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You’ve been running around with so many ideas about how to position your business efficiently and effectively. Have you thought about using buzz-worthy branded digital marketing? There are many facets to digital marketing that can elevate your brand and help expand your book of business and client base, one of which is using specific tactics that will allow you to create hype, whether you’re a brand new startup or just expanding a new element of your old existing business.

These are the top ways to create buzz-worthy branded digital marketing surrounding your brand, in hopes of promoting virality, creating brand loyalty and garnering leads.

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Buzz-worthy Social Media

Through your social media channels, you can advocate for your brand as a top contender. It is important for a business to have accounts with all social media platforms because it creates visibility to all clients and customers both new and old, and also introduces your business to those same people in a manner that you can control yourself. You can use social listening to get to know where your audience is living, how much time they are spending on that platform, and what their demographics are, so you can use it to your advantage within your business model and hopefully garner more activation’s or leads.

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Landing Page

While you may be working on creating original content, having photography and branding assets created, utilizing influencers to help build your brand voice, or pre-planning your social media accounts, a landing page might be one asset that you’ve overlooked. A landing page is a brand gateway, think of it as the window to your success. These pages introduce any visitors that may be directed to your site from your social media platforms, client emails, or brand advertisements. This allows them to get a glimpse into the identity of your company, your site, your product or services. A landing page also helps you direct traffic while your still building out your brand, allowing you to capture analytics on where traffic is coming from and allows visitors to put in their emails, so that you can build out an email marketing list to later use for things like re-marketing or newsletter blasts.

Branded Viral Videos

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Posting these well constructed and thought out videos to your social media channels, create brand awareness and hopefully can create virality surrounding it so that it spreads like a disease. It is through the process of liking and sharing these video assets that one may become viral and blow up on different social media platforms. This gains more attention for you and your brand, and helps direct traffic directly to the source of the original video. Through a platform like Instagram, videos get a vastly larger amount of views than photos do now, as an update of the new algorithms, making it the perfect opportunity for you to create amazing fun and engaging videos for your audience and get yourself noticed!


Search Engine Optimization allows you to impact your search engine rankings through your using specific SEO keywords throughout your content. It also allows you to actively create strategies ensuring that when your audience or customers are in need of locating you and your services, that Google houses all information related to you and your business and through bidding can have you at the top of mind, ensuring that someone’s first click is your business! Search engines may help drive traffic to websites and corresponding social media platforms. They also attract more quality visitors that after searching your business are more inclined to make an in person visit, if applicable, attracting visibility and making a place for your brand among the top search results.


To help establish your brand as an authority within a certain niche or space, and to create stature surrounding your company and the services you may offer, blogging can create a sense of community for the website readers. Blogging as well, creates a knowledgeable database where one can feature content, news, guest writers, as well as up and coming promotions or house past brand marketing. Having a blog helps grow your audience and allows them to make informed decisions about your brand, building lasting relationships and gaining more leads. As well, the search engines are more prone to reward active businesses, that publish consistent quality content, humanizing the products and services, ensuring brand credibility.

Clever Messaging

When you think of a brand you often think of a slogan, a song, or that one marketing campaign that recognizably helped skyrocket the brand. Creating powerful brand messaging and positioning your brand voice is something that should be done within the businesses groundwork. It truly is what sticks in consumer minds, and may determine whether the brand fights or flights. Brand guidelines allow messaging and branding collateral to be kept clear and concise, ensuring everyone involved is on the same page. When looking to create a buzz surrounding your brand, aim for tongue and cheek, trendy, funny or punny, messaging that will allow  you to stay current.

Buzz-worthy verdict?

Through strategic brand identity optimization and grunt work, you can better substantiate your brand within the digital marketing space by planning ahead and creating clear and concise brand messaging that is easy to capture the attention of onlookers. Through different ways like incorporating video assets, adjusting your landing pages, cleaning up your website, and upping your blogging game, you will allow your brand to be better positioned to become “buzz-worthy” likely by arousing the interests of many new clients and customers.

Having trouble creating buzz-worthy branded digital marketing surrounding your new business, planning a new brand launch or need help elevating or re-marketing your existing brand? We would love to learn more information on what we can do here at Consultus Digital to help you! Contact us today!

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