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Your website is the centrepiece of your digital strategy and is incredibly important to get right. It is often the first look a visitor has at your business and the basis by which you are judged. Spending the proper budget and time in development will give you the competitive advantage.

Web Development Agency Toronto

You website needs to be as unique as your business to catch your customers’ eyes and their clicks. Selecting the right web development agency could determine the success or failure of your online presence and marketing efforts.

The website can uniquely operate 24/7, serve multiple people at the same time and never has a sick day or a bad mood. Your website will say exactly what you want it to say 100% of the time. The website’s first impression may end up being the only impression, so it’s important to get it right. Make your site the employee of the month, every month.

Your website should also really never be understood as ‘done’, but rather, a living and breathing digital asset that serves your visitors and customers. That being said, most websites done right won’t require a major overhaul for three to five years. It’s a good idea to consider that when budgeting your time and capital.

Of course, there is a lot to consider when looking at what kind of website you want to build, but here are the three most important factors we focus on as one of, if not the, most reputable Web Development Agencies in Toronto.

Conversion Focussed Web Design & Development

Commonly, many businesses will budget thousands of dollars to advertise their products and services by spending almost every available dollar on traffic generation. However, they also spend very little on making sure that those visitors find what they’re looking for and subsequently engage with the website.

Your website or landing environment is where users will either take the intended action or not. Sometimes the objective is engagement, the collection of an email address, completing a purchase or lead generation.

At Consultus Digital, we ensure that every website we develop is built from the ground up to maximize our client’s desired conversion. Whether that means ensuring buying a product is as simple as possible or that you can sign up for a newsletter in a single click of a button, we make it our top priority to understand what you want for you business and then give you the tools to achieve that through your website.

Web Development Agency

Website Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to website Search Engine Optimization there will always be debate as to what the factors are and how much they matter. However, it is universally recognized by the SEO community that the user experience and content on site impacts your ability rank in search engines.

This makes sense because Google only succeeds when users can make a query and find what they are looking for. This means that your website and its content must cover the range of user inquiry. The rule of thumb is that your website will not be recognized by Google for that which it does not speak about. Your website gives you an opportunity to talk about all the services you offer, things you do, and position yourself as an industry thought leader.

Now let’s assume you get the click…

Google pays attention to the amount of time a user spends on your site and engaging with your content. Should it find that people who click through are spending a long time clicking through your site and scrolling through your content, that is a strong signal that your website is a quality search result to serve its users. Your site would likely then be rewarded in Google’s search rankings, and you would gain more clicks as a result. A beautiful self-fulfilling prophecy.

Conversely, if users can’t find the information they were looking for and ‘bounce’ from your website, that will indicate to Google that you may not have been the best result to serve that user.

Your website’s communication and technical rendering should be optimized for longer session times through encouraging users to dig deeper. This involves planning the user’s journey through your site, which is why good web developers put a UX (User Experience) wireframe together before they consider the design.

After all, design is subjective, but user experience is objective. Users will always want the shortest, easiest path to get to what they want. It is human nature.

This means the information offered on your website must also be planned and worked on as much as the placement on site. This, combined with other on-page factors, significantly impact your ability to rank. That is why your website can be an asset for SEO or a detriment.

Website Development Toronto

Google Ads Landing Environment

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), assigns a quality score beside each of its keywords. Quality Score is a score out of ten, based on the connection between the keyword you are bidding on, your ad’s relevance to that keyword, as well as its relevance to the landing page it points traffic to. The higher your quality score is, the less you end up paying per click because you are providing the user with the most relevant website to their original search. The higher the Quality Score, the lower you pay-per-click for that keyword; where as any Quality Score below 5, Google charges the advertiser a premium, and a higher cost-per-click.

In short, building out a better website experience will lead to less spend, while a poor website will lead to more spend for the same clicks. Thus, it is in a business’s best interests to invest appropriately in their landing page environments during web development so as to minimize their Google Ads expenditure.

Consultus Digital Web Development Services

At Consultus Digital, we pride ourselves as a Web Design and Web Development Agency in Toronto that excels in striking a balance between web design aesthetic and conversion with every landing page design. By building completely customized SEO focused websites for our clients, we have complete confidence that our web development Toronto services outshine the competition.

Website Development Form and Function

Some other web development agencies might force you to choose between a beautiful design and one that actually works. At Consultus Digital, we believe that you shouldn’t have to make that decision.

Every website that we develop for our clients is built around the core conversion that they wish to achieve to help their business, whatever that may be. We utilize the latest in web development strategies to create websites that stand out from the crowd and are capable of things previously thought impossible.

When we have a user experience and functional wireframe that is optimized to maximize conversions, we work with our clients to develop eye catching visual designs that will keep their websites looking modern for years to come. Our expert in-house designers are masters at creating visual moods that take the user on an exciting journey that ends with them taking the desired action.

When you marry form and function together, you can create truly unforgettable websites that will be rewarded by both Google and your customers.

Website Build, Behind the Scenes

Many of the key benefits derived from high quality web development and SEO happen on the invisible side of your website. This includes backend optimizations, tagging, tracking codes, and analytics integration that are all necessary to providing a world class user experience.

Consultus Digital specializes in creating websites that are custom built using the best coding and tagging practices in the industry. We ensure your website is properly configured behind the scenes to help drive traffic to your site, as well as provide you with insight into how your web traffic is growing over time.

Whilst an engaging website design draws your customers in, an expertly crafted backend will ensure your website performs beyond your expectations.

Dedicated Support

A beautiful website is only as good as its support.

At Consultus Digital, we treat each website we develop with the care and attention it deserves. Once we have built your dream website, we ensure we are always available to assist with any updates or changes you might want. We also monitor the security of your website and apply any optimizations that are required to keep it running smoothly.

When it comes to web development in Toronto, no one does it better than Consultus Digital. If you are looking for a unique website that will get you sales, contact us today.

Website Design FAQs

A Content Management System (CMS) is a platform for creating and managing digital content for blogs or websites. It is often built into a variety of different web-based services, and is usually designed to be used by multiple users in a collaborative way.

Many CMS programs allow for live editing, scheduling, revision history tracking, searching, image and video embedding, and backlinking. Using a CMS effectively is key to creating engaging and well optimised content for any business.

There are hundreds of different CMS platforms you can use to build a website on, offering a range of different benefits and features. In general, we prefer to work with WordPress for its ease of use, functionality, and impressive suite of efficiency-boosting plugins.

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used CMS platforms available. It allows for entirely custom websites to be built from the ground up, with bespoke coding an elements to maximum SEO and lead generation. It is also fast, responsive, and intuitive for anyone with even the most basic understanding of web development.

A mobile friendly responsive website is any website that has been properly optimised to display and function correctly on mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets.

In an increasingly mobile-focused world, it is vital that your business’s website is designed to work properly on screens other than the traditional desktop. This will include dynamic resizing so that web pages automatically resize to fit a smaller screen, and simplified menu structures that work well with touchscreen input. At Consultus Digital, we ensure every website we build is completely optimised for mobile so your brand can continue to wow your customers no matter what device they’re on.

Having a website that loads quickly and displays properly is vital to ensuring customers stay on your site and don’t leave without converting. Slow site speed can dramatically increase your bounce rate and decrease your time spent on page, which are both bad signals for Google which may lower your search page rankings in response.

Slow site speed is constantly ranked as one of the top reasons users leave before making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. In our fast paced society, time is at a premium and people have gotten used to getting the information they need immediately. A slow site will break that flow and trigger a negative reaction with the customer, which in turn will reflect poorly on your brand. Consultus Digital always builds sites with speed in mind, so that your customers will be encouraged to explore more and make a purchase.

How much a website will cost will depend greatly on the desired functionality, dynamic elements, number of pages, any unique elements required, and which CMS platform it is built on. Each of these will add additional time to development, and subsequently additional cost.

At Consultus Digital, we pride ourselves on our open and honest pricing for website development. We take the time to learn everything there is to know about your business, what you want out of a new website, and the strategy that would best get you the results you are after. Typically, our WordPress websites start at $5,000, with final cost depending on the above mentioned variables.


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