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MARKETING SERVICE | Instagram Advertising

‘Do it for the ‘gram’ just got a whole new meaning for your brand. Instagram ads are changing the way your next customer shops. Whether it’s an in-feed post or a quick swipe to the next story, Instagram Advertising helps brands like yours connect with 849.3 million users among over one billion active monthly users. That’s at least thousands in your community looking for anywhere from essentials to the hottest trends in fashion, clothing, travel, and more.

Since its beginnings as a photo-sharing app in 2010, Instagram has taken the world by storm — and even more when it was acquired by Facebook less than two years later. Today, Instagram isn’t just one of the top social media platforms that everyone can’t live without: it’s also an essential advertising space.

Does your social media strategy need a refresh? Here’s where Consultus Digital can help. We’re Toronto’s premiere Instagram advertising agency, dedicated to providing you with flexible, effective multi-platform Instagram campaigns that help you reach more customers than ever.

The Consultus Digital Method

Consultus Digital is Toronto’s leading Instagram Advertising Agency. We are proud of our reputation as one of the most trusted and innovative digital marketing companies in the GTA. Our success is attributed to our unique approach to Instagram Advertising for every client.

Audience Analysis

The first step in setting up an effective Instagram Advertising campaign is to identify the desired target audience accurately.

Every business will have a different type of customer they wish to advertise to. These customers can differ on a range of different metrics, including gender, age, location, relationship status, socioeconomic status, language spoken, interests, and much more. We take the time to speak with every client to create a very clear picture of who they would like to engage. We then tailor the campaign targeting using the powerful metadata available from Facebook to ensure ads are only served to those who meet the pre-determined criteria.

Audience Analysis
Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Prior to launching an Instagram advertising campaign in Toronto, we also ensure that the desired outcomes are made explicitly clear.

By discussing exactly what it is that the client would like to get out of the campaign, we can tailor the advertising copy, format, interactivity features, and complementary elements that will take it to the next level. For instance, if the end goal were to get more users to purchase a particular product, a shopping-linked post with high-quality images of the product would work best. However, if the goal was for more users to sign up for a newsletter, a visually compelling post with accompanying text driving to a sign-up page may be more effective. Whatever the client’s goal, Consultus Digital has the perfect plan to achieve outstanding results.

Dynamic Delivery

Once the audience and desired outcome have been determined, it’s time for us to deliver.

We have an in-house team of highly experienced content creators that will put together unique and engaging content designed to attract your audience. All ads will be assembled and sent to the client for review before going live to ensure complete satisfaction with the end product. If influencer marketing is involved in the campaign, we will manage creative briefs, a work-back schedule, and deliverables for all influencers. This will involve specific outlines of what needs to be said, the tone that should be struck, and critical deadlines for having the content go live. All influencer posts will be sent to the client for approval before being posted, after which we shall boost the post for maximum visibility and engagement using Instagram.

Dynamic Delivery - Consultus Digital
Detailed Reporting - Consultus Digital

Detailed Reporting

Once the campaign flight is complete, Consultus Digital will put together a detailed report on performance and milestones.

Our dedicated Account Managers will compile all relevant data from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Analytics to provide a comprehensive view of how the campaign performed. This can include the number of click-throughs, website traffic, number of conversions, number of impressions, and total amount spent. Consultus Digital will also make specific recommendations to maximize performance in future campaigns. Data-driven decision-making is the driving force of our recommendations.

What is Instagram Advertising?

Highly visual and fully immersive — that’s what makes Instagram the powerhouse platform that it is. With Instagram advertising, brands like yours can promote strategic content to at least 63% of users logging into the app on a daily basis through highly targeted demographics, including age, gender, location, interests, and more. These can be in the form of single images, carousels, auto-play videos, and clickable shopping posts.

Now, there are more ways to tell your story than ever, thanks to a variety of creative ad formats. With over 200 million Instagrammers visiting at least one Business Profile a day, you can connect with customers through highly visual content, attractive product features, fun videos, and more.

Since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, they have integrated the service completely into the Facebook ads platform. This allows advertisers to create marketing campaigns across both platforms in the one advertising dashboard, streamlining the process and allowing for even more advanced targeting. Instagram advertising in Toronto is an ideal option for many brands looking to increase brand awareness, connect with their target customers, and capitalize on the popularity of this social media platform in Canada’s most populated city.

The question is, what type of Instagram ad does your brand need? With a variety of formats, campaign goals, and target actions to choose from, it’s easy to immerse your audience in memorable brand experiences and inspire conversions.

How Do Instagram Ads Work?

Instagram’s fully visual, fully immersive multimedia design is a brand’s best friend. With it, you can do more than tell audiences about your leading products and services; and with the added boost from Instagram ads, you can show them to a wider range of consumers in the market.

And even better? You have your pick of ad formats and campaign goals, so you can create, test, and grow your campaigns to meet your customers’ evolving shopping habits. See how you can get the best value from Instagram advertising with an endless combination of ads and campaign goals:

Types of Instagram Ads

  • In-feed: The most organic ad format, these ads appear on users’ feeds, appearing like regular posts but with a Sponsored tag.
  • Explore: Next to the home button; the Explore tab is where users find recommended content based on the accounts they follow, their interests, and their interactions. Explore ads allow you to reach customers in your target demographic.
  • Stories: As one of Instagram’s most popular and innovative features, Stories attract attention because they’re fast, engaging, and never-ending. With each swipe, customers can see quick updates, tap on links, and take you up on a call-to-action, so you can keep them engaged all the way to conversion pathways.

Instagram Ads Campaign Goals

  • Awareness: Reach new audiences and build brand awareness. Increase your brand’s reach and tap into new customer segments and markets by identifying new audiences to target and reaching them with attractive offers.
  • Consideration: Drive more Instagram shoppers to a landing page on your site, demonstrate product features, and achieve other objectives that help customers consider your brand during the buyer’s journey. Boost your reach and interaction rate, and build reliable conversion pathways.
  • Conversion: Keep customers engaged, excited, and ready to make a purchase or other conversion action that lets you know they’re interested and in for the long haul. Whether it’s an app or content download, contact form submission, request for quote, or sale, a conversion-focused Instagram Advertising campaign is exactly what you need to sustain customer relationships.

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Why is Instagram Advertising Important?

As the second most popular social media outlet (behind Facebook), Instagram has become one of the most powerful tools in the digital marketer’s toolbox – especially for Millennials and Generation Z. The visual nature of Instagram Advertising makes image and video-based ads less obtrusive to users, as they blend in naturally to their social feeds. This leads to a decreased negative perception by the user because it is not a traditional ad – it is entertainment. This helps to increase engagement and click-through rates a great deal.

With these features, it’s clear that Instagram ads may be the best thing to happen to your brand. Thanks to their ability to create well-rounded and highly rewarding campaigns, you can engage customers at every stage of their shopping journey.

Wondering how? We’ll break Instagram ads down for you:

  • Facebook integration: Allows for highly customized targeting to be applied to each campaign. This allows advertisers to serve their ads to very specific customer groups, which decreases cost and can increase the overall effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Full campaign visibility: Facebook has enabled detailed reporting metrics to track the success of an Instagram advertising campaign, including the number of impressions, click-through rate, successful conversions, and more.
  • Influencer marketing: Another way Instagram advertising is beneficial for many businesses is through the parallel process of influencer marketing. Many influencers have their largest followings on Instagram, which translates to them having the most significant impact on that platform. By coupling influencer marketing with Instagram advertising, a cohesive advertising campaign can be seen by millions of people, resulting in a dramatic increase in conversions.
  • Brand storytelling: Instagram’s highly visual platform was crafted for the purpose of storytelling. Photos and videos tell a good story, making them exactly the tools you need to engage audiences and show them why they need what you offer. The result is a strong emotional hook that gets customers invested in your brand.
  • Community-building: The best type of customers are those who rally behind your brand and rave about it to their circle, so much that they inspire new customer acquisitions. Building on the benefits of influencer marketing, Instagram ads allow you to connect with customers, hear feedback, get them to interact with your content, respond to comments, and increase brand recall.

Consultus Digital is highly experienced in combining these two fields into a cohesive and highly impactful advertising campaign for a wide range of different businesses.

What Are The Benefits of Instagram Advertising?

Instagram is already a social media powerhouse capable of propelling brands to success when used right. But combined with paid ads, there won’t be limits to untapped markets you can reach. That’s the power of Instagram Advertising, plain and simple.

From attractive photos to entertaining reels, stories, filters, and other hottest trends, Instagram ads are the perfect vehicle for brand storytelling, audience engagement, conversions, and online sales. In the process, you get access to a loyal customer base that is always eager to learn about your latest promos and offers.

Let’s look at these top benefits of Instagram ads:

Brand Awareness Icon

Brand awareness

What better way to increase your brand’s reach and engagement than good storytelling? Instagram ads are the perfect tool for brand awareness, allowing you to showcase product photos and videos, behind-the-scenes exclusives, reviews, and other engaging content.

Increased Site Traffic Icon

Increased site traffic

Instagram ads are just the starting point. By inviting customers to tap on a link, you can build conversion pathways on your website, resulting in increased traffic, lead generation, and conversions.

Low Cost, High Reward Icon

Low cost, high reward

Instagram ads are inexpensive. Unlike ad buys on traditional media, Instagram Advertising was designed to be affordable for brands of all sizes. With low cost per view or click and a variety of formats, you can easily scale your campaigns for maximum engagement.

Sales Icon


Instagram’s shopping ads have revolutionized brand experiences on the platform. Along with in-feed and story ads, shopping ads on the Explore tab provide a comprehensive, one-stop marketplace for customers to discover new products, find out key details, and make shopping decisions — all in one screen.



Thanks to its integration with Facebook, you can easily track campaign performance on one dashboard and curate a multi-platform strategy with full visibility. With these numbers, you can make data-driven decisions throughout the campaign life cycle and identify ways of improving your Instagram ads strategy.

Multiple Formats Icon

Multiple formats

Do your target audience watch more stories than like posts on their feed? You can easily keep up, hassle-free. With a variety of ad formats available, it’s easier than ever to run Instagram ads that cater to every customer segment.

Audience targeting

Audience targeting

Instagram Advertising is powered by the latest tools and a data-rich environment. And the best part? Instagram is always rolling out new features so that you can improve audience targeting and drive campaign performance. From the basics like location, demographics, and interests, to behaviours, and other audience characteristics, you can easily customize ads for every audience.

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Does My Business Need Instagram Ads?

With over a billion active monthly users and the ability to reach nearly 850 million users through advertising, Instagram ads shouldn’t be a question of need; it’s how you can reach these audiences, especially the most likely to interact with your brand and convert to happy, loyal customers.

So, yes — Instagram Advertising should be a mainstay in your digital marketing toolbox. It’s the best way to engage shoppers looking for the hottest trends and the best deals. Whether your brand is a rising star in fashion or you’re a household name in real estate, culinary art, and more, see how Instagram ads make a difference in the full customer life cycle.

  • Fashion: Safe to say, every fashion brand should have regular Instagram ad campaign cycles. Instagram audiences largely use the platform for product and trend discovery, instantly creating a bandwagon effect. With shoppable posts and links to an ecommerce site, Instagram ads for fashion are always a sure hit.
  • Food: Some of the best dishes everyone loves are also the most beautiful—and Instagram-able. From plated dishes to recipes, food brands can harness the potential of Instagram ads to reach food lovers anywhere in Toronto and across Canada.
  • Travel: Another industry with great visual content, travel ads on Instagram appeal to the citizens of the world, setting off the travel bug. With artfully curated, Instagram-worthy visuals of travel destinations, expert audience targeting and partnerships with travel influencers, your Instagram ads will result in more conversions, trips, and foot traffic.
  • Beauty: Similar to fashion, Instagram ads are a great way to showcase the latest trends in makeup, skincare, and other beauty products and treatments. Instagram users rely on the platform for product discovery and tutorials from their favourite influencers, resulting in highly rewarding brand experiences.
  • Real Estate: An emerging vertical for Instagram Advertising, real estate is one of the latest frontiers in using this dynamic platform to connect with aspiring homeowners. From property listings to interior design trends, Instagram ads for the real estate industry curate an entire lifestyle experience.

Want to explore your options for Instagram Advertising in another industry? You got it. The possibilities are endless. See how Consultus Digital crafts a tailored Instagram ads strategy for your brand, designed to achieve your goals.

How much does Instagram Advertising cost?

Instagram Advertising is renowned for being low cost yet highly rewarding. With low cost-per-click rates and excellent targeting features, you can count on an inexpensive investment for results that matter. Thanks to Instagram’s powerful advertising tools and competitive rates, you’ll easily run campaigns that reach target audiences and drive engagement and conversions.

Ready to get started? See how our Instagram Advertising agency keeps this must-have brand awareness and sales channel accessible and flexible. Discover advanced audience targeting and engagement features made flexible for any business on every budget.

  • Bidding strategy: Instagram ads are typically billed cost per click (CPC), cost per engagement (CPE), or cost per thousand impressions (CPM). You can select a bidding strategy based on your goals, allowing you to reach the maximum number of customers.
  • Campaign objective: What are you using Instagram ads for? Whether it’s brand awareness, consideration, or conversion, you can select the size of your audience and stage of the shopping journey that you want to target. This results in either lower costs for broader audiences, or higher costs for higher-value target actions, such as making a purchase.
  • Audience size: How many customers are you aiming to reach? Broader audiences in the early stages of the conversion funnel are less competitive. Narrowing your audience to precise characteristics results in a higher bid, allowing you to compete for their attention against other brands.
  • Click-through ate: A high CTR rewards you with lower Instagram Advertising costs. The higher your CTR is, the more relevant your ad is for target audiences. Meanwhile, a low CTR indicates a disjoint between your ads and messaging, which pushes customer acquisition costs higher. With more engagement, Instagram will reward you with lower costs over time.
  • Budget and Instagram ads management: The most important consideration, it’s important to set a reasonable budget for your Instagram Advertising strategy. Think about your goals and keep in mind that the Learning Phase may cost more as the platform understands your campaign. As well, consider the management cost associated with hiring an Instagram Advertising agency — and the long-term benefits of hassle-free, expert-driven campaign life cycles.

What to Expect From A Professional Instagram Ads Strategy?

There’s a lot that goes into your Instagram ads strategy. But the best part is, you won’t have to navigate it alone. With an Instagram Advertising agency in Toronto, you get a professionally crafted, expert-driven ad strategy that delivers results that matter.

From being a Certified Facebook Partner with demonstrated knowledge of the Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms to keeping up with the latest industry tools and trends, an agency offers the full campaign life cycle support you need.

Thinking of a DIY approach to Instagram Advertising? Before you go ahead and do it all yourself, consider the top benefits of entrusting your Instagram Advertising strategy with a renowned Toronto agency:

The backbone of every campaign, now professionally crafted and tailored to your business goals. With an Instagram Advertising agency, you get an expert-driven strategy designed for success.

An Instagram Advertising agency provides full campaign life cycle support, from conceptualization and audience targeting, to designing ad creatives and bidding.

With an ad agency, you get ongoing support. You can count on full analytics visibility and expert-led recommendations for optimizing current campaigns and launching new ones.

Thanks to an Instagram Advertising agency’s demonstrated expertise, you can count on a strategy that results in higher conversions that result in high-value target actions, including completed purchases.

Overall, working with an Instagram Advertising agency results in higher returns on ad spend (ROAS). A higher ROAS is made possible by precise audience targeting, constant testing and optimization, and knowledge of your audience’s shopping behaviours.

What To Look For When Hiring an Instagram Advertising Agency in Toronto?

Ready to start a proven track record of successful Instagram Advertising? You need the right partner to get the job done. With the right Instagram Advertising agency, you’ll enjoy an expert-led strategy that runs smoothly and successfully, hassle-free. Thanks to a demonstrated history of leading campaigns, conversions, and increased return on ad spend, you can engage the right audiences and delight customers with fully immersive, high-converting media.

Here’s how to find the right Instagram ad agency in Toronto:

Choose an Instagram Advertising agency that combines the best of platform, advertising, and unique industry knowledge. You’ll want to partner with an ad agency that’s invested in getting to know your brand, competitors, and the overall landscape of your industry, so they can identify key selling points to amplify in campaigns.

With Instagram being part of the Facebook ecosystem, it’s crucial to work with an agency that brings multi-platform advertising experience. You’ll want to ensure a cohesive cross-campaign strategy to strengthen conversion funnels.

Make sure your Instagram ad agency has the results to back them up. Look at their portfolio of successful campaigns and check out client testimonials to confirm their track record.

It’s crucial to receive comprehensive, regular reports on your Instagram ad campaigns. Choose an agency that’s committed to regular reporting cycles that cover the right metrics and optimization strategies, along with constant communication and top-notch client experience.

Your Instagram Advertising agency should be able to work within your budget. Once they’ve completed a thorough assessment of your advertising needs and developed a strategy, it’s crucial that they work within your budget, at maximum efficiency.

What Other Services Complement Instagram Ads?

Instagram Advertising is a cornerstone of every social media and overall digital marketing strategy. It’s the best way to support organic content and boost their reach, so you can easily connect with customers using the platform to shop and curate their lifestyles.

But on its own, it’s not enough. While Instagram ads are a great way to cut through the noise and instantly increase brand interactions, you need to cover your bases. You can do this by pairing Instagram ads with other essential digital marketing tools. Together, they comprise a cohesive multi-platform strategy and robust conversion pathways across channels.

See what goes best with Instagram Advertising to enhance its reach:

Your Instagram ad is just the starting point. For customers to complete target actions, they have to be directed somewhere. Here’s where an effective landing page comes in. Landing page design ensures follow-through from the ad customers click on, so they can complete a purchase.

Ads on social are complemented by ad placement on other environments, such as search. Reinforcing Instagram ads with Google ads boosts conversion funnels, since customers have more opportunities to locate and interact with your brand.

A multi-platform campaign has never been easier to execute. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook belonging to the same platform ecosystem, you can easily push Instagram ads on Facebook and vice-versa. As a result, you can interact with two different audience segments at the same time.

Due to TiktTok’s popularity with Gen Z—and increasingly, all ages—consumers, you’ll want to keep them in the loop. Supplementing Instagram Advertising with TikTok ads ensures you cover all demographics and never miss out on crucial customer segments.

Similar to book-ending Instagram ads with Google ads, pairing them with YouTube ads can do wonders for your video content. A dual-platform strategy for video content allows you to tap into the audience of the most popular video-sharing platform while drawing more engagement on Instagram.

Instagram ads are a great way to boost influencer content and breathe new life into the standard ad campaign. Through a combined approach to Instagram ads and influencer marketing, you can broaden your audience and access a customer segment that’s ready to buy, encouraged by their favourite content creators.

Why Choose Consultus Digital As Your YouTube Ads Agency?

On its own, Instagram is already a powerful platform. But combined with advertising features, it’s become unstoppable. Today, it’s the go-to platform for beautiful, highly visual, and fully immersive campaigns. It’s why brands like yours are likely on the platform—and looking to take your reach to the next level.

But do you know where to start? That’s where Consultus Digital comes in. Simply put, we’re Toronto’s premiere Instagram Advertising agency. We’re here to take the hard work out of running an Instagram Advertising campaign, so you can focus on building on the results we deliver. Here’s how:

Consultus Digital is a certified Facebook Marketing Partner. We earned this distinction through our demonstrated expertise in advertising across the Facebook ecosystem, which includes Instagram. Leveraging a shared Ad Manager platform, we’ve mastered the art of crafting multi-platform campaigns, with a focus on Instagram’s ever-evolving market.

Consultus isn’t just any other Instagram advertising agency in Toronto. We’re proud to bring years of valuable experience and seasoned insights to every Instagram ad strategy we develop and execute. Most of all, we have the track record to back it up, as seen in our portfolio of successful campaigns and roster of happy, industry-leading clients.

At Consultus Digital, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we take the time to learn everything we need to know about your business and industry, and develop a tailored Instagram Advertising strategy. To keep this process streamlined and transparent, you’ll have access to a dedicated account manager who will provide regular updates, answer questions, and ensure that you’re getting the results you need from your campaign.

As one of Toronto’s leading Instagram Advertising agencies, we strive to maintain this reputation by providing the best value to our clients. We do this by thinking beyond your advertising needs today—and preparing for them. With flexible and responsive processes, regular tracking and optimization, and the latest Instagram advertising tools on-hand, we can quickly evolve your campaigns and pivot to meet the latest customer insights.

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