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Your online marketing needs content and your content needs a strategy. Content can take the form of text on a page, images, and videos. Content may be created for your site or distribution to other sites or social media and be purposed for many different reasons.

With the dawn of the information era, and customers being used to having the entire knowledge of the world accessible from their pockets, traditional advertising is experiencing a significant decline in effectiveness. Consumers are now more aware and wary of blatant advertising than ever before, with over half of the world’s internet users utilizing some kind of ad blocking software on a regular basis. Digital marketers need to get creative these days to communicate their messages in a natural, subtle, and effective manner.

Content marketing has become the answer to this particular problem.

This relatively new digital marketing technique is an ideal way for brands to not only increase awareness and drive conversions, but to also add value to their customers’ lives and become thought leaders in their industries. Consultus Digital offers a comprehensive range of content marketing programs with a team of expert in-house writers who can create engaging content designed to meet your business goals.

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of creating different forms of digital media (such as videos, blogs, and infographics) that are meant to provide useful and relevant information while also promoting a brand’s products and/or services.

The public has become extremely adept at identifying and ignoring “traditional” or overt advertising when they are online. Display Ads and text Ads interrupt the individual from what they are trying to do, so chances are extremely high the Ad will be ignored - essentially resulting in wasted advertising spend. The way around this is to develop content that is entertaining, educational, and inspiring so that it provides legitimate value to the consumer. Content marketing achieves this by creating material that answers commonly asked questions, solves a problem, and provides value in some way.

In order to produce interesting and entertaining content, it is important to review keyword research to uncover the most commonly asked questions relating to your industry. You might then write a blog or create a video that answers those questions, whilst also mentioning your brand and why you are different from the competition. This makes marketing a two way street - your customers are getting the information they want, and your brand is getting the opportunity to increase brand awareness and communicate your unique selling features.

Why Is Content Marketing Important?

Content marketing is so important as it improves your relationship with your customer, and enables you to become a thought leader in your industry.

As much as customers do not enjoy having advertising imposed upon them when they are online, they will appreciate regularly updated sources of information on topics that interest them. This gives brands the chance to become that source of knowledge and build goodwill with their customers, while also promoting their products and services in a more organic, easily digestible manner.

Another major benefit of content marketing is its effect on search engine optimization efforts. Producing written content relating to your industry and service area(s) builds authority to your website, and lets Google know why it should serve your website to a potential customer. By optimizing your blogs with appropriate keywords, you have an even greater chance of appearing at the top of Google’s search results, leading to more traffic and more conversions over time.

The Consultus Digital Method

Consultus Digital is the leading content marketing agency in Toronto, offering completely bespoke content for any brand. Our team of in-house writers are highly experienced in optimizing content for SEO purposes while keeping it engaging and relevant to your customers. We achieve incredible results using our Consultus Method.

Topic Generation

The beginning of any well executed content marketing campaign must involve detailed, relevant keyword research to determine which topics would be most effective to cover. We look at the search volume for many different topics related to your industry, and then create a custom content calendar to show when content is due to be published.

Content Creation

Once all topics have been finalized and approved, our in-house content creation team gets to work on creating unique, engaging pieces for your brand. Every piece of content will be thoroughly checked for impeccable grammar, language, and structure to ensure maximum customer engagement.

SEO Optimization

After each piece is written and edited, our SEO team will ensure it is properly optimized for keywords your business wishes to rank for. The latest best practice techniques will be used to gain maximum crawlability by Google and generate as much traffic as possible for your site

Social Sharing

Following your content being well optimized and published, our social team can ensure it reaches as many potential customers as possible by pushing it out across your various social media channels. This can increase engagement and encourage sharing of the blog, which can generate even more traction and conversions.

If you are looking for the best content marketing agency Toronto has to offer, contact Consultus Digital today and give your brand an edge over the competition.

Content Marketing FAQs

The exact cost associated with content marketing will depend greatly on the kind of content that is involved in the campaign, and the amount being produced on a monthly or quarterly basis. As a general rule of thumb, video content will be the most expensive to create but has a high chance of going viral. Blogging is a great cost effective way to add more keywords to your website and generate interest from your customers. Images and infographics are well suited for social media and being reposted by other blogs to generate more traffic. Your dedicated Account Manager can discuss a range of different package options for you a solution that will work best for you.

Good content needs to be relevant, timely, well written and, most importantly, engaging. If a recent news event has people looking for things that are related to your industry, a blog article discussing it or answering the most commonly asked questions about it is a great way to pique people’s interest. At Consultus Digital, we write everything in house, allowing us to ensure the highest level of quality and turn around times for every client.

Influencer marketing is a specific kind of content marketing that involves the creation of branded content in an even more natural way for a specific target audience that has a high chance of converting. An influencer, also known as a content creator, is an individual that has developed a large audience of engaged followers on social media. These Influencers collaborate with their favourite brands to produce product reviews and promotional materials. In this scenario, Influencers grant brands access to their audience with promotional material that is more likely to generate interest because it is being shared with a captive audience.

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