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Landing pages are great for small businesses that do not have the budget for a full website build, but they are also used by larger businesses as a conversion asset. A great landing page provides a 1-2 value proposition and asks for the conversion while making it incredibly simple.

Landing Page Design And Development

The term 'landing page' is often used in two ways. The first is, a landing page design meant to be a stand alone one-pager typically used to quickly convert paid search traffic at the bottom of the sales funnel. The second is, that a 'landing page' is the first page that loads for the user, so a website may be comprised of many different landing environments.

Stand Alone Landing Page

Note: With few exceptions. one-pagers do not rank naturally organically.

Some landing page design works better than others depending on the industry.

Some landing page design links to the rest of the website while others are contained

Landing pages are best used in a conversion situation where the choice to make contact is simply a yes or no. For example: Do you need a plumber to quote you? Yes or No? As a consumer do you need to read about all of the different services the plumber offers when you’ve looked up “emergency drain repair”? Do you want to learn about their history or their mission statement? Probably not. Users want to find a phone number to call to ask for help and a price.

Conversion Friendly Landing Page Design

Landing pages can be targeted and offer visitors the quick need to knows in order to reach out and contact the company.

Perhaps this plumbing company offers:

  • 24/7 Service
  • Free on-site assessment
  • No surge pricing
  • 30 Years experience
  • 1 Year warranty on all drain work
  • Flat rate of $149 for the first drain and $99 for any others
  • Etc.

These would be key points to highlight, followed by a call to action that prompts the user to 'Call Now' or fill out a form.

Landing pages that are stand alone can be understood as a means to produce a ‘do it’ or ‘don’t do it’ moment. We want to make the user come a decision to reach out fairly quickly by not letting them get lost and unfocused on the site.

To illustrate the point, think about the last time you went into a food court with 30 options versus the last time you went into a food court with merely a handful? It’s easier to figure out what you want to do with less options; less information.

For some industries this works well. In others, where more must be considered, it does not.

A lot of businesses will start this way when they lack the budget to invest in a full website and just need to get their phones ringing as soon as possible.

In the second context, landing page designs work well to delineate specific services. A better website experience is created where the user finds the information they are looking for. This is especially true for paid search visitors that are directed to a specific landing page environment for the specific thing they were looking for.

For example, a plastic surgeon could have landing pages for all the different procedures, organize the campaigns based on those procedures and tailor the ad copy accordingly.

The content on the landing page design will need to match the context and keywords of the Google AdWords campaign. This will help lead to better quality scores, lower cost per clicks, higher conversion which translates to a lower cost per lead and lower cost per sale.

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