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Marketing Service | Marketing Automation

Work smarter while steadily building customer engagement and trust with marketing automation.

Marketing automation is a digital marketing strategy that automates aspects of your marketing strategy. This is made possible by implementing and configuring software that is designed to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Marketing Automation is used for prospecting, lead nurturing, cross-selling, upselling, and customer service purposes.

From chatbots, email marketing, and promoting webinars, marketing automation is an excellent tool as a stand-alone service and even more impactful when combined with a well-rounded marketing strategy. When used effectively, automation can produce huge revenue for organizations.

Marketing automation makes it easy to do business by liberating you from time-intensive tasks and processes. By using AI to automate key business activities like customer touchpoints and collecting insights, you can keep the sales cycle moving smoothly without resulting in redundant tasks, a feat enjoyed by 77% of chief marketing officers. In fact, 69% of marketers have reported that their customer journey is partially or mostly automated, while 9% have achieved full automation.

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

Marketing automation is the backbone of efficient workflows. With so many competing priorities these days, business owners like you need to make the smart choice of identifying the best use of your time.

This means focusing on your strengths — the business model— while delegating other tasks to a robust marketing automation platform. In the process, you can funnel more leads through the sales funnel and gain data-driven insights throughout the customer journey.

Here’s how:

Build and nurture customer relationships

Send personalized emails to prospective and current customers tailored to their preferences and where they are in the customer journey.

Build And Nurture Customer Relationships - Consultus Digital
Strengthen The Sales Pipeline - Consultus Digital

Strengthen the sales pipeline

Marketing automation allows you to follow up with leads and send out abandoned cart email reminders. These interactions can help you move stalled leads along the sales funnel and realize revenue.

Track the customer journey

Gain valuable insight into the customer journey. Get essential stats, such as the time it takes for customers to complete a purchase, and see what assets help them make that decision.

Track The Customer Journey - Consultus Digital
Automated Reports - Consultus Digital

Automated reports

Download automated reports with rich data visualizations and AI-driven analysis on aggregated customer interactions. Get a full picture of leads, conversions, and sales per reporting period to track marketing and sales performance.

Improve the customer experience

Marketing automation tools like chatbots allow you to easily communicate with customers and lead them along the conversion funnel. As a result, you can lower bounce rate, capture essential data, and help sales teams work more efficiently.

Improve The Customer Experience - Consultus Digital

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the process of taking manual, time-consuming tasks and putting them on autopilot. Most automation solutions are integrated with a company’s CRM, allowing marketers and salespeople to perform their jobs more efficiently.

By analyzing your company’s sales cycle, customer data and the products and services you sell, a marketing automation specialist can program a solution that fits your business needs. Your Marketing Automation program will allow you to send personalized content to your clients to promote the right product, at the right time, to the right customer.

Marketing automation can enhance nearly every aspect of your sales cycle, from lead generation, lead management, closing business and increasing revenue.

Why Is Marketing Automation Important?

Simply, marketing automation helps you work better. It empowers you to focus on key priorities, like product development or service delivery.

In fact, successful businesses cite marketing automation as a way to streamline marketing and sales (35%), improve customer engagement (34%), and improve lead quality and customer experience (34%). In addition, 30% have reduced manual tasks, 28% have increased leads, 25% have improved workflows, 21% have integrated data, and 10% have improved multi-channel performance.

Now, you can guarantee that your business runs smoothly and customers are engaged and satisfied, thanks to automated, personalized interactions. Here’s how:

Grow Your Email Subscribers Icon

Grow your email subscribers

Did you know that marketing automation boosts newsletter open rates by 173% and results in 223% higher click-through rates? With the most popular ..automated email types, such as welcome emails (83%), thank-you emails (68%) and ongoing engagement (40%), it’s easy to keep leads and customers engaged, with high ROI potential. In fact, while some people fear that automated emails only alienate customers, the opposite is true. Since marketing automation provides customer insight, it enables deep personalization of the sales pipeline based on where the customer is.

Automated Checkout Icon

Automated checkout

For eCommerce, an automated checkout process ensures that customers complete their purchases immediately and are satisfied with their entire.. journey. Marketing automation helps automate this process and speed up shopping, so orders are received and processed immediately.

Real-Time Updates And Data-Driven Insights Icon

Real-time updates and data-driven insights

marketing automation platforms are robust and comprehensive. Thanks to them, it’s easier to get a snapshot of marketing and ..sales performance. With real-time alerts for new newsletter subscribers, contact form submissions, and other customer interactions, you’ll always have reliable and actionable data about your business.


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What Other Services Complement Marketing Automation?

At Consultus Digital, we do more than offer a software solution. Our full life cycle support for marketing automation spans planning, software implementation, training, and ongoing support. To do this, we offer a wide range of services that complete your marketing automation strategy. See how our full-service marketing automation strategy helps you capture and close more leads, and keep customers happy and satisfied.

  • CRM Implementation: Get an end-to-end marketing and sales solution with a combined approach to marketing automation and CRM implementation. Consultus integrates both services so you can track leads, automate messages, and grow your customer base with ease and full visualization.
  • Sales enablementOnce you’ve captured and engaged leads, it’s a good time to look into sales enablement. Let’s break down your sales processes and uncover roadblocks to closing deals. Combined, marketing automation and sales enablement enable smarter sales processes, and stronger marketing and sales alignment.
  • Email marketing: Get one of the major products of marketing automation—automated, fully curated emails for every customer segment. Integrate email marketing campaigns into a broader marketing automation strategy to send out compelling emails that encourage customers to complete purchases and promote retention.
  • Content marketing: The backbone of automated messages made possible by marketing automation. Find out what customers respond to, and develop tailored content based on their needs and shopping preferences, now made easier to design and develop.
  • Ecommerce web development: Complete the sales cycle with eCommerce web development. Set up your website that’s fully optimized for buying, and track the customer journey through marketing automation. Find out where customers are stalled and send out abandoned cart emails and drip campaigns.

Why Choose Consultus Digital As Your Marketing Automation Agency?

Work smarter and get the results you need throughout the customer journey and campaign life cycle. Marketing automation helps you do exactly that—and Consultus Digital can get you started. As Toronto’s leading marketing automation agency, we’re your dedicated partner for automating various business processes, so you can focus on what you do best while building stronger customer relationships than ever.

Zapier Partner Icon

Zapier Partner

Consultus Digital is a certified Zapier Consultant. We earned this certification by building up our expertise in improving workflows, and empowering teams to work ..smarter, together. As a Zapier Consultant, you can count on us to leverage the latest trends in workflow automation and apply our expertise to your unique marketing automation goals.

Full-Service Marketing Automation Icon

Full-service marketing automation

Consultus may be a marketing automation agency, but we’re more than that. Beyond software implementation, we provide full that includes training and ongoing consulting to help you unlock the full power of automated marketing tasks. We also offer email and content marketing solutions, providing a full package from messaging to distribution and customer engagement.

Personalized service Icon

Personalized service

Our marketing automation agency is dedicated to your long-term success. Your Consults account manager is here to answer questions, oversee the implementation and.. ongoing support, and inform you of new features and trends. With a detailed monthly report, you can count on us to always provide a 360-degree view of the customer journey and your performance, along with expert recommendations for growth.

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How Much Does Marketing Automation Cost?

With all of the existing costs of growing your business, it’s normal to be wary of adding to the list. After all, it’s crucial to maximize the power of every dollar and ensure a high ROI across your marketing channels. But, marketing automation isn’t just any expense.

Marketing automation is an investment solution. With its ability to automate processes that define the sales funnel and deliver the results you need, it’s the smartest business decision you’ll make, with endless possibilities for ROI. It’s not just a new addition to your tech stack—it’s a robust tool for improving the way you do business.

Find out what makes up this investment:

  • The marketing automation platform you choose and monthly or annual subscription
  • The size of your marketing and sales teams, number of users, and the size of your business
  • The scope of the automation, including the exact sales processes to be automated, required features and integrations, and the content and frequency of automated customer touchpoints.

A marketing automation agency in Toronto can provide the support you need to implement a marketing automation platform. Beyond the setup phase, you’ll gain access to ongoing support and expert recommendations, from one campaign to the next. Whether you need automated emails or a fulsome strategy for driving customer engagement, an agency can ensure you get the most out of the software.

What Can You Expect From A Marketing Automation Strategy?

Marketing automation goes beyond implementing software. The complete migration of the most vital marketing and sales processes to a robust platform requires planning, training, and responsiveness to the latest industry trends. But the reality is that businesses don’t have the resources or capacity to do all of these while curating a unique offering.

With a trusted marketing automation agency in Toronto, you’re guaranteed full support from software setup to increased productivity. In the process, you’ll reap the rewards of every campaign while focusing on core business processes.

  • Complete marketing automation and campaign support, from software implementation and third-party integrations to campaign development and measurement
  • Increased productivity and efficiency of marketing and sales teams, thanks to less time spent on administrative tasks
  • Set up lead capture forms, website tracking, and call tracking
  • Implement lead scoring and automated lead nurturing through drip email campaigns, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased customer retention
  • Improve customer experience resulting from automated touchpoints customized to each customer segment
  • Gain insight into performance across multiple marketing channels based on recorded customer data
  • Organize contacts in an integrated CRM (customer relationship management) platform for easier retrieval and tracking
  • Training and capacity-building of marketing and sales teams to improve alignment and performance.

What To Look For When Hiring A Marketing Automation Agency in Toronto?

It’s no easy feat to develop an innovative product or service line, keep up with evolving market trends, and keep customers happy and satisfied. To do all of these, you need the right tools and the right people. While it’s possible to have all of these in-house, it takes considerable time, energy, and resources to build up expertise on all of these fronts. This is where a marketing automation agency comes in.

By partnering with a marketing automation agency in Toronto, you gain access to the expertise you need to do better business and build meaningful customer relationships. This means better results much sooner and for less, with ongoing support as customer needs and the market evolve.

Here’s how to choose a reputable marketing automation agency in Toronto:

  • Find out what the agency’s services are and the level of support they provide, from choosing software to implementation, staff training, campaign development and measurement
  • Compare pricing options and choose a cost-effective package that meets all of your needs
  • Check out what marketing automation platforms an agency offers to ensure compatibility, and see if they’re a certified partner
  • Get to know the marketing automation experts leading your account to make sure they have extensive experience not just in software, but more importantly, in lead generation, sales process optimizationSEOGoogle Adssocial media, and email marketing, and more
  • Look at ratings and reviews from other clients, and check out case studies and other success stories to ensure access to a responsive account manager, marketing automation expert, and the ability to evolve your platform and campaigns in line with the latest trends.

What Are The Benefits of Marketing Automation?

The benefits of marketing automation are endless, from efficient workflows to deep personalization and data-driven growth strategies. Marketing automation is the key to getting to know your customers better, wherever they are in the sales funnel, and visualizing their successes and pain points. In the process, you can conserve resources while earning more leads, conversions, and sales.

Get these top benefits:

Perhaps the most popular benefit of marketing automation is efficient workflows. Marketing automation can run chatbots, automate follow-ups and post-purchase touchpoints, and delegate assignments to sales team members — all without manual work.

Get marketing and sales teams on the same page through effective visualization of the customer journey. Together, teams can work on getting and converting more qualified leads, and increase sales by 50% and decrease cost per lead by 33%. Marketing and sales teams that work in tandem can identify stalled leads and their pain points and improve the targeting of messages — a benefit reported by more than 6 in every 10 sales and communications professionals.

Following sales and marketing alignment, marketing automation also enables lead scoring from marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads. This allows sales teams to connect with customers at the right time while marketing teams work on nurturing leads through drip email campaigns that enable higher conversion rates.

These benefits and the information they yield about your business are documented on a marketing automation platform. This enables data-driven decision-making and easier information retrieval about leads, their status, and engagement with current customers to enhance their lifetime value.

Thanks to robust documentation, marketing automation enables accurate reporting at critical junctures. You can easily generate analytics reports that provide a full view of sales and marketing and identify areas for improvement immediately.

Does My Business Need Marketing Automation?

In Toronto’s current, ultra-competitive market, the question should be, who doesn’t need marketing automation? The reality is all businesses, regardless of size and industry, will greatly benefit from marketing automation.

Start by thinking of what your team realistically can and cannot do, and see where automation can fill in the gaps. From responding to queries to onboarding leads and nurturing existing customer relationships, marketing automation is the helping hand you need to grow your business.

See the top reasons why you need marketing automation:

Marketing automation is vital to rapidly growing businesses with numerous customer segments. Automated touchpoints and customer visualizations provide essential data on leads, transactions, and repeat purchases in a way that manual processes simply can’t handle.

When tailored to your business and goals, marketing automation seamlessly supports your inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Marketing automation is more than nimble, providing a wide range of solutions, from email marketing to social media, website chatbots, and more. It all comes down to the tech you need to drive customer engagement.

Through marketing automation, you can automate lead generation and nurturing, gain insight into what prospects respond to, where leads are stalled, and how to move more customers along the sales funnel. In the process, you also gain behavioural data to better understand customers’ interests and motivations.

Leveraging customer data collected, marketing automation can also help you automate personalized customer touchpoints. You can segment customers by demographic, interests, and position in the sales funnel, send out trigger-based messages, drip emails, abandoned cart reminders, and more. This reduces stalled leads and helps you realize increased revenue.

With all of these capabilities, marketing automation provides a full view of your business and the customer life cycle, defined by access to comprehensive behavioural and revenue data, marketing and sales alignment, and efficient workflows.

The Consultus Digital Method

Understanding whether your organization could benefit from Marketing Automation.

Our consultants take the time to understand how your company generates leads, manages leads, and sells leads. We also examine how your organization interacts with customers. Once understood, our experienced automation consultants evaluate whether your company could benefit from a Marketing Automation solution.

Once we understand how your organization works, our automation architects develop comprehensive strategies focused on various aspects of your business, from lead generation and nurturing to more outside-of-the-box ideas such as customer win-back campaigns. At the onset of any engagement, we outline specific, attainable and measurable goals.

Our automation architects retrieve and segment your customer data from wherever this data may live, which in most cases will be your CRM. We then build out the automation campaign using the chosen automation software and integrate this with your CRM (if using a 3rd party tool is necessary).

After implementing our automation solution and collecting enough sample data, we assess the information and modify the automation accordingly. Some may be a set-it-and-forget-it solution that continually produces an ROI, while others may be project-based and require constant evolving.

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