Top Ways To Drive Retail With Digital Sales Marketing

Digital marketing and retail sales

We’re in the social media sphere, the coming-of-age of digital sales marketing. Traditional marketing has officially taken a big step back and companies and brands are focusing on the digital sales marketing. The possibilities are endless in terms of reaching your audience and growing the social standing of your brand, this also helps attract the millennial generation and can create major activations for your business and growth within sales by even just one click of a button, a like or a share.

When it comes to investing and spending on digital marketing initiatives, set budgets can reach even further, garnering more activations and helping with brand awareness. They also create more opportunities to view and gather more analytics and data on the ROI of the campaigns in progress, and what may be working, and what’s not. In recent years, through influencer marketing campaigns and brand sponsorships there has been a huge impact within the retail marketing space.

Let’s dig deeper!

Email Marketing

This allows you as a business to collect emails within your trade area and your niche market and grow your customer database. This database can be used to communicate with your audience or customers and learn more about their wants and needs as a patron of your business. Email Marketing campaigns can be used to blast out company blogs or newsletters, inform customers of limited time product launches, relay time-sensitive information, present brand messaging in a quick and easy to read format, and create long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Social Media

The most influential and most important thing you can utilize for your business to date. These social media platforms promote engagement and create interactions on a personal level with your patrons. Content calendars, social media spends, social media campaigns, advertising and public relations. Many facets of your business can be pushed through social media accounts, these can help you build audiences, increase in-store foot traffic, sell specific products and create buzz, brand awareness and virality surrounding your up-and-coming or well-seasoned company, brand or product.

Improving Your Website and User Experience (UX)

Improving your website is always a good thing and it’s important, this is how you as a business present yourself to potential customers. Within most websites, you have the ability to use Google Ads to collect revenue from another stream, feature your business at the top rankings of Google search, optimize your SEO to gain new fans and customers and have your business seen by many people. Utilizing a website can greatly impact your business, ensuring your website is user-friendly, up-to-date, appealing, and fits into our “3 – C’s” – clean, cool and concise, will help to ensure the user experience is a good one. Websites allow for a space to house all information for your brand and communicate with your customer base on a more formatted and informed level.

Online Ordering & E-commerce

Online ordering is a breeze. This has the ability to take your sales and revenue to the next level, giving the customer the ability to order your products with the touch of a button through a brand-specific app or an e-commerce platform such as Shopify. This creates a less personal user experience, but allows the customer to modify the order as much as needed, skip the lines, order from the office or from home, and fit your products into their schedule and lifestyle. This also creates a more B2C (Business-To-Consumer) experience and allows the consumer to have a more informed decision and create quick purchases with B2C brands like Amazon.

Wifi Marketing & Bounce-backs

Retailers and brands are now more often providing “free wifi” or wireless access to consumers or store patrons, and then using that connection or their entered email address and information, to create an open line for communication while in-store, which continues after they leave. This acts as a channel for updating the customer, communicating messages or errors, sending promotions, collecting store specific data like demographics, customer analytics, and behavioural data, such as how often they return to your store. All of these things help grow your brand CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and in turn allow for more potential active users to become a part of your brand. Using the information collected through your wifi marketing, you may also send specifically timed bounce-back coupons including low-cost free items and discounts, asking the customer to return to collect their free item or use the coupon on their next purchase in-store.

What does this mean for traditional marketing?

The world is constantly evolving, and so is marketing. What the come up of digital sales marketing means to traditional marketing is that there is a lot to learn about the decades of success within the traditional marketing space. Throughout history, many campaigns have come and gone, and what it comes down to is about what your business needs on a case-by-case basis, and what message you’re trying to convey through your brand voice.

If you’re looking to take your business or brand to the next level, are looking to increase your revenues, engage with more people, learn more about your customers and gather analytics and data, these points are very important. While presenting your brand at such a high digital level that it resonates with consumers young and old, you need to ensure your digital marketing strategy is as strong as ever, these quick tips will be sure to help you get there!

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