Video Testimonials: 5 Major Benefits for Your Business

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Ratings, reviews, and testimonials are great. But do you know what’s better? Harnessing the power of fully immersive storytelling through video. People are naturally visual creatures — we get drawn to what we see onscreen, often a more powerful experience than simply reading text.

Enter video testimonials. Now, you can combine the latest in videography techniques and brand storytelling to effectively visualize the customer journey. And behind the scenes, you can provide an insider look into your business philosophy through employee testimonials.

The Power of Video

Video testimonials are the latest social proof for managing your brand’s pristine and authentic reputation. It’s built on a highly visual and compelling narrative that draws deep emotional connections from clients’ and employees’ positive experiences to promote trust in your brand. And it’s all done through high-quality video that’s captivating, impactful, and exactly what you need to build lasting customer and employee relationships.

Let’s take a closer look at the biggest benefits of video testimonials, and find out everything you need to get the cameras rolling.

The 5 Benefits of Video Testimonials — And Why You Need to Start Shooting Now

1. Unparalleled ROI potential

Video converts, plain and simple. Simply, people love to watch a story unfold onscreen, one that draws them into a compelling narrative. It’s why 78% of enterprise organizations and 62% of large brands have reported an ROI of 100% or more from testimonial videos. Similarly, 89% of companies have also reaped a 50% uptick in conversions from video testimonials integrated into campaigns.

And it’s all because it doesn’t take much to capture customer and employee testimonials on video. With videography options ranging from on-site shoots with professional equipment to remote capture and even on smartphones, it’s no wonder that videos are becoming increasingly quick and easy to produce and publish.

2. Videos draw a powerful emotional connection

The fact is, even the most savvy and informed customers are largely driven by emotion. The motivation to buy — and the satisfaction from a successful, seamless purchase — is strongly linked to positive emotions. So when these emotions are showcased on video, it’s hard to ignore these tugs at the heartstrings, unlike text that can come across as sterile and lacking in feeling.

Video testimonials are built on these powerful emotional connections. The most compelling stories we see onscreen leave a lasting impression, occurring in the brain as mirror neurons firing as we see someone taking the same action we’re contemplating. Essentially, mirror neurons compel viewers to feel the emotions they see onscreen and complete the same emotional journey.

For potential customers, this means buying into and embarking on the same emotional journey as the client in a video case study. With effective storytelling that charts the customer journey from initial confusion or helplessness, to relief, satisfaction, and happiness, potential customers can feel a sense of kinship and connection with the client sharing their story. It’s this connection that drives them to convert, knowing that they’ll be able to experience the same positive emotions as their needs are met.

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3. It’s all about trust

It’s no secret that there are tons of fake reviews circulating online, no matter how well you keep track of customer feedback on Google, social media, and review sites like Yelp. Video testimonials, on the other hand, are much more authentic. The fact is, it’s easy to leave a five-star rating or write a few words for a review. But going on camera to tell one’s story? That takes a lot more effort.

This is why video testimonials work. Not only does it harness the time-tested power of word-of-mouth marketing, but it also involves reputable sources. A client representing a brand willing to go on camera to talk about how your business has helped them is incredibly powerful social proof. Paired with authentic emotional connections and b-roll footage of a client at work, successfully leveraging your products and services, even a single video testimonial can do wonders in building trust and generating conversions.

4. Video testimonials have a higher retention rate

It’s a known fact that a lot of people would rather watch than read. Video testimonials tap into this preference, with a dramatically higher retention rate than text. In fact, videos are commonly known to boast a 95% retention rate, towering over the 12% memory recall rate for textual information.

There are lots of reasons why video is received better than text. There isn’t a more effective storytelling medium than video. Simply, we feel connected to stories with high emotional impact, testimonials of clients overcoming challenges and reaping the rewards. Going on that emotional journey along with a client onscreen — and visualizing oneself in their shoes — then becomes an unforgettable, pivotal experience.

Now when combined with interesting visuals and audio, video testimonials become irresistible. These visual and auditory cues make testimonials easy to follow and remember, and combined with well-designed graphics are even more persuasive.

5. Video testimonials are cost-effective

Today, it doesn’t take much to produce a good video. Videography is no longer exclusively heavy professional equipment. Even smartphones are equipped with high-resolution cameras powerful enough to shoot good videos. Similarly, there are also remote capture videography services, so crews don’t have to be onsite to shoot video testimonials. 

Whether you opt for professional videography or remote capture, there are now more ways than ever to shoot clients’ video testimonials at their convenience in Toronto. Video testimonials are increasingly accessible and cost-effective, with unparalleled ROI.

Shoot Client and Employee Video Testimonials with Consultus Digital

Got a memorable and compelling client or employee story to share? Let’s tell these stories, and more with video testimonials and case studies. Consultus Digital offers a full-service video testimonial package, designed to help you share these powerful stories and build trust in your brand.

We bring the latest in videography, including on-site professional video equipment and remote capture technology. From concept development to the video shoot, post-production, and publishing, we’re committed to helping you share the most powerful video testimonials.

Let’s share your client and employee stories. Partner with Consultus Digital to get the cameras rolling with a full-service video testimonial and case study production.

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