6 Benefits of Working with a Google Ads Management Agency

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Today, paid search is just as vital—and competitive—as organic search. While it allows you to jump to the top of search, there’s also a lot more at stake. When you pay to rank per impression or click, you need to get the best value out of every dollar, ultimately lowering your cost-per-click and customer acquisition costs. And with quality scoring and ranking algorithms constantly changing, it’s even more crucial that you’re able to run the best-performing ads, with maximum ROI.

The question is, can you do all of this in-house? With a number of competing priorities, you may be better served by working with a Google Ads management agency in Toronto. Even hiring an in-house paid search specialist takes time, from hiring to onboarding, and getting results. 

Meanwhile, an agency has the expertise and resources you need to develop, launch, and measure pay-per-click (PPC) Google Ads campaigns, with positive impacts on brand awareness, customer acquisition, and revenue.

Are you struggling with a low click-through rate (CTR), or do you need full-service support from account set-up to campaign management? Find out the top benefits of working with a Google Ads management agency.

When to Hire a Google Ads Management Agency

Low CTR and revenue or a lack of Google Ads campaigns are some of the top signs that you need to work with a Google Ads management agency. 

Most of the time, these come down to a resourcing problem: having the right people with the right expertise to develop and manage your Google Ads strategy. The reality is, brands are busy developing products and services, providing customer service, and looking toward evolving trends in the industry—all time-consuming tasks that require other skill sets. 

As a result, marketing is one of the functions that take a backseat. And even if it doesn’t end up on the back burner because you have an in-house specialist, plateaued results won’t help you achieve your business goals.

So now, we’re sounding the alarms. If your brand is dealing with these constraints, it’s time to bring in a Google Ads management agency to lend an expert helping hand.

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Benefits of Working with a Google Ads Management Agency

By now, you already have a general sense of what a Google Ads management agency can do that a DIY ad strategy simply can’t. At this point, you also have some warning signs to look out for, so you can start working with an agency right away and get the results you need.

If you’re still mulling this over or if you need to make your case for bringing in an agency, here are some of the most compelling benefits that a Google Ads management agency brings:

1. Google changes at lightning speed

It’s a well-known fact that Google’s ranking algorithm changes rapidly, along with your competitors’ bids on top searches in your industry. It’s why ad placements change—and why you can get knocked out of the top spot without actively working to maintain your position.

With Google constantly evolving, the question now is: can you keep up? A Google Ads management agency takes out the hard work out of keeping up with the latest trends, best practices, and features. With an agency, you can always count on your Google Ads to be current and relevant.

2. Work with a certified Google Partner

Anyone can learn how to work on the Google Ads platform and start running ads. And while you may see some results, they could either be inconsistent or much better. It takes an expert to continuously deliver clicks and ensure that you meet your campaign goals.

Many—but not all—Google Ads management agencies are certified Google Partners. They earned this certification by demonstrating expertise in the Google Ads platform and training in account management, features, optimization, and more. 

They even get a different support line reserved only for agencies, meaning your concerns are resolved sooner. Some Partners have also beta-tested new features before they’re rolled out, so you can trust that they know their stuff—and have Google to back them up.

3. Deep data-driven insights

A Google Ads management agency thrives on data, and they know exactly which numbers matter most to you. While the Google Ads platform offers a wealth of information about campaign performance, it can be difficult to understand what they mean and how they fit into your goals. On the other hand, an agency can interpret these metrics into actionable insights, and in response, apply best practices in keyword targeting, bidding, and ad copywriting.

4. Industry expertise

You know your industry inside and out, no question. But do you know all of the best practices and latest trends in Google Ads, and apply them to your business? A Google Ads management agency combines both to your campaigns. 

In fact, they bring a lot more perspective, owing to their work in brands like yours and across industries. Agencies are exposed to fresh ideas and emerging trends that they can adapt to your campaigns. And the best part? They’re able to implement these new features without wasting your ad spend. By trying these features first in-house, your Google Ads management agency can implement learnings when applying these to your campaigns.

5. Expertise beyond Google Ads management

The best-performing Google Ads agencies in Toronto consider paid search as one vital component of a broader digital marketing strategy. By working with an agency, you not only tap into expert knowledge in paid advertising but also other key marketing components like landing page development and SEO, and you gain a more holistic view of your brand’s performance across multiple channels.

6. A constant force

Turnover is a reality in every organization. If you’ve invested in in-house Google Ads management, what happens when your paid search specialist moves on to another role? Will your ads continue to run and perform as well as they do now?

Even without the turnover, short absences can also impact your campaigns, especially if you rely on just one person to do the job. Without daily monitoring and optimization where needed, as well as long-term campaign management, your impressions, clicks, and CTR could easily take a hit.

This is precisely why a Google Ads management agency is the best alternative. An agency has established and proven processes in place to ensure the continuity of your campaigns in the midst of shifting workplace dynamics. With an entire team working on your account, you can be sure that your Google Ads will always perform at their best.

Choose Consultus Digital as Your Google Ads Management Agency

Looking for the right people with the right skills to manage your Google Ads campaigns? With all of the benefits listed above, a Google Ads management agency in Toronto is your best bet. Think of an agency as your partner, bringing a team of highly experienced, certified, and dedicated paid search specialists who are ready to hit the ground running.

Consultus Digital is exactly that—a high-performing and highly rated Google Ads management agency in Toronto. Now, we can be part of your team, too. As a certified Google Partner with a portfolio of successful campaigns across a wide range of industries, you can count on our paid search experts to keep your Google Ads account up-to-date, deliver high-ROI campaigns, and help you realize your business goals. Get a dedicated account manager who’s always ready to answer your questions and provide timely updates on your performance, and see results that matter most, from clicks to revenue.

Need help setting up your Google Ads account, or not seeing the results you need? Choose Consultus Digital as your Google Ads management agency in Toronto. Let’s talk about your paid search needs.

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