Client Spotlight on Comwave: #1 Ranking on Google Search

Client Spotlight on Comwave: #1 Ranking on Google Search - Consultus

Comwave is an independent Canadian telecommunications company that has been serving Canadians since 1999. Competing with Canada’s major telecom companies is no easy feat, so Comwave approached Consultus Digital for help increasing their market share for their internet and TV services. 

Using SEO strategies, website redesign, social media marketing, and search ads management, we managed to achieve this goal in only six months. Through ongoing collaboration, Comwave and Consultus Digital continue to grow together. By choosing Consultus Digital as your digital marketing agency, your business can grow with us too. 

Where We Started

When Comwave approached us, they already had a well-established customer base and a large service area. However, they wanted help reaching new audiences and increasing their market share. More specifically, they wanted to modernize their overall digital marketing strategy and gain the attention of the younger Gen-Z and Millennial demographics.

The Results

After just six months of working with Comwave, we managed to help them meet and exceed all of their goals. With Consultus Digital’s SEO and marketing strategies, Comwave now ranks #1 organically for some of the most coveted keywords in the telecommunications space. They have more than doubled their impressions and have increased their click-through rate by 110%!

How We Got There

Our team met with Comwave representatives to truly understand their goals and values to create a unique digital marketing strategy and growth plan. We set our own goals for each of our strategies and marketing campaigns, tested and retested various aspects of their website to optimize it for conversions and continuously tracked key performance metrics to make improvements along the way. Here is a brief overview of that strategy.

Bespoke SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization was at the heart of our broader digital strategy for Comwave. As the leading SEO agency in Toronto, we know that in the telecommunications market, search results can have a huge impact on web traffic and subsequent sales. So, we made it our mission to make Comwave the top organic search result for the most popular telecommunications-related keywords across Canada.

Content Creation

The bulk of this process was focused on bespoke content creation. We created SEO-optimized landing pages and blog content for various services and locations. This process allowed us to narrow the scope of our pages and tackle hundreds of different keywords one page at a time. 

Keyword Optimization

To inform our SEO strategy and content we conducted a thorough keyword optimization process. Using the latest software for keyword research we were able to highlight the most impactful keywords in the space and target them with custom content.

Link Building

Link building is a valuable SEO tool–one that we often put to use as part of our SEO optimization strategies. By creating valuable content and through consistent link-building within our pages and blog posts, we have earned backlinks and spun together a comprehensive web of internal and external links within our content created for Comwave.

Website Redesign

As a part of our SEO strategy and broader digital strategy, we completely redesigned Comwave’s website. Using CRO testing and optimization, we have designed Comwave’s website to be more SEO-friendly and to increase conversion rates. 

Part of our web design goals was to create a website that enabled e-commerce through an easy-to-use, user-friendly design. Comwave now registers the majority of new customers through their redesigned e-commerce portal.

Social Media Marketing

By taking over Comwave’s social media and creating Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, we worked to increase both earned and paid engagement across both channels. Social media marketing was just one of the approaches we took to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences within younger demographics.

Search Ads Management

We added search ads to our strategy for Comwave to help complement our earned and paid social and content marketing channels. As a part of our broader conversion rate optimization strategy. We ran pay per click search ads across popular search platforms to further extend Comwave’s reach. 

Email Marketing

To round out our strategy, we implemented a subtle email marketing strategy to help increase conversions and improve customer communications. Email marketing tends to have some of the highest conversion rates among marketing channels. We mostly leveraged the power of drip campaigns to follow up with customers after signing up for a service, abandoning their cart, etc. 

Let’s Grow Together: How Consultus Digital Can Help Your Business Be Another Success Story

The Comwave success story is one we are proud of, but it is one of many. We have helped dozens of businesses exceed their digital marketing goals and we can do the same for yours. At Consultus Digital, we pride ourselves in our ability to create personalized strategies for our clients to reflect their goals, values, and needs. 

No matter the industry or the loftiness of your goals, our team of expert marketers can help you reach wider audiences, generate leads, and convert those leads into sales and engagement. We continuously employ the latest technology for keyword research, data analytics, and campaign management to guide our ongoing marketing strategies. 

At Consultus Digital we understand that our business grows when your business grows. So working with us is truly a partnership. To facilitate that partnership, every client is assigned an account manager so you always have a clear line of communication. 

The process starts with a conversation. We will take the time to fully understand your business so we can develop a plan that is tailored to your needs and that supports your brand’s identity and mission. So, let’s grow together. Get in touch to discuss your goals with our team and get a free growth marketing plan today. 

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