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Marketing Automation Toronto

Marketing Automation is a digital marketing strategy that automates aspects of your marketing strategy. This is made possible by implementing and configuring software that is designed to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Marketing Automation is used for prospecting, lead nurturing, cross-selling, upselling, and customer service purposes. 

From chatbots, email marketing, and promoting webinars, marketing automation is an excellent tool as a stand-alone service and even more impactful when combined with a well-rounded marketing strategy. When used effectively, automation can produce huge revenue for organizations.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is the process of taking manual, time-consuming tasks and putting them on autopilot. Most automation solutions are integrated with a company’s CRM, allowing marketers and salespeople to perform their jobs more efficiently.

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You’re an insurance brokerage with 10,000 clients with varying insurance policies. You know that 40% of your auto insurance customers also have house, motorcycle, and other policies that are insured through a different brokerage.

The objective, cross-sell these customers into your other insurance solutions.

Solution: Marketing Automation


  • The first step is segmenting your customers from wherever this data is stored, most often a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM).
  • The second step is importing this data into your Marketing Automation software.
  • The third step is building dynamic email templates that will display tailored content to your customers
  • The fourth step is programming the automations rules into the software so that personalized messages are sent to your clients based on which insurance policies they qualify for and/or how they are interacting with your content.
  • The fifth step is setting up measurement tracking codes so we can accurately measure how many conversions we are generating.
  • The sixth and final step is launching, analysing the data and modifying accordingly.

Does this sound complicated? Well, it doesn’t have to be. At Consultus Digital we take on everything from opportunity identification to the implementation and execution of Marketing Automation.

Your website receives a large amount of visitors on a monthly basis resulting in a healthy amount of leads. Your sales staff is overwhelmed with the amount of leads being generated and feel they are wasting too much time on tire-kickers and that good opportunities are falling through the cracks as they aren’t being responded to in a timely manner.

The objective: Ensure all leads are being responded to in a timely manner without hiring new employees or lowering their customer service.

Marketing Automation


  • Phase one: implementing a chat box on the website that is programmed to walk a prospective customer through the same sales process they would experience if they were speaking with a live self storage representative.
  • Once a certain stage in the process is achieved, the qualified prospect can purchase their unit or be automatically sent to a live agent.
  • The prospects that engaged with the chat box but didn’t end up purchasing a self storage unit will automatically be put into a drip email campaign. The messaging sent to the prospect will be tailored to them based on their engagement through the chat box. Statistically, 10%-20% will come back and make a purchase.

This is Marketing Automation!

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How We Approach Marketing Automation?

Step 1:

Opportunity Identification. Understanding whether your organization could benefit from Marketing Automation.

Although two companies may sell the same product or service, every business is different, each with their own internal processes. Our consultants take the time to understand how your company generates leads, manages leads, and sells leads. We also look at how your organization interacts with your existing and former customers. Once this is understood, our experienced automation consultants evaluate whether or not your company could benefit from a Marketing Automation solution.

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How Does Marketing Automation Work?

Marketing Automation is essentially a software that can be programmed to automate specific marketing tasks so a human is not needed. These programs use the, ‘If, Then, Else’ rules to filter and segment data which triggers an action to be taken. It’s the job of an automation specialist to tailor this software specifically to their clients business.

Majority of businesses have their customer’s data stored in Customer Relationship Management tools. Many of today’s CRMs have automation capabilities built into their software that merely need to be configured. However, some do not, and need to be integrated with a 3rd party software that pulls the data from the CRM, executes the automations, then sends the new data back to the CRM.

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Why is Marketing Automation Important?

Marketing Automation allows companies to be more efficient in nearly every aspect of their business. It allows marketers to generate higher quality leads for less money and arms your sales team with the tools they need in order to close at a higher rate, producing a greater return on advertising spend.

The fact is, automation is the future, and it’s inevitable your company will be leveraging it in the future. As Martech (Marketing Technology) continues to evolve, so do Marketing Automation solutions. Companies who are ahead of the curve and have already implemented Marketing Automation into their tech stack know first hand how impactful it can be. Those that are yet to invest in this technology risk being left behind.

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Why Consultus Digital?

Although Marketing Automation is a relatively new technology, there really aren’t that many experienced agencies to choose from in Toronto. Why go with us? Our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction and results puts us ahead of the rest.

Our business motto and fundamental belief is that the better your business does, the better ours does too. This unites our business interests and ensures our top priority is helping you achieve the results you want. We understand that when you trust us with your Marketing Automation in Toronto, you are trusting us with the future of your business. Our dedicated team uses best practices of On-Page and Off-Page Marketing Automation to grow your business so that Consultus Digital can grow too.

There are many Marketing Automation platforms available for businesses to use, such as Sharp Spring, Act-on and Active Campaign to name a few. Our automation specialists are familiar with all the latest softwares and will recommend the one that’s right for your business. In many instances our clients will already be using a CRM such as SalesForce or ZOHO that already has this technology built into their platform but needs to be configured.

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Marketing Automation Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing Automation takes time to set up but once configured properly, the benefits are often immediate and typically don’t require any additional work. Depending on what the automation entails, implementation can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete.

Marketing Automation can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 depending on the scope of work. If you’re using a CRM that has automations as part of their suite of solutions, then you’ll save on paying a monthly fee to use any additional 3rd party softwares.

Yes! Marketing Automation is for organizations that sell directly to consumers as well as business-to-business.

Majority of modern CRMs have automation capabilities built into their software. This means you wouldn’t require any additional tools. However, if your CRM doesn’t have this functionality, there are a number of automation tools that integrate natively. Failing this, there are 3rd party connector tools such as Zapier that allow you to transfer data back and forth seamlessly. Feel free to reach out to our team and we’ll review the options together.

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There’s a reason Consultus Digital is considered the best digital marketing agency in Toronto.

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