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Marketing Service | Email Marketing

Welcome to every customer’s inbox. It’s all thanks to email marketing that you landed here. With 4 billion daily email users, email marketing is one of the most ubiquitous and powerful forms of digital marketing available to businesses, big and small.

Connect with customers, starting when they invite you to their personal space, reserved only for the people they want to hear from.

All you need to do is tailor content to the right audience and deliver it straight to their inbox. Drive traffic to your website and boost conversions, all with an exceptional return on investment. Discover the power of a personalized experience, crafted for all your customers, new and loyal.

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing?

In the age of rapidly refreshing social media feeds, let’s get our facts straight: amidst the likes, reactions, and comments, email is still very much alive. There’s something deeply personal and instantly captivating about getting a message delivered straight to your inbox.

It’s this exact wisdom that email marketing is built on. Email marketing starts with customers inviting you into their inbox. Simply, they want to hear from you, so make it count. Here are the biggest benefits of email marketing campaigns for brands in Toronto:

Personalized customer experience

Email marketing is the pinnacle of personalization. 31% of B2B marketers say that email newsletters are the best way to nurture leads, with as much as a 760% increase in revenue. There isn’t a more personal customer experience than content curated exactly based on their interests. Email marketing makes this easy to do by creating customer segments so that you can send out newsletters according to their interests.

Personalized Customer Experience - Consultus Digital
Higher ROI Than Social Ads - Consultus Digital

Higher ROI than social ads

With more than 8 out of 10 people opening welcome emails and generating four times as many opens and ten times as many clicks, email marketing is off to a great start. It provides even more conversions and order value than social media marketing, thanks to the hyper-personalization that email provides.

Automation for conversions

With the right strategy and platform, email marketing can run like clockwork. It’s big on automation, allowing you to deploy campaigns easily and manage the entire sales cycle. Set up customer segments and tailor content for regular, automated touchpoints, guaranteed to drive conversions.

Automation For Conversions - Consultus Digital
Drive Traffic - Consultus Digital

Drive traffic

The best email newsletters curate content linked to your site, directing customers to the products and services they need and exclusive offers, prompting them to revisit abandoned shopping carts and boost your SEO marketing efforts with increased traffic. It’s no wonder that 87% of B2B marketers consider email one of their top free organic distribution channels.


Email is easily accessible on any device, so you’re sure to catch customers anywhere, anytime. In fact, as 60% of emails are now opened on mobile, every campaign is sure to reach customers on the go.

Email Accessibility - Consultus Digital
Credibility - Consultus Digital


The best part about email marketing is that it’s permission-based. Customers have to consent to get on your distribution list. That means they want to hear from you. So when they do, greeting them with a professional, branded template is sure to establish credibility and brand recall.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of promoting your brand, its services and products through direct email messaging to defined audiences in your business’ email database.

These audiences are usually people who have signed up for your newsletter, provided their email during account creation, or have consensually given their contact information to your business. This typically permits you to contact them with marketing materials, which is an excellent opportunity to serve targeted, highly actionable marketing directly into their inboxes.

Email marketing allows you to interact with your customers directly, as opposed to social media advertising or influencer marketing. You can send a specific message to specific people who have already demonstrated some interest in your brand. With the right creative approach, copy, and email layout, click-through rates and sales can be boosted dramatically.

Many email marketing tools offer some degree of automated personalization, allowing you to alter a generic marketing email with individual names and other identifying features so that each recipient feels as if the email has been written exclusively for them.

The Consultus Digital Method

At Consultus Digital, we understand the importance of an email marketing campaign expertly executed the first time, every time. Our entire in-house creative team makes creating unforgettable engagement opportunities for your customers their top priority. We focus on what you want to draw attention to and make them irresistible to your target audience. Whatever your business goals, the Consultus Method can bring you the results you’re after.

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Audience Research

Before we launch any campaign, we perform extensive audience research to understand exactly who your audience is and what.. they want to see. We take the time to learn everything you know about your customers so that we can put that to good use when creating a dynamic and engaging email marketing campaign.

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Customized Design

Once we understand your audience perfectly, it’s time to create custom email designs that will speak to them. Our.. in-house creative team will create custom graphics, content, and newsletters that match your brand identity and tone. We structure the content to best draw attention to what you want your customers to engage with and ensure there are multiple calls-to-action (CTAs) and clickable links to drive traffic and conversions.

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Scheduling & Management

With your audience defined and an optimized email marketing campaign crafted, we then schedule and manage delivery ..across your customer base. We use the latest mass emailing platforms to ensure consistent delivery and traceability without triggering spam filters to ensure your message is seen by the people you want.

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Actionable Reporting

Following your email marketing campaign, your dedicated Account Manager will put together a comprehensive.. report on how it performed. They will include important statistics like open rates, conversions, and detailed suggestions for enhancements to future campaigns.
Email marketing remains one of the most powerful and in many cases, underutilized tools in the digital marketing tool belt. Contact Consultus today and let us take your business to new heights.


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Why is Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing can be a crucial element for marketing strategies to improve customer engagement and boost brand recall.

Unlike with social media marketing or Google Ads, you are not directly competing with other businesses in email marketing. Instead, you have a space entirely dedicated to your brand and your messaging, improving the chances that your target audience will engage with your content and click through to your site.

Email marketing is a timely and completely actionable form of digital marketing, ideally suited to raising awareness about a new product, event, or sale that your business is currently launching. It allows you to pitch your unique sales proposition directly to the customer and then invite them to engage with a call-to-action. Every click you receive through to your website will also send positive signals to Google that will help boost your SEO performance overall.

Why Choose Consultus Digital As Your Email Marketing Agency?

With email marketing a cornerstone of digital marketing in Toronto, there is no shortage of agencies that provide this service. But there’s more to email marketing than just hitting send on a regular basis. You need a tailored, custom-crafted strategy for landing in your customers’ inboxes.

As a leading email marketing agency in Toronto, Consultus Digital provides exactly that — a proven approach for landing in your customers’ inboxes, curating compelling offers that warrant opens, and building conversion pathways. See how we work, from inbox to shopping cart and checkout:

Email expertise

At Consultus Digital, we’re passionate about email and the possibilities it continues to offer in this highly social digital age. Our team is led by email marketing experts who know ..the ins and outs of email copywriting, creative direction, and strategy development. Combined, we deliver a high-conversion email marketing strategy fully personalized to your brand and target audience.


Technology implementation

Consultus Digital is a leader in leveraging the latest tools for designing, launching, and optimizing your email marketing campaigns. As authorized CRM partners, we can lead ..various technology integrations, from email marketing platform to CRM software, for seamless campaign management, lead nurturing, and lasting customer relationships.


Personalized and transparent

At Consultus Digital, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. That’s why we only offer custom email marketing strategies and campaigns. Our email marketing agency is ..dedicated to deep personalization and transparent reporting, so you’re always getting fresh insights into optimizing every email campaign. With your dedicated Consultus account manager just a quick call or message away, you can count on us for timely support and continuous growth.

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What Other Services Complement Email Marketing?

Landing in your customers’ inbox is the goal — and one of the most effective ways of driving traffic and conversions. But to get there, you need a little boost. It’s all part of one complete digital marketing strategy tailored to your audience.

Choose an email marketing strategy that does it all for you. Seal the deal with email marketing when each campaign is optimized with these tools:

  • CRM implementation: Track leads generated from your digital marketing efforts and store key customer information with an expertly implemented and customized CRM to leverage for email marketing and easily visualize customer relationships.
  • Marketing automation: Now, you won’t have to hit send manually every time. Complete your email marketing service with marketing automation to easily maintain regular customer touchpoints, including welcome and thank you emails, newsletters, and more.
  • Digital marketing strategy: Align your email marketing campaigns with a broader digital marketing strategy. Launch email campaigns as part of a cohesive marketing strategy to ensure all key messages are aligned and meet your overall goals.
  • Google Ads & RemarketingFor every email sign-up and conversion, there are tons more leads stalled in the sales pipeline. Find out why with retargeted email marketing campaigns. Grow your subscriber list with sign-up promotions, and follow through with targeted email campaigns.
  • Landing PageAdd email newsletter sign-ups on landing pages. Get customers to subscribe to your newsletter and launch email campaigns to grow your subscriber base. Complete the customer journey once they land on your site and get them to convert with tailored email messages.
  • Content Marketing: Provide more value to customers with free resources, articles, ebooks, infographics, and more. Get customers to sign up for your newsletter and provide access to gated content, and nurture customer relationships.

What To Look For When Hiring An Email Marketing Agency In Toronto?

Who’s sending your emails? In a busy market like Toronto, you can’t — and shouldn’t — do it all alone. You need an email marketing agency to hit send and deliver on every campaign. An email marketing agency is your partner in every campaign. They’re the key to landing in more customers’ inboxes and ensuring that email opens translate to sales and lasting customer relationships.

See how an expert-led email marketing agency like Consultus Digital helps you launch the best email marketing campaigns. Land in your customers’ inbox — signed, sealed, and delivered:

Personalized strategy

It’s your brand, your products, and your emails — they should look, feel, and sound exactly like you and appeal to your customers. Email marketing isn’t just about hitting send. It involves planning, creative direction, and content development, combined with deep personalization based on various customer segments.

Experience and success rates

Choose an email marketing agency with a proven track record of success. Browse their portfolio of past email marketing campaigns and see the types of emails they’ve designed for various brands in Toronto and the campaign results they’ve delivered.


How much is your budget for email marketing? Partner with an agency that can deliver meaningful results on every budget. Talk to your agency about your budget, and see the tailored strategy they can create to ensure that every campaign is fully scalable to your needs and target reach.


The best email marketing agencies in Toronto are expert-driven. Choose an agency that is led by marketing experts who have designed and launched various email campaigns, driven by their deep expertise in developing strategies, creative direction, content development, and more. Browse customer testimonials and reviews to see how they’ve led successful campaigns before and why they’re a trusted email marketing agency in Toronto.

Does My Business Need An Email Marketing Strategy?

If there was a way to reach your customers every day—and not just on busy social feeds where everyone else—wouldn’t you want to jump on it? Email marketing takes the noise out of connecting with customers by placing you directly in their inbox, where their most important communications are.

Yes, you need email marketing services. It’s one of the most essential tools in your digital marketing toolbox. There’s no better way to show customers they’re valued than coupons and exclusive deals delivered straight to their inbox and welcome new customers to your community.

Discover the power of a finely tailored and fully optimized email marketing strategy:

From the welcome email to exclusive offers, important announcements, giveaways, new items in stock, and more, email marketing presents countless opportunities to stay in touch with customers and build a connected brand every day. Tell your customers that you’re always thinking of them, and that they’re valued with a curated email marketing campaign.

With email available and optimized for every device, you can reach customers anywhere, anytime. Drop exclusive offers on the dot when you reach customers on any device, even on the go.

Email marketing provides powerfully insightful campaign metrics. Now, you can track how many people opened your message, new subscribers and unsubscribe rates, click-throughs, and conversions. All of these provide a big picture of how many customers are engaged with your brand, and what you need to do to increase their order value.

Sending and automating emails doesn’t need much. With endless possibilities for content tailored to different audience segments, an email template, and automation platform, email marketing is quick, easy, and cost-effective, with massive ROI potential.

Perhaps the biggest and most important benefit of email marketing is a tailored content strategy and optimized customer touchpoint. Simply check customers’ email preferences and divide them into segments, like new and returning customers, and develop campaign messages based on their purchase needs and history, and interests.

How Much Does Email Marketing Cost?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing tools you can leverage. The best part is, it doesn’t cost much. All you need is the right strategy, content, and platforms to launch regular email newsletters and seasonal marketing campaigns. From increased brand awareness to conversions and lifetime customer value, discover how your email marketing campaign is crafted, for a smart investment:

How much is your budget for email marketing? Factors like annual revenue, industry and market competition, and the size of your business help determine how much it costs to effectively reach customers and the right budget to allocate.

What are you using email marketing for? Whether it’s for welcome emails to new customers, regular newsletter editions for product guides, or exclusive deals, these are part of a unique email marketing campaign strategy. These require various types of content tailored to different audience segments.

How often are you sending emails? Do you have a daily edit, or are you just sending weekly recaps and seasonal offers? More emails mean more content, so it’s important to know your customers’ needs and preferences.

What types of automation do you need? Are you sending welcome emails to new customers and thank-you messages after every purchase, or daily newsletters and shopping guides? These automations will have to be programmed on an email marketing automation platform for seamless delivery.

Most important of all, what are your campaign goals? Whether you’re aiming to increase subscriber rates and click-throughs or you’re measuring conversions, these goals need to be defined to tailor campaigns accordingly.

What Can You Expect From An Email Marketing Strategy?

The best email marketing campaigns are expert-driven — and in a competitive market like Toronto, it’s exactly what you need. With the right email marketing agency, you’ll be able to meet your goal of building a better-connected brand. From creating buyer personas and customer segments, to developing a content strategy and optimizing each delivery, discover the difference of a tailored email marketing strategy:

Your email marketing strategy should be built on a plan—a complete, well-documented plan that accounts for your overall digital marketing goals, business results, target audience, and budget.

Who are you sending emails to? Make sure your email marketing strategy is built not just with an audience in mind but specific customer segments. Whether they’re new or loyal customers, knowing who you’re sending emails to defines the rest of your strategy.

Your email marketing strategy should be purpose-driven. Every email is designed for a specific audience and target conversion action. Whether it’s to welcome new customers with a special discount or launch a new offer, your strategy accounts for different marketing goals and how to achieve them from initial open to checkout.

Every email marketing strategy is measured using clearly defined campaign metrics. See how well each campaign performs with the open and subscribe rates, clicks, and conversions. Find out how well customers responded to your offers and optimize campaigns to their preferences.

What’s in your email? Every email you send out needs to reflect your brand identity to improve brand recall and serve your audience with value-added content. Launch every campaign tailored to your audience and fully optimized for every screen.

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