8 Out-of-the-Box B2C Influencer Marketing Campaign Ideas

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There’s no doubt that B2C influencer marketing is incredibly powerful. As more and more consumers are getting social when it comes to their shopping decisions, they’re looking less at ads — the “push and pull” of traditional marketing and advertising — and more towards influential figures in verticals they’re interested in. The result? They’re buying because they trust — and know exactly who to trust.

Quick Recap: The Basics of Influencer Marketing

Powered by a renowned brand advocate with thousands of engaged followers, the trust and credibility they’ve built in their community, and their unique, memorable brand have shaped countless shopping decisions, influencer marketing is increasingly driving customer reach and B2C revenue. And the best part? There’s an influencer in virtually every industry, for every type of consumer good.

So, if you aren’t on the B2C influencer marketing train yet, now is a good time to rethink how you’re reaching your target audience and engaging customers in lasting, trusted relationships. If you’re struggling to convert “vanity metrics” like follower count, impressions, and likes to actual revenue, influencer marketing might just be what you need to give potential customers that extra push.

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8 Ideas for B2C Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Testimonials, tutorials, live streams, and lots of other creative content ideas are fun, interesting ways to show just how much a blogger or other inspirational figure they love trusts your brand — and how your unique offers changed their lives. Now, you can try these B2C influencer marketing ideas yourself and launch your most successful campaign yet. Let’s check them out:

1. #SponCon — Sponsored posts and social media shoutouts

You can’t go wrong with a classic — a social media post, story, or mention. With this tried and tested B2C influencer marketing campaign, all you need to do is identify the top influencers in your industry and customer segment, then send them free samples, swag, and key messages about how your product and brand can help them and their followers. Then, invite them to post about the product—whether it’s a review, tutorial, or other forms of recommendation.

In addition to the sponsored post, you can also run a branded hashtag campaign. With a number of influencers headlining the campaign using your hashtag, you can quickly drive interest and even motivate customers to hop on the trend once they’ve made the recommended purchase.

2. Promo codes and contest giveaways

Follow up on an influencer’s sponsored post with promo codes and discounts that entice their followers to shop the recommended product right away. Then, round out your influencer marketing campaign with a roadmap to the buyer’s journey and instantly move an influencer’s fans along the sales funnel. 

You can also partner with influencers for contests and giveaways. Everyone loves free stuff, so winning some swag is the perfect preview to the full product experience. There’s no better way to translate impressions and likes to actual sales than exclusive discounts and offers.

3. Blog post reviews and round-ups

Another tried and tested B2C influencer marketing campaign; guest blogs date back to the earliest days of influencers. As pioneers of influencer marketing, bloggers continue to offer some of the most trusted product reviews and recommendations. Plus, unlike sponsored posts, blogs provide in-depth content, allowing both you and an influencer to keep audiences engaged and motivate informed shopping choices.

Influencers can feature a roundup of their favourite products from your brand and curate these style or gift guides — like different cosmetic products to complete a look or an eyeshadow palette for every mood. Then, you can repurpose this content as testimonials across your website and social channels for maximum reach and impact.

4. Instagram Live and other streaming events

Partner with an influencer to host an Instagram Live session. As hosts, they can share product tutorials or engage with fans, take questions, share tips, and more. For example, fans looking for tips on what to wear or makeup trends can connect directly with an influencer hosting the session, where they can recommend various products by your brand to complete the look. 

Drive up the buzz when you make it an exclusive event for your most loyal customers with exclusive Q&A and chat sessions, and convert the most engaged audiences to loyal customers.

5. AMAs and social media takeovers

Influencer marketing is all about relationship-building. And as more brands turn to influencers for #SponCon on product recommendations, your next influencer campaign needs to step outside the box. A good way to rethink your B2C influencer marketing strategy is going back to its core: brand awareness and audience engagement.

Social media takeovers are a great way to engage influencers and their audience. They can host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with fans or simply chat and hang out. You can also invite influencers to your office, where they can post “behind-the-scenes” and “sneak peek” stories that fans can follow along and get to know your brand better.

6. Social ads

Here’s a new spin on ads and sponsored posts. Instead of running ads from your brand pages, boost an influencer’s SponCon instead. Not only does this allow you to reach new audiences — and more than the typical demographics you target — but you can also leverage the authenticity of B2C influencer marketing that audiences respond to more than usual ads.

7. Host fan meetups and pop-up events

An influencer’s reach is a lot wider than you might think. Like celebrities, the most impactful influencers are often recognized by loyal fans offscreen in the real world. And now, with this fresh, new influencer marketing idea, you can invite fans to meet their favourites IRL.

Hosting a pop-up event for your store is the perfect way to bring influencers and fans together. You can run contests, like the first 20 in line can get an exclusive meet-and-greet or win freebies from a collection curated by their favourite influencer. Plus, the promos alone are enough to drive up the hype and guarantee many RSVPs.

8. From influencer to product expert

Launching a new product? Start your marketing campaign early, well ahead of the launch. Invite influencers to collaborate with you right at the beginning. As tastemakers, they offer a unique perspective into what customers want and need. 

You can launch this new product line as a collaboration, with the full power of an influencer’s reach and reputation. Plus, since they’re designing the product in partnership with your brand, you can expect them to actively promote it, knowing they’ll be sharing in the revenue as well.

Get Fun and Fresh B2C Influencer Marketing Ideas from Consultus Digital

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