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The Consulting Plan

Internet Marketing Execution & Management

We will prepare the RFPs as it relates to our plans and distribute them to three companies we know and three companies we do not. The idea here is to reach out to competent players in the industry we are familiar with, but also be open minded enough to consider the capabilities of other organizations.

The second step in the Consultus Digital strategy is expert execution and campaign management.  

The best online marketing strategy is simply theory. The results are dependent upon your ability to execute the plan. As they say, you gotta walk the walk if you’re gonna talk the talk. Shiny marketing proposals and presentations can paint a nice picture, but if you trust the wrong online marketing agency in Toronto, you could be left with nothing but empty promises.


Consultus Digital takes pride in not only offering unique and visionary digital marketing strategies, but also having the capability to bring them to life and execute the plan. Our team of in-house experts are leaders in their fields, knowing everything there is to know about their corner of digital marketing. We work tirelessly to ensure we meet tight deadlines, exercise strict quality control, and give our clients the best campaign management experience of any digital marketing agency in Toronto.

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In-House Experts For Your Business

One of the key things that sets Consultus Digital apart from our competition is our extensive roster of in-house talent.


Many Toronto online marketing agencies will outsource a significant amount of their work to countries like India or the Philippines. While this allows them to capitalise on cheaper labour, these savings are rarely passed on their their customers, and they lose the ability to directly manage deadline requirements and quality control. Ultimately, this can leave the client in a sticky situation where they are presented with poor quality work late, and will have to wait even longer to have it corrected.


At Consultus Digital, we have made it a top priority to bring all of our experts in-house so that we can maintain the highest level of quality and responsiveness possible. All of our writers, account managers, designers, social media coordinators, and web developers, are all present in our head office in Toronto. As we do not have to wait for time differences in other countries to get work or responses from our employees, we are able to produce incredible results at a time that actually matters to our clients.


This also means you are able to actually meet the people who will be working on your campaigns, allowing you the chance to build a relationship and put a face to the name. If you’re looking for the best online marketing agency Toronto has to offer, look no further than Consultus Digital.

Dedicated Account Managers

Every single one of our clients has a single, dedicated account manager that personally manages every aspect of their campaign.


In a larger online marketing agency in Toronto, clients can often be shared amongst multiple account managers, making client communication confusing and disjointed. When you email one account manager, the other is not necessarily informed, and that can lead to information double up or being missed completely. Similarly, even if you have a single account manager to deal with, they might be dealing with 40+ other clients, preventing them from giving your account the attention it deserves.


Consultus Digital ensures that every client only has a single dedicated account manager. This gives you just one point of contact you need to deal with, and one source for all of the various elements of your campaign. Instead of having to chase multiple account managers or individuals, you just need to reach out to one. As a leading Toronto online marketing agency, we are committed to our client’s success, which is why all of our account managers only manage a smaller number of clients. This allows them to focus 100% of their attention on each client when it comes to their campaign, generating the best results and optimizing appropriately.

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Real Time Campaign Management

At Consultus Digital, we believe that time is money, and we respect both.


Many digital marketing practices, such as paid social media advertising Google Adwords, and influencer marketing happen in real time. This means budget is being actively used every day to achieve the desired results of a digital marketing strategy. However, it is far from a “set and forget” situation. Online marketing requires exceptional attention to detail and analytics in real-time, so as to maximise return on investment and the efficiency of a provided budget.


At Consultus Digital, our account managers are experts at tracking our clients’ success in real time, and making adjustments to achieve better results every day. Any online marketing agency in Toronto worth its salt will be actively paying attention to dollars spent on Google or Facebook over the course of the day, identifying user patterns and shifting budget to capitalise on emerging trends. Our experts at Consultus Digital have decades of experience managing campaigns, so our clients can have peace of mind knowing they are getting the best online marketing management in Toronto.

Toronto’s Leading Online Marketing Agency

Consultus Digital is the leading online marketing agency in Toronto, offering custom solutions for every client.


Our passion for client satisfaction drives our execution and management to new heights every day. While the competition might be happy to let things coast along without making any improvements, our team is always looking for ways to optimise our clients’ campaigns, increase their return on investment, and generating new sales. Our perfect combination of in-house talent, dedicated account managers, and real time monitoring ensures we achieve the best results for our clients and remain one of the best online marketing agencies Toronto has to offer.


Contact Consultus Digital today and let us take your business to the next level.

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