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Sales Process Optimization - Consultus Digital

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Digital Marketing +
Sales Process Optimization

We’re a full-service performance focussed digital marketing agency offering; Website development, content writing, search engine optimization, paid search management, social media marketing, Google My Business optimization, email marketing, marketing automation, Influencer marketing, graphic design and lead measurement. We marry the above services with sales process optimization solutions for our clients to assist them in selling in the modern era. This includes optimizing their inbound and outbound sales strategies. Implementing technology such as CRM’s and messaging solutions and ensuring best practices are being used.



The founders of Consultus Digital have 10+ years of experience in working closely with business owners who want to increase revenue.

The typical solution for increased revenue is to increase their lead inquiries through mediums such as SEO, PPC, etc. However, after years of working closely with hundreds of businesses it became evident that an increase in leads didn’t always equate to increased sales. Diving deep into the inner workings of these organizations it became apparent many of these businesses were losing opportunities due to very outdated sales processes. Things such as how quickly a lead was followed up on, lead distribution, automated follow-ups, etc. Many businesses were using a CRM that wasn’t right for their businesses and many had never conformed to a CRM at all, and relied solely on pen and paper. In many instances, it made more sense for an organization to implement sales/marketing strategies for existing clients to generate upsells and cross-sells rather than focus on new business.

It was no wonder throwing more leads at the organization didn’t result in more sales.

Consultus Digital has developed a solution to modernize the sales process of organizations so they’re equipped to close more deals. This includes:

  • Identifying the current sales process
  • Mapping the current lead flowchart
  • Mystery shopping at various times of day through various modes
  • Assessing sales material
  • Auditing lead management software
  • Identifying cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Documenting revised processes, Implementing technology to increase efficiency and provide training.
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"At our agency, we fully immerse ourselves in our client's sales and marketing to create an integrated solution that truly moves the needle."

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There’s a reason Consultus Digital is considered the best digital marketing agency in Toronto.

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