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1-star rating. Negative comments. Angry and frustrated reactions. We’ve seen it all—the full range of customer reactions and the reviews, and the power that they hold over your next sale.

Unresolved pain points, a frustrating purchase process, and less-than stellar customer service create the perfect storm. And there’s nothing as bad as developing a reputation for these, especially in the hyperspeed pace that word travels on digital platforms. Today’s customers are savvier than ever, equipped with all the tools they need to help convert or turn away your next customer.

With as much as 79% of consumers trusting online reviews the same way they would word-of-mouth from friends, 89% actively reading reviews before making a purchase and 31% of them considering at least four internet strangers’ opinions, it’s clear that a good online reputation matters and makes all the difference in building customer trust.

Looking to rebuild and strengthen your brand’s reputation? Consultus Digital is one of Toronto’s leading reputation management agencies. Together, we can build customer trust and loyalty in your brand, and enhance your reputation for quality goods and services. Discover the full power of a trusted profile with online reputation management.

The Consultus Digital Method

The experts at Consultus Digital have years of experience managing online reputations for brands in every industry. We pride ourselves on creating unique content and engagement strategies that help boost our clients to new heights. Every online reputation management campaign we take on follows our unique process.

Detailed Overview

The first step in our online reputation management process involves getting a comprehensive look at every aspect of your online presence, from social media to Google reviews. We take stock of the platforms and interactions you already have and set up any new accounts that we believe will benefit your online reputation in the long run.

Detailed Overview - Consultus Digital
Curated Content - Consultus Digital

Curated Content

Our team of expert in-house copywriters and designers then create content unique and optimized to each platform. For Instagram, that might be attractive photography that promotes your brand values. For Facebook, that might be sharing your latest blog that answers some relevant user questions. Whatever the online space, we develop the right content to suit the audience.

Effective Engagement

Once your content is live and starting to generate some attention, our experienced social media managers get to work promoting engagement and responding to customers. This can be in the form of comments, direct messages, reviews, and suggestions your users leave on your content. By facilitating a conversation around your brand, you can become more humanized and relatable to your customers.

Effective Engagement - Consultus Digital
Review Generation - Consultus Digital

Review Generation

Reviews have never been more powerful, which is why at Consultus Digital, we focus on generating positive reviews for our clients across all their digital spaces. Through target email outreach and post-sale follow-ups, we can improve customer review likelihood and boost your positioning on Google.

Consultus Digital offers comprehensive online reputation management for brands in every industry. Contact us today and allow us to craft a campaign that will boost your customer relationship for years to come.

Why Is Reputation Management Important?

With more and more consumer-brand interactions happening online, online reputation management has never been more crucial to business success. A quick tap on Google Maps or Yelp can give you anywhere from 1 to all the stars, and make or break your next potential customer’s confidence in purchasing from you. This is business in the digital age—the vast majority of Canadians now actively engage on at least one social media platform, sharing the latest finds that they love, and shaping their family and friends’ decisions to buy.

And yet, many brands in Toronto continue to ignore their social media profiles, at their own peril. Meanwhile, engaging actively on these platforms allow you to be part of the conversation—and shape it. Complementary content—from product features and discounts, to customer reviews and testimonials—can make all the difference in boosting your brand’s reputation as a thought leader and becoming a trusted source of information.

Let’s take a closer look at the importance of online reputation management:

  • With the right content and engagement, you can foster brand love while creating a support system both online and in real life.
  • Implementing an effective review generation campaign can help give customers the little nudge they need to leave a positive review on your platform of choice.
  • Getting enough positive reviews can help boost your SEO efforts and drive more customers to complete a purchase.
  • Preserving your brand’s reputation promotes brand safety and credibility, signaling to customers that your brand is trustworthy and every transaction is safe, convenient, and enjoyable.

Does My Business Need Reputation Management?

More than craftsmanship and unbelievable deals, it’s your reputation that you really trade on. In a fast-paced, highly saturated market, it’s the trust factor that makes you stand out and gain an edge over a less-than reliable competitor.

And while global brands are heavily invested in managing risk through brand safety and history of delivering high-quality products, a lot of newer brands and local businesses in markets like Toronto often don’t have a solid online reputation management strategy. Because of this, even just a handful of negative comments can put a brand on the map—all for the wrong reasons. Meanwhile, it can take more time to rebuild a brand’s image and make it positive.

So, yes—you need an online reputation management strategy, and you need it now. Here’s every reason why you need to get proactive in amplifying positive customer experiences and building trust early on.

Improve Your Brand’s Image - Consultus Digital

Improve your brand’s image

Is your current image attracting enough customers? Are customers raving about you online and sharing what they love about your products or services to family and friends? An online reputation management ..strategy can include a review generation campaign to amplify positive customer experiences.

Handle Negative Reviews Icon

Handle negative reviews

While one or two unhappy customers is a reality of doing business, you need a better way to deal with this feedback. Online reputation management can help you examine these reviews, the pain points ..and frustrations experienced, and find out how you can make it right with customers.

Rank Locally Icon

Rank locally

If you have a physical location, the best customers are in your area or looking to buy there. But what if they can’t find you on local search? Online reputation management allows you to target local searches by boosting.. your Google Business rating and getting more reviews.

Increase Revenue Icon

Increase revenue

Not quite hitting your revenue targets? When you’ve tried everything else like paid ads, email newsletters, coupons and exclusive offers, and other tactics, remember to go back to the basics—what customers.. are saying about your brand. Online reputation management includes social listening, so you can find out why visitors and foot traffic aren’t converting, and how you can address these. Ultimately, a good reputation boosts your revenue.


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What Other Services Complement Reputation Management?

Your brand’s reputation is everything, but achieving a stellar one online goes way beyond handling reviews. Online reputation management has many components, each designed to boost your brand’s image on various platforms, increase positive customer interactions to drive customer loyalty, and grow your reach.

Check out our agency’s recommended digital marketing services that enable effective reputation management in Toronto:

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Social Media Marketing and Paid Ads: Got a customer testimonial or comment to share? Add these social proofs to your social media profiles and leverage these for high-performing content. Plus, boost this content with paid Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or LinkedIn advertising to increase your reach and shift your social strategy to include the stories of real customers.

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Content Marketing and Video Testimonials: More than sharing text reviews and star ratings, get your best customers to sit down and share their journey with you in a captivating video testimonial. We’ll use this content in blogs, newsletter round-ups, white papers, and other content marketing materials to continuously promote brand safety and customer trust.

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SEO and Google Business: Boost your brand’s reputation by targeting the most common customer searches and increasing local SEO efforts. Increase your views on Google Business, thanks to getting more reviews, a higher rating, and unparalleled relevance to customers’ needs and searches.

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Email Marketing: Spice up your latest newsletter with more than just product content. Include customer ratings and reviews and invite customers to share their feedback in a review generation campaign. Plus, send loyal customers special offers straight to their inbox!

How Does Reputation Management Work?

Online reputation management involves generating positive brand sentiment and engagement with consumers, as well as responding to negative interactions, and trying to resolve them. This is done primarily through three different avenues:

Social Media Management Icon

Social Media Management

Social media is one of the most powerful tools at a brand’s disposal in the modern market. These platforms allow brands to share related content without it appearing too much like traditional advertising. It also consumers a two-way conversation with brands – something that was impossible a short time ago. Through effective social media management, content marketing, and review solicitation, these everyday interactions can add up to create a powerful voice of trust to promote your company.

Review Generation Icon

Review Generation

Online reviews are some of the most powerful and important interactions you can have with your customers. Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Yelp all show user-generated reviews and attribute a star rating.. to businesses based on this feedback. This can have a huge impact on whether a potential customer converts or not, as consumers are now used to doing significant amounts of research on a brand before they hand over their money. Getting customers that have had a great experience to leave a review can be difficult, but a good online reputation management campaign should make this a top priority.

Responding To Customers Icon

Responding To Customers

While it is always great to get a positive review, a negative review can be extremely damaging to your online reputation. One of the key components of online reputation management is finding these.. negative reviews or comments and responding to them. A carefully worded response that aims to correct whatever wrong the customer feels they have experienced can go a long way in turning a negative experience into a positive one. It shows future potential customers that you listen to feedback and care about your customers.

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Why Choose Consultus Digital As Your Reputation Management Agency?

At Consultus Digital, we built our business on a stellar reputation. Since our beginnings, we’ve taken good care of our reputation as one of Toronto’s leading digital marketing and performance marketing agencies. We know firsthand the importance of a trustworthy brand and the possibilities it offers.

Now, we’re sharing with you our secret. Our reputation management services are here to help you create a positive brand image, change customer sentiments for the better, and build trust with every customer interaction. As your reputation management agency in Toronto, we work seamlessly with your team to examine the customer journey and identify ways to improve customer relationships and convert your most loyal customers into brand ambassadors.

See how we deliver a comprehensive, custom-crafted reputation management strategy for brands like yours in Toronto:

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Industry expertise: At Consultus, we’ve mastered the art of curating an excellent reputation. Beginning with our own brand and through the reputation management strategies we’ve delivered over the years, we’re well-versed in what works. Plus, as certified Google, Facebook, and TikTok Advertising Partners, we’ve earned the distinction of expertly leveraging these platforms to boost brand engagement and customer interactions. We’re able to do this through the right platforms and a refined approach to social listening, and a keen attention to your customers’ needs.

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Full suite of services: Consultus Digital is your one-stop shop for all things reputation management. Our reputation management agency in Toronto offers a vast range of services that enable effective profile development and promote your brand image. From generating genuine customer reviews through targeted campaigns, to SEO, optimizing your Google Business listing, social media marketing, and more, we deliver everything you need to boost your reputation.

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Dedicated client service: Consultus Digital values your experience and takes pride in every positive client interaction. From your initial consultation to the strategy development, testing, and ongoing reputation management delivery, you can count on us to provide excellent client service, quick response times, and evolving expert recommendations in line with shopping trends and customer demand. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free reputation management service in Toronto, so you can focus on growing your business.

How Much Does Reputation Management Cost?

Online reputation management is a key component of your overall digital marketing strategy. Think of it as a check-and-balance mechanism:

  • Are customers getting the experience you envisioned?
  • Are they satisfied with their purchase and spreading the word?
  • Is your brand’s reputation boosting customer acquisition?

When framed this way, you’ll see that online reputation management isn’t a band-aid solution for addressing negative reviews and simply making things right with unhappy customers. It’s a long-term strategy that improves brand safety and cultivates long-term customer trust.

In Toronto, the average cost of online reputation management can range from $500 to $1000.
Let’s break this down:

Cost Factors

  • The size of your business and the industry you’re in
  • The reputation and domain authority of your competitors to benchmark your success against
  • The volume of negative reviews you’ve received
  • The scope of the work and specific services included in your package, which can include optimizing your Google Business listing and listings on other directories, social media marketing and advertising, SEO, and more

What You Get from an Online Reputation Management Agency

  • Reputation audit and competitor benchmarking
  • Online review monitoring and management
  • Suppression of negative search results from the first page of search through branded content, guest blogs, and more
  • SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing
  • Public relations and crisis management

What Is Reputation Management?

Online reputation management refers to the maintenance and care of a brand’s digital presence across all platforms.

Your brand’s online reputation is the true, but often overlooked measure of its success: its ability to influence positive customer experiences and purchases, thanks to how a customer feels during every interaction in their shopping journey. Online reputation management is the work done to achieve this—a curated strategy aimed at monitoring customers’ conversations about, and perceptions of your brand, and taking the right steps to shape these positively.

Let’s break down the components of successful online reputation management:

  • People: Improving customer sentiment about your brand and creating a ripple effect from even a single person’s positive experience
  • Brand: Reducing negative exposure and amplifying positive exposure of your brand, creating a genuine, trustworthy image
  • Influence: Improving customers’ sentiments towards your brand and converting these positive feelings to purchases and lasting trust.

Online reputation encompasses many important areas, including:

  • Public perception on social media platforms like Twitter, InstagramLinkedInFacebook, and more.
  • Reviews on Google Business, social media, and specialized review websites such as Yelp, BBB, or Trip Advisor.
  • Outside news sites or web properties that are talking about your business.

With 93% of consumers saying that online reviews impact their buying decisions, generating high-quality, positive reviews has never been more important. In addition, consumers now want to see brands more as people rather than faceless corporations and sharing content that is not overly “salesy”. This has made a well-curated digital presence essential in maintaining an effective online reputation, as it gives brands an opportunity to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

What Are The Benefits of Reputation Management?

Did you know that 70% of people trust other customers’ opinions more than paid ads? The digital market didn’t just make it easier for customers to find the products they love—it’s also made them more thoughtful, with many making a decision based on how much others swear by their own purchase. In fact, 86% say they would be willing to pay more, if it means choosing a brand with higher ratings and reviews than the competition.

So, what makes all these possible? It’s simple. Online reputation management makes all the difference in influencing a customer’s decision to buy. It’s how you build trust when reaching customers onscreen and miles away, and ensuring a positive experience that gets them to come back for more.

Does your brand have an online reputation management strategy yet? Here’s every benefit to consider:

Every positive review and five-star rating builds trust in your brand and increases a potential customer’s confidence to make a purchase and share it. With 59% of shoppers considering 2 to 3 reviews before making a decision, you’ll want to stand out for having the most positive reviews.

Your online reputation is essentially your image, so it has to be curated in order to evoke positive customer sentiment and drive intent.

Online reputation management helps you reach and convert more customers, thanks to positive reviews and experiences of other customers. It’s essentially cost-effective word-of-mouth marketing.

With a strong online reputation, you can consistently raise your profile and rank on search. Whether customers are looking for specific products or looking you up on Google Maps, a stellar rating will result in more clicks and foot traffic.

Your online reputation does more than get customers to your website and social media platforms. They also attract the best people to work with. From influencers to partner with on campaigns, to staff, your reputation will play a big part in convincing the right people to work with you.

What to Expect From A Reputation Management Strategy?

In theory, you could keep an eye on Google reviews and get notified when a customer tweets at you or comments on a post. But online reputation management is so much more than that. As you’ve learned, it’s a full-scale approach to shaping your brand’s image and building meaningful customer relationships.

An effective online reputation management is more proactive than reactive. It’s all about establishing processes for getting customer feedback and highlighting positive customer experiences. An online reputation management agency in Toronto can help you:

Curate a positive and memorable image of your business that sets you apart from the competitive market. From monitoring and responding to reviews, to effectively engaging with customers on social media channels, and using social proofs of customer trust on your platforms, online reputation management is equal parts customer service, social listening, content marketing, SEO, and other vital digital marketing tools.

An agency can help you measure and manage your online reputation not just by looking at your reviews and ratings, but looking at how well you perform against the competition. Learn about online reputation trends and management lessons.

With the vast array of online platforms your customers are on, you need to streamline social listening and engagement. An online reputation management agency can put processes in place for monitoring reviews and brand mentions, and responding to these before they become a full-blown crisis. Plus, with regular analytics reports, you can identify opportunities to improve responses to customers and your online reputation.

What To Look For When Hiring a Reputation Management Agency in Toronto?

Need help handling negative reviews or highlighting a positive brand image? An online reputation management agency in Toronto can help. You need a professionally driven strategy designed exactly for your needs and goals.

Think of your online reputation agency as a partner for navigating a competitive, customer-rich market like Toronto. They’ll provide all the support you need to enhance your brand’s image and drive strategies for building lasting customer relationships. From social listening and review monitoring, to customer feedback campaigns and operating in sync with your broader digital marketing strategy, see how a reputable agency delivers.

The most important aspect of choosing an online reputation management agency to work with is their commitment to white hat tactics. White hat means they’re transparent with their procedures, develop quality content, and don’t use fake reviews and improper SEO techniques. They’re invested in doing the work, not just a quick win.

No creating fake profiles and accounts on review websites just to post positive but obviously fake reviews and ratings

No launching fake websites and blogs to bury negative results. Instead, your agency should follow best practices in SEO—such as avoiding keyword stuffing and invisible text—and content marketing

No link spamming or creating multiple fake links to positive content, as well as using spam bots, hacking, and other nefarious tactics

Your online reputation management agency should be transparent with you in terms of goals and processes. You should be able to agree on actionable objectives, such as increasing reviews and publishing customer testimonials, that can be achieved through proven, above-the-board reputation management tactics

Most importantly, your online reputation management agency should be able to deliver the results you need. They should be able to demonstrate their expertise in social listening, customer service, and digital marketing, as well as their experience in previous reputation management campaigns.

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