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With the holidays right around the corner, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to conjure up a Digital Marketing Gift Guide! While every blogger, company, and influencer under the sun is creating gift guides for their products and services, we decided to take a different approach and as marketers working in a busy full-service digital agency, these are some of the things we’d love to receive!

Whether you’re buying for a digital marketing professional, a well-seasoned marketer, or employees on your agency marketing team – these gifts will be sure to impress!

Let’s dive into it!

App Subscriptions

There are many apps out there right now that make digital and social media marketing that much more accessible and enjoyable! In our daily operations, we use a ton of different apps that sere many functionalities. The majority of these apps can be found online or the iOs App Store. Some of our favourites include: 

  • Mojo – create dynamic animated and stunning video stories for social media
  • Hootsuite – organize and schedule social content + paid boosted content, and gain analytics and insights into your social profiles
  • – create a cohesive aesthetic and schedule Instagram stories through this unique platform
  • HeadSpace – take some time for yourself during the day to reset & recharge

All these apps help streamline daily processes and make communications easier for digital and social and help with being relatively stress-free in your office environment. Give the gift of a subscription to a marketer you love!

App subscriptions on an iPhone screen

Moleskine Notebook

The perfect accessory to bring to client meetings! Not every time you have a meeting you need to be “connected” to a device. Let’s take it back to the old school days when you could write down your thoughts, opinions, and notes, or spend some time doodling for inspiration in an old-fashioned Moleskine. You can even get them branded for your Agency or job! These are the perfect item to throw in your bag so that you always have something to write on!

Moleskine notebook and accessories

Ember Warming Coffee Mug

You never truly know how long a scheduled client meeting will be… Ideas and conversations start flowing, questions being answered, and feedback is received, the next thing you notice is that your morning coffee is iced cold! The solution you ask? The Ember smart mug! A digital mug that keeps your coffee or hot beverage at a personal desired temperature for up to 1.5 hours. It’s designed for home or office and allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, so your coffee is never too hot, or too cold, all of this can be done directly through the Ember app!

Ember digital warming mug


Client calls, phone conferences, or just plain listening to music. It’s important you do it in style with all the functionality of Bluetooth! AirPods allow you to be hands-free and keep your head in the game. Whether you’re shoulders deep in client work or RFP’s, or you just need some you-time while on your lunch break, AirPods are the perfect and stylish addition to your bag, briefcase or purse!

Apple AirPods on green background

Phone Powerbank

As a digital marketer, you’re always on your phone. There’s no shame, we all do it! Staying on top of news, current marketing trends, and all your client work with social media, there’s no wonder why your batteries always about to die! The solution is a phone power bank. Perfect for when you’re on-the-go or even when you’re at the office and forgot your charger at home! These devices ensure that you never lose your battery life or your digital connection!

Anker powercore 20100 digital power bank

Did we make your digital marketing gift-giving this holiday season any easier?

It’s a short but sweet 2020 digital marketing gift guide but it features some fantastic and functional gifts for the marketing professional in your life! Holiday gift guides appear everywhere around the holidays, but it’s important to read as many as you can if you’re struggling to find that perfect gift! We hope this can help you out!

To learn more about how we can help your business here and what services we offer at Consultus Digital! Contact Us today! Did you find this article helpful? We always appreciate your feedback.

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