your brand is B2B, advertising on LinkedIn should be a no-brainer. When key decision-makers and senior leaders are looking for thought leadership on the platform,.. your brand needs to get ahead of the curve and reach them immediately.

Recruitment Icon


Are you hiring? LinkedIn is the best place to post jobs — and LinkedIn advertising is the best way to reach the most jobseekers and the best.. candidates.

Flexible Campaign Icon

Flexible campaign

Do you want the flexibility to try different ad formats and find the best one for your campaign? LinkedIn advertising offers exactly that, thanks to a wide range of formats... As a result, you can even run several campaigns at once and target various audience groups with multiple offers.

Variable Budget Icon

Variable budget

LinkedIn advertising is the perfect choice for B2B brands with flexible ad spend and a willingness to invest in engaging high-value audiences. If you have a variable budget,.. you can tailor how you bid, how much you spend, when your ads are running, and how much retargeting is done to maximize your reach and conversions.

Content Marketing Icon

Content marketing

Do you have compelling content to share? Brands and users alike look to LinkedIn for publishing thought pieces and engaging industry partners and peers... LinkedIn advertising allows you to reach a wider audience for content marketing and position your brand as a key information source.

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How Does LinkedIn Advertising Work?

LinkedIn offers brands the ability to engage B2B audiences and curate ads to expand reach, drive impressions and clicks, and boost revenue with quality leads. The targeting options reflect the platforms wealth of available business data. This can be extremely powerful for brands looking to attract a particular type of client.

Here’s how:

LinkedIn Advertising Formats

  • Sponsored content: Boost the reach of organic posts by inviting audiences to interact with your content and follow your page
  • Sponsored InMail: Send direct messages to target audiences with high open and click-through rates
  • Video and text ads: Engage audiences with text and video to increase brand awareness or retargeting
  • Carousel ads: Use up to 10 cards with high-quality images and engaging copy to drive traffic
  • Dynamic ads: Personalize ads by showing the audience’s photo, company name, and title in the ad
  • Display ads: Designed for the ultimate desktop experience, allowing you to engage the right audiences and build your brand.

Each ad type offers different attributes and benefits depending on your campaign’s goals. For example, some will be good for raising brand awareness; others for lead generation. Using a combination of different LinkedIn ad types is often the best option, as it combines their benefits to maximize their impact.

Much like Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn advertising allows brands to target users based on a wide variety of different factors. This metadata is similar to other social media platforms but includes a few other targeting options, including:

Generating Quality Leads and Increasing Conversions

  • Audience targeting: Reach exactly the right audience for your ads using targeting features like their industry, company size and name, job title and function, seniority level, degree type, skills, and other audience characteristics
  • Audience retargeting: Continuously engage previous visitors through website retargeting, contact targeting, account targeting, and lookalike audiences
  • Results-driven performance: With these capabilities and a highly targeted advertising strategy, LinkedIn ads allow you to generate high-quality B2B leads and increase conversion rates.

Why Is LinkedIn Advertising Important?

LinkedIn advertising is vital because it offers a much more focused audience for brands to connect with business people. While Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok generally have a more significant number of active users, those users are primarily on the platform to connect with friends and family or to read/watch content from their favourite news sources and content creators. Conversely, users on LinkedIn are there almost exclusively to connect with other professionals, read content related to their industry, and seek new employment opportunities.

This business audience means that brands looking to access the professional space can do so with a much higher degree of accuracy than other social media platforms. LinkedIn advertising campaigns can have a much better return on investment and improved engagement if your brand is geared toward a professional audience.

How Much Does LinkedIn Advertising Cost?

It’s not a secret that unlike other pay-per-click and social media advertising platforms, LinkedIn advertising isn’t cheap. The cost per click and other customer acquisition costs are known to be higher on LinkedIn because it offers a prime advertising landscape. It’s high-reward like that — requires a substantial investment, with high success rates.

How much does LinkedIn advertising in Toronto cost? There are several factors that determine advertising costs on the world’s premier professional networking and thought leadership platform:

The size and characteristics of your target audience — how many people you want to reach, the competition for their attention, and their demographics, which can be in high demand.

How you’re paying for your ads, whether per click, impression, or spend in InMail ads. Each bidding strategy will cost differently based on how you want audiences to engage and what action they will take.

LinkedIn ads are defined by the objective you select. These include brand awareness, consideration, engagement, video views, lead generation, website conversion, job application, and talent leads.

How relevant your ad helps determine how much you spend. The higher your relevance score, the lower your cost-per-click, cost-per-impression, or cost-per-spend is since LinkedIn aims to serve users with the most relevant ads possible.

A LinkedIn advertising agency in Toronto can provide full-service ad management, from campaign development to launch and to track. Working with a LinkedIn advertising agency allows you to leverage industry expertise and ensure the success of your campaigns — for a nominal fee based on the size of your campaign, goals, and budget.

What Can You Expect From A LinkedIn Advertising Strategy?

LinkedIn advertising is one of the most rewarding investments you can make in B2B marketing. It’s an investment that’s best spent with an expertly-driven strategy that’s designed to deliver results. A highly targeted, cost-effective LinkedIn advertising strategy puts your brand in the league of industry and thought leaders, with easy access to decision-makers influencing revenue, long-term trust, and your reputation. Here’s how — and every reason to invest:

Is your brand on LinkedIn and engaging with target audiences? What are your successes on the platform thus far, and how many conversions have you generated?

A LinkedIn advertising agency will handle the entire campaign development cycle. They’ll develop all assets, including copy and graphics, based on the ideal ad formats. The agency will also define your bidding strategy and audience targeting to ensure successful performance.

Your LinkedIn advertising campaign doesn’t end with the launch. Your partner agency will provide ongoing campaign management support. In addition, they will continuously optimize your campaign based on performance and evolving data-driven insights.

Most importantly, your LinkedIn advertising agency should report regularly on campaign milestones. Reporting cycles should capture engagement, impressions, and other highlights, accompanied by actionable insights into improvements and future campaign developments to increase ROI.

What To Look For When Hiring A LinkedIn Advertising Agency in Toronto?

LinkedIn advertising is one of the most effective and targeted advertising methods. To succeed on the platform and engage key decision-makers and industry leaders, you need to partner with an agency that provides end-to-end campaign support, from page audit and industry benchmarking to setup, development, and ongoing optimization. Your LinkedIn advertising agency is your partner — an expert you can trust to deliver the results you need.

Here’s how to choose a LinkedIn advertising agency in Toronto:

Ask about the agency size and the skills of every person on your account, from client service to asset development, campaign setup and reporting. The main reason for working with a LinkedIn advertising agency is the ability to leverage the expertise that may not be available in-house, so you need to ensure that you’re getting the support you need.

Your LinkedIn advertising agency should be an expert in the field, with a demonstrated ability to deliver successful campaigns. Ask about the agency’s expertise in social media advertising and LinkedIn ads in particular and utmost familiarity with best practices on the platform.

Make sure that your Linkedin advertising agency in Toronto can walk its talk. Browse case studies and their portfolio of successful campaigns to back up their expertise. Verify these results with ratings and reviews from clients, and confirm their dedication to client success.

You’ll know that it’s a good fit when your LinkedIn advertising agency in Toronto can provide a clear picture of the results that your budget can deliver. More importantly, ensure your agency can maximize your budget to provide a high ROI and deliver on your campaign goals.

Why Choose Consultus Digital As Your LinkedIn Advertising Agency?

LinkedIn advertising is one of the smartest and biggest investments you can make to build a robust B2B digital marketing toolbox. When your target audience is key players — from senior leaders to thought influencers and c-suite decision-makers — you’ll want to make the most out of every second you have to capture their interest and motivate a major purchase. The stakes are high regarding LinkedIn ads — too high to leave in less experienced hands.

At Consultus Digital, we’ve honed our social media advertising and digital marketing expertise through years of watching and getting ahead of evolving trends, testing new ad formats and capabilities, and running successful campaigns. Most importantly, our LinkedIn advertising agency leverages LinkedIn to connect with decision-makers like you.

As Toronto’s leading LinkedIn advertising agency, you can count on us to go above and beyond the campaign life cycle. You can count on us to develop, launch, and track your LinkedIn ads and provide expert-led, data-driven recommendations for improving ROI and achieving your goals.

With our LinkedIn advertising agency, you can count on easy access to your dedicated account manager and a real spirit of collaboration. Consultus Digital is committed to helping you succeed and ensuring you always have the support you need.

Consultus is a B2B brand that relies heavily on LinkedIn to reach high-value professionals, leaders, and decision-makers. Our LinkedIn advertising agency brings this unique perspective to your campaigns. It’s how we grow — together, in solid partnership, with your success a reflection of our expertise.

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