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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Bing ad’s are the sponsored ads at the top of both Bing and Yahoo search engines. Yahoo!/Bing are estimated at only having 8.27% of the Canadian search market. While that limits opportunities, it’s also worth noting that the cost-per-click is typically cheaper than Google.

What Is
Bing Advertising?

Yahoo! and Bing are two of the main competitors of the titan search engine, Google.

While they command a smaller market share of the search world, Yahoo!-Bing advertising can be an effective way to collect additional leads and sales at a lower cost to a specific target demographic. Bing is the default search engine for Microsoft Edge, which is the default browser on any MSN or Microsoft device.

Generally, users who are searching through Bing are of an older demographic with higher household incomes. The unique searchers on Yahoo!-Bing spend 26 percent more money online than their average Google counterparts.

Since the competitive space with Yahoo!-Bing PPC advertising is much less saturated than Google, business will see significantly lower Cost-Per-Click (CPC) from this strategy. This should also result in a lower Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) than Google Ads, further improving return on investment.

In addition to their lower search engine market share, Yahoo! and Bing ads are both managed within the Bing Ads management console (which shares the same look and feel as Google Ads), and default reporting combines results from the two engines.

What is Bing Advertising - Consultus Digital

Advantages Of
Bing Advertising

Even though the search volume going through Yahoo! And Bing is lower than Google, there are still several benefits to consider. These include:

  • Less advertiser competition means lower CPCs, which translates into lower CPL for your business.
  • Bing and Yahoo! typically have an older demographic of users (average age is 35+). Yahoo!-Bing users are more likely to have children or be consumers of products and services that cater to an older customer base. This can be an advantage and play into the key target demographic for many businesses.
  • On average, Bing users are more “blue-collar” than “white-collar,” which can be advantageous based on your business’s key target demographic.

Keeping these advantages in mind can help you make the most of your marketing budget for search engine marketing. Depending on what your business does and who your target audience is, it might be more beneficial for your business to put more money into Bing advertising in Toronto than competing in the oversaturated Google market.

Advantages Of Bing Advertising - Consultus Digital

Why Is It

Bing advertising in Toronto can be an incredibly useful tool for certain industries and markets. Due to the lower competition and different demographics of the typical Bing searcher, ad dollars spent here can have a fantastic return on investment.

Where you might have had to spend hundreds of dollars on Google to achieve a couple of conversions, you could spend a fraction of that on Bing and get highly targeted results with excellent conversion rates.

The Bing and Yahoo! advertising platform is also similar to Google Ads, meaning it can be managed similarly. You can target various demographics, geographic locations, and other factors to help serve your business to the most appropriate audience.

Why Is It Important? - Consultus Digital

Yahoo!-Bing Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The Consultus Digital

Consultus Digital offers a tailored, expert solution to Bing and Yahoo! advertising in Toronto. Our dedicated Account Managers make it their top priority to understand everything there is to know about your business, your target audience, and the goals you are trying to reach. We then use that knowledge to craft an effective and comprehensive Bing advertising campaign with the Consultus Method.

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Detailed Keyword Research Icon
Keyword Research

We perform extensive keyword research to understand exactly what your target audience is searching for when it comes to your business. By finding out what people are actually typing into Bing when they go looking for businesses in your industry, we can place more bids on the keywords that matter, and ignore those that don’t.

Optimized Content Icon
Optimized Content

Once we know what keywords to focus on, we craft content that hits those search terms while also being engaging and attractive to users. We perform deep SEO optimizations for your website and landing pages, helping your advertising spend translate into real conversions.

Dynamic Management Icon
Dynamic Management

The world of Bing advertising is constantly changing, with bids on keywords changing by the minute. Your dedicated Account Manager will ensure you are only ever paying the amount you want, and that the money you are spending is being distributed dynamically to maximize your return on investment.

Comprehensive Reporting Icon
Comprehensive Reporting

At the end of each month, your Account Manager will put together a detailed report of the past month’s deliverables and achievements. You will be able to see which dollars got you the most return, the emerging trends in your industry, and what to focus on in the months ahead.

If you are looking to serve your business to an untapped and profitable market, contact Consultus Digital today and see how we can help you grow.

Yahoo!-Bing Pay-Per-Click Advertising FAQs

Yahoo!/Bing advertising works in much the same way as Google Ads does. Your Account Manager will perform extensive keyword research to determine which ones to bid on to generate the most interest in your brand. They will then set a maximum bid for that keyword, meaning that is the most amount of money you would be willing to spend to appear for that search term. Then, every time a user performs a search, a live auction is held and whichever company had the highest maximum bid will win. If your bid was the highest by a significant margin, you will only pay one cent higher than the next highest bid, to minimize the amount you have to spend to rank for your chosen keywords.

As the demographics of the users on Bing and Yahoo! tend to be older and with a higher household income, any business that wishes to target these audiences could benefit. This might include seniors insurance, legal services, retirement villages, and more. Additionally, as many of the users of Bing will likely have children, childcare services could effectively target an audience with a high conversion potential.

Costs will vary depending on the competitiveness of your chosen keywords, how many you choose to target, and the search volume for that particular word. Regardless of these factors, Yahoo!/Bing advertising will be considerably cheaper than the same keywords in Google, due mainly to the fact there are fewer users on Bing. This makes it a very smart investment for certain businesses looking to maximize the return on investment for their marketing dollars.

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