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Marketing Service | YouTube Advertising

Youtube Advertising in Toronto

YouTube advertising is a cost-effective video distribution platform that allows advertisers to play video ads prior to a user’s selected content. The advertiser can target based on age, gender, interests, topics, keywords and more. The ads can be skippable or forced and are managed directly through the Google Ads platform. If you are looking for a leading YouTube Advertising agency that will provide measurable results for your business, you have come to the right place.

With over 2 billion active users monthly, YouTube is the biggest video library on the internet— and the site of successful campaigns, thanks to an engaged global audience. As part of the Google ecosystem, it’s become the second-largest search engine, with video results also increasingly important for search rankings.

In fact, with people around the world watching 1 billion hours of YouTube videos every day, it’s no wonder that 70% of people have bought a product after watching a video ad. Clearly, it’s impossible to ignore the power of YouTube advertising—and you only miss out on great brand awareness and revenue potential when you do.

Why Is YouTube Advertising Important?

With YouTube videos potentially reaching 2.56 billion people, that’s nearly 1 in 3 around the world that your brand has the ability to interact with. YouTube advertising is the key to engaging audiences on a deeper, emotional, and impactful level in an environment they love and are always on. Here’s every reason why that matters:


YouTube is only behind Google, the biggest search engine globally. Today, one of its biggest draws are content creators across a wide range of consumer verticals. They make YouTube the second most popular platform for influencer marketing as consumers look to trusted voices for education and entertainment. Similarly, it’s also one of the best ways to reach the male customer demographic, since its biggest advertising audience are males aged 25 to 34.

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YouTube Ads Sales - Consultus Digital


With 70% of people buying a product based on a YouTube ad, the platform is certainly great for conversions and a verified revenue channel. In fact, YouTube ads with strong CTAs increase short-term sales by 30%.

Data-driven insights

YouTube advertising offers a helping hand, whether you’re starting out or a seasoned content creator and advertiser. With a wealth of data reported on your ads, you can track views, impressions, clicks, and other useful metrics. Based on these, you can test different YouTube ads to find the best-performing one, resulting in a 60% increase in ad recall.

Data-Driven Insights - Consultus Digital
YouTube Ads Remarketing - Consultus Digital


Engage audiences past the initial YouTube ad. Improve brand recall through YouTube remarketing and increase conversions as a result.

What Is YouTube Advertising?

With video being nearly synonymous with YouTube and the sheer volume of content and audience engagement on the platform, brands without a video marketing strategy are missing out. YouTube advertising is its backbone, defined by effective ad formats and targeting strategies that boost reach and conversions. Here’s how:

  • YouTube offers access to latest trends—what customers need from YouTube video and the best production and advertising strategies that ensure your channel does its job
  • YouTube ads entertain and educate, providing immense value to a highly active customer base that results in effective lead generation and moves leads along conversion funnels
  • With the capacity to reach a new, wide audience and the volume of videos watched on the platform every day, YouTube video ads can quickly grow in popularity and help create demand for brands
  • With proper targeting and engaging content, YouTube video ads can be highly shareable, instantly broadening your reach and ensuring maximum engagement and revenue.

Ads can take the form of:

  • Image ads that overlay on the video
  • Display ads on the right sidebar
  • Sponsored cards at the end of the video
  • 6-second bumper video ads
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads of 15-20 seconds
  • Skippable in-stream ads of any length

The Consultus Digital Method

Here at Consultus Digital, we try to include video production and a YouTube TrueView strategy with every client to maximize conversions and brand awareness. As one of the most “bang for your buck” marketing tools, we believe it is a fantastic option for any brand looking to boost its digital presence. We approach each YouTube ad campaign using our tried and true method.

Understand Your Brand Icon

Understand Your Brand

The first step in our process is to learn everything we can about you, your business, and how you want to position your brand in the YouTube advertising campaign... We will also perform extensive research on your target audience, the keywords they are likely to search, and what your competitors are already doing so we can do it better.

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Next, our highly experienced video production team gets to work storyboarding, scripting, and casting for your video. Depending on the size of the video we are making, this can involve multiple days of shooting to get the perfect shot. We then do extensive editing and post-production to ensure your YouTube ad looks professional and engaging.

Strategize & Optimize Icon

Strategize &

Once we have the finalized video ready to launch, your dedicated Account Manager will strategize and optimize the best times, locations, and channels for your video to appear on... We will discuss the benefits of either TrueView or Forced view to ensure we select the options that best align with your business goals.

Real Reports Icon


Once your ad is live, your Account Manager will continuously monitor its performance and reach, making tweaks to ensure you are getting the best return on investment... Once the campaign has ended, you will receive a thorough breakdown of the results and recommendations for future campaigns, should you decide to do YouTube advertising again.


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How Do YouTube Ads Work?

YouTube ads come in a variety of formats and options. The best part is, they’re fully customizable. You decide what you’re promoting, who you’re reaching, and how much it costs. As the backbone of video marketing, YouTube offers many ways to interact with the right audience, track your success, and harness the power of an engaged community and emotional hooks in facilitating engagement.

Start by learning about the different ad formats on YouTube:

  • Skippable in-stream ads: Ads that play before, during, or after what a user is watching, which can be skipped after 5 seconds
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads: The opposite of the above—they still play before, after, or during a video, but they’re only 15 seconds and can’t be skipped
  • Outstream ads: Designed for mobile on Google video partner sites
  • Masthead ads: These appear on the home feed
  • Overlay ads: Not video ads but text and image display ads on desktop
  • In-feed ads: Get your video suggested to audiences in search results and the “watch next” section.

Not sure which YouTube ad format is right for you? Take a look at these factors:

  • Video length: YouTube video ads can be length, but views are the counted either at 30-second mark or at the end, whichever comes first
  • Skippability: While skippable ads may mean less views, they also result in higher intent. People who stay on even after the Skip Ad button appears after five seconds are generally interested and more likely to buy
  • Network: Where you want your ad to display, whether in-stream (within YouTube) or outstream (on partner site) depends on the audience you want to reach
  • Sound: With most YouTube videos playing with sound on, make sure your ad has crisp audio for better engagement
  • Metrics: YouTube ads can be measured in terms of views (counted at the end or 30-second mark) and impressions (for non-skippable ads, the number of times the ad is seen), which are varying indicators of engagement and intent based on whether the audience chose to watch the ad or simply didn’t have a choice. Only users who viewed the ad (as opposed to have seen it because it’s not skippable) can be engaged through YouTube remarketing.

How Much Does YouTube Advertising Cost?

Between the increased accessibility of cameras and YouTube’s cost-effective PPC ad revenue model, YouTube advertising is affordable for businesses of all sizes. It’s a smart, absolutely worthy investment in customer acquisition and sales, with the ability to boost overall brand awareness and revenue.

Let’s look at where every dollar of your YouTube ads budget goes, and the value it brings to your business:

PPC Model & Ad Spend Icon

PPC model and ad spend

YouTube advertising largely depends on your ad spend, the ad format you select, and the bidding strategy to reach your target audience. For instance, the cost of a skippable ad is different from a non-skippable one since views are measured differently. Similarly, if you’re targeting an in-demand audience group, you may have to pay more to outbid your competitors. Keep in mind, there’s no minimum spend required, so it’s up to your campaign goals.

Video Production Icon

Video production

How are you creating your YouTube ad? A high-quality video is more likely to perform well. It’s crucial to invest in producing the best video that represents your brand and provides impactful, valuable content to your audience.

Landing Pages Icon

Landing pages

YouTube ads are just the entry point. You need effective follow-through so audiences who engage with your ad can complete conversion actions, such as making a purchase.

Tracking & Optimization Icon

Tracking and optimization

Tracking campaign performance allows you to generate data-driven insights into audience engagement, campaign effectiveness, and conversions. Optimize YouTube ad quality to ensure maximum views, likes, shares, channel subscriptions, and other key metrics.

YouTube Ad Management Icon

YouTube ad management

Don’t have the capacity in-house or need an expert touch? Working with a YouTube advertising agency like Consultus Digital will produce better campaigns and deliver the results you need. Expert YouTube ad management ensures high-quality video production and campaigns run smoothly, with constant optimization in line with the latest trends and user behaviours.

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What Can You Expect From A YouTube Ads Strategy?

There isn’t a shortage of content on YouTube, and advertising on the platform is increasingly competitive. To stand out and succeed, you need a custom-crafted and coordinated YouTube advertising strategy.

Here’s how to get your formula for success with YouTube advertising:

  • Expert-driven strategy: YouTube advertising requires careful planning. You need an expert-driven, custom-crafted strategy with clearly defined campaign goals, metrics, and results, combined with a solid plan from concept development to ad format selection, audience targeting, and optimization.
  • Campaign development: Get best-performing YouTube ads backed by excellent video quality and creative direction, developed in line with your overall advertising strategy. Generate views, clicks, and conversions with compelling and well-coordinated YouTube ads.
  • Reporting and expert recommendations: Find out how well your YouTube advertising campaign is performing, and next steps for continuously driving engagement. Your YouTube ads strategy should include regular reporting cycles, optimization strategies, and expert recommendations for getting the best value out of your ad spend.
  • Increased ROAS: Ultimately, YouTube ads should provide valuable returns. A higher ROAS or return on ad spend translates to increased site traffic, channel subscriptions, views, and most importantly, customer acquisition and revenue. Essentially, a solid YouTube advertising strategy provides the best value for your business.

What To Look For When Hiring A YouTube Advertising Agency in Toronto?

Do you have the time, capacity, and expertise to run a YouTube ad campaign in-house? Working with an agency takes care of everything you need to produce an impactful video marketing campaign, without the added burden. With a YouTube advertising agency in Toronto, you can focus on your business while ensuring that you have access to expert support.

Here’s every reason why Consultus Digital is Toronto’s premiere YouTube advertising agency—and how we deliver results that matter, frame by frame, view by view:

  • YouTube ads best practices: YouTube advertising is familiar terrain for an agency like Consultus. Choose an agency with YouTube and digital marketing expertise, along with a proven history of applying best practices in every campaign they’ve managed. These factors give you a solid footing, from concept development to launch and optimization.
  • Videography expertise: Your YouTube advertising agency in Toronto should offer a complete package. Work with an agency that handles the entire campaign life cycle, with a focus on high-quality video production. Partner with an agency that brings storytelling and videography expertise to ensure that your video ads look good, compel, and convert.
  • Battle-tested execution: An experienced YouTube advertising agency in Toronto not only has a stacked reel, but campaign essentials to apply. This includes a stacked list of exclusions, knowledge of ad formats and capabilities, and the ability to monitor and adapt campaigns according to evolving trends.
  • Google Partner support: And don’t forget—choose a YouTube advertising agency that’s a Google Partner. Since YouTube is part of the Google ecosystem, you’ll want to work with a Toronto agency that has access to dedicated Google support, particularly at critical milestones of your campaign.

What Other Services Complement
YouTube Ads?

YouTube advertising is one part of your overall recipe for brand awareness, lead generation and conversion, and long-term customer trust. Think of YouTube ads as one tool for achieving these goals and strengthening your brand. So, let’s fortify your digital marketing toolbox.

At Consultus Digital, we help you answer these questions: where do users go when they click on your YouTube ad? How can we make product demos or tutorials rank on search? And most of all, how does it all come together in one impactful story?

Let’s build a fulsome YouTube advertising strategy for your brand with these partner digital marketing solutions:

  • Landing page design: YouTube ads are the starting point of the video marketing conversion funnel. Once you’ve generated interest in your brand, move YouTube ads lead through the funnel using captivating landing pages. Provide more information about your product or service, and envelop leads in a seamless brand experience where they can take conversion actions.
  • Google ads and social ads: Combine YouTube ads with Google Ads and Facebook or Instagram ads to maximize your reach and impact across channels. A cohesive, multi-channel advertising strategy not only brings in more customers across channels, but boosts the competitiveness of each one for long-term gains.
  • Videography: Tell beautiful, compelling stories with a full-service YouTube advertising solution. Start with impactful storytelling to produce high-quality videos and promote these with paid placements for optimal video marketing performance.

Why Choose Consultus Digital As Your YouTube Ads Agency?

YouTube advertising is the perfect mix of creative storytelling, professional production, and excellent foresight into the latest trends in attracting customers. Consultus Digital brings all of these to your video marketing strategy. We’re Toronto’s top YouTube advertising agency because we provide you with the full package. See how we combine effective brand storytelling with smart targeting for successful YouTube advertising.

  • Videography expertise: Consultus Digital is a full-service YouTube advertising agency. We offer videography services along with YouTube advertising for a fulsome content development and brand storytelling strategy. From professional equipment and editing to creative direction, we provide a complete video production package to deliver high-quality video ad content.
  • Google Partner: Consultus is a proud Google Partner, a distinction we earned through our demonstrated knowledge of the Google suite of products and advertising environments. And with YouTube being one of these Google products, you can count on us to provide a fulsome view of your YouTube advertising strategy so you can reach audiences across the Google ecosystem.
  • YouTube advertising expertise: We bring our Google ads and videography expertise to your YouTube ad campaign. As an experienced YouTube advertising agency in Toronto, you can count on us to leverage best practices, stay on top of trends, ensure effective audience targeting and bidding, and continuously monitor and optimize your campaign. Our goal is a high ROI for your YouTube ads, made possible by full campaign development and execution support.
  • Dedication to client serviceAt Consultus Digital, we value your satisfaction and success above all else. When your YouTube advertising strategy yields crucial results that translate to revenue and lasting customer trust, we’ll know that we’ve done our job right. We achieve this hand-in-hand, with the support of a dedicated account manager who oversees a team of creatives and PPC campaign specialists, and works with you from concept development and video production, to YouTube ads setup, audience targeting, campaign launch, and long-term success.

What Are The Benefits of
YouTube Advertising?

Clearly, advertising on YouTube is how you do effective video marketing. With most of your audience already on YouTube for fun, product tutorials, life hacks, music, and catching trending moments, YouTube ads allow you to engage them naturally and effectively, from one video to the next. If your brand isn’t on YouTube yet, now is a good time to start on YouTube advertising as part of a solid, high-impact video marketing strategy.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of YouTube advertising:


  • Traffic: The sheer volume of YouTube users, combined with effective audience targeting, is the recipe for video conversions. You’ll be able to reach your target audience in no time. And when served a compelling ad, you can see traffic and conversions grow exponentially.
  • Search rankings: Because YouTube is part of the Google ecosystem, videos are increasingly ranking on search. This supports SEO, resulting in increased visibility, clicks, site authority, and ultimately, engagement and revenue. Think “how to” searches—video results are likely to show up.
  • Cost-effective audience targeting: YouTube ad spend depends on views and impressions, making them incredibly cost-effective. This is possible with highly granular audience targeting using these characteristics:
    • Demographics: Target users based on their location, age, gender, and other factors
    • Topics: Identify what topics that audiences are interested in
    • Remarketing: Engage viewers of your YouTube ad across the web to ensure they convert to customers
    • Audience types: Target audiences based on affinity (interest in your brand or industry), custom affinity (specific set of interests relating to your brand), and in-market position (users actively searching for products or services like yours
  • Live events: Reach audiences based on recent milestones that are supported by your hardware.
  • Analytics: YouTube advertising provides a full suite of analytics, with easy-to-understand metrics for tracking campaigns, so you can easily implement data-driven optimizations
  • Ad formats: Skippable or non-skippable? Instream or outstream? YouTube advertising offers many different ad formats to choose from, paired with a wide range of potential content, such as sales, explainer or guides, customer testimonials, and more. With all of these combinations, you’ll have creative, engaging, and informative ads.

Does My Business Need YouTube Ads?

First things first—does your business have a video marketing strategy? Video marketing alone offers a wealth of possibilities for brand awareness, lead generation, and reputation management, among others. But combined with YouTube advertising? You’ll be unstoppable.

YouTube advertising is perhaps the most popular channel for video marketing. It’s the video marketing tactic that not expands your reach, converts leads, earns revenue, and builds lasting trust in your brand. YouTube ads combine the best of advertising: a successful, battle-tested pay-per-click/view model and granular audience targeting, strengthened by a highly immersive and engaging medium.

So, yes—your business needs YouTube ads. See why:

  • Whether your channel already has thousands of organically earned subscribers or you’re just getting started, YouTube ads will immediately double or triple your reach. Plus, YouTube ads are easy to share, instantly increasing your display
  • When done right, YouTube ads are highly targeted, instantly putting your brand in front of the most crucial audiences
  • Backed by effective audience targeting, YouTube ads are guaranteed to influence customer behaviour—more than any other platform. The ability to show rather than simply allow you to highlight product features and benefits through effective storytelling
  • Like any video, YouTube ads are easy and cost-effective to produce. And the best part, YouTube advertising’s pay-per-view or pay-per-impression model allows you target as many possible users, and reach them for much less
  • YouTube advertising offers room for growth. The Analytics tab offers detailed insights into campaign performance, allowing you to address issues and continuously drive results
  • YouTube advertising contributes to the overall value of your business as it grows your reach, brand recall, and brand value, leading to continuously improved performance.
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