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TikTok is the new kid in town – the latest social platform that’s taking Gen Z by storm. TikTok is easily the fastest growing social platform on the planet, with a growth rate of 58% in 2020, that’s twice as quickly as Facebook.

Users of this video-sharing platform are predominantly of Generation Z (Gen Z), with a medium age between 16-24. With the average user spending about 1 hour per day on the app, TikTok ranks in the top 3 apps worldwide for on-screen time per user. Recognizing the increasing popularity of this platform, brands are quickly reallocating their social media towards TikTok and taking advantage of the low cost to advertise to their audience. It’s a great compliment to your existing Instagram advertising.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing social media platform created in 2017 by the Chinese technological company, ByteDance. TikTok has simplified the video creation and sharing process. This mobile application allows users to create and share video content directly from their smartphones. It’s very similar to the Instagram app fundamentals but with more robust features that encourage creativity, and frankly, more entertaining content.


What is Tik Tok? – Consultus Digital

What is TikTok Advertising?

The TikTok advertising platform launched in 2020, and Consultus Digital was one of the first agencies in Canada to be awarded access to the platform. The platform allows advertisers to display ads to their ideal audience with precision accuracy. Using 1st party data, TikTok advertising has a lot of information on their users as it can hone in your audience by age, sex, location, interests, behaviour, device type, and more.

Similar to Facebook advertising and Linkedin advertising, TikTok uses a CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) and CPC (cost-per-click) model to charge their advertising customers. This method allows advertisers to forecast the media budget they require to achieve their objectives.

TikTok ads are placed in-feed, at full-screen for a positive user experience and better engagement. Like all digital ad platforms, TikTok advertising provides analytics to measure the success of your paid campaign. The metrics they provide are in the form of; impressions, clicks & engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc.).

What is Tik Tok Advertising? - Consultus Digital

Influencer Marketing Campaigns on TikTok

Another way to advertise on TikTok is by working directly with the influencers, also known as content creators, themselves. There are thousands of content creators using TikTok, each with a unique following. Advertising with a TikTok influencer can help your business create an authentic connection with your audience by leveraging the trust the influencer has built with theirs.

Consultus Digital uses sophisticated software to categorize TikTok influencers to hone in on those that align with your brand. We create the influencer marketing strategy, negotiate the terms, and report on your TikTok influencer campaign results.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns on Tik Tok – Consultus Digital

TikTok Advertising

The Consultus Digital

As one of the newest advertising tools, there is an excellent opportunity for any brand to boost its digital presence on TikTok. At Consultus Digital, we try to include a TikTok ads strategy with every client – especially those using organic or paid social – to maximize conversions and brand awareness. We approach each TikTok ad campaign using our tried and true method.

schedule a discovery call
Position your brand in the TikTok advertising campaign
Understand Your Brand

The first step in our process is to learn everything we can about you, your business, and how you want to position your brand in the TikTok advertising campaign. We need to know about your business, customers, product and/or service, competitive marketplace, value propositions, and buyer personas. Based on this information, we have the understanding and context needed to leverage the TikTok ad platform to your benefit.

Tiktok advertising goal setting
Goal Setting

We will meet with you to discuss your marketing goals, experience, and the desired outcome of your TikTok advertising program to develop a creative approach that can move the needle for your business. Do you want users to purchase a particular product? Do you want to get more users to sign up for a newsletter? Whatever your goal is, Consultus Digital can provide a strategy to achieve outstanding results.

Create content - Consultus digital method
Create Content

Our team of experts are experienced in creating exceptional assets and copy that will catch your audience’s attention and help drive conversions. Depending on the size of the campaign, this can involve influencers and multiple days of shooting to get the best assets to ensure your TikTok ad look great and are engaging.

If Influencer Marketing is involved in the campaign, we will manage creative briefs, work-back schedule, and deliverables for all influencers. All influencer posts will be sent to the client for approval before being posted on TikTok.

Strategize & optimize tiktok campaign
Strategize & Optimize

Once your TikTok campaign is live, your Account Manager will continuously monitor its performance and reach, making tweaks to ensure you get the best investment return. Keeping a close eye on your TikTok ads performance while your campaign is live is vital to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Comprehensive Reporting Icon
Performance Reports

Once the campaign has ended, you will receive a thorough breakdown of the results of your TikTok ads. We will then put together actionable recommendations for future campaigns to help further your business’s continued growth on TikTok.

TikTok Advertising FAQs

The advertising cost on TikTok depends on your campaign objectives; how wide of a net do we need to cast to accomplish your desired results? A moderate campaign for a small and medium-sized business can run $2000 – $4000 / month plus agency fees. Larger campaigns can run into thousands of dollars. What’s great about TikTok advertising is that with proper tracking implemented on your site, you can determine precisely your return on investment.

Yes, it can, depending on your products or services being provided. It’s important to remember your customers have lives outside of work, and when enjoying time away from work, many use TikTok to entertain themselves.

No! TikTok is recognized as the next big social platform.

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