How To Utilize Instagram Shopping For Your Business

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As a business owner, you want to be able to address all avenues of potential revenue, including how to utilize Instagram Shopping for your business. Do you have your own business but no means to have a physical storefront? Are you an e-commerce brand that’s launching new products and you also want to have a social media presence? Ask yourself a few of these questions, and if you’re answering yes, you may be the perfect candidate for Instagram Shopping.

Online and e-commerce brands only continue to grow, and Instagram is now allowing businesses to have virtual and immersive storefronts living on their Instagram business profiles. This feature is basically a virtual shopping mall that allows you to view pricing, sizing, colour options, and the link to buy with just a quick tap of the tag on an image, making online shopping that much easier!

Let’s dive into How To Utilize Instagram Shopping For Your Business, how to get it on your profile, and why the features are a benefit to your business.

Instagram Shopping Statistics

In the world of online shopping, many users look to in-app shopping channels such as Shopify, Dote, and Amazon. 44% of people use Instagram to shop weekly, and the Instagram platform continues to allow brands to engage with all shoppers beyond their own product websites and physical stores. Instagram says that 90% of the app’s users follow a business, and usually, it’s more than one. In other statistics, Instagram has commented on the fact that more than 130 million users every month tap Instagram posts to see shopping product tags, which is why this avenue has become increasingly more popular year-over-year, since testing in 2016 and finally launching in 2017. Think about how important it is to your own brand and its potential to reach that many people!

What Are Instagram Shopping Posts?

Instagram Shopping posts are feed or story content that has physical products tagged within the image. By adding product tags to your image on Instagram, the physical product and link will be pulled from your Facebook Business page product catalogue. This ensures consistency across the brand platforms and allows for the proper product information to be pulled in directly from your Shopify website & Facebook page. These posts feature tappable tags, just as if you were tagging a friend or another brand within an image. Patrons of your business may also be inclined to search on the Explore Tab on Instagram for certain products they are looking for, and your post’s product tags will be searchable. 

Screenshot of Instagram Shopping image of girl wearing ElevenElfs - Elfy vegan down jacket in Red. Screenshot of Instagram Shopping image of two options of ElevenElfs Elfy vegan down jacket in Red and Olive. Screenshot of image showing description of ElevenElfs Elfy vegan down jacket. Screenshot of image of ElevenElfs Elfy vegan down jacket in Olive with sizing.

Why Creating A Shoppable Instagram Feed Is Important?

This feature is important for business owners because it gives Instagram users the ability to shop your products, business, and website, without leaving the Instagram app. As part of an e-commerce strategy or overall digital marketing strategy, this completely changes the shopping and user experience of your website and allows for additional activations and revenue to flourish. If you are an emerging brand that already has a social media following, or you’re just a new brand starting off, it’s important to create visibility for your brand on the platform. Ensuring your products are live and shoppable on your feed also helps with building habits from your customer base and existing clients, driving anticipation for new product launches and making cultural and emotional connections with your fans.

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Benefits Of Changing Your Instagram Profile To Business

In order to be a candidate for Instagram Shopping on your profile, you must first have a Facebook Business Page for your store or brand and then connect that directly to your Instagram account. This allows for posting simultaneously on both channels and also imports several different features like pulling product catalogues, adding contact buttons or calls to action like Booking or Reserving, visibility of Instagram analytics and data for your page, and the ability to add links to your Instagram Stories. You may also use your Ad Manager to create advertisements and sponsored posts for your brand to increase brand awareness and your following in general.

How To Setup Instagram Shopping

It’s important to establish the groundwork before launching Instagram Shopping. These simple steps will allow you to apply for Instagram Shopping and have notifications sent to the Instagram team. Upon waiting for your approval, you may want to complete a website or Facebook update, and ensure your product catalogues are up-to-date.

  1. Convert your brands Instagram to a Business Account
  2. Connect your Instagram Business Profile to your Facebook Business Page – you must be page Admin
  3. Link your Shopify e-commerce website to your Facebook Business Page
  4. Create a Facebook shop and import your product catalogue from your Shopify website
  5. Connect your Facebook Business Account to your Instagram Business profile
  6. Link your Shopify store to your Instagram Business Account
  7. Await Instagram’s approval

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Creating Better User Experiences & Learning How To Utilize Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is an unbelievable tool that should be utilized by all brands big or small. Its in-app ability to host products and completely simplify the shopping experience make it a great investment. This tool also allows you to tell your story and have a clear and concise brand voice within your social media platforms, that directly incorporates your brand identity and all your products. Instagram Shopping also helps scale and grow your current audience base and allows new customers to find and view your products and services, giving you the most rewarding and beneficial ROI.

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