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Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a new way to reach a highly targeted audience through the power of integrated automation. By leveraging the power of thousands of different websites within a cohesive ad network, you can serve your brand to users at all stages of the buying journey. If you are looking for a programmatic advertising agency with a proven record of achieving exceptional results, look no further than Consultus Digital.

What Is
Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising, a type of display advertising, is the process of displaying ads on websites your customers visit and managing that process using a real-time bidding platform.

Programmatic advertising happens each time you load your favourite website, and each ad you see loads in approximately 100 milliseconds, which is extremely fast. By targeting your ads to websites that have high traffic and relevant users, you can keep your business top of mind with users that are most likely to convert to sales.

What is Programmatic Advertising? - Consultus Digital

How Does Programmatic Advertising Work?

Programmatic advertising essentially works by automating the traditional buying and selling online media with thousands of different media outlets.

There are several different types of programmatic buying your programmatic advertising agency in Toronto might recommend. Each option has different benefits and drawbacks and is generally used with different budgetary constraints and business goals.

Open auction is the purchase of ads through real-time bidding at a massive scale. Many large websites allow buyers to obtain ad space on their site through open auctions with fully transparent URLs. This means a personal connection with hundreds of websites is not needed to utilize this type of display advertising. We can connect clients directly to their users through the technology — a prime example of open auction programmatic display advertising through Google Display Network advertising.

This is a one-to-one direct connection with a trusted website. It grants access to its ad inventory directly, providing clients with the peace of mind that they are only appearing on quality and trusted websites. This is essential when considering your brand safety during any programmatic advertising campaign in Toronto.

This buy type most resembles the traditional direct sales models.

Consultus Digital will speak with big websites directly and negotiate a set deal upfront, dollars to spend, CPM and the number of impressions that we can expect to see. The only difference is the deal runs via technology and does not need any signed paperwork like in the past.

This programmatic advertising model works best for clients who would like to appear only in select places or lock up valuable inventory during busy seasons, such as FIFA World Cup or during the Olympics.

How does Programmatic Advertising work? - Consultus Digital

Why Is Programmatic Advertising Important?

With consumers spending an average of 5.9 hours per day on digital media, keeping your brand front of mind during crucial buying decisions is essential in maximizing sales.
Programmatic advertising allows you to serve your ads to customers wherever they are in the sales process, increasing the chance of landing a successful conversion across all channels.

Ads can be optimized to display only in areas that will greatly impact your business goals. Whether that is driving customers to finish a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or simply remember your brand name, programmatic advertising has the potential to increase your digital presence and boost sales in a relatively short amount of time.

Why is Programmatic Advertising Important? - Consultus Digital

Programmatic Advertising

The Consultus Digital

Consultus Digital takes pride in being one of the leading programmatic advertising agencies in Toronto and across North America. Our in-house team of display advertising experts have generated significant returns for our clients utilizing our unique Consultus method.

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KPI Management Icon
KPI Management

Clients have goals to achieve, and through programmatic advertising, we can be more flexible and targeted towards achieving those goals than ever before. Whether you prefer a low CPM, reach + frequency management, looking at cost per click (CPC), ensuring viewability goals or return on ad spend (ROAS), programmatic advertising technology can allow your brand more success than ever before.

Campaign Optimization Icon
Campaign Optimization

By focusing on deep campaign optimization, our advertisers have the flexibility to spend media budgets both large and small, while keeping in mind brand goals. Ongoing reporting and making tweaks on the fly ensure the most effective media campaign possible.

Greater Insight Icon
Greater Insight

Advertisers have more information on their online audience than ever before, which allows us to target their ads more effectively. Included here are exactly which URLs your ads ran on, the type of people who interacted with your brand, how many people actually saw your ad, and how many then clicked on it and took action. Some reports can even show who saw your display ad, and then Google searched your offer!

Brand Safety Icon
Brand Safety

Your dedicated Account Manager will ensure your brand remains safe and secure throughout the entire programmatic advertising campaign.

Bot traffic is one of the biggest causes of wasted marketing budget for advertisers online. Thankfully, as brands spend more online, the sophistication of brand safety tools has multiplied exponentially.

Each piece of technology we use has built-in brand safety features such as bot scrubbers, URL transparency, viewability, content blocking (so your brand never appears near content with negative associations), and negative keywords (to avoid showing ads on pages that would be a waste of money or damage to your brand).

Whitelisting is also a popular option, which means your ads only ever serve on URLs which you understand, or a personal list of sites you approve. At Consultus, we take pride in our clients and want to protect their brand as our top priority. We monitor reporting daily to ensure ads never appear next to questionable content, and your budget is generating the greatest possible return for your business.

Programmatic advertising can increase brand awareness, drive sales, and boost traffic to your site in a short amount of time. Contact us today and get started on the next step of your digital marketing journey.

Programmatic Advertising FAQs

Of course you can! Brand safety is crucial, so we always optimize our clients’ campaigns to only display on appropriate, relevant sites. We use a range of content blocking and negative keyword techniques to ensure you are never showing up associated with content that could hurt your brand, or spending money on being served to audiences that aren’t likely to convert.

How much any particular campaign will cost will depend on the size of the audience you wish to appear for, the sites you want to appear on, and how often you would like to appear. Each of these factors will have an impact on the total cost of your campaign. However, we always ensure we have a Maximum Bid in place, which means that no matter what our clients will never pay more than that amount for any particular ad serve or overall campaign.

Programmatic Advertising Cost - Consultus Digital

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