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The Consulting Plan

Online Marketing Vendor Selection

We will prepare the RFPs as it relates to our plans and distribute them to three companies we know and three companies we do not. The idea here is to reach out to competent players in the industry we are familiar with, but also be open minded enough to consider the capabilities of other organizations.

Finding The Best Digital Marketing Company

Online marketers and agencies are not regulated by any governing bodies and the barrier to entry is relatively low. Anyone with some rudimentary skills can throw up a website, call themselves an internet marketing professional and make a few sales calls. For every one good company out there, there are handful of others that are mediocre and a lot more that are simply no good. Navigating the options, and finding the best digital marketing company based on your business needs can be a painful experience; and while some agencies claim to do it all, there are very few that are specialized and experts in all areas of digital marketing, design, and development

If you think the bigger the agency is, the better, you’d be wrong. In fact there are three publicly traded online marketing firms that are Google Premier partners that simply do their customers a disservice.

Best Digital Marketing Company

If you think legacy matters, it does, but there are numerous example of companies that have gone through some serious rough patches due to things such as algorithmic changes within Google or employee churn.

The challenge facing most business owners and marketers is that they are not practitioners. They may know what a website is or know what Google AdWords is or know that Search Engine Optimization is, but they don’t know how it’s done. That is to be expected because not only is there a lot to know, but online is always evolving. Think about the changes that happen monthly across Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc…

  • Does your SEO company build you up in a way that is sustainable when Google changes the rules of engagement?
  • Does the amount of work that goes into your paid platforms justify the management fee?
  • How many other clients does your account manager handle? What’s an acceptable amount?
  • In what way are you advantaged by a marketing company that works with your competitors and what are the inherent disadvantages of that?

Are you asking for references? If so, it’s likely a waste of time and not helpful in finding the right partner. After all, what company in their right mind would refer you to a customer that had something bad to say?

Looking for online reviews? Those can be faked or the criticism be unjustified (think about the last time you got a poor review when you didn’t deserve it).

So how do you find the right marketing partners? Here’s our three steps.

Recruiting The Best Candidates

As practitioners, we have special insight into the capabilities of different companies because we know the industry, and have worked for various vendors and competed against others for a number of years. We shop your business to:

  • Companies where we were once employees because we know what they are good for and what they are not
  • Companies that are currently engaged with our current clientele that we consult who are doing a great job
  • Companies that have inspired confidence through our initial research
  • Competent independent contractors

It’s important to note that we always do our best to reach out to firms that we are not familiar with to ensure we are always discovering the best of what is available.

In some instances, depending on the time restraint of our client we will just collect proposals, but whenever possible we should either be visiting the vendor offices for a presentation, or at the very least invite them to your place of business. A presentation can add vital context to the services outlined in the proposal.

Negotiating The Agreements

We will narrow down the responses to a couple vendors and proceed to ensure that the best terms are met with best digital marketing company available to suit your needs, at your budget. Sometimes this means lowering the price, adding value, augmenting the terms and conditions or implementing financial incentives for benchmarks.

Best online marketing company in Toronto

Our goal is to make sure that you pay for what you’re getting. To be clear, our objective is not to merely drill down the price because your vendor has to feel motivated to go the extra mile and do the best job they can. At the same time we want to make sure that the tactics are sound and that the management fees are appropriate to the tasks at hand.

Presentation Of Findings

We’ll present our findings across all vendors and provide a recommendation for the best digital marketing company that we are confident will execute your digital program at the highest level possible. It is quite common that in our process we are selecting more than one vendor as the best results are typically garnered from companies that have a specific focus who do one thing and one thing well. That said, there are exceptions and certainly compromises that may need to be made depending on the budget.

When dealing with multiple providers, ensuring that deliverables are being met can be a challenging task. It’s also important that the different parties are communicating with one another. For example, the insights into best converting keywords in AdWords would help the SEO team focus their efforts in ranking for the most relevant keywords. Staying on top of those emails, coordinating conference calls and attending meetings can be too taxing. That’s why we offer Vendor Management.

We’ll manage all of the moving parts and give you one clear line of communication to ensure your online strategy is handled by the best digital marketing company in Toronto, or beyond, to meet your online goals, and truly move the needle for your business.

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