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Business Report Icon ROAS increase of 2900% in addition to a 33% CTR increase | Bow City Storage            Business Report Icon Harmony Resorts reported a 6% conversion rate and an increase in ROAS of 74%            Business Report Icon Ontario Business Central Inc. reported a 41% increase in revenue along with an efficient 16% increase in ROAS.            Business Report Icon From ZERO to $420K in Online Sales Within 10 Months for Spieth America           
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Sales Service| CRM Implementation

If your organization has a sales department with at least five sales reps, then odds are you’re using a customer relationship management tool (CRM). These tools enable sales teams to manage their sales opportunities to close more business efficiently.

Modern CRM solutions tools allow you to build custom playbooks and automation to ensure every sales rep follows your organization’s sales process. This innovative technology has enabled many organizations to scale their businesses quickly and predictably.

At Consultus Digital, we immerse ourselves in your sales department to understand your processes, tech stack and growth objectives, then provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that meet your needs.

We have CRM implementation specialists experienced in a wide array of the latest CRM solutions built for small and mid-sized companies. Our team works with your organization through every step of the onboarding process:

  • Discovery
  • Implementation
  • Onboarding/training
  • Optimizing

Choosing the correct CRM solution for your business is only half the battle. Most CRMs come as an out-of-box solution that requires a custom configuration to benefit your business. An overwhelming number of businesses pay greatly for their CRM without ever configuring it to their needs. This results in lost opportunity and revenue.

When configured to your unique business requirements, modern customer relationship management tools make the sales process dummy-proof, allowing your sales staff to communicate with their prospects effortlessly, resulting in a higher close rate.

What are the benefits of a CRM?

At its core, implementing a CRM for lead management is all about improving customer relationships — ensuring their satisfaction and building lasting trust. CRM implementation is the art of streamlining your lead database, and marketing and sales communications to build customer relationships.

From the moment a customer interacts with your brand, you’ll want to keep them within view and track their movement along the sales funnel. With expert CRM implementation services, you can visualize their entire shopping journey. This means tracking their habits and motivations, finding out where they’re stuck, and informing content development to enable their conversion.

See how CRM implementation improves lead management and the overall customer experience:

Excellent customer service

91% of businesses with at least 11 employees now rely on a CRM, with 74% reaping the benefits of increased access to customer data. Tracking customer demographics, purchases, and messages across marketing and sales channels enable customer segmentation, allowing you to provide personalized service and increase customer satisfaction.

Excellent Customer Service - Consultus Digital
Increased Sales - Consultus Digital

Increased sales

Better service leads to increased sales. CRM implementation facilitates the sales pipeline by automating tasks, enabling sales reporting and forecasting, and providing valuable customer analytics in a single database. With these insights, you can optimize your sales process to improve the customer experience.

Increased customer value

CRM implementation allows you to build your sales funnel and strengthen it over time to drive repeat purchases and customer loyalty. With a centralized customer database and marketing automation, you can continuously build customer relationships through ongoing support and behaviour tracking to encourage repeat business.

Customer Database And Marketing Automation - Consultus Digital
Effective Lead Nurturing - Consultus Digital

Effective lead nurturing

CRM implementation enables effective lead management and successful conversions through alignment of sales and marketing. With a single platform for visualizing the customer journey and tracking leads, you can optimize workflows among team members and ensure a consistent customer experience across all communication channels.

Automated sales reporting and forecasting

An expertly implemented CRM can be set up to generate automated sales reports with detailed customer analytics and team performance. This data allows you to identify key trends, resulting in accurate sales forecasting to guide future goal setting.

Automated Sales Reporting And Forecasting - Consultus Digital

What Is A CRM?

Customer relationship management goes beyond a technology solution. It’s an expert strategy that includes implementing the right tool for nurturing leads and customer relationships — from the start of the sales cycle to maximum lifetime value.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the single most valuable tool used by salespeople to manage leads and opportunities throughout the sales cycle. Now on a single platform like Salesforce, Oracle, ZOHO, HubSpot, SugarCRM, or Pipedrive, you can manage all interactions with current and potential customers and optimize their experience to grow your business.

For small and medium-sized businesses in Toronto with a sales force, a CRM is crucial to scale business, especially in competitive markets. 74% of companies say converting leads to customers is their top priority, and 82% already use a CRM for sales reporting. CRM implementation is all about cultivating a culture of learning, so you can constantly improve the way you serve customers based on their needs and behaviours.

The right strategy for CRM implementation allows brands to gather valuable insight into customers’ shopping habits and preferences, purchase motivations, and movement along the sales funnel. With this data, you can tailor sales and marketing strategies to optimize the shopping experience and promote customer retention.

Does My Business Need A CRM?

We’ll cut right to the chase: Yes. Every business in Toronto, no matter its size and industry, every business in Toronto needs a CRM. When expertly implemented, a CRM provides all the essential customer data for optimizing the buyer’s journey, from lead management to conversion and eventual repeat business.

Even the basic step of CRM implementation — adopting software like HubSpot, Zoho, or Salesforce — has already been proven to drive sales by up to 29%, with 47% of CRM users reporting improved customer satisfaction. It’s no wonder, then, that 92% of companies (and growing) view CRM technology as crucial to achieving their business goals.

CRM implementation allows you to track and optimize your sales funnel and ensure customer success — a useful feature whether you’re in the early days of establishing your brand or running a growing enterprise. Here’s how:

Lead Management Icon

Complete lead management

A CRM allows you to maintain a complete database of all potential and current customers — data about their purchases ..and shopping preferences, contact information, engagement across marketing channels, etc.

Centralized Communication Icon

Centralized communication

Manage all customer communications across channels on a single platform. Whether it’s by phone, email, social media, ..customer support chatbot, or other channels, a CRM maintains a complete history of customer interactions, enabling customer success and satisfaction, and your team’s productivity.

Marketing And Sales Alignment Icon

Marketing and sales alignment

CRM implementation enables a productive and cohesive workforce. Now, the entire team can access essential customer.. data, track progress, and collaborate on sales reporting, ensuring cohesion throughout the sales process and increased productivity.

Scalability Icon


CRMs are scalable customer experience solutions. You can add new metrics and channels to track as your business grows and ..inform sales forecasting, future marketing and sales strategies, and customer retention initiatives.


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Why Is A Customer Relationship Management System Important?

If you could find out what drives customers to buy and how you can shape their experience, wouldn’t you want to know? The best shopping decisions and lasting customer loyalty all come down to meeting customers’ needs at every stage in the shopping journey. Now, you can do that and more with a CRM system.

There’s no better way to connect with customers than knowing all about them — their likes and dislikes, shopping habits and preferences, and motivations and pain points. CRM implementation allows you to visualize all of these factors and map them against the shopping journey on a single interface. Simply, CRM systems are built to help you see the big picture.

An expertly implemented CRM allows you to:

  • Learn about customers’ needs, behaviours, and preferences.
  • Launch and optimize sales channels, including inbound and outbound, e-commerce, referrals, repeat purchases, etc.
  • Track and manage leads, and nurture lasting customer relationships.
  • Inform marketing and sales strategies, key messages, campaign development, and more.

CRM implementation maps all of this information about your customers, providing you with valuable insights for shaping their experience. Now, it’s easier to track their movement along the sales funnel and identify and eliminate bottlenecks. With a CRM optimized for lead management and the ultimate customer experience, you can recognize each customer’s value, respond to their needs, and capitalize on excellent customer relationships.

What To Look For When Hiring A CRM Implementation Agency?

Anyone can install CRM software, but it takes experts to implement a comprehensive customer relationship management program. Beyond a software solution, CRM implementation is a complete strategy for reimagining your sales process, starting with gaining a full view of the customer journey.

With a CRM implementation agency in Toronto, you can leverage valuable expertise in building customer relationships and growing your business. Think of a CRM implementation agency as your partner — an expert consultant and collaborator as you constantly improve the customer experience.

Expert Knowledge Icon

Expert knowledge

Choose a CRM implementation agency with unparalleled expertise on available CRM solutions, implementation processes, features, and scalability. Your CRM ..implementation partner should be able to provide in-depth insight on the best CRM solutions fit for your business, goals, industry, and customizations.

CRM Software Partner Icon

CRM software partner

The most popular and trusted CRM software providers certify implementation agencies — a hallmark of their industry expertise, tech capabilities, and marketing and sales.. experience. Choose a CRM implementation agency that has earned a HubSpot, Zoho, or Salesforce partner certification.

Marketing And Sales Expertise Icon

Marketing and sales expertise

To optimize the customer journey, a CRM implementation agency first needs to prove its expertise in understanding customers themselves. Partner with a CRM ..implementation agency that’s highly experienced in building a sales funnel, with unparalleled expertise in designing the customer journey, from first impression and click to lead nurturing, conversion, and customer retention.

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How Much Does CRM Implementation Cost?

CRM implementation is an investment in the future of your business. It’s a modern, comprehensive, and scalable solution for optimizing the customer experience and increasing revenue — the ultimate goal of any business.

In a highly competitive market like Toronto, an expertly implemented CRM makes all the difference in enabling data-driven decisions for customer success. With Consultus Digital’s full-service CRM implementation solution, you can do better business while focusing on core processes. For all these and more, you’ll want to invest in the right CRM — and it will certainly be the smartest decision you’ll make.

Find out the value of implementing a CRM for lead management and why it’s worth the investment:

  • The size of your company, number of customers, annual revenue, and size of marketing and sales teams
  • Your budget and resources for CRM implementation, based on the size of your business, goals, and industry
  • The cost of the CRM software scaled based on standard or custom features and other customizations, storage capacity, and number of staff profiles required.
  • Full-service, expert CRM implementation service in Toronto, including CRM software selection, customization, staff training, ongoing support, and future scalability.

What Other Services Complement CRM Implementation?

CRM implementation is one key component of your overall sales strategy. To maximize its benefits, an expertly implemented CRM needs to be fully integrated into your overall sales and marketing strategy. Think of a CRM as a comprehensive platform for managing all of these customer engagement activities — and your partner for achieving customer success.

Sales enablement

A CRM is a practical tool for mapping the entire sales process, identifying customer pain points and successes, and training your entire team to optimize the customer journey, manage leads effectively, and move customers along the sales funnel.

Marketing automation

CRM platforms can be configured for marketing automation, allowing you to automate emails and tasks to maintain customer touchpoints across marketing channels and increase customer value.

Email marketing

Integrate and automate your email marketing campaigns into your CRM to streamline customer engagement and track campaign metrics.

Digital marketing strategy

CRM implementation is a valuable tool for lead generation and nurturing — core components of your digital marketing strategy that funnels leads to your sales pipeline. With a CRM as a lead management system, you can visualize campaigns and the customer journey, from the first click to conversion and long-term loyalty.

Google Ads & Remarketing

Leverage a CRM for lead management and tracking across your Google Ads & remarketing campaigns. Integrate campaign data and lead tracking to refine user targeting, nurture leads, and drive conversions.

The Consultus Digital Process

At Consultus Digital, we share your passion for driving customer success through data-driven decisions. But we also know all about the nitty-gritty of sales and customer data — and the piles of spreadsheets that make them possible, if not cumbersome. So, we came up with a solution: CRM implementation services.

Anyone can install CRM software. But Consultus Digital offers CRM implementation by experts in Toronto. Our vision is a holistic solution for streamlining your lead management and customer interactions, communication channels, and sales reporting. Now, you can visualize the entire customer journey and map it against your business goals on a single, robust, and scalable platform that guides the entire sales process.

Discover the Consultus Digital method of expert CRM implementation in Toronto:

We start by gaining a deep understanding of your business — your industry, customers, and goals. We identify key performance indicators you need to measure and determine how CRM implementation can help you achieve these. We examine your current sales process to gain insight into the customer experience and uncover pain points.

Once we completely understand your sales process and customer interactions, we begin the actual CRM implementation. Our team helps you select the best CRM system for your industry, business needs, and budget. We’ll implement the right software solution and integrate it with your sales process.

Our CRM implementation experts will train your sales and marketing teams. Our goal is a smooth and easy transition, achieved with a full systems orientation, hands-on experience, and ongoing support.

Now, you’re ready to leverage your new CRM system. After we complete all testing and training and ensure all customer data is synced, we’ll launch your new CRM. As your CRM implementation consultants, we also provide ongoing support by scaling the system for your business’ growth.

Why Choose Consultus Digital As Your CRM Implementation Agency?

Are you looking for a CRM implementation agency in Toronto? Consultus Digital is your CRM implementation partner. That’s right — we’re not just an agency but an expert collaborator and resource.

Our sales and marketing experts bring years of experience in building sales funnels with the latest in customer relationship management. Discover the Consultus Digital difference, from increased revenue to lasting customer satisfaction.

Consultus Digital has earned the distinction of being a Zoho Authorized partner — an industry certification of our expertise in CRM implementation. Our team is highly experienced in implementing the latest sales and marketing solutions, informed by both leading sales capabilities and customer success expertise. Combined, we deliver an expertly implemented CRM, fully customized to your business, industry, customer demographics, and goals.

At Consultus Digital, we’re growth-oriented like you. We implement the latest, industry-leading solutions for optimizing the customer journey, managing leads, and driving conversions. We aim to leverage the latest platforms to improve marketing and sales and get results that matter — an improved customer journey and lasting value.

Consultus Digital is committed to a full-service CRM implementation strategy. We do more than install CRM software. Our vision is a comprehensive and cohesive customer relationship management strategy — tailored to your business needs and goals, constantly improving with new features and KPIs, and scalable for growth. Trust your dedicated CRM implementation consultant to manage the entire process, from software selection and customization to integration and sustainability.

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