10 Video Ideas for Your Marketing Content

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There’s no doubt that video is one of, if not, the most compelling ways to tell a story. It’s why we flock to the movies and binge TV series. The same is true in marketing: video has always been a cornerstone of promoting new products and offers, from the earliest days of TV commercials to today’s Stories, Reels, TikToks, YouTube videos, and more.

There’s always been something so captivating about video. The combination of compelling visuals and audio get audiences in the mood to engage with a story, take action and buy, and build long-term trust. That’s why brands that still aren’t using videos for marketing are certainly missing out. Whether they don’t have the time or video ideas to execute, brands can no longer shy away from video marketing.

Why You Need Marketing Videos Now

In fact, 84% of conversions are generated after customers watch a video that convinces them to buy a product or service, with 95% retaining a brand’s message and key selling propositions. As a result, 78% of marketers report that video marketing has directly increased sales.

Clearly, marketing videos have a lot of benefits, from brand awareness to conversions and sales. All you need is the right story idea, whether it’s a product feature and how-to guide and other hacks for sales, or a behind-the-scenes preview of your team at work and a feature about your company’s history for brand awareness. 

Plus, depending on the marketing channel, you can use either a long-form or short-form video tailored to a campaign.

Ready to get started on your video marketing campaign? Check out our round-up of tried and tested ideas for video marketing:

Top Marketing Video Ideas

Long-Form Video Ideas

Have more time or a longer story to share? A long-form video is perfect for in-depth content and campaigns. Here are some long-form video ideas for your marketing strategy:

1. Video testimonials

There isn’t anyone a potential customer trusts more than a happy and satisfied one. Video testimonials from happy customers are the best way to share top ratings and reviews. Invite customers to share their journey, from their initial introduction to your brand to their experiences with products and services they now swear by. These customer stories make for a perfect video marketing campaign, guaranteed to boost your reputation and conversions.

2. Case studies

Similar to video testimonials, case studies are another tried and tested video idea for marketing. Through case studies, you can share customer stories and demonstrate success. You can start by introducing a common problem customers face, and share how your products or services have helped and their success rates. These instantly build credibility for long-term trust.

3. How-to guides

How-to videos are another popular video marketing idea — just look at the volume of “how-to” searches and the results from YouTube. For brands big on tech, fashion, beauty, wellness, and just about any consumer vertical, customers are always searching for hacks. This is your chance to capture this market while providing added value to engage customers. Plus, you’ll also enjoy a nice SEO boost since it’s easier to climb up the rankings for video searches.

4. Staff Q&A’s and behind-the-scenes

Building brand awareness goes well beyond constantly pushing product features and benefits. In fact, your brand itself is one of the most compelling key selling propositions. Customers want to know not just what they’re buying, but who they’re buying from. It’s what makes team interviews a great video marketing campaign since it encourages customers to trust your expertise. 

Host Q&A sessions on most commonly asked questions, show how your products are created, and engage company leaders like the CEO in an interview about the early days of the business or industry trends. Clearly, there are lots you can do to feature your team and spotlight the genius behind the brand.

5. Campaign launch

Finally, you can’t go wrong with a launch video. It’s the essence of video marketing — announcing the latest for your company, like your latest and best product yet to hit the market. Hype up customers and drive conversions with marketing videos optimized for targeted audience engagement.

Short-Form Video Ideas

Want to engage audiences in 60 seconds or less? From Instagram Stories and Reels to TikTok trends, there’s no shortage of social channels dedicated to short-form video — and customers love it! Get on the latest short-form video marketing trends with these ideas:

1. Bring on the fun

Check out the latest dance, mash-up, music, and other fun trends on TikTok and Instagram. Get on the latest filters, parodies, and other funny and captivating video ideas. Customers love good entertainment, so show your own twist or take on these trends to showcase the fun, lighthearted side of your brand and your team at work.


Real-time marketing is about creating & reacting to something in real-time on social, whether it's to messages, breakingnews, or jumping on a trend!

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2. Quick hacks

Customers love a quick hack or some tips and tricks, and there are tons of video ideas brands can execute. With some creative editing like a time-lapse and animations, you can showcase various types of content, from styling to cooking, tech fixes, and more. 

You can think of these under-sixty-seconds how-to reels as the short-form version of the longer how-to guides, tailored to social platforms. Or, you can even build an entire library of these quick guides that customers can easily watch and learn from, and a reputation as a go-to source for this type of content.

3. Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos are popular because they’re perfect for showing customers what exactly to expect when they get their hands on your latest products. Make these videos part of your marketing campaign in time for a product launch to generate hype among customers. They’re a great way to highlight all-new features and show the product in action, instantly showing their value to prospective customers.

4. Product reveal

You already have a longer video rendered and ready to go for the launch event, but what about in the days leading up? Have you considered video ideas to tease and intrigue your audience? Generate hype by building up to the big moment with teaser videos and countdown content. Highlight features and key selling points one at a time to get customers excited, all the way up to the big reveal. And when your latest product finally drops, they’ll be so eager that they’ll hit checkout in no time.

5. News and roundups

Have some updates to share, or want to revisit past content? Add news and roundups to your video ideas list. Put together a short video to do a roundup of the latest news about your company or in the industry. Or, if you have tons of previous products, unboxing, testimonial, and other video content, you can do a quick roundup highlighting these, with links to the longer videos that customers can watch. These roundups are quick and easy to do and give customers a sneak peek into lots of other exciting content on your channels.

Shoot Your Marketing Video with Consultus Digital

And that’s a wrap on the top 10 ideas for your marketing video campaign. But before you get the cameras rolling, you’ll need the right partner for the job.

At Consultus Digital, we specialize in video content marketing. From brainstorming video ideas for campaigns, to production, and launch, our full-service video marketing agency delivers everything you need to create and share the most captivating videos. 

We offer a complete videography service fully equipped to produce both long-form and short-form video content designed to integrate with your digital marketing strategy. All you need to do is tell us about the story you want to share, whether you’re launching a new product or highlighting customer testimonials. Partner with our video marketing agency to launch a winning campaign that delights and converts.

Lights, camera, action! Whether you’ve got a full five minutes or just under sixty seconds, let’s talk about ideas for your next marketing video. Get in touch with Consultus Digital, Toronto’s video marketing agency to launch your video campaign.

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