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As a business owner in a bustling market like Toronto, you’re no stranger to the competition in the city — and the wealth of opportunities to stand out with a carefully crafted and coordinated marketing and sales strategy. 

You’ve probably been approached by countless digital marketing agencies promising first-page Google search rankings, increasing website traffic, and hundreds of new leads in no time. But are these possible, or simply too good to be true?

The reality is, not all digital marketing agencies are the same and capable of delivering on these promising pitches. Even when traffic increases, social media views and followers grow, and you receive more customer queries, leads can still stall, ultimately failing to grow your bottom line. 

So, what exactly is the problem — and what can the right digital marketing agency in Toronto offer in response to these challenges?

A Different Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto

At Consultus Digital, we’re always one step ahead of the curve. Our agency experts believe it’s easy to promise — and even drive — first-page rankings and social media engagement. So, we do more than care about these metrics. 

For us, it’s all about long-term results. Where most agencies in Toronto measure success through clicks and views, our process extends to the full sales cycle. This means looking at how engagement converts to sales, and making sure it does.

Find out how we do this, and see why we’re the right partners for growing your business. Learn more about our unique approach to digital marketing that converts beyond sales, and towards lasting customer relationships:

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From Click to Sale and Uncovering Lost Leads: Sales Enablement

Why Lead Generation is Not Enough

Most digital marketing agencies in Toronto focus on lead generation alone. They achieve this through optimizing your website and driving traffic through tools like SEO and PPC campaigns, social media campaigns, and other standard marketing services. Their goal is to bring more visibility to your brand: attract views, encourage customer queries, and consistently grow your audience.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with constantly expanding your reach to engage with more, new potential customers. It follows the classic word-of-mouth strategy: the more people who know about and attest to your amazing products and services, the more people are encouraged to buy. But generation alone is not enough.

Complete the Customer Journey with Sales Enablement

At Consultus, we learned very early that it doesn’t matter how many leads are generated if the customer journey is poorly supported. This is why we combine our full suite of digital marketing services with sales process optimization.

Once we’ve delivered the clicks and leads through website development, SEO, PPC campaigns, social media marketing, and content marketing, we help make sure these convert to sales. We optimize inbound and outbound sales processes by auditing how you sell to close more leads.

Our sales enablement experts study your sales team and processes to see why they’re struggling to close leads, assess where and why leads are stalled or lost, and devise new strategies to strengthen the click-to-sale pipeline. Leveraging these combined marketing and sales best practices ensures you fulfill the entire customer journey.

We Use Expert Tools with Expert Knowledge

It’s easy to be encouraged by apparent cost savings of taking on SEO, PPC, and social media marketing on your own. But are you really saving when you have to spend so much time keeping up with industry trends, instead of focusing on developing your products and services?

Focus on What You Do Best

Consultus Digital offers a full-service digital marketing and sales strategy that takes the hard work out of promoting your unique offers. This allows you to focus on core processes, like production and customer service, while our experts handle all the building blocks of driving customers to your band. 

We do the nitty-gritty of researching the keywords and phrases customers use to find businesses like yours, optimizing your website, and simulating the customer experience from first click to purchase. 

Our agency experts examine customer behaviours and demographics to build shopping profiles, test-run ads, and implement what we know works. All of this work is guided by emerging trends and best practices, ensuring that your digital assets and strategy are fully optimized to stay ahead of the market.

Implementing the Right Marketing and Sales Tools

Most digital marketing agencies — and even savvy business owners — already cover the basics for running successful campaigns. From keyword planning and tracking, to website analytics, email marketing, and social media automation, there’s an endless supply of available marketing tools anyone can use to optimize and implement various strategies.

The Power of Automation

Consultus Digital does more than leverage the basics. Because our approach to marketing and sales is full-cycle, we also recommend and implement beyond the standard lead generation tools. Instead, we provide equal focus on strategies that keep customers on-page and engaged, with avenues for regular touchpoints to sustain clicks all the way to successful purchases.

We’re big believers in automation. We achieve this by implementing or optimizing your current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to help you manage leads, uncover bottlenecks in the sales process, and ensure that sales data are tracked and shared across teams for full visibility and collaboration. 
We also recommend a suite of marketing automation tools like chatbots and email marketing to make sure you’re always in touch with customers and ready to respond to queries and leads.

Measurable Results: Grow with Consultus

A strong bottom line is the ultimate measure of successful digital marketing. But at Consultus, there’s more to your success than the dollars earned today. Rather, our focus is your long-term, sustainable success.

Beyond providing analytics reports that show increased traffic and engagement, we also work with you to define KPIs you want to achieve, and scale these as your business grows. Most important among these is lasting customer relationships, which we help drive with an evolving stream of customer insights and trends, and industry benchmarking. 

With these insights and expert knowledge of industry standards, you can count on us to constantly optimize your strategy, and deliver sustained relevance, reach, and results.

Discover the Consultus Digital Difference

Looking for a digital marketing agency in Toronto? Let’s talk beyond clicks and views. Book a free consultation with our industry experts to learn more about what makes Consultus Digital different — and what that means for closing more leads and growing your business.

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