Why Work With a Facebook Advertising Agency?

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These days, it’s impossible to imagine life without social media. Facebook, in particular — and its family of connected apps — are places of community, resources, and the hottest in retail, especially in vibrant markets like Toronto. It’s where your next customers are — and where your business should be.

You may already be curating a Facebook page with trendy promotional content and hashtags, complete with information like your location and store hours. Bonus points for responsive customer interactions and steady engagement. 

But with the rapid and unstoppable growth of online customers, are these enough in 2021? To keep your spot at the top of customers’ feeds, you need to go the extra mile with ads running at peak times, fully optimized to target potential customers and create a sure path from click to sale. 

Wondering where to start? Make the most of every ad dollar with an experienced Facebook advertising agency in Toronto. From setting up your ad account and creating captivating ads, to building a strong sales funnel and growing your customer base, here’s how the best Facebook advertising agency can help:

What is Facebook advertising? 

As the world’s biggest social media platform, Facebook provides the audience you need to grow your customer base. A whopping 83% of Canadians have a Facebook account, forming part of a global advertising audience of over 2 billion users. With this massive reach, it’s no surprise that more and more customers are making purchases based on ads they’re served — and your product could be next on their feed. All it takes is the right Facebook ad.

Facebook advertising goes beyond desktop and mobile feeds. Thanks to integrated apps that include Instagram, you can easily reach at least twice as many potential customers who see your ads on either platform, while running a single campaign. 

Facebook ads are also integrated into social actions, such as a user liking your post. This quickly amplifies your reach, rippling through new audiences who may not have heard about your latest product or service, but will quickly get to know your brand and explore a wealth of unique offerings. With a variety of content such as images, videos, stories, and page promotions targeted to your customers’ location, demographics, interests, and more, you’ll make a ton of new sales in no time.

Why Should Your Business Work With a Facebook Advertising Agency?

Ready to launch your Facebook ad? You might be tempted to go the DIY route. And while it can take just a few clicks and taps to set up a basic campaign, there’s a lot more you can do with the right team designing, testing, and optimizing your entire Facebook ad strategy.

Get the full Facebook ad experience — and reap the rewards with a Facebook advertising agency. With an entire team behind you, your Facebook ads will be set up and optimized for reach and engagement with your target audience and customized for each customer segment. Start converting clicks to queries, sales and lasting customer relationships with the right partner agency:

  • Get more time: Free up your busy schedule, and get more time to focus on essential processes that drive business. Leave the campaign details, tracking, and optimization to the pros, so you can keep doing what you do best — developing and delivering the best products and services in the market.
  • Save on cost: Thinking of saving on your marketing spend with DIY methods? Think again. Working with a Facebook advertising agency is more cost-effective in the long run, thanks to optimized ad performance that provides more value for each dollar.
  • Learn the latest: When you partner with a Facebook advertising agency, you gain access to a wealth of business savvy. With expert, industry-leading insights from marketing pros, you’ll get to brainstorm enticing new promos, learn the latest trends, and always stay ahead of the competition.
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What to look for in a Facebook advertising agency?

At the heart of a successful Facebook ad campaign are the people that make it, and their fresh ideas and expert industry knowledge. The first step? Finding a Facebook advertising agency you can trust to refine and elevate your brand, and bring you in front of customers you need to reach.

But not all ad agencies are the same — and it takes real experts to run memorable, leading-edge campaigns that generate brand recall and build your customer base. From years of industry experience to a personalized, data-driven approach and a portfolio of successful campaigns and happy clients, here’s everything you need in a Facebook advertising agency:

Facebook Partner

There are tons of advertising agencies in a competitive market like Toronto, but only the best are Facebook Partners. The honour of being a certified Facebook Partner is reserved only for the best, most driven advertising agencies with a dedicated Facebook contact. Together, they are dedicated to optimizing your campaigns for success using expert tools and insights.

Portfolio of Successful Campaigns

Results speak volumes. It’s easy to be all talk but does the advertising agency have case studies, client testimonials, and results to back them up? The best Facebook advertising agencies have a proven track record of successful campaigns and revenue generated documented in a complete portfolio you can browse to learn more about campaign milestones and what to expect.

Dedicated Client Service

Got questions or concerns? Need to see the latest campaign metrics? Want to expand to a new customer segment? A reputable and trusted Facebook advertising agency is available to respond to all your questions and concerns, providing answers when you need them, and expert advice that goes the extra mile. Working with a Facebook Partner should feel like they are part of your internal team and processes, communicating and collaborating seamlessly to address feedback and achieve goals together.

Flexible and Responsive Processes

Ad campaigns are never static. The best-performing campaigns are ever-evolving according to the latest trends and consumer needs and preferences. How quickly can your partner ad agency adapt and evolve? The best Facebook advertising agency is not only flexible and responsive but sees these changes from a mile away. With data-driven insights, clear processes, and accountability throughout campaign development, testing, tracking, analysis, and optimization, you can quickly pivot to meet customer demands and industry trends.

Getting Started with a Facebook Ads Agency

Ready to launch your Facebook ad campaign? Whether it’s a new product launch, sale, or seasonal promo, the best Facebook advertising agency can help you reach the right customers, generate steady revenue, and build a strong customer base. 

Start with a unique, highly effective campaign that converts every click to a valuable interaction, and strengthen your sales pipeline with a new wave of customers increasingly making purchase decisions online, straight from their Facebook feeds. Work with a Facebook Partner dedicated to your success, and fully equipped with the latest tools and leading insights.

Looking for a Facebook Partner to run your next successful campaign? Look no further, because Consultus Digital is here in Toronto. Let’s talk about your latest promo, goals, and the customers you want to reach. Get in touch with Consultus today.

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