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Marketing Services | Social Media Management

One of the most important parts of any marketing strategy is a strong social media presence.

With 4.55 billion people on social media — and 2 billion alone on Facebook’s family of apps — staying on top of what’s trending is a way of life. From tuning in to Twitter feeds and jumping on Instagram hashtags to creating viral TikToks, today’s most successful brands never miss a chance to tell their story and connect with customers.

A well-executed social media strategy is more than a brand awareness tool. As more than 90% of users follow brand accounts, it’s a social listening tool for jumping on trends, delivering positive customer experiences, and building lasting customer trust.

And with hundreds of social media agencies in Toronto to choose from, you need a partner you can trust. From sharing your brand’s story to growing your follower count, discover endless possibilities for customer engagement and increased revenue with social media marketing.

Consultus Digital provides social media management and monitoring services. Our experts will strategically manage your brand’s social media presence.

What Can You Expect From Social Media Marketing?

From promoting products and providing customer support, to jumping on trends, and tailoring content to customer segments, social media marketing connects you with customers throughout the shopping journey.

Whether they’re in the product discovery stage or making a repeat purchase built on lasting trust, social media management is a long-term strategy for growing brand awareness—sharing your products and services, and your mission to bring these to more customers. Social media is your sales portfolio and customer engagement hub rolled into one powerful tool:

Customer insights and audience targeting

Understanding your customers and knowing who might be interested in your business allows you to reach them, and serve them better. Social media platforms provide Insights tools for uncovering customer demographics and interests, so you can tailor content for maximum engagement and conversions.

Customer Insights & Audience Targeting - Consultus Digital
Customer Service - Consultus Digital

Customer service

These days, it’s common for customers to tweet at brands or message them with questions and concerns. A responsive social media presence allows you to address these in a timely manner, and provide positive customer experiences and loyalty. Social media also allows you to engage with customers proactively through interactive tools like story replies, polls, and promo codes, so you always have a pulse on their interests.

Content publishing

Have a great blog or how-to guide? Share it with a wider audience on social media, and direct customers to your website. Content distribution generates views and engagement, allowing you to reach new audiences with value-added content.

Content Publishing - Consultus Digital
Social Listening - Consultus Digital

Social listening

What’s the latest buzz? Jump on trends, and see what’s happening in your industry and how customers are reacting. Effective social listening allows you to tailor content in line with trends, and keep your brand relevant amidst current events in a competitive market.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is just as much sharing the latest company news, and products or services and how. It’s the art of curation: a masterful combination of brand storytelling, customer engagement, impactful visuals, on-trend content, and paid ads to stand out on busy, quickly refreshing feeds.

Social media management is all about sharing a powerful story of what your business does differently—what you offer customers that no one else can. It also offers opportunities for listening in on the latest trends and conversations, responding to customers’ questions and concerns, and reaching new audiences.

With different platforms competing for users’ time and attention with different features, you need content tailored to each platform and target audiences. When done right, social media marketing boosts product discovery and customer engagement, for lasting trust and sustained revenue.

Who Needs Social Media Marketing?

With 54% of social browsers using social media to browse products and 90% of Instagram users following brands, brands that still aren’t social are certainly missing out.

Whether you’re a major industry player and household name, or a local business, social media marketing helps you connect with current and new customers in Toronto. A strong social media presence promotes trust and positive experiences — and for small businesses, competing with bigger brands and getting customers to love local.

Search Engine Rankings And Website Traffic Icon

Boost search engine rankings and website traffic

Did you know that social media profiles rank high on search? With a coordinated digital marketing strategy, you can ensure that your social media profiles rank next to your website, especially with high-quality followers and content. This SEO boost also helps drive traffic to your website, especially when you regularly link product info, blogs, and other helpful content.

Boost Conversions Icon


Social media marketing presents countless opportunities for conversion. Product info, limited-time offers and referral codes, how-to guides, a behind-the-scenes peek into your team at work, and customer success stories are some of the most compelling types of content that drive customers to take action directly from your posts. And with a loyal and growing following, you enjoy brand recall and customer trust.

Gain Customer Insights Icon

Gain customer insights

Social media platforms provide powerful tools for understanding customers — who they are, where they’re located, when.. they’re active, and what they’re interested in. These insights allow you to tailor content and ads for maximum conversions and revenue.


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What Other Services Complement Social Media?

Social media marketing is one part of your broader digital marketing strategy. Maximize engagement and conversions, and ensure revenue growth with a complete suite of services for crafting content, reaching new audiences, and cultivating your unique brand.

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Social ads: Boost your social media marketing strategy with paid ads on Facebook and Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and more. Reach new audiences based on their location, demographics, interests, shopping preferences, and browsing habits with ads tailored for brand awareness, product discovery, quotes, and more.

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Content marketingPublish unique, value-added content like tips and how-to guides. These are great for establishing your brand voice and authority, adapting to social content, and redirecting customers to your site for further engagement and conversions.

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VideographyCreate engaging, short-form and long-form videos to share on your social media channels and on YouTube, with added benefits for SEO and search rankings.

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Custom photography: Create your unique brand identity with custom photos that showcase products and services, your store or office, team, and everything that makes your business as part of your cohesive social media content strategy.

Is Social Media Marketing Right For Your Business?

Every brand needs a strong digital presence — and social media marketing allows you to engage with customers directly, especially with interactive features. It all starts with knowing what platforms your customers are on and where they’re interacting with products and services like yours. Here’s a quick guide to leveraging social media for your business:

Customer Social Media Icon

Are your customers
on social media?

Your audience shapes your entire digital marketing strategy. Typically, retail, food and drink, fashion and cosmetics, travel and tourism, and other highly visual brands perform well on Instagram and Facebook, while B2B marketing is best done on LinkedIn.

Goals Measurable Icon

Are your goals

Social media platforms offer powerful analytics and customer insights, allowing you to tailor content to customer demographics and interests. A social media agency can help you set clear goals in terms of follower count and content interactions that translate to leads, sales, and customer trust.

Smart Way Market Icon

Are you looking for a
smart way to market?

Social media marketing is highly cost-effective — it’s free to set up a brand account and post organic content. You only pay per impression or click — at incredibly low rates
— when you run an ad. But the real difference is with a social media agency: for a fee, you reap rewards in sustained page engagement, follower growth, and expanded reach through a tailored content strategy.

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What Happens To My Current Social Media
Service if I change Providers?

The short answer is, nothing — except increased engagement when you partner with the right social media agency. Check out these expert tips for a smooth transition to better social media management:

  • Inform your current social media marketing agency
  • Make sure you own your social media channels, such as Facebook Business Manager
  • Add your new social media agency as a Partner or grant access as an authorized user with specific permissions
  • Monitor your social media accounts to verify logins, maintain access control, and track campaign performance.

How Much Does Social Media Management Cost?

Social media is free, but it takes the right strategy and an experienced team of digital marketing experts and creatives to share the best types of content, leverage each platform’s unique features, and build customer loyalty.

In Toronto’s highly competitive market, it takes a combination of organic social media marketing and paid ads to succeed and edge out the competition. For a fee, you can trust reputable social media agencies who are Facebook Marketing Partners and TikTok Partners to deliver the best of brand storytelling, audience targeting, and customer engagement. See where every dollar goes — and the difference that an expert social media agency like Consultus Digital makes:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Detailed social media audit of your current profiles and brand reputation analysis
  • In-depth competitor analysis
  • Customer mapping and audience targeting
  • Brand account setup and management, including cover and profile photo design
  • Content strategy, creation, and optimization, including custom images and videos
  • Community management and social listening
  • Ad campaign development and management
  • Monthly reporting and consultations.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

Social media is a tool for product announcements, customer engagement, customer service, review generation, e-commerce transactions, retargeting, general research, and much more. But perhaps most importantly, social media networks offer something unprecedented in the history of marketing: production AND distribution.

When you look at traditional forms of offline media (TV, radio, billboards, transit, print), you have to produce the creative. Then you have to pay for distribution in a separate transaction. Social media provides a solution for creative production and mass global distribution to highly targeted communities.

Revamping your digital presence? Here’s every reason why you need effective social media marketing to stand out in Toronto’s ultra-competitive market:

What do you need from a social media team managing your communities and channels? You need a thoughtful strategy governed by data. That’s where Consultus Digital comes in.

Consultus Digital is the premier social media marketing agency in Toronto, with decades of experience planning and executing strategies for a wide range of businesses across a diverse range of industries. To create engaging social channels, it’s essential to create a foundation that will lead to success.

The Consultus Digital Process

Consultus Digital is Toronto’s leading social media marketing agency. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to social media marketing every strategy we develop is unique. Our passionate team deploys social media best practices and continuously monitors new trends and features to ensure your brand stays ahead of the competition.

Prior to starting any social campaign, it’s essential to research and understand a variety of items:

  • Who are you trying to engage?
  • Where are these individuals located?
  • What are the common interests amongst these group(s) of people?
  • Which of these interests is generating the most search volume and hashtag usage?
  • Who are the “thought leaders” in this space?
  • What are your in-house resources?
  • How will your social strategy complement your other digital efforts?
  • What is your competition doing on social media? And what topics are they covering?

There are other questions to ask, but this is a good starting point, ultimately leading to strategy.

Once the necessary background information has been gathered, we’ll create a production schedule and deployment strategy for your social media.

  • Which social channels do you want to leverage? (Note that different platforms attract different audiences.)
  • What’s the optimal frequency of posting?
  • What’s the best time of day to post across each channel?
  • Who responds to public comments and reviews?
  • How will you leverage social advertising to maximize the reach of your content?
  • Who manages those paid ads?
  • How will you test the performance of your ads?
  • What KPIs are being set to gauge performance?

Once the plans and strategy are complete, it’s all about sticking to the production schedule and tracking preset KPIs through analytics.


The marketplace is fluid and ever-changing, so it’s essential to have a skilled and experienced hand at the wheel of your social media channels.


If you’re looking for an experienced social media marketing agency in Toronto and want to talk about how we can create a customized plan to achieve your business’ digital goals, let us know because we want to hear from you!

How can you tell good social media from bad social media?

With hundreds of social media agencies in Toronto, it takes a team of experts to design a successful social media marketing strategy that evolves with trends and platform features, and consumer preferences and shopping habits. Discover the difference in social media marketing by the most experienced, results-oriented industry experts:

Simply, the best social media agencies walk the talk. They do their own socials and have a substantial amount of followers and engagement. They are constantly sharing value-added content, such as industry news and expert tips — proof of their experience and ability to boost your social media channels.

Your social media agency should have a keen understanding of your target audience, different social media platforms, and the most effective types of content. They develop a tailored strategy for engaging on each relevant platform with unique content and a unique approach to audience engagement. No cookie-cutter cross-posting, no shortcuts, period.

Trustworthy social media agencies set clear, measurable goals to keep track of progress, and provide regular, timely reports. They set these goals with you collaboratively, with the ultimate aim of translating customer engagement to increased revenue.

The best social media agency stops at nothing—they regularly audit your accounts and engagement, track competitors and industry growth, and apply customer insights to improve your performance. They are transparent with success metrics, stay ahead of new automation tools and engagement trends, and build customer loyalty through social listening and responsive interactions.

What to Look for When Hiring a
Social Media Agency

The best social media agency in Toronto does more than create content and share these across your social media channels. It takes a team of creatives, campaign specialists, analytics experts, and a dedicated account manager to craft, implement, and consistently optimize your social media marketing strategy, in line with your broader digital marketing goals and industry trends. See how the experts do all these, and more:

You want a direct, accessible point of contact to provide regular updates and timely reports, communicate your vision and goals to the rest of the team, and ensure a cohesive, tailored approach to the everyday work of social media marketing and active customer engagement.

The best social media agency in Toronto has earned the distinction of being a certified Facebook Marketing Partner, TikTok PartnerGoogle Partner, Shopify Partner, Zoho Authorized Partner, and more. With these certifications, you can trust the agency knows what they’re doing, in line with evolving industry standards.

There’s no shortcut to social media engagement — and cookie-cutter solutions certainly aren’t one. Trust a social media agency that focuses on a tailored approach to each platform, with unique, original content designed to maximize engagement and conversions.

Get regular, transparent reports on your social media engagement, with valuable customer insights. Your social media agency should be ready to pivot your strategy, and stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends to drive engagement and revenue growth.

Customer loyalty is earned—and the best social media agency knows exactly how. They stay on top of customer replies and feedback, publish value-added content, and leverage interactive features that drive active engagement and build customer trust.

How to Tell if Your Social Media Agency is Doing a Good Job

The ultimate goal of a cohesive social media marketing strategy is engagement that translates to growth. An expert social media agency delivers:

Increased follower count in line with sales, evidenced by 83% of consumers who use platforms like Instagram for product discovery and 87% who take action, like making a purchase.

83% of social media marketing experts believe that content quality is more important, resulting in higher engagement and customer loyalty.

An active social media presence should drive more customers to your website where customers can browse more products and further interact with your brand.

The ultimate goal, effective social media marketing drives product discovery, resulting in engagement that translates to higher ROI and revenue growth.

Why choose Consultus Digital as your
social media agency?

In an ultra-competitive market like Toronto and an even more competitive social media landscape, there’s certainly no shortage of social media agencies. At Consultus Digital, we are committed to rising above the competition—and taking your brand to the top of customers’ social feeds and industry trends.

Consultus Digital is a proud Facebook Marketing Partner and TikTok Partner—distinctions reserved only for leading social media agencies in Toronto. We earned these as a result of our proven expertise in social media strategy, campaign development, and knowledge of the latest, most cutting-edge social media marketing trends and technologies.

At Consultus Digital, your success is the ultimate measure of ours. Our priority is the growth of your brand across social media channels, with key indicators like follower growth and customer engagement. Together, we evolve along with industry trends, ensuring increased revenue and lasting customer trust—the future of your business.

There is nothing we value more than your trust, which we cultivate with a personal touch. Your dedicated account manager will work with you from strategy design to campaign development, execution, and measurement. You can count on our team to provide personalized service, with enhanced analytics, actionable insights, and a long-term outlook into the future of social media.

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