Tell your brand story with compelling video content. Consultus Digital's videography services bring your vision to life.

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Marketing Service | Video Testimonials

Everyone loves to watch a good story as it happens, more than reading the reviews. Now, you can tell this story with video testimonials.

Show how your brand and trademark industry-leading solutions have helped a valued client. With this fully immersive brand storytelling experience, you’ll convince a lot more to embark on the future of business with you. 79% of consumers watch video testimonials to learn more about the companies they’re doing business with, and the products they buy, with 2 out of 3 people guaranteed to buy right after.

Are you camera-ready yet? Start today with Consultus Digital. Get the latest in videography, and start sharing customer testimonials. From concept and strategy to video capture, editing and launch, we offer everything you need to create the most compelling video testimonials in Toronto. Partner with us to create your most immersive customer experience yet — and a story worth sharing for years.

What are video testimonials?

Lights, camera, action — it’s storytime. What’s your customer success story? With video testimonials, you can invite happy and satisfied clients to share it themselves, and inspire others to join them.

Video testimonials are the most compelling way to share client stories. Now, you can bring five-star ratings and reviews to life. With a happy client sharing their experiences with your brand and how your products and services have helped them, they can appeal to the 88% of consumers who treat online testimonials like recommendations from people they know and trust. Thanks to strategically placed testimonials in crucial locations like sales pages, you can boost conversions by up to 34%.

Ready to shoot video testimonials in Toronto? Check out the stories you can tell:

Customer or client testimonials

Straight from happy customers — compelling stories of how your winning product or service has made a difference. Client testimonials include information on who clients are, how they used a product or service, and everything they like about your brand, from guaranteed solutions to fast service.

Customer Or Client Testimonials - Consultus Digital
Employee Testimonials - Consultus Digital

Employee testimonials

Share what makes great customer experiences, featuring the people behind the scenes who make them happen. Feature employee testimonials to highlight your company culture, and show your people-first ethos contributes to customer satisfaction.

Remote testimonials

A quick way to shoot video testimonials, done via webcam and mobile devices, so you can easily connect and share an engaging customer story.

Remote Testimonials - Consultus Digital
On-Site Testimonials - Consultus Digital

On-site testimonials

The full production experience — get video testimonials filmed on-site with professional camera equipment and videography techniques. Create professional, high-quality videos made to last.

Why are video testimonials important?

At a time of smart shopping and conscious consumption, you’ll want to do a lot more than tell customers what makes your brand different. With 73% of consumers reading approximately six reviews before making a purchase, convincing video testimonials can show that your products and services work — told and verified by happy clients themselves. Simply, there isn’t anyone customers trust more than their fellow buyers.

Similar needs, similar benefits: Customer video testimonials tell powerful stories not only of your product in action, but more importantly, the leading solutions and results it has enabled clients to achieve. These allow prospective customers to visualize themselves in the same position of success once they overcome similar challenges with your expertise.

Social proofVideo testimonials are incredibly effective social proofs. Customers already expect to hear the best features of your product or service from your brand. Now, they want to hear it from others and verify their authenticity before making the same investment.

Customer-first focus: A client who raves about your brand and is willing to share their experience is proof of your dedication to customer service. They wouldn’t be going out of their way to speak about their experience if they weren’t happy — and it’s exactly this ethos that gets prospective clients excited to work with you.

Who can benefit from video testimonials?

Everyone wants to shop smart — prospective clients and consumers are looking to others who have done the same to make sure they’re doing it right — they’re not just reading reviews. They’re watching testimonials: client success stories, product visuals, and sneak peeks into your team hard at work. Just look at the 380% bump in conversions that the most premium products get when accompanied by customer testimonials

B2B businesses in particular have lots to gain in lasting trust and long-term client relationships, thanks to the most impactful video testimonials. For B2B clients, a smart investment requires looking well beyond product features, and more towards success stories straight from their peers who have benefited from the same industry-leading solutions.

From on-site conversion and customer acquisition to lasting client partnerships, see how video testimonials make all the difference:

Customer Testimonials Icon

Customer testimonials build credibility and trust

Honest feedback from happy customers makes them the best salespeople — happily sharing ..their successes that you have made possible.

Increased Referrals Icon

Increased referrals

These social proofs are authentic referrals. Satisfied clients are more than happy not just to heap.. praise on you, but demonstrate their success as well — a win-win for both.

Instant Shares And Engagement Icon

Instant shares and engagement

Feature a client’s video testimonial on your website and social channels, and encourage.. social shares for increased reach and conversions.

Repurpose Content Icon

Repurpose content

Got a great quote from a customer testimonial? Repurpose this content for various.. campaigns that demonstrate how your brand consistently goes above and beyond to meet clients’ needs.


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How much does a video testimonial cost?

Every customer has a story to share. Video testimonials are a worthy, long-lasting investment in ensuring that their story is told in the best way, for maximum ROI and lasting trust. See every dollar spent smartly, frame by frame.

  • How many client video testimonials do you want to produce?
  • Whether it’s an on-site or remote video testimonial
  • The size of your campaign and target audience
  • Your budget for ads and promotions to boost reach and engagement.

These items are all considered when strategizing your video testimonials and allow us to provide you with a custom package to suit your needs.

Why choose Consultus Digital as your video testimonial agency?

Consultus Digital is Toronto’s premier video testimonial agency. As leaders in digital marketing, videography, and reputation management, we’ve developed this unique, new tool for brand storytelling, and building credibility and trust.

This is us looking to the future of building strong customer relationships — and we’re taking you behind the scenes, where the magic happens. When you partner with Consultus, you can count on us to look beyond each frame, and towards the bigger picture: embedding video testimonials in a cohesive, custom-crafted digital marketing strategy.

The Best Of Tech And Creatives Icon

The best of tech and creatives

At Consultus Digital, we combine the art of storytelling, and the latest tools and techniques in videography to produce video testimonials. Whether it’s an on-site or remote video capture, we use professional equipment and editing tools to ensure a highly impactful customer success story, frame by frame.

Growth Focus Icon

Growth focus

We don’t just stop at producing the perfect video testimonial. Our team of creatives and digital marketing experts collaborate on a comprehensive strategy for promoting video testimonials. The ultimate measure of our success is in delivering a direct impact on customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value.

Personalized And Fully Accountable Icon

Personalized and fully accountable

We know what makes effective client testimonials because we share your commitment to client satisfaction. Just like your brand of customer success that clients rave about, we practice the same ethos in our in-house processes. With Consultus Digital, you get a dedicated account manager always ready to support your needs, from initial concept to production and long-term campaign strategy.

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What other services complement video testimonials?

Get more out of your video testimonials. Drive their reach and impact with a full suite of digital marketing services that help ensure optimal visibility, engagement, and conversions. From rising to the top of the search results, to social shares, and conversion-focused landing pages, unlock the full power of impactful storytelling.

  • SEO: Video testimonials are great for SEO — they rank easily on search, boosting your visibility for top searches related to your brand, products, and industry. Publish your video testimonials with the best practices of SEO to guarantee rankings and reach.
  • Google ads: Amplify your reach with Google ads, and promote your video on YouTube and across Google’s platforms to drive customer action directly from this unique promotion.
  • Landing page developmentVideo testimonials boost conversions by 34%. Include these customer testimonials along with your latest promotion to build trust and drive sales.
  • Social media marketing and adsPublish video testimonials on your social channels. Mention featured clients to encourage social shares, and increase reach. Boost engagement with social media ads, and drive conversions among expanded audiences.
  • Reputation managementAdd video testimonials to your reputation management. With these powerful social proofs featured on your website and social channels, you’ll build trust faster and stronger than typical ratings.

The Consultus Digital Process

At Consultus Digital, we believe in the power of effective storytelling — and we’re constantly looking at new and innovative ways to tell your story. Now, we can do that and more with professional videography woven into your long-term digital marketing strategy.

From increased views and shares to successful purchases and client satisfaction, see how we help you nurture lasting customer relationships with video testimonials.

We Follow the Story

Your video testimonial begins with finding satisfied clients and the best customer success stories. Our team of digital marketing, social mediaSEO, and sales experts sit down with you to understand your business and unique offerings, customer base, and goals. From there, we find the best stories to tell — the industry-leading solutions you’ve developed, and the success your clients have enjoyed.

Craft a Narrative

Once we have the core elements of an impactful video testimonial, we get down to planning how you want to tell this story. Our videography and digital marketing experts will map out the concept of the entire testimonial, from each shot to the script, b-roll, graphics, and more. Together, we’ll craft the perfect narrative that inspires your client to share a compelling story of the successes you’ve made possible for them.

Video Capture

Lights, camera, action — it’s storytelling time! Our videography team is fully equipped to shoot your client’s video testimonial in the most conducive setting, whether on-site or remote. Unlock the full power of professional videography in each frame optimized for audience engagement. Sit back and let us work our magic behind the camera, and watch your client’s success story come to life.

Editing and Publishing

After the shoot, we’ll get to the best part right away — putting together your completed client video testimonial. Our team of professional videographers and digital marketing experts work together to capture the best shots and quotes and produce the perfect edit for publishing and promotions across your digital channels.

What makes a great video testimonial?

Not all video testimonials were produced the same. You need a story that stands out and the best way to tell it. Find out what makes great storytelling and the most rewarding testimonials from happy customers.

Video testimonials aren’t about great acting. The more authentic, the better. You need a relatable and believable customer, with a strong emotional hook that draws viewers in. They need to be comfortable in front of the camera to take prospective customers on a journey worth embarking on, from the stress and confusion in experiencing a pain point or urgent business need, to relief and satisfaction.

Impactful storytelling in video testimonials happens through casual, but thoughtful conversation. By asking key questions and getting compelling responses, a great video testimonial seamlessly weaves these together to illustrate your client’s journey to success.

What’s the testimonial about? Get to the heart of your client’s video testimonial by focusing on the most compelling parts of their experience. Beyond the product, encourage clients to talk about the successes and benefits they’ve enjoyed, thanks to working with you.

Anyone with a camera or smartphone can shoot a video, but it takes professional videography to produce a video testimonial that stands out. From balancing shots of your client talking with b-roll and graphics, you’ll get a must-see and highly shareable video testimonial.

What to look for when hiring a video testimonial agency?

The best video testimonial starts with having the right people on the storyboard and behind the lens. Elevate your client success stories and testimonials with an expert, cohesive approach to videography and digital marketing. Discover the difference when you partner with the right video testimonial agency in Toronto.

Watch their demo reel and portfolio of video testimonial campaigns. Look at their filming and editing techniques to confirm the professional quality of the videos, and the strength of the testimonials featured.

Find out their strategy beyond video capture and editing. How do they plan on sharing video testimonials once produced? Ask them about their campaign development strategy and process to ensure maximum reach and conversions.

Ask your video testimonial agency about their process for obtaining customer or employee testimonials, the full video capture process, and editing and publishing. Find out if you have a dedicated and responsive account manager who will oversee the entire process, from the concept to filming, revisions, and long-term content strategy.

Can your video testimonial agency deliver the testimonials you need, on your timeline and budget? The best agency sets a clear schedule and budget, ensuring perfect alignment with your campaign goals.

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Client Testimonials

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