7 Proven Growth Marketing Strategies That Drive ROI

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In the current digital market, it’s easy to get lost in the buzz and not embrace growth marketing strategies. Today, there’s no shortage of brands—from household names and industry giants, to emerging products and technology—eager to meet evolving customer demands. The question is—how do you stand out in a sea of competition, and how do you cement your place in the industry?

A common problem that prevents many businesses from achieving these revenue and sustainability goals is the prevalence of silos. As companies grow, marketing, sales, customer support, and even product development tend to operate in silos, preventing effective communication and collaboration.

These issues can be solved with a fulsome growth marketing plan: an end-to-end strategy for bridging marketing and sales, leveraging data-driven insights, and strengthening your sales funnel from campaign to conversion.

So, what exactly are growth marketing strategies? Find out the different growth marketing strategies you can implement—an effective combination in one expert-led, customized plan.

What is growth marketing? An overview

In a nutshell, growth marketing is the sum of all your marketing, sales, and customer experience processes. It’s a comprehensive, long-term approach to coordinating marketing content and tactics and sales processes to achieve measurable and sustainable growth in revenue and lifetime customer value.

Growth marketing goes beyond growth hacking and other basic marketing strategies. It’s a fulsome, data-driven strategy for optimizing every aspect of the customer experience, from click to conversion and repeat purchase. In the process, you’re able to attract and convert more prospects, uncover stalled leads and (finally) convert, and retain existing customers who will become brand ambassadors.

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Growth Marketing Strategies

Try it out for yourself. Find out what exactly makes a long-term, high-converting growth marketing plan. Check out these top growth marketing strategies to implement:

1. Referral marketing

There isn’t anyone a customer trusts more than another customer—and even more when they’re family or friends. Referral marketing allows you to cultivate this trust by converting satisfied customers into brand ambassadors. The key is to incentivize these interactions by providing customers with discounts and other freebies. This is a hallmark of growth marketing—customer acquisition and retention operating in tandem.

2. Influencer marketing

Similar to referral marketing, influencer marketing is all about leveraging customer trust of brand ambassadors. With influencer marketing, you can reach the top creators and most influential figures in your consumer vertical or market niche, and partner with them for campaigns. 

Influencer content is authentic and accessible, enabling customers to connect with your brand through someone whose reviews and recommendations they already trust. As a result, you’re able to strengthen the sales funnel and build lasting relationships with customers who are ready to buy.

3. Content marketing

The backbone of growth marketing is effective content. Growth marketing requires content that educates, provides value, and converts customers. It’s how you communicate the top advantages of your brand—from product specs and key applications to thought leadership.

Growth marketing relies on a value-adding, high-converting content marketing strategy to deliver key messages and value propositions to customers. From blogs and guides to infographics and video tutorials, you’re able to build brand awareness and cultivate customer trust. As a result, you can develop deeper connections with customers that go beyond their initial purchase or quote, enabling you to drive repeat purchases and seal the deal.

4. SEO and paid ads

The quickest way to ensure growth is to get found and connect with customers at the most crucial points of the customer journey. SEO, Google Ads, and paid social media ads enable touchpoints immediately at the start of the shopping journey. By constantly optimizing your site to build search rankings and pairing these with paid placements, you’re able to reach more customers at cost-effective rates, resulting in a larger sales funnel and greater revenue potential that beats out the competition.

5. Marketing automation

In line with creating customer touchpoints is optimizing every interaction. Once you’ve created interest through outreach strategies like SEO, content marketing, and paid ads, you need a strategy for moving prospective customers along the sales funnel and ensure that every conversion results in a sale and repeat purchase.

Marketing automation is a core component of growth marketing at various stages. It enables you to send reminder emails, newsletters, free downloadables, and other value-adding communication to customers and automating these touchpoints. It operates as a growth marketing strategy by uncovering stalled leads and customer pain points to close the deal, as well as continuously nurture relationships with existing customers to increase lifetime value.

6. Analytics and market trends

Measure, measure, measure—it’s a cornerstone of growth marketing. Without analytics, it’s impossible to tell if your business is actually growing, and by how much. Similarly, growth marketing requires benchmarking your performance against your competitors and the industry to find out your market share and work towards optimizing it. Embracing this mindset is at the core of growth marketing: to keep an eye on evolving trends and customer needs, and innovate accordingly.

7. Go out in the community

And finally, being part of a community is central to growth marketing. Take part in conferences, networking sessions, fairs, and other events in your community. 

Being part of the community provides great learning opportunities, from meeting competitors and major industry players and learning the tricks of the trade, to even connecting with customers and demonstrating established standards that you adhere to. Forming these connections is an essential and often under-used growth marketing strategy that enables you to stay ahead of trends and industry developments, and leverage successful practices.

Learn More Strategies in Your Free Growth Marketing Plan

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