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The internet hasn’t just connected us — it’s also connected to the sites we visit, platforms we use, and even the devices we’re on. We live in the era of the digital ecosystem, where our digital footprint only continues to grow. This is made possible by cookies: small pieces of code that track our activities. For brands like yours, they’re a goldmine.

Thanks to internet cookies, it’s easier than ever to track the customer journey and maintain brand recall. Once customers interact with your brand, you can retarget them across the web and engage them all the way to conversion funnels. This is known as remarketing advertising.
With an efficiency rate of 1,046%, web traffic increase of 700% and the chances of a sale up by 50% in combination with other advertising tools, remarketing or retargeting through popular channels like Google and Facebook is clearly a vital part of a digital marketing strategy that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. See how Consultus Digital drives intelligent retargeting strategies for more conversions and sales than ever.

The Consultus Digital Method

Consultus offers expert remarketing advertising programs for a wide range of businesses, from eCommerce to B2B companies. Our team of in-house experts will ensure your remarketing campaign generates real business and an exceptional return on investment using our Consultus Method.

Effective Tagging

At the beginning of any remarketing advertising campaign, your dedicated Account Manager will install the correct tags across your entire website so that you can begin to track users as they visit your website. This can be set up for only specific products, an entire group of products, or any visit to your website at all.

Effective Tagging - Consultus Digital
Audience Creation - Consultus Digital

Audience Creation

Now that your site is set up for remarketing advertising, it’s time to start tracking and building audiences. Your Account Manager will work closely with you to determine which audiences should receive which ads, in a process known as Audience Building. Once you have set up the audiences you wish to track and advertise to, you are ready to begin remarketing.

Optimized Budgets

As your retargeting campaign goes live, your Account Manager will monitor how much budget it is using daily. If we notice one audience is converting better than another, we will dynamically update the budget allocations to push more ad spend into the higher-performing campaign. This ensures you are getting the most possible business out of remarketing and improves your return on investment.

Optimized Budgets - Consultus Digital
Expert Reporting - Consultus Digital

Expert Reporting

Following the conclusion of a remarketing advertising campaign, your Account Manager will put together a detailed analysis and report based on the results and outcomes. This will include overall performance, budget, return on investment, and which audiences performed the best. We will also provide detailed recommendations for how campaigns might be improved in the future, making each report comprehensive and actionable.

How Do Remarketing Ads Work?

Retargeting is the process of engaging people who have interacted with your brand across the web. By serving “follow-up” ads, remarketing advertising boosts brand recall and strengthens conversion funnels.

Remarketing starts with tracking the customer journey. Building on cookies that are automatically saved on a user’s browser, you get access to a list of users who visited your site. This narrows down your audience, resulting in a segment you can target with display ads, follow-up emails, and other types of ads that remind them of your unique offer. Even better, you can create retargeting lists based on interest level, so you’re not wasting ad spend on audiences who aren’t ready to buy or are no longer interested in your product.

Let’s dive into the different types of retargeting ads:

  • Pixel-based retargeting: This type of remarketing advertising allows you to display ads to users after they’ve left your site. Here, cookies will notify Google Ads when someone leaves your site without making a purchase. Once they land on another site, they’ll see display ads for the products they were browsing, reminding them to complete the purchase.
  • List-based retargeting: This remarketing strategy uses email addresses to target ad audiences. This information is either provided by website visitors or defined through online behaviours. List-based retargeting allows you to show ads to a specific audience, typically those already interested in your brand. This results in higher conversions.

What Are The Benefits of Remarketing Advertising?

With the ability to continuously engage site visitors, avoid stalled leads, and strengthen conversion funnels, remarketing advertising is the perfect way to book-end a multi-channel digital marketing campaign. Thanks to constant follow-ups and improved brand recall, you can easily encourage purchases, maximize ad spend, and promote long-term engagement with your brand.

Here’s every reason why keeping your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds is the best advertising investment you’ll make:

Relevant Audience Icon

Advertise to a relevant audience

Retargeting allows you to reach a precisely targeted audience segment — one that’s already.. shown interest in your brand. This reduces costs since you’re already advertising to an interested audience more likely to convert with that extra push.

Excellent Timing Icon

Excellent timing

Retargeting is all about timing. After a potential customer interacts with your brand,.. you can retarget them through remarketing ads, allowing them to recall your offer during their shopping journey and make a purchase right when they’re ready.

Reduced Abandoned Carts Icon

Reduced abandoned carts

By using remarketing advertising to target previous site visitors, you can send out shopping.. cart reminders and reduce abandoned carts. This improves your conversion rate and overall revenue.

Increased Conversion Rate Icon

Increased conversion rate

Similar to earlier benefits, retargeting has an overall highly positive impact on your conversion rate. Reminder emails, display ads, and other types of remarketing advertising increase your conversion rate and contribute to increased sales. And while Facebook and Google are the most popular retargeting platforms, LinkedIn remarketing ads have been shown to increase click-through rates by 30%. Similarly, B2B retargeting outperforms B2C by as much as 402% per impression.

High ROAS Icon


Finally, thanks to the benefits outlined above, you can see how remarketing advertising provides excellent value for every marketing dollar. By reducing stalled leads and boosting conversions, you get a higher return on your ad spend or ROAS. This indicates increased profit as a result of remarketing campaigns — a smart investment when effectively executed.


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Does My Business Need Remarketing Ads?

What’s not to like about engaging potential customers who are already aware of your brand and are more likely to convert when targeted again? Remarketing advertising is a cost-effective way to maximize every website visit or social impression and interaction. It’s the best strategy for improving brand recognition and book-ending conversion funnels, and increasing returns on your marketing dollar.

So, yes — retargeting should be a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. It’s the perfect complement to ranking on search through SEOsocial media marketing, Google and Facebook ads, email marketing campaigns, and more.

Still weighing the value of repeat engagement made possible by remarketing advertising? Let’s break down why it’s worth the investment:

  • Leads to purchases: Remarketing advertising allows you to re-engage people who have visited your site, which boosts brand recognition and encourages visitors to pursue conversion actions, all the way to completing a purchase.
  • Brand awareness: Even if a site visitor is earlier in the conversion funnel and isn’t ready to make a purchase, you can still strengthen brand awareness and recall. This helps convert website traffic in the long run, so you earn more returns on your ad spend.
  • Different strategies: There’s no one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to remarketing advertising. While the basic premise of retargeting website visitors remains constant, there are lots of ways to do so. You can launch campaigns on Facebook or Google, and use display ads, YouTube videos, follow-up emails, and more.
  • Efficient advertising: Since remarketing involves retargeting an already engaged audience, it costs much less than constantly pushing out ads to reach new audiences. Essentially, the ads pay for themselves because you’re reaching out to people who are more likely to convert and purchase.
  • Boost ROI: When executed correctly, remarketing advertising provides massive ROI on your marketing spend. Reinforcing current campaigns with retargeting helps uncover stalled leads and convert them to customers, resulting in efficient marketing spend.

What Other Services Complement Remarketing Advertising?

Remarketing advertising has proven to help uncover lost leads, strengthen conversion funnels, and boost sales. But targeting past website visitors and engaging them to encourage sales is all part of a larger strategy. You need a full suite of digital marketing tools to get maximum efficiency, actionable insights, and effective results.

Wondering what goes with remarketing advertising? Here’s everything you need to support audience retargeting and increase conversions:

Landing Page Design Icon

Landing Page Design

Remarketing advertising is only the first part. A follow-up email or display ad on another website is the “hook” — it’s how you drive.. interest and remind audiences to pick up where they left off. But when they click on your remarketing ad, they have to be directed to an effective landing page that encourages them to complete the purchase they were considering early on. With a good landing page, you can finally close the deal and make it impossible for them to navigate away.

Google Ads And Social Ads Icon

Google Ads and Social Ads

Google Ads and ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms form part of the initial conversion pathway, as well.. as reinforce it. Following these ads, you can execute remarketing advertising to remind audiences of the purchase they have yet to complete. Similarly, you can use these ad placements to reinforce remarketing ads and constantly drive brand recall.

Email Marketing Icon

Email Marketing

Follow-up emails or, most commonly, abandoned cart emails are some of the most effective remarketing advertising ..strategies. Remarketing emails build on existing customer relationships and strengthen brand recall. Through remarketing email campaigns, you can reduce stalled leads and uncover roadblocks to conversion so that engaged audiences can convert to happy, satisfied customers.

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Why Choose Consultus Digital As Your Remarketing Advertising Agency?

Remarketing advertising is the best way to book end all other marketing campaigns. It’s how you ensure that leads actually convert and customer segments remain engaged with your brand. It’s a careful, highly intentional process for maintaining brand recall and keeping customers warm.

But not all remarketing advertising strategies are equal. The most successful remarketing ads are expert-led campaigns made possible by a dedicated remarketing advertising agency. With the right agency, you can reap all the benefits of audience retargeting and continuously strengthen conversion pathways. See Consultus Digital’s approach to remarketing advertising, driven by our commitment to your long-term success.

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Google and Facebook Partner: Consultus Digital is a proud partner of the most popular remarketing advertising platforms. As a Google and Facebook partner, we bring valuable insights and proven expertise in developing and managing remarketing ad campaigns. From website traffic and lead generation audit to campaign development and constant learning in line with industry trends, you can count on our deep knowledge of remarketing growth hacks and new advertising tools on these platforms.

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High ROAS and commitment to sustainability: Our remarketing advertising agency is committed to delivering crucial results. Our goal is to make sure that your campaigns always deliver maximum value, with increased returns on your ad spend, and a long-term view towards future success. We achieve this through tracking and optimization, and a commitment to evolving in line with new trends and goals.

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Unparalleled client experience: With our remarketing ad agency in the front row, you can sit back and relax. You can count on us to constantly drive your remarketing ads while you focus on all other aspects of business, for maximum efficiency and growth. Our promise is a hassle-free client experience, thanks to the dedication of your account manager and their diligence in providing regular reports and tailored recommendations.

How Much Does Remarketing Advertising Cost?

Did you know that remarketing advertising on Google costs an average of $0.66 to $1.23 per click? Meanwhile, the cost per click for Google ads ranges from under $1 for display ads and $1 to $2 for search. This makes remarketing an incredibly cost-effective complement to other inbound marketing strategies. It’s the perfect way to strengthen conversion pathways and ensure maximum returns on your marketing spend.

And the best part? When done right, remarketing advertising costs can remain low, thanks to constant optimization and a higher click-through rate. See what goes into every click and how it’s worth the investment:

  • Bid: How much you’re willing to pay per click, other action, or 1,000 impressions
  • Bid strategy: The target conversion actions you’re paying for, such as clicks or transactions
  • Targeting: How you’ve defined your remarketing audience, such as site visitors in general, people with abandoned carts, and other limiting or expanding factors
  • Ad schedule and frequency cap settings: When you’re serving ads to your audience and how often, within a specific timeframe
  • Audience membership duration: How long people are part of your remarketing audience
  • Landing page experience: How well your landing page meets user expectations and whether or not they convert as a result
  • Click-through rate (CTR): The number of people who click on your ad is measured against total impressions. A highly targeted remarketing campaign increases your CTR, which lowers campaign costs and increases ROI.

What Is Remarketing Advertising?

Did you know that only 2% of website visitors convert right away? Ranking for, or bidding on the right keywords, serving ads on social, and a good landing page are just the start of conversion funnels.

The real work is in engaging prospective buyers repeatedly so your offer stays on their radar. This is where remarketing comes in, making website visitors 70% more likely to convert than those who weren’t targeted a second time.

Remarketing advertising, also known as retargeting, is the process of serving advertisements to consumers that have previously interacted with your brand but didn’t convert during their first visit. With remarketing advertising, 58% of online buyers are poised to recognize your products through ads, leaving the door open to conversion funnels outside your site and increasing conversions by up to 10%.

Users’ online behaviour can be tracked across multiple platforms through small pieces of code called cookies. Cookies track which sites a user has previously accessed, which can then be used to serve ads on related niche websites. This capability is baked right into platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Advertising, enabling powerful retargeting options across many of the most popular websites on the internet.

This is how remarketing advertising works. This powerful digital marketing tool enables brands to reach their customers and improve brand recognition and recall anywhere on the internet. Consultus Digital is the leading remarketing advertising agency in Toronto, specializing in intelligent campaigns designed to drive conversions and generate sales for your business fast.

Why Is Remarketing Advertising Important?

Remarketing advertising can be an extremely powerful tool as it allows your products and brand to remain top of mind for customers that are most likely to convert. In fact, retargeting can convert an additional 2-4% of visitors into leads and customers, resulting in up to 40% revenue growth. That’s because the appeal of a product is responsible for 37% of customers clicking on a retargeted ad — so all you need to do is maintain brand recall.

If a potential customer has already navigated to your product page, they are most likely at some stage of the customer journey and moving towards making a purchase. They might be researching their options or comparing prices and features. If they did not make a purchase straight away, they might need more time to consider their options. Remarketing advertising ensures that your product stays at the front of their minds as they browse the web, increasing the likelihood that the customer will make the purchase with you.

Remarketing advertising works especially well when your ads are served on related niche websites. If a customer viewed your product page but navigated away without making a purchase, they would be added to your retargeting audience.

Here are some ways that remarketing advertising drives conversions and revenue:

  • Launching multiple retargeting campaigns allows you to personalize incentives for site visitors at various stages of the customer journey. You can send abandoned cart emails, display ads on other sites, referral codes, and more, depending on their interest level.
  • Remarketing advertising allows you to focus campaigns on high-interest audiences to reduce stalled leads and increase conversions, resulting in higher conversion rates.
  • Retargeting instantly boosts your reach. From the initial site visitors and targeted audience behaviours, you can easily reconnect with and reach customers across the web, apps, and devices.

What To Look For When Hiring A Remarketing Advertising Agency in Toronto?

Remarketing advertising requires precise audience targeting, excellent timing, and the right ad strategy to succeed. Whether you already have a full suite of digital marketing tools at play, or you need fresh insight, remarketing expertise, and capacity to execute, an ad agency is your best bet. With a remarketing advertising agency, you can take the hard work out of retargeting and ensure successful, high-yield campaigns.

What’s even better is, you only need to do one thing: you’ll need to look for the right remarketing advertising agency that’s fully dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Find your partner agency with:

  • Strategy development expertise: Your remarketing advertising agency should be led by strategists, first and foremost. You’ll want to work with an agency that has a big-picture view that spans your advertising goals, growth objectives, and budget so they can design and execute a strategy that responds to your remarketing needs.
  • Credibility: Does your remarketing agency have enough social proof that supports what they say about their expertise? Look for an agency with multiple ratings, testimonials, certifications, and other social proof to demonstrate their knowledge and experience.
  • Custom-crafted solutions: Choose a remarketing ad agency that’s committed to tailoring a unique strategy that delivers the results you need to improve brand recognition and raise revenue. Find out their approach to remarketing during the consultation and ask questions about their work to ensure you’re not simply getting a templated strategy.

What Can You Expect From A Remarketing Ads Strategy?

Remarketing ads are one of the most crucial — and often under-utilized — digital marketing strategies. But that can change now, with proper execution and a robust, expert-led retargeting strategy.

A remarketing advertising agency delivers a professional ad strategy designed to help you succeed. This means skipping over to the good part — where your ads are running smoothly, and you’re getting increased conversions while you focus on all other aspects of building a successful business.

Here’s what you’ll get from an expert-led remarketing advertising strategy:

A remarketing ad agency provides a unique retargeting strategy based on your current website traffic, audit of conversion pathways, and lead generation cycles. A professionally crafted strategy gives you a strategic advantage in terms of industry expertise and access to Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn support.

An expert-led remarketing strategy is just the start. What’s even more crucial is ongoing ad management and campaign support, so you can ensure that your remarketing ads are always running and delivering results.

Working in line with ad management, you can also count on constant tracking, optimization, and expert recommendations. This ongoing support avoids inefficient ad spending and ensures growth in terms of traffic, conversions, and sales over time.

Overall, a professional remarketing strategy is the strongest pathway to higher conversions and return on ad spend (ROAS) following initial outreach strategies. It’s the best way to keep audiences warm and engaged so they’re more likely to convert and result in sales.

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Client Testimonials

There’s a reason Consultus Digital is considered the best digital marketing agency in Toronto.

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Remarketing advertising is a very cost-effective addition to any digital marketing effort. The main method that many people use to manage their remarketing is through Google Ads. The cost will largely depend on how many visitors to your website you are serving ads to (more visitors means a higher cost to serve a wider audience, but in many cases, it is the best performing campaign in any Google ads account).

Retargeting can benefit any brand in any industry, as enhanced brand recognition and recall is always desirable no matter your vertical. Product-based businesses would perhaps have the most to gain from a remarketing advertising campaign, as they involve short sales cycles and immediately actionable conversions. However, any business can still benefit from a well-crafted remarketing campaign.

To some extent, yes. Remarketing advertising done through Google Ads utilizes their suite of digital products as well as their advertising partner network. Google doesn’t specify which sites are a part of their network, meaning you are not able to explicitly say that you would like to appear on a certain website. However, you are able to add negative keywords during your campaign creation that ensures your ads aren’t displayed on websites that could harm your brand’s image.

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