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Sales Enablement Services For Businesses | Sales Enablement

Why invest money into lead generation if your sales process is yet to be optimized?

Generating leads is half the battle. The true success of any sale is in closing the deal — converting leads to happy, satisfied customers, and doing the work that makes it possible. Now, you can do it with a sales enablement strategy and leading-edge technology to support the work.

As technology continues to advance, so does the evolution of the modern sales department. Leaders in any industry in Toronto are already using modern sales systems and technologies to maximize their growth. It’s innovations like these that enable a sale to happen — 76% of businesses have increased their sales between 6% to 20% as a result of sales enablement, achieved by going back to the heart of sales: empowering sales and marketing teams to align, improve sales messaging, and closing more deals.

Now, you can do the same. It’s time for your sales strategy to evolve in this digital era. Consultus Digital provides sales enablement for modernizing your sales department.

What are the benefits of Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the science of selling more, and better through effective sales processes. It’s a long-term strategy for empowering sales teams, supporting them in the field by cultivating lasting customer relationships, and in the process, developing effective sales messages.

With these core components, companies that have embraced sales enablement achieve a 49% win rate on sales forecasts, compared to 42.5% for those without. As 26% of sales reps consistently report ineffective training and only 35% of companies track the effectiveness of their sales content, it’s clear that sales enablement — or optimizing the sales process—is the key to increased revenue and lifetime customer value.

Marketing and sales alignment

Sales enablement encourages marketing and sales teams and messaging to align and work better. This total, transparent collaboration allows you to test the effectiveness of sales messaging, generate feedback, and ensure that leads are moved along the sales funnel — all on a single, unified platform.

Marketing And Sales Alignment - Consultus Digital
Intelligent Customer Interactions - Consultus Digital

Intelligent customer interactions

Track leads along the sales funnel, identify the types of content they best respond to and personalize the customer journey to ensure conversion. Sales enablement in Toronto provides key customer data, like demographics, shopping preferences, and previous interactions, allowing you to optimize content and touchpoints to close the deal.

Cross-sell and upsell

A sales enablement strategy is about building customer relationships. On a marketing automation platform, you can track customer interactions and identify opportunities to increase their lifetime value through cross-selling and upselling.

Cross Sell And Upsell - Consultus Digital
Empower Sales Managers - Consultus Digital

Empower sales managers

In addition to better workflows as a result of marketing and sales alignment, sales enablement also empowers managers to improve the way they support reps in the long term. By tracking sales performance, managers can identify training and ongoing learning needs, hire better, deploy faster, and nurture sales talent.

How much does Sales Enablement cost?

Think about what your marketing and sales dollars pay for. Are they providing returns high enough to help you compete in a market like Toronto and usher in the next stage of growth?

Sales enablement is a strategy for getting the best value out of every dollar you spend to bring in more leads and convert them to engaged and loyal customers. It’s one of the biggest and most rewarding investments you’ll make in creating and empowering a winning sales team, building a complete, ever-growing library of useful resources, and building lasting customer relationships.

See where every dollar goes in this game-changing process that helps you sell more and build a strong sales funnel:

  • The size of your company and sales team, your budget, and the industry you’re in.
  • Your goals for improving or overhauling the sales process, such as empowering reps to achieve — and exceed — their quotas to meet conversion and revenue targets.
  • Due diligence on your current sales processes and performance and the development of a sales enablement strategy tailored to your business goals and the unique needs of your sales team.
  • Sales enablement technology implementation, sales team training, and continuous learning to refine content development and customer touchpoints.

What other services complement Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is an overarching strategy for increasing sales, building lasting customer relationships, and empowering your biggest brand advocates—the very people who make every sale happen. An effective sales enablement strategy is built with various sales and marketing services that support sales coaching, content development, and customer touchpoints. Build your complete sales enablement strategy:

CRM Implementation Icon

CRM implementation

Build your sales enablement technology stack with CRM software. CRM implementation deploys a single, unified.. platform for managing customer interactions and tracking customer progress along the sales funnel, allowing you to identify pain points and optimize touchpoints.

Marketing Automation Icon

Marketing automation

Deploy automated customer touchpoints like follow-up messages, email newsletters, sales rep tasks, and other and sales automation. Improve sales team productivity, and launch consistent and proven customer experience tactics to close deals.

Email Marketing Icon

Email marketing

Integrate automated email marketing campaigns and customer touchpoints with CRM implementation as part of your.. sales enablement strategy. Maintain consistent, regular communication with content tailored to customer needs.

Digital Marketing Strategy Icon

Digital marketing strategy

Integrate sales enablement into your overall digital marketing strategy. Sales enablement allows you realize the ultimate goal of every campaign — increased revenue and customer retention. Implement concrete steps for moving customers along the sales funnel, and increase personalization digital marketing campaigns throughout the customer journey.

Google Ads Remarketing Icon

Google Ads & Remarketing

Combine Google Ads and remarketing campaigns with a sales enablement strategy to effectively measure campaign ..performance. With sales enablement, you can build a strong pipeline, from impression and click, to conversion.


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Why is Sales Enablement important?

We’re big believers that lead-gen is only half the battle. The ability to sell the opportunity is equally important but rarely scrutinized. This is why in addition to lead generation, our agency specializes in transforming the way organizations sell by implementing modern methodologies and technologies. At Consultus Digital, we understand the importance of sales systems; without them, our lead generation strategies are useless.

If you manage a sales department and aren’t evaluating your sales systems every five years, you’re falling behind. As the competitive landscape in any industry continues to evolve, companies that have introduced Martech (marketing technology) into their sales systems have a massive leg up. 74% of businesses that use marketing automation and a CRM have reported successfully aligning their marketing and sales teams, with a 67% improvement in closing deals.

Marketing automation and alignment are two core components of sales enablement. This strategy gives you a competitive edge for closing more deals and preventing leads from getting lost in the sales funnel. Simply, sales enablement helps you sell more and better, effectively balancing the ratio of leads to conversions and increasing your ROI on every sale. Here’s how:

  • Sales enablement empowers sales reps to master the art of selling, from goal-setting and pre-call planning to call execution, improvisation, and continuous coaching for increased value in every customer interaction.
  • Enable management support to foster a culture of collaboration and ongoing learning, resulting in increased sales and long-term relationships with engaged customers.
  • Improve content clarity, alignment, and development by testing sales messages in the field and providing feedback for redesigning content based on customer interactions.

Why choose Consultus Digital as your Sales Enablement agency?

Do you want to increase sales and build customer relationships? That’s the goal of every business. Now, you can achieve it with a sales enablement strategy. At Consultus Digital, we know the art of making a sale, above all else. With our sales enablement agency, you can do better business.

Consultus Digital was built by sales experts who have mastered the art of selling. Everything we do is rooted in results — from developing your digital marketing strategy, to ensuring that customers move along the sales funnel. We’ve combined our experience and learnings into an effective tool for growing sales programs. See what makes us your sales enablement agency — your trusted partner in making every sale.

Sales Expertise Icon

Sales expertise

At Consultus Digital, we’re salespeople first, above all else. Our sales enablement agency brings years of experience in building high-performing sales programs. We leverage .. this expertise in implementing sales enablement and empowering your sales team with proven sales coaching.

CRM Software Partner Icon

CRM software partner

Our sales enablement agency is a certified software partner of various CRMs and marketing automation platforms. As a technology partner, we can equip your sales.. team with a leading and customized tech stack for tracking the customer journey, automating touchpoints, and measuring growth.

Tailored Sales Enablement Strategy Icon

Tailored sales enablement strategy

At Consultus Digital, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Every customer need and sale are unique, and our sales.. enablement agency ensures you cater to each one. With a tailored sales enablement strategy, we can help you identify and address pain points, develop content, and personalize customer interactions that move the customer journey along and drive lifetime value.

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What Exactly Is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement enhances how an organization sells their products or services to its customers.

From inbound lead management to outbound cold calling, an organization, whether they know it or not, has processes in place to lead a customer down the sales funnel. Many sales departments have never documented these processes, or they have, and admit they are weak. Having worked with hundreds of businesses, our consultants immerse themselves into their client’s business and implement best practices and technology that allows them to close more businesses.

As we’re now living in the digital era, there’s no question that consumers have drastically changed their purchasing habits. Similarly, so has the way organizations sell. If you aren’t relying heavily on Martech (marketing technologies) to perform the heavy lifting, you’re yet to reach your potential.

As technology has continued to advance, the role of a salesperson has also evolved. Software can now automate many of the tedious tasks a salesperson is responsible for, allowing them to concentrate on the critical activity that leads to closing more business.

Understanding this, we at Consultus Digital have developed a solution to optimize the sales systems of organizations, so they’re closing more deals. This includes:

  • Identifying the current sales process
  • Mapping the current lead flowchart
  • Reviewing CRMs
  • Auditing response times by mystery shopping at various times of day through various channels
  • Assessing sales material
  • Auditing lead management software
  • Identifying cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Developing standard operating procedures
  • Implementing Martech to increase efficiencies
  • Provide training

Sales in the digital era is predictable, not a guessing game. Our sales playbooks are the same as the tech companies of silicon valley that must scale quickly. We’ve tailored this approach to the SMB market and have solutions to optimize both the inbound and outbound sales processes.

What Is The Consultus Digital Approach To Optimizing Your Sales Department?

There’s no shortage of cutting-edge products and services in today’s market. It takes a game-changing strategy to sell and build lasting customer relationships. Sales enablement is exactly that: a strategy for optimizing the sales process by empowering your sales team to sell better.

And to do that, you need the right partner: a sales expert, first and foremost, with a proven track record of building high-performance sales teams and effective processes that empower them to do better with every lead. Discover the difference an empowered sales team makes with a sales enablement strategy designed by leading experts in Toronto. See how Consultus Digital helps you master the art of selling.

Understanding your sales org chart What happens after a lead is generated? Let’s assess where we can improve Implement technology and cadences to enhance the salesperson Change can be scary, we’re here to help your team adapt to the modernized processes
For us to build your digital sales department, we need to know how your department is currently structured

  • How many reps do you have?
  • Are all your sales staff at one location?
  • Do you have a phone answering system?
  • Who manages them?
  • Do you have SR1s (cold callers) and SR2s (closers)?
  • much more
  • An audit of your current inbound and outbound sales processes will allow us to identify areas for improvement
  • This exercise can uncover huge opportunities hiding in plain sight
  • What happens after a lead is generated?
  • How are leads distributed?
  • Once it’s understood what your sales processes are, we can identify where we’re losing opportunities and how we can implement procedural and technological changes to enhance the customers’ sales experience
  • Arming your sales staff with technology to sell better
  • A detailed restructure of your inbound & outbound sales process will be

Does my business need a Sales Enablement strategy?

Let’s cut to the chase: Yes. Being in business means selling, whether in a B2B or B2C environment. It’s how you generate revenue to fund operations and the next stage of growth. So without a strategy for optimizing the sales process and enabling more deals to be closed, you’re at risk of leads failing to convert into engaged and loyal customers and revenue losses.

Sales enablement is the key to empowering sales teams and aligning marketing and sales to perform better. It’s an all-around strategy for improving content, collaboration, and custom relationships. Here’s every reason to build your sales team by investing in a sales enablement strategy in Toronto.

Sales enablement encourages better communication and collaboration between marketing and sales, effectively streamlining the process by correctly anticipating customer needs and catering to these throughout the shopping journey. Companies already using sales enablement reported a 31% growth due to improved messaging and a 15% improvement among previously low-performing sales reps.

Sales enablement works because it’s all about empowering sales teams with the resources they need for managing customer interactions. 84% of sales executives report that content search and utilization of well-maintained content libraries improve productivity. Sales reps now have the information they need to help leads move along the customer journey with content pieces like blogs, infographics, case studies, and more.

A sales enablement strategy addresses one of the most common pitfalls of selling — being too pushy or “in the face” of customers rather than addressing their exact needs. 58% of the sales pipeline stalls because reps cannot provide more value to customers. Sales enablement changes this by improving the learning of customer needs, so reps can meet them at their pain points and provide the right information that aids in their decision to buy.

An effective sales process goes well beyond selling today. The most effective sale grows the customer relationship, allowing you to increase customer retention, lifetime value, and overall marketing ROI. Sales enablement allows you to build this pipeline of engaged customers by uncovering opportunities for repeat purchases, cross-selling, and upselling.

What can you expect from a sales enablement strategy?

Sales enablement is a strategy for closing the loop — a way to bridge marketing and sales, and empower them to work together, from lead generation to increased lifetime customer value.

It’s the key to getting more out of every customer touchpoint, addressing a common pain point and serving each customer better, or revisiting stalled leads and past customers to build sustainable, stronger relationships. Simply, sales enablement is the key to selling, driven by a consistent and tailored shopping experience tailored to the needs of every customer that moves along the sales funnel.

See how a sales enablement strategy in Toronto helps you optimize the sales funnel, from closing more leads to driving repeat purchases:

Your sales enablement strategy starts with mapping out your sales goals and revenue targets. It’s built on clearly defined goals throughout the customer journey, from nurturing leads with regularly set touchpoints, to tailored messaging that addresses customer needs and improves their shopping experience.

A core part of sales enablement is mapping the sales team’s performance and opportunities for growth, and identifying the resources they need to achieve sales goals. Find out what types of content they need to address customer questions, and effective messages for driving conversions.

A sales enablement strategy is as good as the people driving it. That’s why sales enablement builds ongoing learning opportunities throughout the customer journey and every rep’s career. Empower sales teams to perform better with key learning opportunities, whether learning how to use marketing automation tools or conducting effective sales calls.

A sales enablement strategy is built parallel to the customer journey. It provides a framework for examining customer interactions, from lead generation to socialization, purchase, and long-term value. Uncover customer pain points, address concerns, and set regular touchpoints with corresponding content pieces that effectively move customers along the sales funnel.

Every sales enablement strategy is unique, with various technology implementations, like CRM implementation and marketing automation and sales coaching materials. Your exact strategy will consist of unique services recommended based on your needs, designed to prepare and support sales teams to succeed in customer interactions.

What to look for when hiring a Sales Enablement agency?

Your sales enablement strategy is only as good as the experts you partner with to develop and implement it. Remember — sales enablement is all about designing and implementing effective sales processes. The only way to do this is to have strong sales experience and a proven track record of closing deals. Start with a sales enablement agency in Toronto that’s built by experienced salespeople, like Consultus Digital.

Add to the knowing the fundamentals of selling by heart, here’s a quick guide to choosing the right partner for sales enablement and achieving your sales goals hand-in-hand:

Choose a sales enablement agency that has experience in building large sales teams. See how they’ve helped hire and onboard large sales teams, socialize new hires to the most effective sales techniques and measure and optimize performance.

The bulk of selling is breaking down a product or service and highlighting its most compelling features. A sales enablement agency must have strategies in place for deriving key messages that simplify the most compelling features of a product or service and communicating these effectively to prospective customers. You’ll want sales reps who can walk the talk and are the biggest fans of what you offer — a brand of dedication that can only be achieved with effective sales coaching.

Sales enablement is built on seamless collaboration between marketing and sales teams and alignment of all marketing and sales activities. Choose a sales enablement agency with a clear strategy for bridging gaps between teams, and collaboratively developing and maintaining effective sales content that converts customers.

Your sales enablement strategy is about getting sales and marketing on board, and on the same page. A sales enablement agency will equip your sales team with key resources and platforms, including a CRM and marketing automation tools, to centralize all sales activities and make customer touchpoints transparent and easy to track for ongoing optimization.

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