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MARKETING SERVICE | Landing Page Design

Your landing page design can be one of the most important features of your digital strategy, especially when it comes to driving your paid advertising traffic to the most relevant and conversion-friendly landing environment possible.

With 48% of marketers building a new landing page for every new campaign and the potential to increase conversion rates by 80% when buyer fears are addressed, landing pages are central to your digital marketing strategy. Trust the leading Google Ads agency in Toronto for your business website and landing page design and development.

What are landing pages? The tool designed for click to conversion

A highly focused landing page is a great tool for any business looking to maximize the conversion rate of their paid media campaigns. A conversion-focused PPC (pay-per-click) landing page simplifies the path to purchase and provides the visitor with a clear view of the desired outcome. These landing pages are intentionally developed to have a narrow focus — a single, clear pathway from landing to click and conversion. They tell every visitor, “you’ve come to the right place; call this number or fill out this form.” Comparatively, standard website landing pages contain detailed information to support ranking in organic search results (search engine optimization).

Simply, landing pages are action-oriented and targeted toward desired outcomes for every visit. Designed with a single offer and a clear path from first impression to click and sale, they’re the best vehicle for product launches, limited-time offers, and more. Learn about landing page design from Toronto’s leading agency.

Why Choose Consultus Digital As Your Landing Page Design Agency?

In a market as vibrant and creative as Toronto, there’s certainly no shortage of landing page designers and developers. But not all of them offer a digital marketing toolbox that builds on each of your landing pages — a complete, custom-crafted strategy that is scalable from initial offer to lasting trust.

At Consultus Digital, we offer exactly that: a full-scale approach to landing page design and overall campaign management. See how and get in touch with us today:

Full-scale landing page design and growth capabilities

Consultus Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency. Whether you start with landing page design or require pages for upcoming exciting offers, we provide the pages you need in line with your broader digital strategy and business goals. Our commitment is a cohesive landing page strategy.

Full-scale Landing Page Design And Capabilities - Consultus Digital
The Latest Tools - Consultus Digital

The latest tools

At Consultus, we love our tech and put them to good use. We use the latest tools and platforms for landing page design to deliver cutting-edge features and seamless integration with your website backend, ad platforms, and analytics. And on the customer side, that means a seamless experience from click to complete conversion.

Collaborative client service

Most of all, we value collaboration with clients like you. You can count on us to ensure that every stage of designing, testing, launching, and optimizing your landing pages is in lockstep with your calendar and goals for reliable tracking and guaranteed campaign milestones.

Collaborative Client Service - Consultus Digital

What Is Landing Page Design And Development

A landing page refers to a standalone PPC one-pager. It is highly focused and used to convert paid media traffic from Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

This type of landing page is highlighted by a strong call to action, a sales funnel, multiple conversion points, and limited information to ensure the user is not distracted or guided to any other pages.

The Consultus Digital Method

Consultus Digital has years of crafting perfectly optimized landing page designs to maximize conversions for our clients. We take the time to learn everything there is to know about our customers and what they want to achieve with their landing page design. Our experienced team of in-house designers, coders, and copywriters work to create unique user experiences built from the ground up to support our client’s goals. We focus on proven landing page designs that are guaranteed to get results while also adding flair and innovation to create brand recall with customers through our proven approach.

Understanding Your Business & Customers Icon

Understanding Your Business & Customers

The key to any successful landing page campaign is to understand your business goals and what your customers are looking for. Your dedicated Account.. Manager will perform in-depth keyword research to find which search terms your potential customers are using and which ones are underserved by your business and the industry. This, combined with a detailed overview of your business goals and objectives, a tailored and effective landing page campaign can be crafted.

In-House Design Icon

In-House Design

Once we understand your brand and your audience, our team of expert in-house designers and copywriters work to create bespoke landing pages and ..landing environments. These will combine the identified keywords and industry best practices for maximizing engagement and conversions. We work closely with you to develop a landing page that suits your brand and drives sales.

Expert Implementation Icon

Expert Implementation

Once we have finalized the landing page design and copy, our team of in-house web developers will implement the pages on your website. Every.. page will be optimized to load as fast as possible and to be reactive for mobile devices. Your dedicated Account Manager will follow the entire process closely and ensure the highest standards of quality are followed.

Real-time Performance Tracking Icon

Real-Time Performance Tracking

Once your landing page campaign has been launched, your Account Manager will continuously monitor its progress and make.. adjustments as necessary to maximize your return on investment. After the campaign, you will receive a comprehensive breakdown report that analyzes all stats available from the campaign, which can be used to improve any future landing pages you might wish to pursue.
Are you ready to get the best landing page designs in the industry? Contact Consultus Digital today, and let’s work some magic together.


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How Much Does Landing Page Design Cost?

Every landing page represents numerous conversion pathways, and each qualified lead generated and completed conversion action increases revenue potential. Thanks to its tailored design and focus on key offers, a landing page is instrumental to every sale and lasting customer trust. This is what makes landing page design in Toronto an investment in growing your sales funnel.

With costs ranging from $2,000 to $5,000, find out what makes landing page design cost-effective and crucial to your success in markets like Toronto:

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Campaign development: Get a full view of your digital marketing campaigns, culminating in high-converting landing pages. Map out each page’s purpose, audience, and key offer in line with your business goals.

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Landing page design: The real work begins — designing your landing page in line with the identified audience, specific purpose, and your brand identity, complete with copy, creatives, and CMS integration.

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SEO and PPC alignment: See how a landing page supports your SEO and PPC strategy. Get customized analytics and UTM tags to measure results directly and identify areas of optimization.

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Testing, launch, and management: Perform A/B testing to see how well landing page elements and the overall page fulfill conversion pathways, with ongoing optimization to keep the page relevant and profitable throughout the campaign cycle.

What Can You Expect From A Landing Page Design?

Landing page design is a focused, curated strategy. It’s centred on developing hyper-focused, high-converting pages that meet customer needs at specific points during the shopping journey. All of this simply means that you need a landing page design that you can trust to represent your goals — and the right marketing agency to partner with.

See how landing page design works, from ideation to launch and ongoing optimization:

User-Centric Content Icon

User-centric content

Landing pages are action-driven, and their design needs to support that. This starts with accessible content and compelling CTAs that align with user needs throughout the customer journey.

Fast Loading Times Icon

Fast loading times

Did you know that even a one-second delay in loading time can decrease landing page conversions by 7%? Effective landing page design ensures that all technical elements are properly executed for a seamless and conducive user experience.

Clear And Prominent CTAs Icon

Clear and prominent CTAs

Effective landing page design means no shortage of CTAs. You’ll want a highly visible and direct CTA that drives customers to take action immediately to achieve satisfying results, such as a seamless purchase, access to gated content, email newsletter sign-up, and more.

Clean, Visual Design Icon

Clean, visual design

Drive conversions with a clean design and visual elements, including videos and photos to diversify content and promote your brand identity.

Earn User Trust Icon

Earn user trust

Promote lasting customer trust with a clear and captivating offer. Combine it with effective copy and visuals and social proofs such as testimonials, awards, or distinctions to drive the completion of conversion actions and customer satisfaction.

Multiple Point Interaction Icon

Multiple points for interaction

Your landing page should provide various opportunities to convert. Include multiple CTAs at the end of major sections, such as the product description, sign-up forms and social links, to encourage customers to connect with your brand and complete their purchase.

Tracking And Testing Icon

Tracking and testing

Your landing page design should include testing and tracking elements with matching referral sources. Get ready for rounds of A/B testing to determine the most effective landing page design and ongoing optimization to maximize conversions and meet your ROI goals.

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How Do Landing Pages Work?

​​Landing pages are designed to serve the most relevant content possible to potential customers right when they are searching for it.

They are often highly tailored and specific pages that speak to the exact service or location the user is searching for and demonstrate that your business can provide that service in that location right now. There are two main types of landing pages:

Stand Alone Landing Pages

Depending on the industry, some landing page designs work better than others.

If your business has a short sales cycle (e.g. emergency dental services), your landing page does not need to feature deep knowledge and thought leadership. People have a major problem and need you to solve it immediately. Conversion-focused landing pages are extremely effective when people are in “buy now” mode or when your business solves a pressing need.

These landing pages should offer quick information and value to the visitor. In the emergency plumbing example, here is a collection of quick messages that support lead generation on a landing page:

  • 24/7 Service
  • Free consultation
  • No surge pricing
  • 30 years of experience
  • 1-year warranty

These are examples of key points to highlight, followed by a call to action that prompts the user to “Call Now” or fill out a form. We want to help the user decide quickly without allowing them to get lost in a content-rich website.

Many new businesses start their digital marketing programs with a stand-alone conversion-focused landing page because they lack the budget to invest in a full website. This approach limits upfront expenditures and helps to get the phones ringing as soon as possible. On the other hand, certain businesses have a longer sales cycle, and their landing pages should focus on building trust and thought leadership. For instance, most people would not select a lawyer on a whim. Instead, they would review different websites, read reviews, and perform due diligence to ensure they select the right lawyer for their needs.

Specific Landing Environments

The best user experience is achieved when the user finds the information they are looking for. If you run a business with a longer sales cycle (i.e. lawyers, mortgage brokers), it would be prudent to have informative landing pages for all the different services you offer and demonstrate your expertise. In the example of a plastic surgeon, it would be a good idea to feature the following information on the landing page for each service:

  • Service descriptions
  • Testimonials
  • Video examples
  • Highlight education and accreditations – anything that builds trust

This information will build trust with your website visitor. If you are running a Google Ads campaign, the content on your landing page should match the keywords you are bidding on and your ad copy. This will help lead to better Quality Scores, lower cost-per-click, and higher conversion rates, resulting in a lower cost per lead.

Why Are Landing Pages Important?

Landing pages are the best conversion tool, designed to target customers for a specific offer and conversion pathway. With average conversion rates of 9.7% and 23% from on-page sign-up forms, landing pages are what you need to complete every campaign and ensure that customers convert from views and initial interactions.

Here are the most essential and effective applications of landing pages:

  • Google and social media PPC ads
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Podcast ads
  • Gated content
  • Event RSVPs
  • Webinar signups
  • Sales and limited-time offers
  • Free quote or consultation, and more.

In a nutshell, landing pages allow you to meet specific campaign goals, such as signups, subscribes, content downloads, purchases, and more. They’re a faster and better way to get the message across, away from the full breadth of your website. With expert landing page design, you can customize every page according to each goal, ensuring that customers are treated to a unique, productive, and fulfilling experience each time.

What Are The Benefits of Landing Pages?

Not every page on your website is a landing page. While customers can navigate across various product and service pages, you’ll want a dedicated section that caters to their specific needs and greets them with an irresistible offer. Landing pages are all about taking action — getting visitors, generating leads, and converting them to customers. With each page designed for a specific offer, you’ll get customers to take action from improved pathways to e-commerce purchase.

Here are the top ways that effective landing page design supports your business goals:

Landing pages are conversion-focused. Each page is built around a specific conversion action, designed to give potential customers a clear path to purchase. Thanks to this focus and clarity, you’ll see lower cart abandonment rates and higher completions.

Landing pages are often the conversion points of paid search campaigns. Compared to standard web pages, landing pages are hyper-focused and relevant to the most competitive searches, allowing customers to complete conversion actions faster.

One of the most popular conversion actions on landing pages are email newsletter sign-ups. While these are the least popular type of sign-up forms, landing pages have the highest conversion rate at 23%.

Through their application as conversion points in campaigns, landing pages generate valuable customer data and actionable insights. A quick view of analytics will tell you how many visits translated to clicks and conversions, as well as the best performing channels that funnel traffic to landing pages. With these insights, you can refine your paid search or social media ad campaigns and see how well your offers resonate with target audiences.

The most high-converting landing pages promote brand awareness and customer trust. Once you’ve made your offer clear, it’s time to show why lots of other people trust your brand. Landing pages are a great place to feature social proofs like testimonials, which 37% of the top pages feature, to higher conversions.

Does My Business Need a Landing Page?

Your website is the backbone of your digital presence and marketing strategy. And while it’s a central platform that houses your brand, even the most captivating product pages need a boost. Simply, the current web pages already have a specific function and can’t function as a catch-all. So when you need to get across a key message or offer, you need a landing page.

Wondering how landing pages support your overall marketing strategy? It’s simple: curated for a specific offer or purpose, each landing page allows you to connect with customers at the most crucial part of the shopping journey. It’s this direct interaction — nothing more, nothing less — that gets the job done, all the way to checkout.

See how designing a landing page moves customers along the sales funnel:

Each landing page can be targeted towards specific customer segments, from new leads to repeat customers. It’s all about the offer curated to each of their needs, with effective calls to action.

Wondering why leads are stalled and what makes customers finally convert? With A/B testing and analytics, you can easily identify customer pain points and conversion points, and optimize based on demographic and shopping preferences.

Simply, landing pages cut through the noise. With a single, hyper-focus, customers easily get what they need, from first impression to click and checkout, without needing to browse and do the work to shop.

Your homepage and product pages aren’t the only SEO ranking locations. Adding landing pages to the mix, such as from email or social media campaigns, allow you to capture a larger audience.

Your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) can be greatly improved by landing pages. Designed with a narrow focus on key user needs and actions, each landing page can increase the CRO and ensure that your revenue goals are met.

What To Look For When Hiring A Landing Page Design Agency in Toronto?

The best part about doing business in ultra-competitive markets like Toronto is the sheer volume of choices among marketing agencies. But the choice should be simple: an agency that’s highly rated for their landing page design.

Anyone can code or use a template to build a landing page, but only one agency offers the perfect balance of industry experience, a roster of satisfied clients, and cost-effective design to drive seamless development and launch. Choose an agency with:

Landing page design is just one of many components of a robust digital marketing strategy. Choose an agency that builds the entire pipeline, from organic or paid search and social media to landing page design and conversion.

Your partner agency must be clear and accountable to timelines. Keep in mind that since landing pages are developed around key events like sales, promotions, and product launches, you need an agency that will deliver promptly at every stage of development.

The best landing pages are fully customized to your needs. Your landing pages should flow seamlessly from the rest of your website to ensure a cohesive user experience. However, the best pages go above and beyond stock images, so choose an agency that offers the complete package, including custom photography.

See how your landing page design agency has previously launched successful campaigns anchored on high-converting pages. Choose a design agency with a diverse, robust, and expert-led portfolio of development, execution, and optimization.

What Other Services Complement Landing Page Design?

Landing page design is just one component of a winning digital marketing and sales. To achieve all of your business goals, you need the complete package — a full suite of complementary services to guarantee conversions by the time customers land and progress through the funnel. Build the entire pipeline with an entire toolbox of digital marketing services:

These PPC ads best perform and convert when customers are directed to a landing page. Once they interact with your ad, you’ll want a clear, seamless path from promotion to purchase, and avoid lost or stalled leads.

Similar to PPC campaigns, email marketing and marketing automation require landing pages where customers can view more details of special offers and limited-time promotions. Build a steady pipeline from inbox to checkout.

Landing page design adds to your website. You’ll want to make sure that content is consistent and on-brand, so make sure that landing pages are built into your overall web design and development strategy for a seamless customer experience.

Most importantly, keep in mind that landing pages are one of the many tools for implementing your overall digital marketing strategy. When it comes to launching new products and offers, or creating more pathways to beginning the customer journey other than organic SEO, you’ll need landing pages to complete the conversion pathway.

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