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eCommerce Website Development

With the widespread adoption of the internet, computers, and smartphones, it’s no surprise that the digital economy is here to stay.

Customers now expect to be able to order anything they want from their smartphones, from groceries to high-end fashion. With the global eCommerce industry increasing every year, few businesses in retail can afford to miss out on this incredible sales opportunity.

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What Is eCommerce Website Development?

eCommerce website development is the process of creating a custom online shop to run your business out of.

An eCommerce website functions just like a physical shopping location, except that your customers can access it from wherever they are. They will be able to browse your products, compare different styles, build a shopping cart, and then pay for their purchases seamlessly. While the potential of a good eCommerce website is limitless, a poorly developed one can seriously harm your relationship with your customers and prevent sales.

When dealing with your revenue and your customers’ money, you only want the best. Trust Consultus Digital with your eCommerce website development and experience the difference of experience.

What Is eCommerce Website Development? - Consultus Digital

How Does eCommerce Website Development Work?

The eCommerce website development process will usually be broken into several stages, with some variation between individual clients. The typical process includes steps such as:

Before any code is written for your website, significant planning will be to be undertaken. During this stage, a sitemap of your website will be developed, showing every page that will be created as well as how it fits into the overall navigation of your website. This stage also often involves developing wireframes, which are visual mockups of what the end product page will look like to a customer.

The next stage in eCommerce website development is the design phase. This is where your new website will begin to take shape, and you will be able to get an idea of what it will look like when it is finished. Website designers will create visual representations of what your website will look like, including navigation, user interface, and overall aesthetic. All visual assets are developed in this stage, including any new imagery, videos, banners, product photos, or logos.

Once the design has been finalized and agreed upon, it is time to develop the content that will populate your website. This is where we put into words exactly what it is you would like to communicate to your customers who visit your website. This will include product descriptions, calls to action, additional information, contact information, and more. This content will be optimized to increase conversions as well as to help your search engine optimization endeavours.

The coding stage is where your website comes to life. Ecommerce website development can involve building a site from the ground up using custom code, or it can involve a well-established eCommerce platform such as Shopify or WooCommerce of WordPress. During this stage, functionality will be fleshed out, and a workable website will take shape, with transaction processing and navigation being finalized.

Now that your website is designed, written, and coded, it is time for the all-important testing and review stage. During this time, every possible customer interaction with your website will be examined to find any bugs or unexpected outcomes. Once all apparent bugs have been identified and squashed, a final review will be conducted to ensure the finished product meets your expectations. Once approval is given, the site will launch, and your customers can start making purchases.

eCommerce Website Development Work - Consultus Digital

Why Is eCommerce Website Development Important?

The importance of good eCommerce website development cannot be overstated in today’s fast-moving digital economy.

Customers expect a smooth, seamless shopping experience when they head online, and their tolerance for slow or poorly designed websites is extremely low. If the checkout process is complicated, vague, or broken in any way, customers will be turned off and likely leave your website without finishing the transaction.

Similarly, Google is extremely focused on serving its users the fastest and most reliable eCommerce websites. The search engine giant places heavy emphasis on good user interface and experience and will rank websites with faster load times than those that drag their feet.

Investing in a high-quality eCommerce website development agency ensures that the site you end up with will serve you well for years to come. Proper SEO optimization, user interface design, and functionality are worth their weight in gold when it comes to eCommerce.

Why Is eCommerce Website Development Important? - Consultus Digital

eCommerce Website Development

The Consultus Method

Consultus Digital is proud to be considered one of the best eCommerce website development agencies in the GTA. We specialize in completely customized websites that serve the unique needs of each client. Our in-house designers, content writers, and web developers work together to create unique eCommerce websites that will help drive sales every day. We achieve these incredible results for our clients using our Consultus Method.

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Information Gathering

Our process begins with finding out everything there is to know about your business, your customers, your target audience, and what you would like your new eCommerce website to do. We know exactly which questions to ask to tease out the crucial details that will come to bear when we design your website to drive maximum conversions for your unique brand.

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Iterative Design

Our team of leading web designers will begin creating a completely custom design that fits your brand aesthetic and the website’s functionality. We collaborate closely with every client to ensure that every element of the design is exactly how they would like, from the colour scheme and page layout to the button shape and shopping icons. At Consultus Digital, we don’t rest until we have your design just right.

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Optimized Content

Once you are pleased with the design, the Consultus Digital writers will get to work creating and optimizing your website content. The written text on your website needs to convey important information about the product and provide the customers with a feeling that this is the product for them. The content will be optimized to rank well in Google search page results so that customers can find your products when they are looking for them.

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Custom Coding

Your eCommerce website will then be built according to your exact specifications using custom coding. Some websites require unique functionality or design elements that cannot be simply plugged in from a generic platform. Our in-house eCommerce web developers will create custom code that enables the features to make your website stand out from the crowd.

Consultus Digital makes client satisfaction our top priority, which has made us one of the most trusted eCommerce website development agencies in Toronto. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every website we develop meets the highest standards. As a Shopify partner with years of experience, we can create customer experiences that truly impress. Contact us today and take your business to new heights.

eCommerce Website Development FAQs

While there is likely no definitive answer to this question, there are some strong contenders for the best eCommerce platform. Each option brings different strengths and weaknesses, functionality and connectivity. At Consultus Digital, we usually prefer to use one of two platforms.

WooCommerce is the gold standard eCommerce platform on WordPress, the most popular website development platform globally. It can easily integrate with any WordPress website, and there are thousands of different themes and styles to choose from.

We also use Shopify to create highly functional and attractive eCommerce websites for our clients. As Shopify Partners, we are highly experienced in creating customer sites built from the ground up with your business goals in mind.

Some other developers can use platforms such as Magento, Volusion, or Kibo, but we have found these to not offer the best results for our clients.

Absolutely! eCommerce websites tend to be huge in size and scope, with hundreds or thousands of different pages. While this is a huge undertaking to create, it also presents an excellent opportunity to optimize every page for SEO and rank highly on Google during customer searches. Consultus Digital ensures every single page is properly optimized to appear on Google when a customer is most likely to make a purchase, driving further sales to your business.

Client Testimonials

There’s a reason Consultus Digital is considered the best digital marketing agency in Toronto.

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