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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing where a social media personality is hired to promote a product or service to their online communities through their social media channels and/or blog.

Influencer Marketing is far from a new marketing strategy, although it has definitely evolved through the years.  In the past (and this is still happening now) celebrities and athletes would partner with brands to promote their products.  Think Michael Jordan and Nike.  Now, we look at Influencer marketing a bit differently.  Social Media personalities are now seen as ‘celebrities’ in their own right, and brands want to associate themselves with these individuals and their communities.

Our Approach To Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

We facilitate partnerships between brands and Influencers to create campaigns that are authentic and engaging with unprecedented reach.  We offer a holistic strategy to ensure our Influencer campaigns complement all of your digital efforts.

Unlike many other Influencer Marketing vendors, we have a background engrained in conversion focussed marketing efforts that yield ROI; and so we focus on being able to illustrate the customer journey from initial impression of an Influencer's post, all the way to an eventual conversion/sale.

Our Process


We will meet with you to discuss your marketing goals, experience, and desired outcome of your Influencer Marketing program, in order for us to develop a creative approach that we know will move the needle for your business.

We will then segment the various audience groups that you wish to target, and identify the appropriate social communities to leverage for your campaign.


Once the communities are identified, we move towards the research phase of our selection process.

Our team will first review our database of influencers to source the perfect talent for your engagement. With every creator that we work with, we take all the necessary steps to vet their audience to ensure they do not have a purchased following, and more importantly, that their audience fits your key target demographic.

Once we have prepared our recommended influencer selection - we will provide a those options to the client for review and approval.


Once the influencers have been selected, we will define the tone and theme of their messaging and outline all details of the campaign roll out, and work back schedule in a campaign brief which both the client and creator(s) will sign off on.

The creators will then send their content to the client to approve with at least 3 days in advance of the scheduled go-live date.

If the content receives the green light from the client, it will then go live with all necessary tagging, brand/product/service references in place.


With every influencer marketing strategy, we highly recommend including at least 20% of the overall campaign budget towards paid amplification (normally through sponsored Facebook advertising and/or Instagram ads) of your influencers' posts to maximize reach potential, as well as to test and segment these ads against the various demographic targets that your business may have.

At Consultus Digital, we have a team of experts who live and breath paid social advertising, and we will provide the optimal strategy and execution of this essential component of your influencer campaign from start to finish.


Once the campaign has wrapped up, we will provide complete in depth program reporting, followed by a debrief with you to discuss results based on our pre-set KPI’s.

We then use those insights to drive strategy for future campaigns, as with any strong marketing strategy, we can always improve results based on ongoing analysis and adjustment.

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