Using Social Media for Insurance Marketing: Best Practices for Building Your Brand and Engaging with Customers

Using Social Media for Insurance Marketing - Consultus Digital

As with many other industries, social media can be a powerful tool for insurance brokers. Social media can not only be a useful resource for marketing campaigns but also make it easier for insurers to engage with existing customers and share their company’s values.

As consumers continue to spend more time online, businesses need to follow suit if they want to expand their reach. With access to millions of people literally at your fingertips, insurers should be harnessing the power of social media marketing to build their brand and grow relationships within their online community.

In this guide, we will provide tips, ideas and best practices for insurers looking to use social media to generate leads and accelerate their growth.

How Social Media is Used in Insurance Marketing

Social media has changed the way we interact with one another. Capturing consumers’ attention is now more accessible than ever but also perhaps more difficult as you are competing with friends, family, content creators, and other businesses. However, if you do it right, social media offers a world of benefits to insurance companies.

Improving Trust and Credibility

It’s no secret that consumers often lack trust in insurance companies. In a poll from Statista, only 10% of respondents said they trust insurance companies a lot, and 52% said they don’t trust insurers at all. Social media offers an opportunity for insurance brokers to bridge that gap. By showcasing your values and creating meaningful connections on social media, insurers can build a sense of trust among their audience. 

Building Brand Awareness

Social media ads are an excellent tool for reaching new customers and generating leads. On popular platforms like Facebook and Google, you can adjust your objectives and target audience in their ad managers according to your goals. This might mean creating ads that will introduce your company to new customers or targeting people with connections to your page or who have clicked on your website. Social media marketing campaigns offer a lot of flexibility for businesses to reach specific audiences to build brand awareness.

Engaging With Customers

The goal of using social media for insurance companies shouldn’t always be to make sales or generate leads. It offers a platform for communication in real time. You can make posts to announce company updates or promotions, you can respond to comments to humanize your business, and you can use direct messages as another channel for providing customer service. 

Social Listening

Social listening is a way to monitor what people are saying about your brand to gauge brand perception and customer satisfaction. This can help guide the direction of your efforts and address any pain points that you might find. These days some tools can help with social listening, but even just conducting searches related to your brand and reading posts or comments can be informative.

How To Market Insurance on Social Media

The key to successful social media marketing for insurers is to develop a content strategy that resonates with their audience. You might want to conduct some research on who your audience is, what your competitors are doing, and what your customers want to help inform your content strategy. Once you have a strategy outlined, it is important to set intentions for your posts and clear goals for each ad campaign that you run.

Choose the Right Platforms

There are a lot of social media platforms, each offering its value to your insurance business. Using various channels can help you reach a broader audience and organize your ads and posts according to your goals.

For example, you might use YouTube to create educational videos, Twitter for short, creative interactions and customer support, and Facebook to run diverse ad campaigns and conduct A/B testing. 

Maximize the Impact of Visuals

The average attention span on social media is about 8 seconds, and the average user on a mobile app scans their feed in under 2 seconds. With social media ads, you don’t have a lot of time to capture your audience’s attention, so you need to create captivating visuals. Things like videos and infographics can be particularly effective at capturing attention, but get creative and test different variables to see what works,

Some general guidelines for your visuals:

  • Create content designed for mobile 
  • Use engaging images with the correct specs and resolution (at least 1080 x 1080 px)
  • Be selective with colour choice
  • Make sure your brand is clearly represented
  • Keep visuals consistent with your brand’s visual strategy

Try Some of These Content Ideas

Part of driving engagement on social media is being consistent with your content and testing different strategies for ad campaigns. However, coming up with ideas can be difficult. Here are some post and ad ideas to consider for your insurance business:

  • Share customer testimonials or case studies
  • Create videos or posts that answer FAQs
  • Share interesting and informative infographics
  • Post links to longer-form content like blog posts or YouTube videos
  • Showcase corporate giving or volunteerism
  • Create a series of how-to videos
  • Run a contest
  • Share insurance tips and tricks

Measure the Success of Your Posts and Campaigns

Step one of any social media ad campaign should be to set clear goals. The final step is to measure and track the success of your campaign in relation to those goals. There are plenty of tools to help with this. Facebook Ad Manager has a host of performance metrics, Google Analytics lets you track website traffic coming from social media channels, and there are plenty of software options designed specifically for managing your digital marketing.

Keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) like click-through rate, conversion rate, audience growth rate, engagement, etc. The most relevant KPIs will depend on the goals of each campaign.

Work With a Social Media Marketing Agency

Developing a successful social media strategy requires a lot of planning and time. For help creating a social media marketing strategy, you can always reach out to the experts at Consultus Digital

We are a social media marketing agency with a team of expert marketers, designers, writers, and editors who can work with you to create compelling social media ad campaigns and integrate them with your broader digital marketing strategy. We will get to know your brand’s value and style and work with you to create winning content, conduct A/B testing, and keep track of your progress. Give us a call to start the conversion and get a free growth marketing plan.

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