Why Partner With an Influencer Marketing Agency?

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At its core, influencer marketing is all about making the right connections with leading creators in your industry niche. And while many top creators are easy to locate based on their following, inviting them to partner with your brand will take more than “sliding into their DMs”. 

It’s not uncommon for many marketing teams already wearing many hats and adapting to the latest trends on-the-fly to attempt this work on their own. But you might find that working with an influencer marketing agency will get you a lot farther than an influencer’s message requests tab — let alone finding the right creator to partner with.

What does an influencer marketing agency do?

Influencer marketing is perhaps the fastest-growing social media marketing strategy — and it’s for a good reason. As customers are increasingly shifting from interacting with ads and consuming brand content, they’re looking towards people they trust: the most influential figures in consumer verticals they shop in, with a reputation for stellar, tried-and-tested product recommendations they know that they can trust.

The Search for the Best Influencer

Now, it’s up to brands like yours to locate these influencers that your customers trust — whose content they consume and follow closely to inform their shopping preferences and purchases, all the way to lasting brand loyalty. An influencer marketing agency takes the hard work out of this. They’ll locate the top influencers, set up partnerships for collaborations, and develop and launch campaigns, with expert insight on your behalf.

Thinking of launching an influencer campaign but don’t know where to start? See why working with an influencer marketing agency in Toronto is your best bet for finding the right influencer to partner with, and launching a winning campaign.

Influencer Marketing Agencies are Masters at Forming Partnerships

Let’s face it — you have better, more crucial things to do than scrolling through Instagram or browsing TikTok to find the top creators in your industry. And while some are easy to find, personalized outreach can take a while to do, let alone cultivating a trusted partnership.

Leverage a Network of the Most Trusted Influencers

An influencer agency helps you cut to the chase. They have spent years building a network of top influencers in every industry and across campaign sizes. Whether you’re a small business or a major brand in Toronto, influencer marketing agencies have a roster of influencers of every audience size, whether nano, micro, or mega. 

They can easily assess your campaign goals and facilitate introductions based on the size of your campaign and budget. Their goal is to match you with the right influencer already engaged with your target audience and help you cultivate a lasting relationship.

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Influencer Marketing Agencies Conduct Due Diligence

Today, social media platforms are increasingly populated with top creators across industries. There’s certainly no shortage of stars that various target audiences follow, especially among the most popular consumer verticals like beauty, fashion, health and wellness, and lifestyle. But not every influencer is cut-out for your campaign goals, budget, and overall brand philosophy.

Detailed Screening, Profiling, and Recommendations

Once an influencer marketing agency locates these top creators, they conduct a lot of due diligence on your behalf. Their goal is to set up the perfect match. Influencer agencies screen creators based on their number of followers, audience demographics and engagement, content, aesthetic, reputation, authenticity, and overall profile. 

They also look at past and current campaigns an influencer is engaged in, their successes, and any social, political, environmental, and other causes or stances the influencer has participated in. Based on these, influencer agencies determine if an influencer and their personal brand fit with yours.

Influencer Agencies Tailor Campaigns to Platforms

There’s more to influencer marketing than partnering with the top Instagram users to post content related to your brand. Influencer marketing agencies craft an entire campaign strategy for your brand, from developing creatives to posting on the right platforms.

An Influencer Campaign for Every Social Media Platform

Today, the most successful influencer campaigns take place across a number of platforms, each optimized based on your target audience demographic and content. An influencer marketing agency evaluates all your social channels, confirms that you’re reaching the right audiences across platforms, and optimizes your brand’s overall social media strategy to ensure a successful campaign.

For example, they’ll recommend Instagram for highly visual campaigns, while TikTok for short-form videos. For B2B campaigns, they’ll pair you with top LinkedIn creators in your industry. It’s all about developing the most impactful campaign with the right influencer on the best platform. Influencer agencies apply this valuable insight to every campaign, ensuring a perfect combination of content, creator, and platform for maximum engagement and conversion.

Influencer Marketing Agencies are Data-Driven

Influencer agencies thrive on data—and they know exactly how to leverage campaign insights in your overall digital marketing strategy. Simply, you need a reliable way to measure results, especially when collaborating with multiple influencers—and an influencer marketing agency provides exactly that.

Expert Analytics

While social media analytics are highly accessible, it takes an expert to select the right metrics to track, collect data across your channels and the influencers, and combine these to form the bigger picture. 

An influencer agency can identify relevant KPIs, such as impressions, likes, comments, and follows, and create a pipeline to website clicks, conversions, and actual revenue. They’ll track these metrics, optimize campaigns accordingly, and provide expert recommendations in timely and consistent reports to continuously grow your influencer marketing strategy.

Partner with Our Toronto Influencer Marketing Agency

Ready to launch your influencer marketing campaign? Partner with Consultus Digital. As Toronto’s leading influencer agency, we’re here to help you launch a highly impactful campaign, with lasting results. We start by finding the right influencer to partner with your brand.

Our influencer marketing agency is built by expert creators. We’re highly social, on-trend creatives, content creators, and analytics experts. With many years of experience crafting social media campaigns and cultivating influencer collaborations, we can provide your business with all the resources you need for your influencer marketing campaign.

As a full-service influencer agency, we’ll do everything: select the right influencer for your campaign size and budget, develop content in line with your campaign goals and an influencer’s brand, along with tracking and optimization. The Consultus Digital guarantee is a custom-crafted influencer campaign strategy helmed by experts, for maximum brand awareness and ROI.

Got an exciting new product or campaign idea? Let’s find the right influencer — a trusted voice for your brand. Talk to our influencer agency in Toronto today to start.

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