7 Benefits of YouTube for Businesses

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Are you struggling to drive web traffic, engagement on social media, and conversions for your business? Look no further than YouTube, the ultimate platform for video content. 

From quick laughs to music, gaming live streams, movie trailers and highlights, vlogs, unboxing videos, and more, YouTube is the biggest library of video content and the top video-sharing platform.

But did you know that the benefits of YouTube extend beyond entertainment and pop culture? YouTube for business offers brands a great opportunity to engage audiences and share their stories. Next to Google, it’s the second largest search engine—and the number one for video. And with video being one of the most popular and effective pieces of content, there’s no better platform for video marketing.

That’s why, if you’re struggling to drive web traffic, engagement on your social media channels, and conversions, now is a great time to look at video marketing. With billions of viewers, there’s no time like the present to get in front of the camera and offer your customers an authentic, brand-new experience. 

In this blog, we will explore the numerous benefits of YouTube for business and how you can leverage this powerful platform to enhance your digital marketing strategy

Features of YouTube for Business

If you’ve never delved into video marketing before, don’t worry—you’re not alone. Making the shift from traditional photo-based content on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to video may seem daunting, but YouTube for business is a game-changer that’s worth the investment. Here are some standout features that make YouTube the ideal video-sharing platform for your business:

  • Cost-Effective Accessibility: YouTube is free to use, and even with ads, it remains an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.
  • No Need for High-End Production: You don’t need a fully equipped video production team; even videos filmed with a smartphone can be excellent and engaging content.
  • SEO Advantages: As a Google product, YouTube videos rank on search results, providing significant benefits to your overall SEO strategy.
  • Organized Brand Content: With the ability to create multiple channels and playlists within your brand account, you can curate video content according to specific products, campaigns, and more.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: The platform allows you to add captions and transcripts to your videos, making them more accessible and engaging to a wider audience.

7 Top Benefits of YouTube for Business

Now that you know the unique advantages of using YouTube for business, let’s dive into the seven top benefits that can significantly boost your brand’s online presence and conversions.

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1. Rank on Google

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is a Google product, so videos rank on search. This is great news for your SEO strategy. Since you can optimize video titles and descriptions in line with your keywords, video can help boost SEO and your search rankings. And even better, Google prioritizes video content hosted on its ecosystem of platforms.

Now, you can occupy valuable real estate on competitive search result pages, allowing you to maximize your brand’s visibility on search. Ultimately, the result is increased traffic to your site and YouTube channel.

2. Reach a massive audience

With over 2 billion users and over 122 million visitors daily, one of the biggest benefits of YouTube for business is placing your videos in front of a massive audience. With every video expertly optimized according to YouTube and Google’s ranking algorithms, and created in line with the latest trends, you’ll easily reach new customers across demographics. And not just in your local market, since YouTube is international, with local versions in over 88 countries and 76 languages.

3. Boost brand credibility

If there’s one piece of media that instantly makes your brand appear more authentic to customers, it’s video. It’s the number one tool for brand storytelling, with many possibilities, from customer and employee testimonials to influencer reviews, behind-the-scenes tours, product demos, and more. 

Video keeps audiences engaged for longer and more meaningfully, thanks to a compelling narrative, visual, and audio. As a result, using YouTube for business boosts your brand’s credibility. Simply, video allows customers to put a name to your brand. It builds recognition and trust, from their first purchase to a lifetime of customer loyalty.

4. Video has a higher conversion rate

Did you know that videos are 12 times more likely to be watched than text is read? Whether or not you should invest in video marketing comes down to the return on investment (ROI). The numbers don’t lie—92% of video marketers in 2023 say video gives them a good ROI, a record high compared to 78% just five years ago. These impressive statistics highlight the growing impact of video marketing in driving business success. It’s designed to captivate. And once you have your customers’ attention, it’s very easy to convert them afterwards and move them along the sales funnel.

Wondering what drives conversions from video? It’s simple: emotion—and no amount of text can humanize a brand as much. This is a major benefit of YouTube for business. Once customers are hooked, all they need is a clear call-to-action to follow, allowing you to convert views to purchases and lasting trust.

5. YouTube for business is a constant

Are you worried about losing old assets? You never know the power of a complete library of brand creatives until you can’t find them for a big anniversary campaign or other business milestones.

An often overlooked benefit of YouTube is providing a reliable channel for keeping your videos online. You can filter through the years and look back at old content and even use these analytics for benchmarking. Plus, since YouTube videos stay up and searchable for years, they can always get more views and continuously improve their performance.

6. Repurpose video content

In the quickly evolving digital marketing landscape, you always need new ideas to stay fresh. This means, it’s crucial that you’re nimble and resourceful, so you never run out of content to share. 

The good news? Your YouTube videos are a goldmine. Did you know that you can repurpose a lot of this content? Maximize the benefits of every video by sharing them across your social media channels, embedding them on your website, adding them to your newsletter, and more. Plus, you can easily recreate video content in other formats, such as infographics.

By adding videos to otherwise static web pages, you can easily break the monotony and keep audiences on-page. On social media, you’re able to leverage new formats, such as Reels and Stories. And on newsletters, you can increase clickthrough rates. 

With YouTube Shorts, you can now craft short and captivating videos that resonate with younger audiences. The possibilities are limitless – start repurposing your videos today and unlock YouTube’s true potential for your business!

7. Reach a bigger audience with YouTube ads

And finally, if you’ve already tried all the latest trends and video content formats, you can try to reach a much bigger audience with YouTube ads. With YouTube for business, you can view your channel’s analytics, see which demographics are worth expanding into, and target them with ads.

YouTube ads are incredibly powerful and cost-effective. With options such as paying only for views without clicking on the Skip Ads button, you can run an efficient video marketing campaign that attracts a lot of customers, but without the big cost. Now, it’s much easier to convert more views to sales.

Let’s Set Up Your YouTube for Business Channel

Now that you’re aware of the remarkable benefits of YouTube for business, it’s time to take action. Consultus Digital can help.

With Consultus, you get the full package, from laying out a solid video marketing strategy to maximizing ranking potential according to YouTube’s algorithm and driving conversions from every view. We offer a full suite of services, including videography and YouTube advertising, to help you enjoy the benefits of using YouTube for business. The result is expertly driven brand storytelling, high-converting video, and increased rankings to connect with more customers.
Want to start using YouTube for business? Learn more about its benefits for growing your business and driving conversions. Get ready to be on camera with Consultus Digital.

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