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The Consulting Plan

Digital Marketing Optimization & Analysis

We will manage the partners we have selected together to ensure that our strategy is being met by their execution. Just as in the selection process, we have the advantage of knowing what to ask and what to look for. We’ll report to you in a way that makes sense and aligns with the deliverables of our strategy.

The final stage in the Consultus Digital process is efficient optimization, and detailed analysis.


Once an effective digital marketing strategy has been developed and put into action, the work isn’t done. Online marketing is a constantly evolving process, which requires ongoing updates, tweaking, and reworking to ensure that budget is always being used as effectively as possible. Any good digital marketing agency in Toronto is always keeping their finger on the pulse of a campaign to ensure their client is seeing maximum results for their investment.


At Consultus Digital, we understand the fast paced nature of online marketing, which is why we place such an emphasis on analysing results and implementing optimizations to increase return on investment. Our entire team of experts works tirelessly to review incoming campaign data, and to assess where we are acquiring customers and where we could do better. From there, our talented account managers compile recommendations into easy-to-understand monthly reports.

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Detailed Reporting & Recommendations

Reporting is key to assessing the worthiness of a digital marketing agency in Toronto, and Consultus Digital ensures no stone is left unturned when we present our findings.


Some online marketing agencies may present a standard report every month that gives no further explanation of the numbers you are seeing. Did things perform well? Are we losing money? Should we be doing anything differently? Even if you ask these questions, they might not even have answers ready for you, or they will make up something on the spot - or request budget increases.


At Consultus Digital, our account managers make it their top priority to analyse every piece of information from a campaign, tease out the important statistics, and present their findings to you on a monthly basis. We prefer in-person meetings so our clients have the chance to ask questions throughout the meeting, ensuring they are clear on how their campaigns are performing. After walking through every element of a digital marketing strategy, your account manager will then make intelligent recommendations for how to best optimize your budget and return on investment in the coming month.

Budget Optimization

To ensure your online marketing campaign is performing as well as possible, your budget needs to be optimized regularly.


Common practice for any digital marketing agency in Toronto is to show the client less than ideal numbers, and then recommend increasing the budget to throw more money at the problem. This tactic is ultimately self-serving and dishonest to the client, as the agency is taking a bigger slice of the pie while the client is having to fork out even more for a substandard digital marketing strategy.


We understand that simply adding money to your budget won’t necessarily improve a strategy. That’s why we take a deeper look at what elements of the campaign are generating more leads and which ones aren’t performing as well. We will then optimize the budget we already have to refocus our efforts on these better performing areas, giving you better return on investment without adding anything extra to the budget.


In some instances, an increase in the budget might actually benefit your campaign. Your account manager will explain exactly how this extra money could help, and answer any questions you might have so you can rest easy knowing your business is in the hands of the best digital marketing agency Toronto has to offer.

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Real Return On Investment

The ultimate measure of any digital marketing campaign is how much new business is being generated from the money spent on the program.


If your digital marketing strategy is producing less business revenue than you are putting into the campaign, then the strategy is not working. For example, if you are putting $3,000 per month towards Facebook advertising, Google Ads, and SEO in Toronto, but are only making back $1,500 in sales from new customers, it’s a loss. So unless you are investing in general brand building initiatives with a long term view towards capturing greater market share, this return would be unsustainable. Ultimately, the goal of any Toronto digital marketing agency should be to increase your revenue, not cost you money.


Your account manager at Consultus Digital will ensure that every digital strategy we pursue for your brand is leading to more sales, more revenue, and more business. Constant analysis of performance, completed conversions, and successful sales generated by your campaign will be taken into account and tweaked to ensure your return on investment remains as high as possible.

The Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency In Toronto

Consultus Digital has spent years becoming the most trusted digital marketing agency in Toronto. Our commitment to excellence, results, and customer satisfaction has won us thousands of loyal clients that refer us to their friends every day.


By using the unique Consultus Digital method, we are able to produce real results every day for our valued clients. From developing a detailed understanding of your business and crafting a bespoke digital marketing strategy, to expertly executing, managing, and reporting on the campaign, we are dedicated to being the last digital marketing agency in Toronto you ever need to call.

Contact us today and experience a new class of online marketing for your business.

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