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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a digital marketing strategy aimed at producing targeted and relevant traffic from Google’s search engine results page on a variety of keywords ‘organically’. In order for Google to place your website on the first page for a given query, your site must be recognized as one of the best results to deliver. Consultus Digital is the leading SEO Agency in Toronto, combining decades of experience with the latest techniques to get you the sales you deserve.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of convincing Google that your website is the most relevant website to serve during a customer search. These are the results that appear on Google’s search engine results page (SERP) that are not paid ads. It can also be referred to as an “Organic”, “Natural” and “Earned” result, as you have not paid Google to artificially appear at the top of the SERP.The advantage of SEO is that, done right, your website will appear on Google for a variety of different terms and phrases that are relevant to your business without you having to pay every time a user clicks on your link.

The more terms you can show up for, and the more popular those terms are, the more clicks you website will receive. This results in higher levels of natural, organic website traffic that will result in the intended action being taken. For some, the intended action is a phone call, a form submission, a purchase or clicks on ads.

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The aim of SEO in Toronto is to not only show up on Google searches, but more importantly, show up on the first page of the search results. This is because while a website might show up on the second, third, fourth or fifth page, a searcher is unlikely to go past the first page results.

Once you are on the first page of the Google SERP, you’ll want to appear as high up on the first page as possible. The reason is simple - the higher up your are on the first page, the more clicks you’ll receive. This is why Google positions it’s top 3-4  Google Ad results at the top of the page.

The SEO Toronto results typically have a ‘Maps’ or ‘Local’ listing that appear right below the paid ads, with the other natural results below it. If your location matters in business, then you’ll want to ensure that Google Local Optimization is a strong part of that strategy. Not only do the local results appear the highest of all the SEO results, but more actionable information is provided, such as location, phone numbers and reviews.

SEO is all about outranking competing websites and getting the highest number of customer clicks through to your site for relevant user searches in search engine results.

How Does SEO Work?

Google is the dominant search engine because it did the best job at delivering search results. Today, when someone want to prove a point, they’ll say “Google it”. They don’t say “Yahoo it” or “Bing it” and that’s because we have been accustomed to receiving better and more accurate results from Google.

Google’s mission early on was to organize the information on the world wide web and in so doing, provide users with the best information that matched their query. This is why if you’re looking for a family lawyer, you won’t find employment lawyer, personal injury lawyers, or dentists… you’ll find family lawyers. After all, if you didn’t find what you were looking for you might choose another search engine.

Appearing on Google’s first page naturally is the holy grail of all digital marketing because you’re in the right place, at the right time and in front of a user that has specifically looked for something you offer. The competition to appear on the first page will vary by industry and geography, and the rule of thumb is (as it is anywhere), the most there is to be gained, the more competition there will be.

SEO Experts Toronto

Toronto SEO boils down to demonstrating to Google that your website is the best result to give your prospective buyer when they make a search for your products and services. Given this, how do you get Google to recognize your website as better than the websites of competitors?

While there are more than 200 different signals that Google relies on algorithmically to rank site, the two main categories of focus fall under two primary funnels, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO is about making sure that you have original content and pages that speak to the different services and products you provide and/or the interests of the website visitor. The content has to be informative, and organized. The aim is to offer better ‘answers’ than your competitors to give Google a reason to show your site at the top of the heap.

Off-Page SEO is about making sure relevant websites online reference you with a hyperlink, usually referred to as a ‘backlink’. Receiving a backlink is kind of like receiving an endorsement. The more authoritative a website is, the more credibility it can pass on to your website. For example, an article from The Toronto Star will matter much more than a link from a rarely visited blog.

The goal of SEO Toronto is to have a website that serves the user exceptionally well, while also being referenced by trusted and relevant websites online.

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Why is SEO Important?

SEO as a service is vital to your digital marketing strategy as it exposes your website to potential customers who are looking specifically for your products and services, without the need to pay for expensive ad platforms.

Done right, your website can rank for a multitude of terms and phrases and draw in visitors much cheaper than if you paid Google to use AdWords. The gains realized by increased organic traffic should be compared to what the cost would have been to gain that same traffic through paid means.

Most businesses we deal with will continue to see organic traffic and lead gains for years, while paying the same bill for SEO each month. Further, most leads and sales are derived from earned placement on Google’s first page. In short, SEO is important because it is often generates the best ROI, especially long term.

Why Consultus Digital?

With so many SEO Toronto agencies available to choose from, why go with us? Our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction and results puts us ahead of the rest.

We Grow Our Business By Growing Yours

Our business motto and fundamental belief is that the better your business does, the better ours does too. This ties our business interests together and ensures we always make getting you the results you are after our top priority. We understand that when you trust us with your Toronto SEO, you are trusting us with the future of your business. Our dedicated team uses best practice On-Page and Off-Page SEO to grow your business so that Consultus Digital can grow too.

Dedicated Account Managers

Every client that comes to Consultus Digital has a dedicated account manager as a personal contact for all of their SEO Toronto endeavours. This passionate team member will process all of the incoming data from Google about your site and process it into easy to read End of Month reports that actually matter to you. At Consultus Digital, we believe a personal touch can make all the difference in a business relationship. That’s why we ensure we put a face to the name for every SEO client.

Leading Boutique SEO Agency Toronto

Some SEO Toronto agencies apply a standard template to all of their customers, regardless of their individual needs or goals. At Consultus Digital, we make it a priority to understand exactly where you business is and where it wants to be. Your personal account manager will then craft an entirely bespoke SEO action plan to help you achieve what you set out to do. Monthly reports, face-to-face meetings and online client dashboards ensure full transparency during your SEO program.

Cutting Edge Technology

Google is constantly updating their SEO ranking algorithms and a single change could ruin months of hard work if care is not taken. We ensure we are up to date on every change Google makes, as well as utilizing the latest digital platforms to give your business an edge over the competition. With built-in social media integration, live reporting, and enhanced analytics, you can have peace of mind knowing your business is taking advantage of everything the SEO world has to offer.

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How do we do it?

Toronto SEO practices can be mysterious, unclear or difficult to understand with the wrong SEO agency. We believe in complete transparency with all of our clients, so we have laid out our entire SEO process for everyone to see.

Initial Consultation

Once we receive your message regarding our SEO Toronto services, we will set up an initial meeting to discuss your business - where it’s been, where it is, and where it wants to be. We will crystalize exactly what your ideal outcomes are and will tailor our proposals to meet those goals.

SEO Audit

After we have discussed the high level state of affairs and what your desired milestones are, we will perform an in depth SEO audit of your company’s digital presence. This will include detailed analysis of any technical issues that might be holding your website back and investigating your organic search traffic. We shall also determine the optimal ways to enhance your online offerings and close the “content gap” between you and your competitors.

Customized Action Plan

Armed with the knowledge gained during the SEO audit, our highly experienced team will design a personalized plan of attack to start kicking your business goals. We will combine the latest SEO techniques with high quality original content and white hat backlinking programs to let Google know your site is the one it should be showing to your potential customers.

Monthly Reporting

Toronto SEO is a long term process that usually takes three to six months to realise its full potential. Over the course of this time, your dedicated account manager will compile easy to digest End of Month reports that highlight all the progress that has been made, any areas that may need some attention, and an intelligent proposal of next steps to continue driving sales for your business.

Agile Responses

Some SEO agencies may be too slow or old fashioned to respond to changes in the market quickly enough to avoid damage to your business. Due to our boutique nature, we are able to be incredibly agile when it comes to changes in SEO best practice or a pivot in your business needs.

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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is a long term strategy that requires consistent optimization and content marketing to achieve the desired results. Google will become suspicious if a website suddenly has mountains of content, whereas if that content is built up over several months, it will see it as a quality resource to display to its users. The best results from any SEO Toronto campaign will usually take between 6 to 9 months, but will give business benefits that will last for years to come.
SEO is a constantly changing marketing strategy, and so it needs to be monitored and improved every day. Google changes their search ranking algorithm several times per year, and this can have dramatic impacts on how Google views your website. Consultus Digital makes staying on top of the latest SEO trends our number one priority so we are always delivering the best service for our clients.
One of the key aspects of a good SEO campaign is cultivating quality backlinks to your website. Google views any website that has multiple, high quality backlinks as a worthy resource to display in its searches and will display these websites higher up in the search rankings. We use the latest white hat SEO strategies including guest posting, actively reaching out to high domain authority websites, and comprehensive internal linking to help our clients achieve success.
SEO is a long term strategy that requires consistent optimization and content marketing to achieve the desired results. Google will become suspicious if a website suddenly has mountains of content, whereas if that content is built up over several months, it will see it as a quality resource to display to its users. The best results from any SEO Toronto campaign will usually take between 6 to 9 months, but will give business benefits that will last for years to come.
You may have heard of black hat or white hat when referring to hackers on the internet. The terms also apply to SEO. White hat SEO is using SEO techniques that are approved by Google and that could not be misconstrued by the search engine as trying to game the system. Conversely, black hat SEO techniques are any methods Google has explicitly said they will penalize or that tries to exploit loopholes in Google’s algorithm. Whilst black hat techniques tend to offer faster results, the gains are usually short lived as Google cracks down on black hat websites and punishes them by lowering their SERP ranking, or even de-indexing them from Google all together. Consultus Digital only uses the most trusted white hat SEO techniques to ensure our clients are protected and able to gain the maximum long term benefits SEO can offer.
In the past, SEO was a much simpler, almost mathematical approach to ranking higher in Google. The old search algorithm placed keyword density at the top of its importance factors, favouring any website that contained the highest number of keywords as the top results. This meant that anyone could place top in Google simply by stuffing their webpage with the keywords they were interested in ranking for. This did not make for great content for Google’s users and they began to stop turning to the search engine for their information needs. Google realised this and updated their algorithm to have a more sophisticated and holistic view of each website, taking into account not only keyword density but also length of content, multimedia, appropriate headings, and more. Thus, modern SEO requires a much more robust and creative approach including fresh blog content, updated website copy and a greater focus on images and video to rank first on Google.
Google is notoriously tight lipped on how they rank websites including how much keyword density plays a role in their current ranking algorithms. The general rule of thumb for SEO optimized content is to aim for a 1-3% keyword density in any piece of content. This will indicate to Google that the content is relevant to a user’s search but without appearing like you are trying to keyword stuff, which Google penalizes.
In the past, many SEO experts would swear that backlinking is the most important and influential component to an SEO Toronto campaign. However, as Google has continued to improve their search algorithm, it is becoming clear that backlinks are not the powerhouses that they used to be. High quality content, images and videos, are all now considered to be more important in achieving good rankings. That being said, a combined approach that includes both an effective content strategy supported by quality backlinks will achieve the best results.

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