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Marketing Service| Custom Photography

You know what they say about photos—they portray a businesses brand images; their personality. For businesses, high impact visuals are more crucial than ever.  For brands, high-impact visuals are more crucial than ever.

From product images to campaign shoots and team photos, these visuals are the most critical type of content. Just ask the 68% of marketers considering using more images because of their ad performance. They’re all about making your brand stand out and leaving a lasting, positive impression.

Is your brand well-represented to customers, online and in-store?

Whether you’re in the food and drink industry, fashion and cosmetics, finance and professional service, or other B2C or B2B verticals, perception matters, and it all starts with the right photos.  And it all starts with the right photos. From articles that earn 94% more views thanks to relevant images, to 20% more engagement than videos and 352% over links on Facebook, photos really do speak more—and do better—than words alone.

Using stock photography may be a cost-effective solution but it’s not always the best way to go. That’s why at Consultus Digital, we offer a one-stop-shop solution for your branding and visual identity needs: custom photography.

Get ready to capture and smile. Discover the unparalleled edge that custom photography offers your brand in Toronto.

How Does Custom Photography Work?


Planning and executing your own photoshoot can be costly and that’s exactly why many small businesses in Toronto opt to cut costs by using free, but generic stock photos.

But what if getting your own original and unique photos didn’t break the bank?

Today, custom photography is more accessible than ever in Toronto. And it’s exactly as it sounds: you’ll get a complete photoshoot for your branding needs. From putting together a concept and storyboard, to executing the shoot and handling all post-production, custom photography offers a complete solution to your branding needs.

Whether it’s product photography or getting your team together for corporate headshots and fun photos that highlight your workplace culture, a custom photography agency can help just about any business. See how:

Food Photography

One of the most visually-driven industries is the food, beverage, and restaurant industry. The old saying goes that you eat with your eyes, making presentation and unique food photography essential to any restaurant or food brand’s digital marketing efforts. An expertly crafted food photography shoot can provide you with months worth of exciting content to share with your customers, increasing brand recall and driving users to make reservations.

Food Photography - Consultus Digital
Lifestyle Photography - Consultus Digital

Lifestyle Photography

For brands that offer more intangible services, experiences, or “moments” to their customers, custom lifestyle photography can help elevate your digital presence. This style of photography focuses on capturing real people in real situations to express a feeling, emotion, or association with your brand. Lifestyle photography is also one of the most successful types of visual imagery to share on social media, making it an ideal option for brands looking to boost their performance online.

Product Photography

Product photography can help your new offerings shine on any form of digital or print media. Consumers are bored with traditional, sterile product photography. They are looking for something more exciting and visually engaging that tells them about the product and the brand and what they stand for. Enlisting the services of an expert product photographer and help to paint a picture of what makes your brand and your product different from the competition, helping you to stand out and drive more sales in the process.

Product Photography - Consultus Digital
Travel Photography - Consultus Digital

Travel Photography & Real Estate Photography

Are you selling travel packages and weekend getaways? These scenic destinations are naturally photogenic. All that’s left to do is photograph these destinations to create attractive packages. Buying a home is a visual process. It’s how clients imagine themselves living in the space. Custom photography can help you sell exactly the vision of a dream home.

Corporate Headshots

Having a Team page on your website is one way to build trust with customers. Consumers want to know who they’re dealing with. What better way to do that than put a name to the face? Get uniform, balanced, and expertly framed corporate headshots for leaders and staff for a polished, professional look.

Corporate Headshots - Consultus Digital
Company Culture - Consultus Digital

Company Culture

Balance corporate headshots with powerful images of your team at work. Tell your company’s story by showing what happens behind the scenes and how products are made. Showcase a creative and collaborative culture that helps build a rapport with customers and attract top talent.

Commercial Buildings

Are you leasing office space? Or perhaps you want to showcase the professional space you work in? Custom commercial photography lets you do both. Highlight the value of commercial real estate or where your hard work takes place, only with custom photography.

Commercial Buildings - Consultus Digital

What Is Custom Photography?

Custom photography is any photographed visual content created specifically for your brand. It’s the exact opposite of simply using free photos available online, often as fillers for visual content you don’t have. So, it’s time our custom photography agency changed that.

This can be anything from lifestyle photography, food photography, corporate or professional photography, and everything in between. Essentially, custom photography is all about building your brand’s visual identity, starting with the photos you need to connect with customers and show them exactly what you’re offering. Whether you need photos for your revamped website, product photos for your eCommerce site, or social media content, custom photography provides you with brand images that are uniquely yours.

A professional photographer will typically come to your location or a location set up for the shoot and spend several hours taking shots of different scenes, angles, and compositions to give you a wide range of high-quality choices to use in the future.

You can count on custom photography to provide:

  • Images that are perfectly aligned with your brand’s aesthetic
  • High-resolution, fully captivating brand images for flexible use across your digital marketing assets and channels
  • A cohesive, memorable look and feel across your ads, website, newsletter, social media, and more
  • Unparalleled time and cost savings over time.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s bring out the most unique features of your brand. Forge a consistent, high-impact visual identity that customers can easily identify with and recall, wherever their shopping journey takes them. Give your brand a real appearance to match the name, only with custom photos captured and curated just for you.

What Are The Benefits of Custom Photography?


Did you know that visual content is just as important as text-based, SEO-oriented product details? As our screens get bigger and sharper, so does the need for uniquely branded and captivating images. Today, 78% of consumers want to clearly picture themselves using your product or service and get that crucial experience before making a purchase.

The rise of image search proves just that. With 60% of consumers more likely to consider products or call businesses that have good local search results. Custom photography helps you co-create this experience with customers, so you can get them to convert. Just ask the 90% of buyers who make online shopping decisions based on high-quality product images, and the 9.46% increase in sales on category pages simply due to larger photo sizes.

Let’s look at these benefits of custom photography up close.

Professional Photos Icon

Professional photos

The biggest benefit of custom photography is getting professionally styled, shot, and curated images. And while a lot.. of people think that smartphones can achieve the same results, it’s not entirely accurate. Professional photography has a distinct quality to it—from styling and creative direction, to specifications such as lighting, angle, framing, and overall aesthetic.

A Cohesive And Memorable Aesthetic Icon

A cohesive and memorable aesthetic

More than making your brand appear more professional, custom photography also makes your content look consistent ..and aesthetically pleasing. Essentially, custom photography helps create a cohesive grid that, even from a thumbnail view, is already memorable. Get customers to form positive associations when they see your cohesive brand aesthetic, and drive engagement and conversions as a result.

Visual Identity, Endless Possibilities Icon

One visual identity, endless possibilities

One of the best parts of custom photography is building your own asset library. Professional custom photos can be used on just.. about any digital channel, so your website, social media, ads, banners, and even product packaging can be uniquely identified with your brand and remembered. This reinforces brand awareness and recall, making it easier for customers to connect with you on any platform.

Brand Storytelling Icon

Brand storytelling

And finally, all of these benefits culminate in brand storytelling. Not only do photos speak more than words, but they’re also ..a core component of your brand’s story. Custom photography helps you communicate your successes and vision to your clients and partners, and build a strong, cohesive brand rich in consumers’ emotional investment.


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How Much Does Custom Photography Cost?

Expensive. Costs that can’t be justified. These are just some of the common perceptions around custom photography. But none of these are true.

And while free stock photos cost exactly zero dollars, they can cost you more in the long run as customer engagement and sales grow stagnant. Plus, even licensed stock images don’t guarantee full ownership no matter how much you pay for non-exclusive access.

The good news is, with the right agency, custom photography offers a more cost-effective, fully original alternative. With typical prices starting in the $100-300/hour range, every pixel will definitely be worth the investment.

Let’s build your custom photography package in Toronto:

Tick Icon

Professional photographer: An agency photographer will bring the right gear and know exactly your perfect setup for high-impact visuals.

Tick Icon

An expert eye: Plus, their expertise goes well beyond photography, often informed by marketing and social media trends to ensure maximum impact on customers.

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Location and set design: What’s the perfect backdrop for your products or team shots? A custom photography agency will handle these aesthetic details for well-branded, memorable photos.

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Post-production: Perfect every shot with colour correction, retouching, and editing. Get the best photos for your brand’s website, social media channels, ads, and more, in easy-to-use formats and reliable files.

What To Look For When Hiring a Custom Photography Agency in Toronto?

schedule a discovery call

In a highly creative city like Toronto with a bustling art scene, there’s no shortage of shutterbugs. But for brands looking for the right creative to produce product, corporate, food, lifestyle, and other custom photography, an agency can deliver on all of these needs, with full integration into your overall brand identity and digital marketing strategy.

Think of a custom photography agency as an extension of your team. They’ll be your lead creative and visual content strategist all in one, with their expert eye behind the camera and framing every high-impact image. Find your partner agency in Toronto with:

Style And Types Icon

Style and types

Do you need photos of food, products, lifestyle services, or a combination of products, services, and people? Choose a photography agency in Toronto that specializes in your needs, but is equally flexible and capable to support your overall brand strategy. Whether you need commercial, portrait, or any other type of photography, make sure your photographer has an eye for it.

Creative Direction Icon

Creative direction

Photographers are artists—and the right one has the skills, tech, and vision for your brand. Choose a custom photography agency that has the ability to know your brand, while offering fresh, new ideas that help you stand out.

Policies Icon


Along with creative direction, make sure to talk to your custom photography agency about their terms, policies, and usage rights. Check their copyright policy to make sure that you have exclusive rights to use the photos for commercial purposes, so they pop up on your competitors’ sites.

Portfolio Icon


Perhaps your most important consideration, make sure you see your custom photography agency’s portfolio. Ask to see a sample of their work to get a feel for their style and make sure that it’s a good fit for your needs. Choose the best agency with the work and history to prove it.

Reputation Icon


And of course, do your due diligence. When considering a custom photography agency in Toronto, do your homework first. Check out ratings and reviews to make sure that other clients are happy with their work.

Background Image Background Image

Why Choose Consultus Digital As Your Custom Photography Agency?

At Consultus Digital, we’re big believers that visual communication has always been crucial to human history—and it’s also the future of our interactions. Our brand of digital marketing is “what you see is what you get”: the full customer experience, made possible by impactful visuals that highlight your unique offerings. This is the entire reason behind our custom photography service.

As one of Toronto’s leading digital marketing agencies and among the few that also function as a custom photography agency. We invest as much in visual content for brand storytelling, crafting a powerful identity that resonates with your customers and inspires trust. See how our custom photography agency is leading this work for brands in Toronto.

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An expert eye and creative spirit: Consultus Digital is proudly led by creatives with a knack for combining this with a modern, future-proof digital marketing agency. We bring our expert eye and creative spirit to every custom photography project, so you’ll get beautiful, impactful visuals, geared towards your target consumers.

Tick Icon

Photography equipment: Behind our custom photography service are the tools we use to do the job. Our team of photographers and digital marketing strategists rely on a complete set of photography gear to capture your brand in its finest element and craft your story. Plus, we complete the job with a full-suite of post-production tools to ensure your images are ready to be shared with customers.

Tick Icon

Accountable processes and growth mindset: Our custom photography agency is dedicated to responding to your visual communication needs. From consultation to photoshoot, post-production, and application in your digital marketing strategy, we’re here to deliver a cohesive aesthetic for an impactful brand. Discover the full potential of your brand’s ability to reach customers and connect with them through images that reach them at the most vital points in the customer journey.

Does My Business Need Custom Photography?

Does your website need a visual reboot? Are you having trouble putting together consistently branded social content? Or perhaps you’re struggling to convert customers due to blurry, inconsistently shot, or inaccurate product photos?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s clear that you need custom photography to revamp your brand and establish a single, cohesive, and high-impact visual identity. Custom photography provides you with a library of unique assets to support campaigns and guarantee results from digital marketing.

Still wondering if you need custom photography in Toronto? Here are more reasons why:

  • Custom photography helps you connect with clients and encourages them to trust your brand. Genuine product photos and high-quality visuals of your team at work signal that your business has built a reputation for credibility and authenticity.
  • It’s also a way to get ahead of the competition—especially if they’re still using stock photos and other generic brand assets.
  • You own custom images, while most free stock images are non-exclusive. Imagine what it’s like if you and a competitor selected the same stock image to represent competing products. Custom photography prevents that by providing you with visuals you own, associated with your brand alone.
  • Custom photos provide better value over time since you can use them as much as you want. A library of branded assets means you’ll always have the perfect and consistent product image, social content, newsletter banner, blog header, and more.

Why Is Custom Photography Important?

Custom photography is essential for many reasons, as it gives you the chance to engage with your customers with visually striking and memorable content across many different platforms. Take a look at the 67% of consumers who value high-quality product images, ultimately leading them to a purchase they’ll never regret.

Are you still using free stock photos online, doing your best to make them fit in with your brand? It won’t be long before customers notice and your engagement rate suffers. Here’s why relying solely on stock photos to advertise your brand puts you at risk in the long run:

  • Your brand—and your products—can appear boring, causing customers to pass on them in favour of more appealing images
  • Or worse, it can be perceived disingenuous and fake, which erodes customer trust and any goodwill you’ve built from ratings and reviews
  • Customers aren’t incentivized to take the time to browse your website and learn about your offers, since they believe your brand didn’t put enough effort in promoting them

Custom photography changes exactly that, so you can reach the 50% of online shoppers who convert based on large, high-quality product images—and much less based on product details and reviews. A comprehensive custom photography package helps capture your brand’s positioning in engaging images that can be used to promote your business on social media, paid advertising, print media, and more.

What Other Services Complement Custom Photography?

Custom photography is just one part of forming your brand’s visual identity and creating its story. Once you have the imagery, you need the right tools to share it across the spaces that your customers inhabit and make sure it reaches them.

To amplify your brand’s refreshed visual identity, you need the right channels to promote it. Relaunch your brand with new, custom visual assets and revamped content enriched by them. Connect with customers thanks to a captivating experience, and convert more customer interactions into long-term relationships with:

Use custom photography to enhance the customer experience on your website. Make customers an offer they can’t refuse on landing pages and across your website. Discover the full potential of high-impact custom photography on getting your products and services in front of customers.

Photos are increasingly becoming the most popular content format—especially in local search and ads. Ramp up paid ads on Google and across social media platforms with creative, impactful and on-brand custom photos.

Curate your brand’s social media feeds with custom photography that effectively represents your brand. Highlight your unique, memorable visual identity on a cohesive and consistent feed with high-quality photos.

Collaborate with influencers on high-performance campaigns. Develop promotions and offers with custom photography that highlights your valuable partnership and endorsement from a trusted voice in and tastemaker in the industry.

Harness the power of image search in promoting your brand and increasing your reach. Use custom photography to boost your search rankings, especially for local searches. Draw more customers in with the full visual experience at the beginning of their shopping journey.

The Consultus Digital Method

At Consultus Digital, we understand the importance of carefully crafted custom photography in making your brand stand out from the crowd. That’s why our in-house creative team only works with the best professional photographers in Toronto to ensure unique, high-quality content that can be used across all media platforms. We have achieved incredible results for our clients through our effective creative process.

A picture tells a thousand words but choosing what those words are, requires expert planning. Storyboarding is the process of mapping out the message that a photoshoot will communicate and covers everything from shot composition and props, to model choices and settings. Our creative team will craft a unique vision for your custom photography that meets your business goals while also being engaging and shareable.

Once a storyboard is in place, bringing it to life is the next step. Our professional photographers are experts in their field and have extensive experience capturing the perfect moment for your custom content. Shoots often take place over one to two days, which gives our team time to get the shot from every angle and ensure no opportunity for creating viral content is missed.

Once all raw images have been captured, it’s time to fine-tune the results into the most effective branded content. This involves expert tweaking lighting, touching up, removing unwanted visual artifacts, adjusting colour and focus, and cropping for optimal digital marketing performance. At the end of the process, your custom photography content will be ready to be shared with the rest of the world.

The final step is getting your custom photography out in front of potential customers. Your dedicated Account Manager will help organize your content distribution to optimal channels, including display advertising, social media channels, Google Business Profile listings, and relevant websites.

Consultus Digital is the leading custom photography agency in Toronto, specializing in creating unique and engaging branded content optimized for digital media. Contact us today and find out how we can help take your brand to the next level.

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