Client Spotlight on Zayouna Law Firm: 330% Increase in Conversion Rate

330% Conversion Increase for Zayouna Law Firm - Consultus Digital

Zayouna Law Firm is a Toronto-based personal injury and commercial litigation and dispute law firm with more than 20 years of experience helping clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area. They partnered with Consultus Digital to generate more leads and improve their web page conversion rates. 

We worked together to create a custom digital marketing strategy with the primary goal of increasing conversions and lead generation. The results were increased webpage traffic and skyrocketing conversion rates. Let’s take a look at how we did it and how Consultus Digital can help your business grow as well.

How Zayouna Law Firm Approached Us

When Zayouna Law Firm reached out to us, they already had a well-established client base and a strong reputation within their community. However, they lacked a solid digital marketing strategy for generating leads for their commercial litigation & dispute arm of the business. 

So, the team at Consultus sat down with the owners of Zayouna Law to better understand their business and their goals to create a marketing growth plan specific to their business. 

What We Did

For Zayouna Law Firm, the process was rooted in conversion rate optimization (CRO) testing and retesting and was complemented by a customized digital marketing strategy to boost brand awareness, organic traffic, and lead generation. 

Website Redesign

We started by identifying and redesigning key landing pages. By tracking the quantitative data for their website usage and current conversion rate, we were able to target and redesign key landing pages to improve conversion elements like page loading speeds, page structure, form fields, etc.

We also tracked who was accessing Zayouna Law Firm’s web pages to better inform our targeting metrics for our ad campaigns. Based on search patterns and customer behaviours, we created landing pages specific to keyword results that could rank well and drive more traffic through the website. 

Targeted Ad Campaigns

A cornerstone of effective digital marketing strategies is creating optimized and well-thought-out ad campaigns. At Consultus, we tailor our data-driven campaign strategies to each client based on their goals and meticulous testing.

Using data collected about the people who were accessing Zayouna Law Firm’s website, we ran savvy Google ads targeted to key audiences. Focusing largely on pay-per-click search ads, we reached the screens of thousands of potential new customers, generating a ton of leads in the competitive personal injury law sector.

SEO and Content Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a powerful tool for improving rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) and increasing organic traffic to your website. SEO best practices guide us across our digital marketing strategies, and when done correctly can make content marketing a valuable part of the strategy.

Through detailed keyword searches and consistent content marketing, the team at Consultus Digital has created dozens of high-ranking blog posts for Zayouna Law Firm that have helped to increase website traffic and lead generation.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Web page redesign, digital marketing campaigns, and SEO are all just a part of our conversion rate optimization (CRO) process. CRO is, at its core, data-driven. For Zayouna Law Firm, we took a deep dive into their conversion rate analytics. We looked at the quantitative data of where people were landing and where they were coming from. We also looked at the quantitative data of who was engaging with the brand and what their pain points were. 

Then we started testing. CRO is an ongoing process of testing hypotheses, highlighting what works, and improving what doesn’t. For Zayouna Law Firm, this process has led to major improvements in their conversion rate, and we’re still here tracking data and running tests. 

Performance Tracking

At Consultus Digital, everything is data-driven. From the start of our partnership and throughout our strategy implementation, we have been measuring and tracking key performance metrics to inform our decisions for Zayouna Law Firm. These metrics tell us what is working and what is not, so we can keep moving forward and growing together. 

The Results

The partnership between Consultus Digital and Zayouna Law Firm has been a staggering success. After three months of meticulous testing, advertising, and revamping, we have increased Zayouna Law Firm’s conversion rate by 330% to nearly 3x the industry average.

How Consultus Digital Can Help Your Business Grow

Zayouna Law Firm’s success story isn’t just a one-off. We have helped dozens of businesses expand their reach through tailored digital marketing strategies. We can help your business too. What we did with Zayouna Law Firm is unique to their industry and existing online presence. When you partner with Consultus Digital we take the time to get to know your company so we can create a digital marketing strategy tailored to your values, goals, and needs. 

We take ownership of the entire customer journey and put our expertise to use to improve every step. Through search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and more, we have the tools and expertise to help your business grow. 

We understand that when you partner with us, you are trusting us with the future of your business. We also know that our business does better when your business does better. That’s why we see it as a partnership. 

So, if you are looking for help developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy, let’s grow together. Reach out to Consultus Digital to start the conversation and get a proposal.

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