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Marketing Service | Google Business Profile Optimization Agency

Is your business on the map? Your next customer could be searching for you. They’re on the hunt for the best deals within their work-play-life radius. And in this digital age we’re living in, there’s only one place they’re searching on: Google Maps.

Your Google Business Profile is a powerful tool that brings brands like yours closer to your customers. With 97% of users now searching for local businesses online and 86% using Google Maps specifically, it pays to have not just a listing, but a curated and fully optimized Google Business Profile. This is what puts your brand on the map, since 46% of all Google searches signify local intent to buy and 28% of all local searches actually lead to purchases.

A properly optimized Google Business Profile is an extension to your SEO and can help you get more clicks and more business. Make a positive first impression, and turn users into new customers with this free, easy to manage service. From adding essential information about your business like your contact information and store hours, to managing reviews and ratings, sharing products, menus, offers, and more, Consultus Digital does more than getting your business found on Google.

Let’s optimize your Google Business Profile for maximum impact on potential customers and long-term customer relationships. Find out how our Google Business Profile optimization agency helps you encourage customers to do business with you.

The Consultus Digital Method

Consultus is the leading provider of professional Google Business Profile Optimization in Toronto. Our team of in-house experts are dedicated to optimizing your listing to appear at the top of your desired search results, wherever your business is located. Our unique method uses tried and tested methods to help drive sales to your business immediately.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile Listing

The first step in the Consultus method is ensuring your Google Business listing is properly optimized to appear in search results. This includes updating all your information, keyword optimizing your business description, refreshing your business photos, ensuring your opening hours are correct, and enabling schema markup to show extra information. This will help your business appear in the right searches on Google and make it more attractive for users to click on.

Optimizing Your Google Business Profile Listing - Consultus Digital
Ensuring Consistent NAP - Consultus Digital

Ensuring consistent N.A.P.

Consistent N.A.P. is essential in any Google Business Optimization. We comb through your various business profiles and listings and make sure they all display the same information. We will also create more business listings in important online directories to provide further signals to Google that your information is accurate and is the best result to serve their users.

Review Management

Another important sign for Google is that your business is legitimate and something worth showing their users is having many reviews associated with it. We help you get quality reviews from your valued customers, and properly optimize them to display correctly on your Google Business listing to garner the most attention from potential clients.

Review Management - Consultus Digital
Regular Updates - Consultus Digital

Regular Updates

Google also wants to see that you are regularly updating your Google Business listing so that your information remains current and your offerings are fresh. We enable cross-posting from your social media platforms and blogs to display on your local listing, adding further weight to your business in the eyes of Google. Are you looking for the best Google Business Optimization has to offer? Look no further than Consultus. We are passionate about digital marketing and growing our business by growing yours. Contact us today and experience the Consultus difference.

How Does Google Business Profile Optimization Work?

Is your brand visible on Google, particularly to customers in your area, looking for businesses like yours? It’s not enough to rank on Google Search—your brand also needs to be the first they see on Google Maps. Here’s where your Google Business Profile comes in.

Your Google Business Profile is a listing that puts your brand on the map. It’s a key component of local SEO that helps your business rank on local searches. The combination of targeting keywords for local search and an optimized Google Business Profile makes your brand visible to potential customers, increasing your chances of attracting website traffic, clicks, and conversions.

When users search for products, services, or providers in their area, these are the ranking factors for local ranking that Google looks at:

  • Relevance: How well your Google Business Profile matches a customer’s search
  • Distance: How close your location is to a customer
  • Prominence: How reputable your business is, based on indicators such as your rating, number of reviews, links, and your Google Business Profile optimization

Your local SEO strategy succeeds when you score high on all three factors—and beat the competition. This is why it’s important to keep an ongoing Google Business Profile optimization strategy, so your listing is always up-to-date and relevant. Here’s how to do it:

  • Complete your Google Business Profile to make it more relevant and likely to match searches
  • If your business has multiple locations, verify all of them to capture local searches in all the areas you operate in
  • Add images of your business, such as menus, products, the interiors and vibe, and more
  • Respond to reviews and questions, and encourage customers to rate your business after receiving a positive experience
  • Make sure your profile includes keywords you want to rank for.

Why Choose Consultus Digital As Your Google Business Profile Optimization Agency?

Consultus Digital is Toronto’s premiere local SEO and Google Business Profile optimization agency. Why? It’s all thanks to our laser focus on highlighting your brand as the one to trust and buy from in the competitive areas you do business in.

Through a wide range of optimization capabilities and unparalleled dedication to increasing your brand’s visibility in the locations you serve, Consultus equips you with a uniquely local, custom-crafted strategy for connecting with customers who could be at your doorstep.

Google Partner Icon

Google Partner

Consultus Digital is proud to be a certified Google Partner, an honour we earned as a result of our demonstrated expertise of.. the entire Google search and advertising platform. As a Google Partner, you can count on us to know the in’s and out’s of optimizing your Google Business Profile and setting up your brand for success in high-demand, high-converting local searches.

Unmatched Client Experience Icon

Unmatched client experience

At Consultus, our clients are always our top priority. Your satisfaction and improved performance are the reason.. we’re in business. With us at the helm, you can trust that your Google Business Profile is working effectively, with constant optimization in line with new features that meet your customers’ evolving needs throughout their shopping journey. We do this work so you don’t have to, giving you time to focus on running your successful brand.

Tried And Tested Tech Icon

Tried and tested tech

Google Business Profile optimization requires using a number of tools, ranging from planning keywords to analytics.., testing, and more. Consultus has all of this tech and processes in place for keeping your profile relevant and staying ahead of Google’s constant algorithm changes that impact local SEO.

Reputation For Success Icon

A reputation for success

Most of all, Consultus Digital is built to grow with you—and succeed with you. At the heart of everything we do is an.. unparalleled commitment to your satisfaction. We believe that our businesses grow together, so we strive to deliver results that matter to you, knowing that you trust us the more we do.


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What Other Services Complement Google Business Profile Optimization?

At Consultus Digital, we believe in the importance of a comprehensive, well-rounded digital marketing strategy. This includes local SEO, specifically updating and optimizing your Google Business Profile to drive search rankings and increase your brand’s visibility to potential customers. Combined, you can count on Consultus to deliver a fulsome approach for capturing your local target markets and converting views and clicks to a steady stream of customer traffic and valuable relationships.

See how we create a complete digital marketing strategy for your business, anchored on Google Business Profile optimization and local SEO:

  • Full SEO strategy: Make local SEO part of your broader SEO strategy. This includes ensuring a balance of general product and location-specific keywords to reach customers already in your area looking for the best brand to buy from, in the most convenient way possible.
  • Social mediaCombine Google Business Profile optimization with social media to offer a larger, more in-depth glimpse into important business updates and stunning visuals that highlight the most unique aspects of your brand. Connect with customers across digital channels, with the goal of getting more ratings and reviews of your business and strengthening your reputation as a trusted provider.
  • Reputation management:Complete your Google Business Profile with a coordinated customer review campaign. Make reputation management part of your profile optimization to strengthen social proof, and leverage positive customer experiences as trust factors that convince potential customers to shop your brand.
  • Website and landing page development:  Connect your Google Business Profile to a modern, seamlessly designed, and fully functional website or landing page. Get more clicks on your profile’s website button through unique offers, updates, and complete business information, and continue the customer journey on your website for increased conversion rates and purchases.
  • Google and social adsUse paid ads to promote your brand to customers in your target locations and leverage a fully optimized Google Business Profile to encourage more website visits, calls, and actual foot traffic to your store, leading to purchases and the start of meaningful customer relationships—all thanks to your position as a trusted local provider.

Why Is Google Business Profile Optimization Important?

A Google Business Profile ensures that your business is on the map. When customers search for products and services like the ones you offer, you’ll want your brand to be the one that comes up for them—guaranteed relevant to their needs and trusted by so many others before them.

After all, in a market where 88% of potential customers search for reviews before choosing a brand and 73% inclined to trust one with reviews as proof of excellent customer experience, a complete Google Business Profile should be at the core of your local SEO strategy. Simply, it’s how you get found, based on Google’s ranking factors of distance, relevance, and prominence.

Is your Google Business Profile an accurate, positive reflection of your brand? Here’s every reason it needs expert optimization:

Customer Ready Icon


Get your Google Business Profile up and running, complete, and ready to greet customers. From updating your store hours to making sure that you’re reachable through your contact information, and adding photos since listings with visuals are viewed twice as likely to be reputable, an ..optimized Google Business Profile makes it easier than ever for customers to do business with you.

Build Trust Icon

Build trust

Google Business Profile optimization adds another layer of social proof to your brand, since customers trust a complete, fully optimized profile. Beyond your business information, they’ll want to see top ratings and reviews to make sure they’re making a smart purchase. With full control .. over your profile, you won’t just be able to keep your information up-to-date, but respond to customer reviews and frequently asked questions.

Get Found Icon

Get found

Most of all, Google Business Profile optimization is the difference between merely having a listing and landing on top of trending local searches in your area and industry. More than getting your product or service pages at the top of search, you’ll want to entice customers to actually visit .. your location and look up your information. Your Google Business Profile helps ensure you top local searches, so you’ll appear right in front of customers looking for you.

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How Much Does Google Business Profile Optimization Cost?

Like every other component of your digital marketing strategy, Google Business Profile optimization is an investment in your goal to capture more local searches and position your brand as the best locally available option to customers. And like any investment, its bound to yield results the more you tend to it.

In Toronto, a one-time local SEO analysis, research, and optimization—which includes assets like your Google Business Profile—ranges from $400 to $1700, with the average price sitting at $900. But that’s just a one-time deal. For best results, you need ongoing optimization, with fees ranging from $100 to $1000.

Not sure if the investment is worth it? Keep in mind that every Google Business Profile optimization strategy is unique, yours included. Here are the factors that determine its cost:

Tick Icon

How competitive your industry and target markets are, which determine the extent of your local SEO strategy designed to outrank the competition.

Tick Icon

How many locations you have which need to be targeted to drive local search rankings.

Tick Icon

The number of products and services you offer, which determine how big or focused your local SEO keyword strategy is.


Does My Business Need Google Business Profile Optimization?

There’s no question that you need a Google Business Profile. But is your profile fully optimized, designed to set you up for increased visibility, higher rankings, and successful customer interactions? Curating your profile is an ongoing strategy to ensure that you’re providing potential customers with the most up-to-date, relevant, and enticing information about your business, making them confident in their decision to buy from you.

Not sure if you need Google Business Profile optimization by the experts? Check out these examples of businesses guaranteed to perform better with optimized listings and thrive on local searches:

  • Home services, including plumbers, electricians, and HVAC providers
  • Healthcare, such as urgent care and walk-in clicks, dentists, doctors, and wellness providers
  • Restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and other food and drink places
  • Personal care services
  • Retail brands
  • Law firms and legal service providers
  • Pet care services
  • Real estate
  • Community services, and tons more!

As you can see, there’s a wide range of businesses that can benefit greatly from Google Business Profile optimization. Now, let’s get into why:

  • Earn new business through successful local SEO that places your brand at the top of local searches
  • Lean into growing popularity of buying local and customers’ increased positive sentiment towards supporting local businesses and desire for convenient shopping
  • Compete with similar-sized businesses in your area to attract more customers to your brand
  • Increase ranking on mobile searches by leaning on customers’ use of GPS or location services on mobile devices and need to navigate to the closest store that meets their needs
  • Build your local online presence in a cost-effective manner, thanks to a free Google Business Profile and ongoing optimization to rank for local searches.

What Are The Benefits of Google Business Profile Optimization for Businesses?

Your Google Business Profile makes it possible not just for customers to visit your website, but your storefront. It’s the ticket to getting them in-store, ready to make a purchase. And in a highly competitive market, an optimized profile is just what you need to outrank the competition in your area and capture more views and conversions from local searches.

Clearly, Google Business Profile optimization offers many benefits to brands like yours. From putting your business on the map to building a strong reputation for customer success, check out the top benefits of using this free tool and optimizing it for local search rankings:

  • Manage your information: A Google Business Profile is your listing—yours to control and manage, for maximum impact. Once you verify your listing, you can easily update your store hours, contact information, photos, attributes, and other essential components that strengthen your online presence. And the best part? Advanced options like indicating your business category for easy filtering, and adding custom information like parking and updates are available for free.
  • Interact with customers: Your Google Business Profile is one of the most effective tools for curating your brand’s online presence. A one-stop platform for listing your hours of operation, contact information, ratings and reviews, product photos, menu, attributes like wi-fi and parking availability, and more, your profile allows you to instantly connect with customers searching for brands like yours in their area and taking desired actions, like calling you or booking an appointment.
  • Local SEO: With many customer searches now starting on Google Maps or including keywords like “near me”, you’ll want your business to rank at the top and be their first choice. Google Business Profile optimization helps you achieve this by ensuring that your profile contains the right keywords and scores high on distance, relevance, and prominence to match these high-volume searches.
  • Customer insights: Want to know if your Google Business Profile is doing a good job of ranking on local searches and attracting customers? This is what an ongoing optimization strategy is all about. With powerful analytics, you get a steady stream of customer insights, such as number of calls made or website button clicks, the need for more product or storefront photos, incorporating local SEO into your website content, and more. Learn how your listing can be improved to meet evolving customer needs and improve your position on local searches.

What Is a Google Business Profile?

Did you know that 70% of consumers visit a business based on information they find online? In contrast, 62% will disregard a brand that they can’t find online. And with 24.2% of all clicks going to the first result of local business searches and 78% of mobile searches resulting in an offline purchase, it’s clear how much your brand needs to be on the map—and the power of a Google Business Profile in making that possible.

Formerly known as Google My Business, the revamped Google Business Profile is the digital version of directory listings. It’s a one-stop snapshot of all your business information, from business hours, address, and contact information, to photos of your store and products, reviews, answers to frequently asked questions, quick updates, and more.

But unlike the traditional listing, it’s tied into Google Search itself, making it easier than ever to connect customers with brands like yours. This means, when customers search for products or businesses offering what they need, the most comptable, fully optimized Google Business Profile shows up. In fact, 64% of consumers have used Google Business Profiles to find contact information for brands they’re shopping for, with over half of these interactions resulting in website visits.

This could be your business—at the top of local searches, ready to welcome new customers. This is what having a Google Business Profile is all about, and optimization being the key difference.

What To Look For When Hiring a Google Business Profile Optimization Agency in Toronto?

Your Google Business Profile optimization agency isn’t just any SEO or digital marketing agency. You need an agency that specializes in local SEO, with proven expertise in setting up and constantly optimizing your Google Business Profile for maximum impact and proven performance.

When choosing a Google Business Profile optimization agency, it’s important to focus on the trust factor. Do they have what it takes to boost your reputation, apply emerging best practices on your profile, and find out what your customers need and how to cater to them? Here’s a quick guide to selecting an agency in Toronto to partner with:

  • They find out everything they can about your business, including your location and the volume of competition in this target market
  • They do a full audit of your current Google Business Profile and local search ranking performance to identify ways to approve and areas to apply best practices to
  • Choose an agency that delivers a detailed, customized action plan—and a reputation for following through and delivering results, based on client ratings and reviews
  • Once your Google Business Profile optimization agency gets to work, you should see results within just a few months. This is made possible by a clear strategy for updating your listing and maximizing available information to customers, responding to ratings and reviews, and incorporating profile optimization into your broader local SEO strategy to ensure ranking on local searches and increased visibility to potential customers
  • And most of all, find out their accountability strategy. What’s an agency going to do to reverse negative trends in your local SEO performance, so you can get more website traffic, calls, messages, and ultimately, revenue?
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