Increase Website Traffic By Using These 4 Basic SEO Tips

Increase Website Traffic With These SEO Blogging Tips

As digital marketers, we put a lot of hard work into unique content creation for SEO purposes to stand out, cultivate engagement, and drive traffic to it to ensure its being seen. For all those hoping to get their content noticed, here are 4 of the most fundamental SEO tactics to optimize your content for search engines to increase the overall traffic you’re receiving directly to your website.

1. It’s All About The Keywords

One of the first things you need to think about when creating content are the words that people are ACTUALLY using to search; and not necessarily the technical keywords or industry speak that would relate to your products and services. Every page on your website should be built around a foundation of keywords that are the most relevant to your business; your product and service, and your customers and their most common search behaviours.

Google can help you determine which keywords are frequently searched. When you start typing into the Google search bar, it provides you with suggestions of common phrases or words that people use when they’re searching. A tool called Google Keyword Planner can take this one step further by providing you with popular keywords, while also providing you with statistics such as how many average monthly searches are occurring with their usage.

2. Tag your Images

You should always implement ALT tags to the embedded images on your website! Images need to be tagged so that Google knows how to identify the image and pull it up when necessary. If there are none, Google will be unable to determine its usefulness or importance.

An example of an alt tag and how they would appear is illustrated below.

Tag your images - Consultus Digital

Tagged images on WordPress will allow Google to understand what the image is, where to store it, where to index it, and when it should be brought up during a search.

ALT tags also allow users browsers meant for users with accessibility issues and vision impairment, to be able to read out-loud to them, what the image depicts. 

3. Write Enticing Meta Descriptions

Located right underneath your URL on a search page is a phrase that serves as a meta description. This is a summary of the information contained on the page that informs people what kind of content to expect. You want it to be concise, engaging, and prompt searchers to click on the page to learn more. The use of call-to-action words and phrases will encourage users to find out the importance of the information contained on your page and how it will solve or answer their question.

Google formerly displayed Meta Descriptions up to 155 characters, but since, has increased this to 300 characters in 2018. Take advantage of this recent change in order to capture more space and real-estate on Google search results, and entice higher click-through-rates to your website. 

An example of a meta description is highlighted below.

this is a meta description

4. Authoritative Backlinks

One of the foundational aspects of SEO are building backlinks from authoritative websites with high page ranks.

These are hyperlinks that link one webpage to another– a form of referencing that informs Google that you are an authority and an expert in the subject since others are finding value in the article and citing/referencing back to it. The inclusion of hyperlinks also provide your readers with useful, relevant information that provides them with additional details to help in the formation of relationships with other bloggers. By including links to other articles or points of reference, you’ll build higher traffic that will help your page rank higher in search results.

There you have it! These are several tips that you can keep in mind when developing a content marketing strategy to potentially increase the overall traffic you’re receiving to your website and possibly even gain new customers and followers. Are there any SEO best practices to keep in mind when creating content in the digital realm?

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