10 Strategies to Boost Your SEO and Drive Traffic to Your Site

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Every good marketer knows that SEO is the backbone of every digital marketing strategy. Getting found on search is the first step to connecting with customers. So if your website still isn’t ranking for the most competitive searches in Toronto, that’s a problem. You need to boost your SEO.

Despite the rise of various digital marketing techniques, nothing beats organic traffic from search. For most customers today, this is where the shopping journey begins. By being visible at this crucial starting point, you can build a steady pipeline from click to conversion and purchase. SEO drives valuable organic traffic, so much that each customer click equates to intent. Every click earned means customers want to be on your website and consider you a valuable resource for their needs.

But all of that hinges on getting found on the first page of search results, specifically at the top. The good news is, there are lots of ways to boost your SEO strategy, from technical fixes to on-page and off-page elements, localization, and more. Learn about them here:

Strategies for Boosting SEO and Driving Business in Toronto

Strategies to Boost Your SEO - Consultus Digital

On-Page SEO Strategies

1. Choose your keywords

Keywords are at the heart of every SEO strategy. It’s how customers find you, so make sure your website content matches their searches. The more relevant your website is, the better for SEO and boosting your chances for first-page rankings. The right keywords reflect your products or services, location, and other relevant search terms. Focus on long-tail keywords to target specific searches according to customers’ needs.

2. Content optimization

Once you have all the right keywords, ensure your website is fully optimized to reflect them. Boost your SEO with page titles, URLs, headings, and on-page content that combine clear and effective copywriting and keyword targeting. Keep in mind that above all, you need to write for human readers, so avoid keyword stuffing. Make sure every keyword is seamlessly integrated into your website copy.

3. Create content

Optimizing existing website content is just half the work. Equally important for SEO is feeding Google and providing customers with fresh content. After all, there are so many ways to optimize existing pages. 

That’s why you need new, value-added content to share with customers and build with targeted keywords in mind. You can publish blogs, create videos, share ebooks, and other shareable and downloadable content. Not only do these drive traffic to your site, but they’ll also provide helpful information for each target audience, leading to increased time on site, lead generation, and improved customer experience.

4. Competitor research

Not sure what keywords to target? Still not generating enough traffic, leads and conversions despite beginning your SEO efforts? Check the competition. It’s a quick, proven hack for finding out what you need to target. Do a Google search of the keywords you want to rank for and see which of your competitors are showing up. Be competitive by targeting the competition, and find out what they’re doing right to leverage for your SEO strategy.

Off-Page SEO Strategies

5. Earn backlinks

Beyond content and on-page elements, you can boost your SEO efforts with off-page tactics. The most important of these is creating backlinks to your site. Credible backlinks help increase your search rankings, since they signal to Google that your site is safe and trustworthy. Build your authority with backlinks created through content that links back to your site and generate traffic in the process. You can earn backlinks through guest blogs, influencer content, and other shareable content.

6. Internal linking

Build links between pages throughout your site. Link relevant pages to direct customers to related content on your site and complete conversion pathways. This means making sure product or service pages link to pricing pages, shopping carts, and contact forms. All in all, this keeps them on your site longer, which signals a good, productive user experience that helps boost your SEO efforts.

Technical Fixes for SEO

7. Improve page loading speed

Page loading speed is an important factor in user experience. If your site loads too slowly, it causes users to bounce out. A high bounce rate signals to Google that users are not finding what they need on your site, causing them to leave quickly. Overall, this impacts SEO negatively.

Improving your page loading speed is a proven way to boost your SEO. Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to find out your page loading time, as well as site elements like large media files, flash, and more that are slowing down your site. Implement these fixes right away to boost your site speed and SEO rankings.

8. Use clean URLs

URLs are one of the basic, most important SEO ranking factors. Clean URLs reflect the contents of the page, so if yours don’t, it’s time to do some cleaning up. Optimized URLs include keywords you’re targeting, signalling that your page matches a user’s search. This boosts your SEO, helping you earn more clicks and conversions.

Use Local SEO

9. Target local searches

Target customers in your area and more service areas using local SEO. Use landing pages that provide an overview of everything you offer and the history of doing business in Toronto and across the GTA. Provide direct, value-added information to customers in these areas so they know what you offer and how to get in touch.

10. Manage directory listings

Show your roots in every community you serve. Boost your local SEO efforts with optimized directory listings. If you have more than one location, make sure all of these appear on Google Maps and other directories, with complete information such as address, contact number, website, photos, store hours, business category, menu or products and services, and more. Complete a listing for every store and service area to boost your SEO rankings in Toronto and beyond, and show customers how you can serve them anywhere they’re located.

Work with Consultus Digital to Boost Your SEO Strategy in Toronto

Need to boost your SEO? It’s an ongoing need as the search market evolves and the most essential keywords for your brand grow even more competitive every day. From creating fresh content and reviewing existing pages, to speeding up page loading times, earning backlinks, and optimizing for the most crucial, location-based customer searches, SEO is a continuous effort that requires a long-term strategy.

At Consultus Digital, we’re always looking to ensure that your website is visible and easily searchable by your target audience. That’s why we develop a long-term SEO strategy to leverage the latest SEO techniques, grow your rankings, and drive website traffic. When we boost your SEO with a personalized strategy tailored to your target audience and conversion pathways, you can count on improved rankings and traffic, a better customer experience, and a guaranteed competitive advantage, especially in a market like Toronto.

Looking for more ways to boost your SEO? Increase your visibility and competitiveness in Toronto with a winning SEO strategy. Get in touch with our SEO experts at Consultus Digital today.

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