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We take the time to truly understand you, your customer and your industry. We don't send you questionnaires to fill out on your own because we're with you every step of the way. At the end of our process you'll have a strategic internet marketing roadmap aimed at achieving your marketing goals.

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Internet Marketing Consulting - Our 3 Step Process

The options when it comes to internet marketing consulting, strategy, and execution for your business are many.

We are professionals in digital marketing based in Toronto - with over 40 years of experience consulting more than 750+ clients in a wide range of business verticals - that can weigh without bias what you should be doing based on our three step process.

The first step is discovery which is geared towards understanding your unique business. The second step is extensive research to understand your industry and competition in the real world and online, because your primary competitors in the real world may be different than your primary competitors online. The third and final step is to present the strategy outline, and make any modifications before formatting the deliverables of the strategy into RFP's for Vendor Selection.

Here’s the high level description for the particulars in each step.

Internet Marketing Consulting

Step 1: Discovery

  • Understanding Who Your Customers Are In order to engage more and be where your customers are it’s important to know who they are and what matters to them and when it matters to them. It’s important to understand how the look for the service/product you offer and what prompts the decision to initiate the search.
  • Understanding Who You are Every business is unique in who they are, what they offer, who they serve, their future plans, etc. Some business are new and nimble, others are older and experienced, some sell products, some sell services, some sell the products and services of others. In getting to know you and how your business works, we’ll be better equipped when formulating the marketing such that we are able to leverage strengths.
  • Understanding Your Marketing History The old adage applies, “you have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going”. While that may not necessarily be true in the literal sense, it is imperative in the calculation of the next move to know what has transpired in terms of your marketing.

    Did you try Search Engine Optimization? Did you run a Google AdWords campaign? Who hosts your site? Do you own your URL?

    What offline marketing initiatives do you have and how can we make them work together? Understanding your marketing history, is a crucial component to understanding what may work best in future for your digital strategy, from the perspective of an internet marketing consulting authority.

  • Understanding Your Existing Assets Everything from the data in paused ad campaigns to, analytics, websites, landing pages, content, URLs, social media profiles, directory data, audio, video, digital collateral, in-house capabilities.
  • Understanding Your Goals In understanding your goals we’ll better understand the timelines, platforms and budgets in play. For example, if based on your goals you want to ensure that 30 franchises are seeing an average of 5 leads / day from online then we’ll need to see if the market will bear 150 leads / day, where we can get them, and what it’ll cost.

    Sometimes understanding goals will lead to conversations about resetting expectations especially when the budget doesn’t meet the ambition. This is to be expected as many business owners and marketers aren’t sure what kind of results they should expect. Should a lawn care company expect to rank for the word ‘lawn’, probably not, but you can understand why they may want “to be everywhere when someone types in lawn on Google”.

  • Understanding Your Budget This is where a lot of business owners and marketers will turn to us and say “You tell me”. We can certainly provide guidance and a tiered approach to investment in online. With smaller budgets we’ll focus on a limited internet marketing consulting strategy that yields a positive return on investment. It’s important to invest the right amount of budget and time to ensure the given initiative has the resources it needs to perform and then strategically drive more by investing appropriately in profitable channels.

    Larger budgets afford us the ability to cover more ground and become more creative with your marketing as a whole, but we never throw caution to the wind and will advise based on the advertisers appetite for risk.

Step 2: Extended Research

  • Understanding Your Competition in Relation to You Your competitors may be doing some great things online and if they are, we need to find out what that is and if it’s worth improving upon or emulating. Observing a competitor will tell us a lot about how they communicate and target your market. For example, we can take a look at the different backlinks coming into a competitor site and approach those same sites for links too. We might gain a few great ideas in their ad copy for how they’re succinctly communicating a value proposition.

    As an experienced internet marketing consulting agency, we will run a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape, which will let us know how hard we’re going to have to work to compete and win. Of course, if the competition isn’t doing such a great job, that isn’t an excuse to do the minimum, but it certainly will ensure we’re not falling short of the kind of effort required. For example, a national chain of addiction clinics will require a different level of work than a national chain of bin rental companies.

  • Mystery Shop We’ll mystery shop your competition to gain as much information we can without purchasing. While we don’t do this for every engagement, if it makes sense to we will. This is of value for any business owner or marketer that feels uncomfortable doing so. After all, if you leave your number they might get your name from your voicemail, look you up on LinkedIn and aside from looking silly, that could create unnecessary complications.

    Mystery Shopping the competition not only gives us intel about their sales process, but it’ll also give us better insight into your industry as a whole.

  • Sales Shadowing

    Again, it isn’t necessary for everyone of our engagements, but learning more about how your organization converts online inquiry into sales will provide insights relating to the kind of marketing message we want to deliver and how the logistics may have to change to appropriately field online leads. While the idea of getting back to an online lead right away seems like Sales 101, a staggering amount of companies practice poor follow-up with inbound leads. Online leads can be finicky because they’ve got you and your competition right at their fingertips.

  • Platforms / Advertising Mediums As alluded to above, your competition can tip you off to a lot you may have not considered. Chances are if your competitors are aggressively using LinkedIn as an advertising tool, it warrants your consideration. Of course, they could be spinning their wheels and not scrutinizing their return on a medium by medium basis, but generally where there’s smoke there’s fire. Thus, in understanding the competitive landscape it’s important to know what they’re doing and where they’re doing it.

Step 3: Present Strategic Roadmap

After going through steps 1 and 2 we’ll be ready to present our approach to online. We’ll know the who, what, where, when, why and how of what we’re going to do. We’ll also understanding your business better than any individual sales person that could have pitched you a plan the day he/she walked into your office. This is important because it means you won’t have to run through the exercise with multiple vendors. Indeed, we will marry what we know of your business, business in general and online marketing to clarify the scope of work and expectations around our marketing plan.

As an esteemed Internet Marketing Consulting agency in Toronto, we’ll present the plan to you, make any modifications and then leave it with you, or you may have us back to partner with the right marketing partners. That’s when we get into Vendor Selection.

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