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Digital Marketing Partner Management

We will manage the partners we have selected together to ensure that our strategy is being met by their execution. Just as in the selection process, we have the advantage of knowing what to ask and what to look for. We'll report to you in a way that makes sense and aligns with the deliverables of our strategy.

Digital Marketing Management

When we manage your digital marketing partners, we become part of your on-going marketing team because the role of communication between your organization and the partners we have chosen for fulfillment becomes our responsibility.

Our relationship with these digital marketing partners enjoys a few added perks that on your own, you may not have.

We Talk Their Language

That’s a huge advantage. We can speak about the quality of the work, their time investment and results at a deeper level. We can also work with them and their teams to do things better and create better outcomes.

Whether it’s narrowing in on the data that matters, or addressing a flaw in their process that if improved can create efficiencies. Here are two examples:

  1. Your typical AdWords management company may focus on providing a cost per lead metric in every meeting. Whereas, we would want to distinguish between the cost per lead from branded inquiries vs those of your main keywords.
  2. We might recommend reaching out to clients in related industries to write for one another to get links from one another. It sounds basic, but your average SEO company is not acquiring links from their own client base.

Digital Marketing Management

We Can Manage Many Partners

Time is our most valued resource because we can’t make more of it and everything in your work life, and personal life competes for it. It is no wonder that many companies will choose a partner that can do it all and represent a one stop shop. The alternative is to spend double and triple the time managing and coordinating different service providers to ensure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. Not to mention, the likelihood of competitors working hand in hand for the benefit of their mutual client sounds good, but is not a likely outcome.

Consultus Digital will take the hassle of follow-up and quality control into our own hands. Whether we're inheriting vendors you have chosen or the ones we chose together, we'll keep them honest and accountable.

We are best positioned to manage your vendors because:

  1. We selected them in the first place
  2. We know what to expect
  3. Those vendors may be doing work for some of our other clients
  4. You’re busy running your business and we are running ours

We will take the tasks of follow-up and quality assurance off of your hands. This gives us the freedom to choose multiple vendors based on what will work best for the clients with the constraint of time management.

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