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Marketing Service | Website Development

Your website is the centrepiece of your digital strategy and is incredibly important to get right. It is often the first look a visitor has at your business and the basis by which you are judged. Spending the proper budget and time in development will give you the competitive advantage.

Today, everyone is online — and everything can be found, shopped, and ordered online. Every brand needs a website: responsive and focused on conversions, designed to offer the best customer experience. With 89% of consumers turning to competitors after a poor user experience, and 74% more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites, website development is the backbone of your brand’s digital presence — and increasingly, the customer journey.

With hundreds of web development agencies in Toronto, it takes an entire team of web developers, web designers, and digital marketing experts to get your website right. At Consultus Digital, we’ve made it our mission to help you engage customers and maximize conversions. It all starts with a website built for your brand, designed to convert visitors to customers, and cultivate lasting trust with every positive customer experience.

Why Is Website Development Important?

Web development is the backbone of your digital marketing strategy — and your website the main driver of your digital presence. From creating a lasting first impression and encouraging conversions, to cultivating customer trust and loyalty, a highly functional, well-designed website makes an effective digital storefront.

Positive customer experience

With the rise of eCommerce, browsing a website is increasingly like in-store shopping. You want customers to feel welcome, find what they need, and take action. With 89% of consumers switching to a competitor due to poor user experience and 83% expecting a website to load in 3 seconds or less, a modern, fully functional website defines the best customer service.

Positive Customer Experience - Consultus Digital
Build Customer Loyalty - Consultus Digital

Build customer loyalty

74% of users are more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites, proof that every positive customer experience builds trust, and drives repeat purchases and referrals. Trust a web development company that prioritizes a seamless, professional design and up-to-date information to keep customers onsite and actively engaged with your brand. Avoid joining businesses that lose $2.6 billion in annual revenue due to slow loading websites.

Improve SEO

Many brands only focus on keywords and content to drive search engine rankings, often missing out on the technical aspects of effective SEO. Website elements can affect SEO, so it’s important that your code is SEO-friendly to ensure search engine visibility, rankings, and relevant website traffic.

Improve SEO - Consultus Digital
Brand Consistency - Consultus Digital

Brand consistency

As your digital storefront, your website should embody your brand. It’s the centrepiece of all your digital strategy and sets the tone of your social media pages and other assets. A professional, consistent brand improves recall and builds trust, inspiring customers to take action and drive conversions.

What Is Website Development?

HTML, CSS, Java — website development starts with code, but it’s so much more than that. Building your website ranges from creating plain-text webpages to interactive applications, through a seamless combination of code, user experience design, content management system development, and eCommerce integration.

The result is a highly functional website that highlights your brand, and invites customers to take action — from viewing products to completing a purchase — all in just a few clicks.

The Consultus Digital Process

At Consultus Digital, conversions are always the focal point of each web design project. We use the latest technology and our proven process to create highly functional and aesthetically pleasing websites.

Understanding Your Business Icon

Understanding Your Business

Before beginning the website development process, we must first understand your business and what goals your website needs to fulfill. For example, a ..service-based business and a product-based business would need different functionality. Once we have this information, we can recommend a CMS (e.g. WordPress, Shopify, etc.) and begin building out the sitemap and wireframe for your new site.

Form & Function Icon

Form & Function

At Consultus Digital, our goal for every website we develop is to have a great design and functionality. When you unite form and function, you can.. create a truly unique website that both Google and your customers will love.
We first build out our wireframe and user experience (UX) to maximize conversions. Then we develop a visual design in collaboration with our client that will keep the site looking modern for years to come. Our expert in-house designers create a visual experience that takes the user on an exciting journey that ends with them taking the desired action.

Content Development & Optimization Icon

Content Development & Optimization

Once the website structure is in place, we can begin creating the content for each web page, always keeping SEO in mind to ensure that pages rank well...
We also ensure that the technical elements of the website are optimized to increase ranking in search engines. This includes ensuring the site is mobile-friendly, improving site speed, optimizing the sitemap, and much more.

Website Maintenance Icon

Website Maintenance

Once we have built and launched your new website, we ensure we are always available to assist with any updates or changes you might want. We will monitor ..the security of your website and apply any optimizations that are required to keep it running smoothly.


Website development and a seamless, fully functional website is the backbone of your digital marketing strategy — but it’s only step one. The real difference is in building your entire digital presence with a full suite of services that drive audience engagement, lead generation, and conversion.

  • Website Design: Build your website with your brand at the heart. Combine web development with web design to create a unique, consistent website that offers the best of usability and functionality. Launch a modern, professionally designed website that enables a positive customer experience from landing page to repeat purchases.
  • SEO: Website development provides the technical foundation for good SEO. Build on this and further increase search engine visibility with a full SEO strategy for optimizing website content and back-end, and driving search rankings. Meet customers at the start of their shopping journey and direct them to your modern, highly functional website.
  • Content Marketing: Keep promoting your website with a content marketing strategy designed to drive relevant website traffic, audience engagement, and conversions. Publish value-added content like blogs and helpful guides to improve website performance and customer experience.

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Website Development vs Website Design?

You’ve heard both: website development and website design, often used interchangeably. But what’s the difference between the two — and how do they determine your digital presence?

Website Design

The front-end — the visual aesthetics and usability of a website, such as colour scheme, typography, layout, and user interface and experience. Good website design influences customers’ impression of your brand, and builds trust with professionalism and credibility. Web design integrates various creative applications, including graphic design, custom photography and videography, UI/UX design, branding, and more to create a cohesive and engaging website that appeals to customers.

Website Development

The bones and basics of every website — an integration of code that enables functionality. Front-end web development is concerned with displaying design, navigation, and user interaction, while back-end or server-side is responsible for managing data and ensuring seamless database integration. Web developers are well-versed in programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, and C#, as well as customizing pre-built templates on content management systems (CMS) like WordPress.

Here’s a quick guide to what web developers and designers each do — and how they collaborate to build your website:

  • Web designers generally don’t code, but are familiar with HTML and CSS, and can set up websites using no-code builders and CMS.
  • Web developers don’t create design assets, but they translate wireframes and mock-ups into code to implement website functionalities.
  • Website development generally costs more than web design, primarily because code is complex, especially for interactive and specialized functions like eCommerce and large database integration.

Why Choose Consultus Digital As Your Web Development Agency?

In a tech and marketing hub like Toronto, you have your pick of web development agencies. But only Consultus Digital offers a fulsome, long-term approach to website development. Simply, we do more than build your website— we keep it running and relevant.

The Latest Tools And Tech Icon

The latest tools and tech

At Consultus Digital, we take pride in being industry pioneers. Our team of web developers and digital marketing experts are constantly looking towards the future of websites, customer preferences, and engagement trends. We stay on top of the latest tools and techniques to build your modern website, with a long-term outlook on functionality and performance.

Dedicated Account Managers Icon

Dedicated account managers

You are our top priority, period. That’s why we assign a dedicated account manager to your website development project—a steady and direct point-of-contact who provides regular progress updates and communicates feedback to web developers to ensure your business goals are met. Discover the difference a personalized approach makes, from brand consistency to website functionality.

The Full Package Icon

The full package

Our approach to building your website is large-scale. We go beyond code, and offer a full suite of digital marketing solutions anchored on industry-leading website development. You can count on us long after your website launch, whether it’s for ongoing website maintenance, or a fully integrated digital marketing strategy.

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What Other Services Complement Website Development?

Website development and a seamless, fully functional website is the backbone of your digital marketing strategy — but it’s only step one. The real difference is in building your entire digital presence with a full suite of services that drive audience engagement, lead generation, and conversion.

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Website Design: Build your website with your brand at the heart. Combine web development with web design to create a unique, consistent website that offers the best of usability and functionality. Launch a modern, professionally designed website that enables a positive customer experience from landing page to repeat purchases.

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SEO: Website development provides the technical foundation for good SEO. Build on this and further increase search engine visibility with a full SEO strategy for optimizing website content and back-end, and driving search rankings. Meet customers at the start of their shopping journey and direct them to your modern, highly functional website.

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Content Marketing: Keep promoting your website with a content marketing strategy designed to drive relevant website traffic, audience engagement, and conversions. Publish value-added content like blogs and helpful guides to improve website performance and customer experience.

How To Know If Your Website Development Agency is Doing a Good Job

Simply, a good website delivers results — timely, relevant, and lasting. From sales to repeat purchases, see how the best web development agency helps you succeed:

  • Your website generates quality leads from improved search engine visibility, quality website traffic, and positive customer experiences.
  • Brand recall continuously improves, enabled by a website with consistent branding
  • Mobile visitors feel welcome, thanks to a responsive website that offers a seamless customer experience across devices
  • You consistently welcome new customers and drive conversions with effective product and service pages, a clear navigation structure, and 24/7 reliable function
  • Your web development agency doesn’t stop at your website launch — they’re constantly optimizing your website, offering support, and providing insights into the latest industry trends.

Who Needs A Website?

In Canada’s ultra-competitive market, everyone needs a website. It takes a strong digital presence to stand out, reach more customers, and drive revenue and lasting trust. Customers trust businesses they can easily find online, with a professional website that speaks to their experience and expertise. Get your business on the digital map to reap these benefits:

A website increases your credibility — a platform for providing information on your products and services, and proving legitimacy with a professional design, contact information, and quality content.

Having a website showcases your brand, and promotes awareness and recall. A consistent brand sets you apart from your competitors, increasing chances of customers purchasing from you.

Your website is the backbone of your digital marketing strategy. It’s how you capture relevant traffic, generate leads, and drive conversions. A website allows you to connect with customers at the beginning of their shopping journey—ranking on Google search.

Today, browsing a website is much like in-store shopping, and brands are increasingly pivoting to eCommerce. A modern, secure, highly functional website allows you to offer eCommerce and revitalize retail, and provide customer support.

Launching new products or a limited-time offer? Updating your store hours? Do these, and more through your website. Aside from product offerings, you can share updates, announcements, and value-added content that keeps you connected with customers.

Is Website Development Right For Your Business?

More than having a website, you need professional, cutting-edge website development to cater to customers shopping online. It takes a modern, highly functional website to keep customers engaged, generate leads, and maximize conversions.

When done right, your website embodies your brand—professional, expert, and trustworthy. Create positive, lasting first impressions with customers shopping online, and build trust with a compelling combination of effective layout, visual elements, and usability.

Are you looking to reach new audiences? A new or refreshed website is instrumental in bringing in new business. Engaging visual elements, interactive and functional features, and robust code that supports search engine visibility encourage new customers to take action, resulting in increased conversions and sales.

Are you using all the right keywords but still fail to drive rankings and website traffic? Cutting-edge website development ensures your website is built up-to-code and meets technical SEO standards. This allows search engine crawlers to successfully index your site, resulting in increased visibility, higher rankings, and relevant traffic.

Looking to improve customer service? Your website — your digital storefront — is instrumental to customer success. A welcoming and informative website meets usability standards and communicates how you nurture customer relationships. It provides insight into the quality of customer service, effectively setting your brand apart from the competition.

How Much Does Website Development Cost?

In the age of digital marketing and eCommerce, an engaging, highly functional website is your biggest investment. It’s a smart buy that immensely impacts your bottom line and influences future growth. Here’s how much it takes to invest in a well-built website:

Your website’s URL — usually your business name to drive credibility and keyword rankings for your brand, and must be renewed annually.

Signaled by “https://”, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate protects your business and website visitors by keeping the transfer of sensitive data — such as customers’ names, payment information, and email — secure. Browsers warn visitors when an SSL certificate has expired to flag potential security risks, often diminishing customer trust and impacting sales.

This keeps your site online, allowing customers to access your site and engage with your brand. A good hosting plan provides fast page load times and is less susceptible to website issues and crashes, ensuring a stable digital presence 24/7.

Depending on your industry, the size of your company, and budget, you may opt for a custom website design or customized theme. A professional, seamless, and responsive website design influences customer navigation and conversions.

Depending on your website development package, you may opt for a custom build with an integrated CMS or a CMS package on no-code builders like WordPress. A CMS allows you to quickly edit information and publish new content to drive relevant website traffic and conversions.

With growing demand for online retail, you need a robust eCommerce platform integrated in your website. E-Commerce includes product display, shopping carts, and payment processing to effectively sell products through your website.

For internal or third-party databases, effective integration ensures seamless customer account logins and data storage to support product orders, appointment dates, loyalty programs, and other types of customer engagement and online service delivery.

How Can You Tell Good Website Development From Bad Website Development?

With millions of websites globally and multiple competitors in your industry, it takes effective website development to stand out and successfully engage with customers from product discovery to check-out, and loyalty. See how an expert web development agency helps you edge out the competition in Toronto:

Good web development is built on usability. It’s customer-focused, with a clear, easy-to-use navigation structure and uniquely professional design, carefully crafted to guide the shopping journey from the landing page all the way to check-out.

Your website should be all about your brand — your logo prominently displayed, an identifiable colour scheme, and a clearly defined brand voice. Together, these elements determine the quality of your website, ultimately impacting customer impressions and engagement.

Good website development allows you to stand out from the competition, while meeting industry standards. Overall, your website should be professional, clearly organized — a delicate balance of industry-appropriateness and your unique brand.

The best measure of good website development, your website should be an effective lead generation, brand awareness, and conversion tool. It should meet both usability and technical SEO standards, resulting in higher search rankings, relevant website traffic, and revenue.

What To Look For When Hiring A Website Development Company

Think of a web development agency as your partner: an expert team you can trust to create the core of your brand’s digital presence, with a long-term view towards customer engagement and revenue. Simply, your website development company should do more than write code, establishing clear goals for building a cutting-edge website.

Partner with a web development agency that shares your vision for customer service and loyalty. They build with intent — a clear, focused approach to implement features and functions that drive conversions and ensure customer support, in line with industry standards and trends.

Your website is an investment, but it should be a balance of cost-effectiveness and customization. Web development agencies often have standard prices for different build options, from fully custom to CMS implementation. For best value, consider your company size, competitors, and industry, and see how an agency can meet your unique needs based on your budget and goals.

Each brand is unique — with unique goals, audiences, and growth metrics. Your website should reflect, and support these. Browse options for fully custom websites and CMS customizations based on your budget and company size, and see how the best web development agencies offer both to ensure your website meets your digital marketing, conversion and sales, and customer retention goals.

Trust a website development company with a solid portfolio to show for their performance and client success. Browse ratings, reviews, and testimonials, and read case studies that demonstrate a proven track record of website development expertise that supports a broader digital marketing strategy.

What Happens To My Current Website If I Change Providers?

Switching to a new website development company should be fast and seamless — the perfect opportunity to improve performance and conversions, with the right provider. Stay online and keep it business as usual with our expert checklist:

  • Make sure you have access to all website management credentials, such as domain registration, hosting, SSL certificate, and site login
  • Maintain search engine rankings by ensuring that all links are functional, and redirected page-by-page if necessary
  • Monitor website traffic and rankings closely during the transition, keeping an eye out for potential issues
  • Work with your new provider to conduct a full audit of your website, and implement security and functionality updates.
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